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ARK at E3: Release Date, Pre-Order, Ragnarok, Griffin, & Xbox One X!

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Are you serious? They are literally going to spend the next 2 months optimizing and you think the game is gonna release buggy lol

Looks lovely! <3 Do we get Collectors edition also for the PC btw? 

this is joke right ? There is still so many bugs and you want to release the game ? Just few days ago there was an option how to duped c4.

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On 6/21/2017 at 4:28 PM, Turbo614 said:

did you actually read the article?

Did you actually keep reading through the post the thread? I found out the info from E3 itself with the Ragnarok trailer, and info on whether the Ragnarok map would be free on console was not mentioned there. I already got my question answered, so there is no reason to be an arse with your comment.

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19 hours ago, HillFamily said:

Terrible. Wild Card has screwed over it's existing community once again. I bought the game 2 years ago and was looking forward to the official release. Wanted to get the collectors edition but when I went to pre-order it they wanted a ridiculous $159 for the game that I already paid for and own. What a waste of money. Wild Card should be ashamed of its self. I will personally be complaining to anyone that will listen. I encourage everyone out there to do the same and maybe together we can get this fixed. We all must contact appropriate companies. Start with Wild Card. Microsoft and Xbox themselves. Then we must move onto government agencies like the BBB (Better businesses Bureau). FTC (Federal Trade commission) . Wish I never would have gotten the pre release game. I'll never make that mistake again. Let's band together for customer rights and fairness.

So much fail in this post. Good luck with the BBB lol. 

Kids these days.

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6 hours ago, Bruncase said:

Hey guys,

Tried to read through as much as I could but can't find anything, is there any info on when crossplay between xbox and windows 10 will go live? And whether official xbox servers will allow windows 10 players?

They said it would be up and running before the game goes live on the 8th of August.

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Me and my comrads are very excited to get the expansion and such. Although I have one issue at hand. Will Ragnorak be able to be chosen from the other servers by server jumping like the alphas do on scorch, center and island. Before you allowed the server jump servers were really fun because new players had a chance to play. Now no server is safe someone is alpha on one server and then just server jumps and wipes a new or old server. I ask that Ragnorak not be accessible by the other servers. Or at least do a complete server wipe for all servers on launch. I don't like to have to buy a server or have someone host a server just so I can play. I have over 3k hours and I hate that I stopped playing for 3 months just to find I can't play because alphas rule all servers.

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1 hour ago, RonaldxRagin said:

But yet they are talking about wiping Official servers that people have been working 2 years on so the cucks that just buy the game at release can have a better chance?

People like you are the reason official is dead. People like you think that because you put X amount of time into it that you get a monopoly on the game as a whole. Just so that the cucks who are afraid of building up again and having an actual challenge of fighting people on an even playing field. Same difference.


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