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ARK at E3: Release Date, Pre-Order, Ragnarok, Griffin, & Xbox One X!

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Are you serious? They are literally going to spend the next 2 months optimizing and you think the game is gonna release buggy lol

Looks lovely! <3 Do we get Collectors edition also for the PC btw? 

this is joke right ? There is still so many bugs and you want to release the game ? Just few days ago there was an option how to duped c4.

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It just hit me, when the game releases, will all the Official Servers be wiped on all platforms? After all, most of the servers have established tribes with large bases, it will be difficult for new players who want to form their own tribes to establish their own bases. Let alone, on the Official Server I play on for XBO, some of the large tribes have placed pillars down around their bases to stop others from building too close and losing the resources in that area.

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6 minutes ago, Ulta said:

Did I hear correct that you plan on making TWO DLC's BEFORE release? Or after release? Making sure I heard right before spreading info.

They won't be before release, they will come after release and it's at least two more (these are large expansion DLCs similar to Scorched Earth)

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8 minutes ago, Emnily said:

Why there is no PC collectors edition and selling only at gamestop? i would like to buy physical copy, but i live in asian country and gamestop not shipping anywhere but US/CN and EU (not ever saying that gamestop have ip block for half world, so they can't ever access their site)

Curious as to why there is no collectors edition for PC????????? Only consoles.

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Just now, Zadira said:

I am wondering what happens if we already have Ragnarok on our private server. (Ragnarok ROCKS!!!) I would love if someone could direct us to instructions if we need to do anything to be able to keep what we already have on our Ragnarok private server. 


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In addition to the question of PC owners who bought ARK on Steam...I own ARK on Steam right now. I guess there's a difference between it and a Win10 version? Would the crossbuy also be in effect for that then? (if you own it on Steam, you own it on Win10 and maybe even Xbox, etc.?). Would love for a dev to clear up just what crosses with what with the Crossbuy thing.

Also the fact the dossier's are gonna be an actual book, while cool, makes me fearful. Some dinos' currently don't even fit their dossier's at the moment. Does this mean all dino's are pretty much solidified and no tweaks will be done to them? Or did some dossier's get revamped and this book will have those edits instead?

I've been hoping that some old classic dino's like Rex and Trike and them will get some extra love thrown their way since they are not nearly as neat as the newer dino's that have special abilities.


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