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rp-support Premium servers & "Bring your own" - integrated admin panel & website with shop

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Dedicated Premium ARK servers

Premium ARK is specialised in hosting large ARK communities. Our customers run servers with 80+ simultaneous players.
Are you looking for a partner that actually walks the talk? Try the 2 hour demo server free, and put it to the test! No payment credentials required.



"Bring your own"
Connect your personal dedicated server to Premium ARK and get access to the Premium ARK features.
Currently supports OVH and SoYouStart servers, but basically every dedicated server can be connected. 

Save money and use the most advanced tools currently available!



Free community website

We also offer a free Community website! This website connects with your ARK server and shows statistics, webalerts, fully automated shop and much much more.
More details at https://www.premiumark.com/ark-server-community-website/

For RP communities we have a special application form, where players can apply for the whitelist. Easily managed via your command panel.
Twitch streamers can use the fully automated Twitch sub-whitelist

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I wanted to first start off by saying if anyone ever asks where to get server hosting from, I am going to recommend PremiumArk and only PremiumArk. I currently run the #1 Voted ARK Server on TopArkServers.com We might not max out on 100+ players daily, but we have an amazing community of people who deserve the best server performance out there. We started our server on HostHavoc shared hosting when we were a tiny server about a year ago, we have grown into a community of over 250+ members with an average daily login of 40-50 players. Through the months of shuffling through server performance issues across 3 different providers, I finally found PremiumArk. Max met with me on Discord and basically answered every single question I had honestly and how I could try to fix my own current host situation without even using his services. After dealing with Max, I elected it was time to try out his services, and it's been night and day. My other server providers would have constant crashing issues, rubberbanding, latency at 200+. On PremiumArk, all of this is gone.


The admin panel is amazing, much better than the other hosts offer with TCAdmin. Very easy to schedule tasks, view online players, ban players from a list of online/offline players. view tribes from outside of the game. Automated Steam and MOD updates 15/30/45 or 60 minutes after they are released. PremiumArk really makes the entire admin process almost a set and go sort of deal. Set it up, and it's good.


After all of this, the prices for service are absolutely unbelievable compared to other hosts. I urge every single server out there that is having even the slightest performance or connection issues to give PremiumArk a shot.


With all of that said, I made a quick video out of excitement for the performance my server. The video captures the one thing you don't want in a server. No lag.

Video was taken with about 30 players online at the time. 


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Review by:

Scorched Isles PVE & Scorched Ragnarok PVE
https://discord.gg/BBXDBGA | sipve.premiumark.net


I was looking for a new Ark server provider after my newly created cluster started having some stability issues on Ragnarok that seemed isolated to our community. I came across Premium ARK in a search and at first I was surprised I hadn't heard of them. Upon looking a little closer I noticed they offered "automated" updates for Ark servers.

This obviously got my attention really quick, because as any server owner knows it can be a full time job trying to keep with game/mod updates to mitigate down time. And I must say it works exactly as advertised. You can set the countdown timer the moment it detects an update (60mins,30mins,15mins, etc) and it warns players in game for you! No more being a slave to your server, I really mean it.

Not only that but the host provides a website for free that you can use to offer something unique such as the online store you can configure for your server along with forums and messaging built in with Steam integration.

Lastly did things change from my last provider in terms of stability? The answer is yes and on top of that the support I get from Max is unmatched considering the time zone differences and is always friendly and thorough with his answers. Don't let pricing fool you from "competitive" hosting providers. The cost here is justified in my opinion.


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On 22/09/2017 at 2:55 AM, smallnscary said:

any plans on venturing downunder?

Hi Small,

Sorry for my late reply on the forum, although we did talk via e-mail.

We are investigating the options to expand our network to the oceanic region. I'm not able to tell when exactly we will.
I will keep you posted on the progress about this topic via e-mail!


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I've been a user now for a couple of months and wanted to stop by here to give a shout out.

I can honestly say that I've experienced the best support experience I've ever had. It is rare that a company lives up to its name but PremiumARK surely do. The quality of the support and the user-friendly tool itself is what made me change to this host from my previous.

Sure, they are not the cheapest host but after being a customer for a while now and comparing it to what you are getting in return, it is worth it.
They also seem to be on the frontier of developing new features such as a webshop (now in beta) where you can buy in-game items and a whole community section where you can follow your own or other players progress.
What are you waiting for? :)

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Changelog / recent patches

Implemented new Rule gate.
Implemented new greetings option
Alert on login showing unread messages
Forum threads are now flagged "read" when opened
Improved online detection for characters
Players who setup their Twitch.tv will now show up when they are streaming!
Fixed incorrect link in "you received a new message" e-mail
Prepared basic dashboard with shortcuts to much used items


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Posted (edited)

The service quality has been amazing! I had close to no experience when it came to modifying the settings, but it was way easier than expected! I highly recommend PremiumARK, simply because they have been able to give customer service on a level that I have never experienced before. We experience no lag, low ping and great configurability!
They have many features with many upcoming changes that should definitely be checked out!
We're currently running 3 clustered servers on PremiumARK and won't be switching anytime soon!

If you want to check out their service, they offer a trial that I believe will give you a proper feeling for how the game servers run.
In my experience the hardware is top notch and PremiumARK gets very good feedback on server knowledge by other ARK server technicians!

I would recommend PremiumARK 11/10 times.

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