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17 minutes ago, GamerPerfection said:

Sorry, I'm not sure I follow here? Is it about rocks being on top of berry bushes so you can't get to the berries without destroying the rock first? Or am i completely off track?

I think he means that when trying to gather berries from bushes, if a rock is nearby, you will gather the rock first, before gathering the berries, meaning you have to hit the gather button twice, if not multiple times, and potentially overload yourself if you pick up too many rocks.


Kinda annoying.

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As you progress through the game you'll be the opposite way - "why did I pick up these silly berries when I need rocks for my cementing paste" Pretty much the only thing I've ever farmed by hand after getting low level dinosaurs is rocks, as it's sometimes faster to do a quick run round the beach than to bring a train of Doeds and hunt breakable rocks.

In my experience the best way to collect berries as a low level is to build a Small Crop Planter early on and keep it filled with pig poop, I build one for narco berries and one for mejo berries as soon as I have a small wood hut.  I then use these to tame a trike or stego.

After that then this is where your dinosaurs come into play, trikes are great starter berry pickers and won't pick up all those rocks.

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