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What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

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Hey Survivors!

Just wanted to pick your brains, what kind of creatures would you like to see make its home on the ARK? We usually get a lot of messages across all platforms asking us to add XYZ - just thought I'd make a quick mega-thread to see what you guys are thinking :).

Feel free to include names, images, cool-facts -- what you think they could do on the ARK, anything really! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share.

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1.Platyceramus: Could be used for silica pearls and black pearls.. Could trap divers if they swim too fast... Could be brought to surface as a natural fishtank 

Platyceramus Fan Dossier.

2.Nuralagus: Speed mount that can have a reproducing stat lol, could be a source of meat for the people on official servers..

3.Diictodon: Little miner.. Could strap a vision camera to him and have him mine with you.

4. Maiasaur: Protect young dinosaurs, maybe give maturation buff..

5. Lambeosaurus: War mount, could be a musical dinosaur

6. Queen Ant: Could Be the only way to tame titanomyrma, If you tame the queen then you can reproduce her and have baby ants serve you!

7. Meganeura: Scale them up please.. Make them rideable... They have 3-6 foot wings.. They are begging us to ride them.. They could be the dino that inflicts torpor.. Flying dino that inflicts torpor..

8. Leptictidium: Little creatures that can be mounted on shoulder and be used for sniffing toxins. I want another mammal that is mini hah..

9. Bakonydraco: Could be used for mining rock, or Mining trees.. Possibly used for stealing honey from nests.

10. Diprotodon:  Used for holding preserving salts, or pre-game berry collector.

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Anomalocaris- Once tamed it is the best creature to gather pearls! Including rare ones.

 Puijila- Could be a good fisherman

Thalassoleon- A good mount able to provide warmth when underwater and its blubber could harvested for oil,pelt, and maybe an antibiotic!

 Entelodont- Good at finding Rare Mushrooms (Okay yes its not really a pig but I thought it would be funny)

Steller Sea cow- Full of Prime Meat and able to carry heavy cargo




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flying bug mount

Basilosaurus and/or levyatan 



a creature to play tho role of a seal




Giant Crab





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If I could pick one animal I would pick the Stellers Sea Cow it is a giant ancient manatee I think it would be amazing to have such a large creature in the sea They got up to 30 feet long and I think they could be used to pack heavy things through the ocean please add it you would be one of the only games with a type of manatee in it.


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Ditto for Basilosaurus, or any prehistoric whale for that matter

In terms of others. Desmodus Draculae aka the giant vampire bat as a new flyer. In real life they where only about 30% bigger than regular vampire bats but this being Ark it could be big enough to support a human, how cool would it be to be able to ride a giant vampire bat in Ark. Perhaps they could be used to create blood packs as real life vampire bats are known to regurgitate blood and share it with other vampire bats. They could also only be active at night similar to the Megalosaur, being strictly nocturnal flyers

Wouldn't mind more Cambrian creatures either such as Opabinia or Hallucigenia

Would also like more amphibians, maybe Prionosuchus or Koolasuchus. Alternatively some sort of giant amphiuma for the swamp or giant olm (aka human fish due to it's coloration) exclusively found in the cave's waterways would be interesting. As for their use, well most amphibians are "slimy" (actually mucus) so perhaps that "slime" could be used as some sort of makeshift fire retardant 

Edit: Forgot to add that I would also love to see Andrewsarchus in the game, mayhaps as an alternative to the Direbear as one of the largest mammalian predators. Also Bullockornis aka the "demon duck of doom" 

Edit 2: Forgot to add what some of the creatures would be used for and whatnot

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Pelagornis.  For a ridable flyer than can land by/in the water and fish, and has the largest wingspan of any bird.

Flyer niche wise, it would probably be some where between a Ptera and and Argent in speed, have good stamina, and be unable to pick up things with its feet.  It would probably be able to land on the water (float like a raft) and maybe dive underwater, in exchange. 


Also Opabinia, because who doesn't want a 5 eyed arthropod.


EDIT: Also going to add the heavily feathered Yutyrannus.  The feathers (like an emu) were thought to regulate temperature.  It could be the mid-tier predator of the snow biome. Carno-like damage but adding an insulation buff while riding.

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Something to take over the mothering process when breeding, but doesnt give as high a bonus as doing it yourself

Something that can negotiate air and water, we already have air/land and water/land

Something capable of collecting the individual stones scattered on the land

Some type bloodhound type dino capable of searching for specific things including mushrooms, your dead body etc (put something in its inventory and it looks for more of the same)

Stealing someone elses post I saw earlier .....some type of carrier pigeon dino to convey messages privately round the island.

Something that can climb vertical surfaces (rock faces, trees, etc)

A dino thats either capable of stacking or preserving prime meat



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More Synapsids!

The Gorgonopsid has been one of my favourite prehistoric animals ever since I learned about them as a child. I know it seems kinda similar to the sabertooth, but still - looking at it, it gives me more of a tanky, resilient vibe. Maybe less mobile.


Also, please, the Estemmenosuchus! Another Synapsid, this one just looks too cool not to have it in the game.


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I know we already have several large theropods in the game, but I would kill for an Acrocanthosaurus. I would absolutely love that!

Time to join the masses, seeing Basilosaurus and more sea life in general would be great. 

Perhaps Amargasaurus? 

Koolasuchus would be a great amphibian to have in the game...

Styracosaurus or Kentrosaurus?

Maybe some more flies? Perhaps Tapejara or Ornithoceirus (one of the largest pterosaurs from Walking With Dinosaurs).

Did I mention Acrocanthosaurus!?

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I would personally like to see more sea creatures and for them to be diverse.

If I had to choose one animal though for the sea it would have to be the Archelon. It could gather chitin in the water or some resource safely from the jellyfish or ammonite that are to be added. It could even be a decent transporter by either having a high carry capacity or even be able to lug a raft or two across the waters of the Ark ( that may or not be attached to each other) at a high speed.

If I had to choose one for land I would pick a feathered dinosaur like Gigantoraptor  which would have a feature as to lay on eggs so as to act as an incubator. OR a Scutosaurus or Estemmosuchus so as to have more mid-sized creatures in the game.

I will hop on the idea of the Livyatan so as to add a large sea creature rarer than a mosasaurus.

But if I had to chose one from my list to add it would be the Archelon



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The niche I thought of is a small portable dino we can carry about (in Roo pouches or backpacks?) or shoulder mounted that has mimic "roar" as the permanent "Main attack" and "mimic "mating call" as the alt attack when you are looking at a wild dino.  It would learn those calls if it was stored with a tamed version of those animals and then could be taken about and copy the mating call to draw one dino out away from a group. Could be used by solo players to draw one of a pair of dinos away from each other, or as a team in lower level tribes that want a lower level dino stuck in the middle of a group. It's more for lower level that might only have a level 40 carno and not be confident enough to jump into a pile of stegos or 3 rexes.  The idea would be they can ride their lower level dinos and bring this along as well.

Could be any type of prehistoric mimic bird like a parrot but they don't fall under the extinct so these could take it up;

Extinct Australian Lyrebird




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Giant prehistoric mosquito for are blood pack and flying mount needs, could also serve as a deadly disease carrier as its bite itself is not powerful and not noticeable and a aerial threat because of the risk of diseases and torpor affect from fighting it

Daeodon because who wouldn't want to ride a hell pig hippo monster as massive as this one it could serve as a massive scavenger that eats any and everything that bullies smaller animals out of there meals 

Basilosaurus serpentine like whale which was also one of the first and is known for its razor sharp teeth and hunting in shallow waters

Koolasuchus could be a deadly snow biome preadator that has a artic bite that freezes prey do to its saliva and could serve as a upgrade from the spider's webs it is also a cool amphibian (pun intended)

Allodesmus as another friendly free spirited loveable water mount that has a pack mentality it is also an aquatic mammal

Pelagornis air/water combat Mount can dive in and out of water

Yutyrannus snow apex or rivaling bear like Rex/spino

Hatzegopteryx land/air combat version of quetzal with less weight and hp

More flying mounts in general

And finally coelosauravus which could be a cool reptilian flying mount that can also attack on the ground and repel insects due to its thick reptilian musk



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Homo Erectus - Neanderthal

Wildling can create small tribes, craft simple tools and weapons, (clubs, slingshots, with use of tranqs) run around and knock you out for your baubles and shinies.   They can also tame and ride wild dinosaurs without the need for saddles if you rile them up.  They don't like structures and builders all about their island.   You should fear them.

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