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anti-grab-option on PvP


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There should be less of a chance grabbing players off Dino's like 10% chance. A player on the ground 25% chance imo. 

I think there is a option in private servers to turn off grab.

But I done see the need for extra official servers with this option.

I'd rather see ground war servers no tame birds... or even clan war servers ppl go in and are assigned red white blue and that's the clan they are in for 30 days wiped battle of the tribes ect .... 

but that's just my opinion who knows if they will add more game styles it's costly to keep buying server hardware.

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Sorry I have no idea I'm pretty sure there is a way to do it on private servers. Maybe ask in the private dedicated server area or on steam a lot of private server owners there. then again maybe I'm wrong and there isn't a way but I thought I'd seen a couple servers advertised as pvp no grab ... if they don't have the command it should be added.. maybe a modder can help.

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7 hours ago, Kirayli said:

Hey you survivors! : )

We would love to have an PvP-option to disable grabbing.

What do you guys think about that addition to the game? Atm we mostly disable the fliers because this grabbing-PvP-aspect is so annoying...


Hey! I heard about some rumours that you have to put either




in your game.ini/gameusersettings.ini.

If this doesn't work, you could try this mod:

Grabbing of player disable V 2.0


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