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Community Crunch 93!


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Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community! Let's get started with some news.

Your ARK Story!


We're still collecting stories, everyone! Let us know about your player experiences with ARK :) How do you play ARK? Do you think you have a unique experience with the game? Please check out the post below and share your experiences with us.

Community Contests!

Player Procedurally Generated Maps!


The Procedurally Generated Map system allows players to make their own ARK maps by determining a myriad of landscape options from the heights of mountains, depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, rivers or oceans, to the kinds of each biome they want, and more! Let's check out the entries for this weeks contest! This week's contest winner is... Wolf Angelus!

If you'd like to try the map out yourself, we'll be featuring it on one of our Extinction Servers next month, or you can get a head start and set up the settings yourself!


PGTerrainPropertiesString=MapSeed=82;LandscapeRadius=1.0;Water Frequency=4;Mountains Frequency=11;Mountains Slope=1.55;MountainsHeight=.8;Turbulence Power=0.0125;Shore Slope=1.0;WaterLevel=-0.72;GrassDensity=1.0;JungleGrassDensity=0.05;ErosionSteps=10;TreesGroundSlopeAccuracy=0.5;DepositionStrength=0.05;ErosionStrength=0.75;OceanFloorLevel=-1.0;SnowBiomeSize=0.16;RWBiomeSize=0.09;MountainBiomeStart=-0.35;MountainsTreeDensity=0.06;JungleBiomeStart=-0.65;IslandBorderCurveExp=4.0;MaxSawnPointHeight=0.2;SnowGrassDensity=0.25;MountainGrassDensity=0.007;SnowMountainGrassDensity=0.15;UnderwaterObjectsDensity=0.5;SnowMountainsTreeDensity=0.03;TreeDensity=0.005;JungleTreeDensity=0.55;RedWoodTreeDensity=0.030;SnowTreeDensity=1.2;RedwoodGrassDensity=0.07;ShoreTreeDensity=0.32;SnowShoreTreeDensity=0.04;DeepWaterBiomesDepth=-0.24;InlandWaterObjectsDensity=0.5;ShorelineStartOffset=0.023;ShorelineThickness=0.035;MountainGeneralTreesPercent=0.15;TerrainScaleMultiplier=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f,Z=1.0f);SnowBiomeLocation=(X=0.58f,Y=0.58f);RWForestBiomeLocation=(X=0.42f,Y=0.4f);NorthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);SouthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=1.0f);EastRegion1Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);EastRegion1End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3End=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f);WestRegion1Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.0f);WestRegion1End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3End=(X=0.25f,Y=1.0f)


For those wanting to make their own PGM, here's a quick start guide, as well as a very informative video from ThickFreedom!


NVidia Ansel Photography Contest


Super Resolution Version: http://images.nvidia.com/ansel/SuperResolution/ARK-SuperResolution1/ARK__Survival_Evolved_HighRes_2016_09_01_-_14_38_36_55.html

ARK: Survival Evolved and the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack now include support for NVIDIA Ansel -- a revolutionary new way to capture in-game shots.  Compose shots from any position, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share the screenshots in 360 via a smartphone, PC or VR headset. 

Learn more about these features from the NVIDIA blog.

Now let’s get to the contest!

There were 3 potential categories for survivors to enter their shots into and they were the following:

Three Categories

Super Resolution: These should be taken at 8x Super Resolution. Players can optionally use Depth of Field effects accessible in Spectator mode by pressing the [Delete] key.

Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D: These should be taken at 4x Super Resolution,  in 360 Stereoscopic 3D mode. We will crop them to 2D for web display, while also providing the 3D version for viewing within VR display.

Freeform: Any settings, whacky and creative use of Ansel filters are encouraged. Adding humorous titles/captions in Photoshop is also acceptable for this category!

And now without further ado, here are your entries!

You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes 

Super Resolution!


BlueDragon - Pollen Collecting



Kovko - Lava Stream


Wolf Angelus - Park - View 2


Ego - The power of Bandar-log


Ego - These are the wrong sort of bees


Honourable Mentions!

BlueDragon - Foraging for food


BlueDragon - Guards


BlueDragon - Secrets


EXFIB0 - Lakeside Paradise


EXFIB0 - The Beautiful Island


FataL1ty - Dawn


FataL1ty - Forest View


FataL1ty - Help Me Up


FataL1ty - Making a Stand


FataL1ty - Mystery


FataL1ty - Mystic Relic


FataL1ty - Predusk


FataL1ty - Silhouette


FataL1ty - Smelling Flowers


FataL1ty - Statue


KISHKO - Foggy Day


KISHKO - Moonlight


KISHKO - Volcano


Kovko - Catch me if you can


Kovko - Tiny


roguewolf91 - An Unexpected Incursion


Wolf Angelus - Blue Ranger & Zord


Wolf Angelus - Park - View 1


Wolf Angelus - Power Ranger Dino Zords


Wolf Angelus - Red Ranger & Zord


Wolf Angelus - Yellow Ranger & Zord


Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D!


EXFIB0 - Volcano Cave


roguewolf91 - Above the Clouds


Runner Up!

Wolf Angelus - Steampunk Shopping District


Honourable Mentions!

EXFIB0 - Lake Pearl


EXFIB0 - Lava


EXFIB0 - Tek Cave


FataL1ty - Center


FataL1ty - Dark Forest


FataL1ty - Fur-y


FataL1ty - Run


KISHKO - Morning Bliss


KISHKO - Redwood Paradise


KISHKO - Tek Cave


Wolf Angelus - Ominous Weather Approaching


Wolf Angelus - Park - View 1


Wolf Angelus - Park - View 2


Wolf Angelus - Steampunk Shopping District Night




Wolf Angelus - Dave, The Unintelligent Dodo Comic Strip


F1r3fly - Freeform -Float Like Lymantria sporarmis; Sting like Apis lithohermaea



Batman - Fire


Morgengrau - Its the circle of life


Batman - Bullseye


Honourable Mentions!

Batman - A Knight and his Companion


Batman - Detective


Batman - Selfie


Batman - The Nightingale


Batman - The Princess


BlueDragon - The Simple Dilophosaur


F1r3fly - Freeform - Sleeping with the Fishes


Morgengrau - Pride Rock



This contest is open to all types of video be they funny, epic, scenic, stories, whatever inspires you. Just a general reminder that they should remain safe for work, think of the children!

And without further ado, the ARKVideo for Community Crunch 93 is...

LameWolfProductions with their own take on Casual Fridays ;)


This is an award given to Survivors to celebrate the amazing structures you build. These bases are judged based upon a number of different factors such as their creativity, uniqueness, how fun of a base it is, the difficulty of building it, the functionality it provides and much more!

The ARKitect for Community Crunch 93 is… 

ranger1presents with their Pimped Up home!

A very impressive usage of lighting throughout the entire build, felt like I was watching a house that would belong to Tony Stark, certainly pimped out to the max! We're sure Thorwal is very pleased with this awesome presentation of their mod.

That's not all!

We've got some runner ups!

We would also like to congratulate Lusaka6 for being a runner-up this week! A very impressive looking ARK Logo and on console nonetheless, that must not have been easy! :D



As well as SWChris for their awesome ARK Victorian Home! A great showcase, as well as an informative guide! Something we would definitely come across in an RP server. Has there been a Victorian Season? If not, here's a guide to get started on builds!

If you'd like to check out the submissions from the rest of the entrants, you can do so here:

Fan Feature!

ARK PvP Tips & Tricks by KISHKO

TwitchRP | Ship Royale | Server Event by eco

ARK: Ragnarok Map | Trailer | 4K 60 FPS by AussieBaussie

ARK: Survival Evolved - Eco Trees Mod by Jukari

Trophy Hunter by Ragna


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926968998

Connisaur's Favorite Creatures by Connisaur


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=928231550

Meanwhile, In someone's solo world by Laughing Jack


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927765892

Kaprosuchus Ambush by dair69!


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925593691

Always Wild by ???


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=910857720

Cover Blown by Dead Nitr0th3Edg3l0rd


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929863915

Sea Camo Liopleurodon by Sharkcat


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924912351

Good Luck Liopleurodon by Sharkcat


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=924988966

Timon & Pumbaa from the Lion King by Sharkcat


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929419823

Fanmade Dossier: Struthiomimus by Gigantoraptor


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927796203

That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share please let us know, we love to see all the awesome content you've created and would be happy to share it! You can tag us, share posts, follow, and get in touch in the following places:

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark

All the best,
Wildcard Jat & the ARK: Survival Evolved Team


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  • Volunteer Moderator
14 minutes ago, Elite14life said:

@Jat When are we going to be getting word on Ark Primal Survival as well as Ark Park. Many fans are still wondering if you have cancelled it. Don't ignore the issue and hope it will simply go away.

ARK Park is not being produced by Wildcard, it is being produced by Snail Games.

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Everyone did an excellent job, and LameWolf crew your voice work and script was top notch this time around.  I also have to say to SWChris, it's videos that go into that kind of detail that really help newer players wrap their heads around what can be done with ARKs building mechanics.

I'm also really pleased to see the submissions in the screenshot section, some of them are extremely well done!

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38 minutes ago, BobRoss said:

Amazing submissions again, @Wolf Angelus amazing looking Park buddy, i found it to be very cool looking ;) 

gratz to all the winners, i love to see how creative this community can be :D  keep up the good work!

Thanks. Those images are from my largest mega build I did a year ago, Bioshock inspired style. Some of the original components like lanterns were missing due to changes to the mods. You can view the full thing with all its original pieces in this video starting at 13:10 for the park specifically. (Miss those gear windows, they were so epic)


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  • Administrator
On 2017-5-21 at 4:53 PM, Wolf Angelus said:

Do people want more comics & like the idea?

@Jat Did me deleting my old video for ARKitect submission and uploading a new one with an adjustment a few hours ago cause it to be missed by chance?

I don't believe so, I am pretty sure we caught the updated video. I thought the comic was pretty good :) , nice to see an appearance from the Tickle Chicken.

On 2017-5-21 at 6:35 PM, Elite14life said:

@Jat When are we going to be getting word on Ark Primal Survival as well as Ark Park. Many fans are still wondering if you have cancelled it. Don't ignore the issue and hope it will simply go away.

We don't really work on ARK Park, just creatively consult so not sure on the timeline for that and I don't really have any news to share about Primal Survival at this time when I do I will. Right now the team is just focused entirely on the development of the main game and wrapping up it's content.

13 hours ago, Wolf Angelus said:

Thanks. Those images are from my largest mega build I did a year ago, Bioshock inspired style. Some of the original components like lanterns were missing due to changes to the mods. You can view the full thing with all its original pieces in this video starting at 13:10 for the park specifically. (Miss those gear windows, they were so epic)


Do you keep all your save files for your creations? 

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4 hours ago, Jat said:


Do you keep all your save files for your creations? 

Yes I do, I started saving them from that creation onwards :3 . I regret not saving the Nightclub build, would have made an epic 360 inside.

Edit- You could say I am also pretty proud of all my work, and to date I have spent around 1,100 hours building, so I wanted to keep it as a portfolio of my creativity, and you never know when there could be a use for it (in this case, Ansels!). I am a slight packrat too.

Next image set will come from one of your most favorite creations, the Fantasy Sea-port :3 Hoping to grab a few really cool 360's and 8x's, and of course I shall do another comic strip.

Edited by Wolf Angelus
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3 minutes ago, LilNastyGurl said:

How do you submit things for the community crunch?

go to the forums and under general discussion you will find a part you can submit entries or email them to staff or PM them to staff like Jat and Jen.

The part you can submit to in general discussion ussually appears around thursdays or fridays :)

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