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Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out our community. We are a roleplay community and are hoping to build our ranks with some new rpers and experienced ones alike. Come join our server and breath some life into your character.
Also, we're aware of the above image being out of date lol. We need to make one for Ragnarok here soon.

Server location: Colorado
Server IP:

Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/K3ypzpq

Server Founded: 1/16/2016

The Future of Rise of Nations
Now that the server has been out for as long as it has, I can honestly say it's blossomed into a great and super communicative community. I and others have bled tons of hours into the systems we have in place to ensure everyone interacts and has a great time. However there is much more room to grow and alot more things yet to be discovered that will only continue to enhance the player experience on our servers. Going forward we will remain intune with the player base with tons of feedback posts on our forums so we can guage if something we are doing is good or bad, and what we can do to improve. Come join our community and help us grow to be the ideal community for you :).

If you'd like to join right away, place this below into your browser searchbar, copy and paste the IP from above after the / and hit enter.


  • Quality Roleplay!
    However not everyones super good at roleplaying sometimes, so please leave elitist attitudes at the door. It's a learning experience for some.
  • Server updates as soon as they deploy.
  • Balanced Custom Supply Crates/Cave Crates (Visit the spreadsheet below to see the drop tables)
    With the addition of the custom supply crates, we are hard at work customizing them and putting them in the config as we finish them.
  • Active admins.
    I myself as well as other moderators will always be available to the player base to resolve issues. 
  • Admins are extremely neutral.
    Admins dont get involved with fights or pick sides. We remain unbiased on all matters. No one person has a buddy buddy relationship with any admin.
    If you have an issue with an admin or you believe an admin has done something wrong, please report it to the owner. They are viewed as players as well and are not immune to the rules.
  • Boosted Tame/Player Carry Weight (Per Stat Increase)
     As you level up your tames or yourself, you will find you get much more carry weight per increase. We personally felt like the player and dino carry weight should be much higher than it actually is.
    The whole 'Smack 1 rock and return' grind wears you down quite a bit. Not here :).
  • Boosted Harvest Experience
    At earlier levels, this will help out those gathering up to build their homes, and in later game will make gathering less useless for both the player, and the creature thats gathering.
  • NEW! Rebalanced Carnivore Loot Tables.
    We have found a way to edit the inventory of defeated carnivores in the wild. Meaning they will drop better rewards and items for those who kill them. Here is a rough list of those creatures. http://i.imgur.com/9b940WG.png
  • NEW! Immersive Currency Mods & Trading Tables
    We have mods that allow you to sell dinos and items to other players as well as trade kiosks with the benches so that players can more easily acquire this currency to trade with others.

    Updated: 4/10/2017
    General Rules
  • General Chat is considered Out of Character (OOC).
    Local chat can be used to roleplay. Or radio. However someone can pose a roleplay announcment from their character in General Chat, so long as it's properly displayed as a roleplay post. 
  • No KOS. (Kill on Sight)
    Exceptions to this rule:
    KOS is allowed at Supply Drops. However there are conditions for this:
    - Combat at a supply drop is anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge.
    - If you plan on contesting the drop. You must stand your ground and combat the person around the supply crate. However if the fight is too much, you can flee.
    - You may shoot at the person as they fly away/flee. But you must fire from the area of where the supply crate is, or once was.
    - You may not give chase to the individuals looting the drop. If you want to combat them, you'll have to do so from the area of the supply crate or where it once was.
    - You may not combat someone you THINK looted a supply crate, you have to be within visibility range to see the crate before it's destruction to engage the people around it.
    - You may not camp a supply drop. You may only go to them with the intention of immediately looting them. 
    - You may not snipe down at a supply crate from some nearby area, or from atop a quetzal way in the sky.
    - You may not pick people up with birds and try and kill them by dropping them far away or high in the sky.
    - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense.

    KOS is also allowed in Caves. However there are conditions for this:
    - Combat in Caves are anonymous and there are no reprocussions for it. Even if your logs tell you who killed you, you may NOT take revenge.  (If we feel as though this gets out of hand, we will add reprocussions)
    - You may not camp the entrances of caves.However placing IED's and traps is totally fine.
    - You may not engage in pvp in Caves with fliers in ANY fashion. Not even for if it's just for transport to jump off and engage on foot. If you do, that person can freely KOS you or your bird to defend themselves, but you cannot KOS them.
    - You may not give chase to the individuals that flee outside of a cave. Once they make it outside, they are free from pursuit.
    - If you have a base that is within 100 feet from a cave entrance and you constantly use it as a launching pad to attack people in the caves, it may be raided
    - You may not kill a riderless dino if the rider is already dead. However if the creature is attacking you, or has turrets that are shooting at you, you may kill it in self defense.
    - You may not engage people outside the caves, or shoot into the caves. Combat must only occur within the confines of the caves.
  • Please do not complain about KOS in chat.
    Simply take a screenshot and send me a message with the screenshot here. I take all reports seriously and make sure they are all handled as fairly as possible.
  • Please limit meta-gaming when it involves PvP or Raiding.
    As in, do not mix information you know of out of character into information your character knows. (Name plates)
    This is a lax rule when it comes to certain scenarios. But when it involves combat, and potential out of character drama, do not drag it ingame please, it can ruin it for everyone.
    Examples of metagaming would be utelising nameplates of creatures for gain, nameplates of players, nameplates of structures and so on.
  • Roleplay is a requirement.
    However the roleplay doesn't have to be SUPER serious, it can be goofy and odd.
  • Saddle picking with fliers is not allowed.
    We feel as if this is a cheap and unbalanced feature and is never allowed to be used in any combat situation. Carrying an ally around is perfectly fine.
  • Robbery is allowed, so long as whats taken is within reason.
    Dont take everything. Make it roleplay friendly.
  • Theft of objects from open containers (Not pinned) is allowed.
    So long as you dont have to destroy anything to get at the objects, or kill any dinosaurs to do it. If your doors are left open and containers unlocked, your things are free for the taking.
  • Only 1 Large Tribe Base Is Allowed.
    -  A tribe can claim a large territory with structures and build within it, however only that territory is protected. Built bases that are away from your main compound are exempt from this protection.
    Example Image: http://i.imgur.com/scHBSRE.jpg
    - Tribes with more than 1-2 bases that refuse to remove one base can have the last base built destroyed.
    - Building large bases close to one another is perfectly fine. ( Mainly referring to those who have bases all over the map.)
    - This rule is to prevent big tribes from deterring new players from building on the server. Violating this rule wont get you banned, however these structures can be removed by an admin.

    Exceptions to this rule:
    If the structure is an official Point of Interest or a Nations Capital.
    - A tribe of any size may have 1 mining base of a modest size. (No perimeter walls, etc)
  • Wyverns, Rock Elementals. and Gigas are not allowed to be used in PvP or Raiding.
    They are not to be left on neutral either for self defense against other players. You are not allowed to use these creatures to safely loot supply crates either.
  • No blocking or extensive building within caves and underwater caverns
    We would like to have events like treasure hunts that will use the caves (Building to the point of blocking both supply drops and spawns. Essentially anything beyond 2 foundations is excessive)
    We have one exception to this rule of course, so long as they do not build in underwater caves that are near supply drops. Your roleplay has to be centered around underwater life/culture.
    Simply wanting a cave to be a tryhard to use it as a pvp advantage or a good place to hide your loot will not be tolerated.
  • Behemoth/Dino Gate Wall Spam should only be a temporary solution, and not a permanent one.
    Bases with outer walls that are just dinosaur gates or behemoth gates should replace them with walls as soon as possible. It's an uncreative and ugly design, as well as a tryhard attempt at protection.
    Any bases with these long term will have their walls destroyed.
  • No blatantly disrespectful/racist/trollish character names. Names have to be somewhat RP oriented.
    However names can be humorous, so long as it's still classy. Think Monty Python :).




  • DifficultyOffset=5 (Lvl 150 Dinos)
  • 2x Experience
  • 3x Gather
  • 4x Tame
  • 2x HarvestEXPMultiplier
  • 0.9 Egg Laying Interval (Less=More Edible Eggs)
  • 2x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7] (+20 To Player Carry Weight From Default)
  • 8x PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed[7] (8x More Carry Weight on Dinos)
  • 1.0 MatingIntervalMultiplier
  • 5.0 BabyCuddleGracePeriodMultiplier (If you step away for a bit, you wont lose already made progress for quite some time.)
  • 30x EggHatchSpeedMultiplier
  • 20x BabyMatureSpeedMultiplier
  • 1.3x Baby Imprinting Stats Multiplier
  • 0.1 Cuddle Interval (With the faster breeding, this helps)
  • PvPDecay=1.5
  • PlayerCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier=0.3
  • PlayerCharacterWaterDrainMultiplier=0.3
  • AutoSavePeriodMinutes=60
  • ShowFloatingDamageText=True
  • AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=True
  • HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers= Raw Meat x2, Raw Fish Meat x3, Wood x1.5, Stone x1.6, Thatch x1.5






Issues joining?
Q: When I try to join for the first time, it keeps giving me 'Connection Timed Out" error.
A: This typically means you haven't pre-installed all the mods that are on the server. Click through all of the mods listed above and click Subscribe when logged into your steam account. This will enable them for download through your steam client. Give it time, there are alot of them. However sometimes this means the mods have failed to install properly. I will offer up a detailed walkthrough (Or link one) of how to fix this in the near future.
Q: I cant join, it's saying "Make sure your server is up to date on mods"
A: If you see this, please PM me asap so I can restart the server to install the mod updates.
Q: I cant see the server in my list.
A: This could mean the server is either restarting, or the server isn't up to date on it's mods. You can confirm this by joining via the IP,  or off of a friend who's on the server. Check the Updates & Info section below for up to date information.

Server related changes & updates will be posted over at our discord server.


Features that haven't come yet, but may in the future.


  • Rules, Guidelines & Features for Nations
  • As a note, as of right now the server population isn't high enough to fully enable this system, so Nation Wars will have to wait until things pick up a bit more.
  • There are only 2 Nations on the server. You cannot create a new nation. Nations will be Alliance-based. We may add more in the future.
  • Raiding Keeps and Capitals while not in one of the 2 main Nations is not allowed.
    Creating your own group and calling it a Nation is not a way of getting around this rule. It must be one of the two Nations within the server rules.
  • A tribe is required to have atleast 1 person to be level 70 to be able to join a Nation. Anyone not of that level cannot participate in Nation activities.
  • A tribe within a Nation must have that nations trophy place outside their home and must be clearly visible.
  • A tribe must be within the proper alliance for that Nation to technically be considered a part of that Nation.
  • A tribe can choose to not be a part of a Nation. These people are called Sovereign Citizens. However few will be given this privelidge to avoid it being a popular choice.
  • Nations will be balanced in a way that leaders will converse with one another OOC to ensure both Nations are having fun and things dont get too toxic and ruin the roleplay experience.
  • Both nations will have Capital Cities wherein people can build small houses. Capital Cities are constructed by those nations respective leading tribes.
  • Nations will be given special perks. Like teleporters, Redwood Trees, and access to special benches that have cheaper materials.
  • Nations will have stories and lore. This will not just be a red vs blue type system. There will be reasons for these raids and battles.
  • Nations will be lead by people who will work with admins to make sure it is always fair, balanced.
    That way people wont just create super teams of highly skilled players to constantly stomp the other Nation.
  • Nations will have to recruit people to join their side in the battles to come.
  • Those who have joined a Nation (And thus enabled pvp) will have to place some colored trophies around their base to signify their allegiance.
  • Nations are not given special permissions to raid anyone. The only raiding on our server will be the raiding of Nations Keeps and Fortifications. 

    Wartime Raiding
  • War Time Raiding will ONLY enable raiding on the Nations Capital City.
  • You will not be allowed to raid anyone but the opposing factions Keeps and Capital cities during this time. Not players homes or compounds.
  • All out war will happen on a biweekly basis. 1 week of raiding, 1 week of no raiding and recooping.
  • All creatures within a Capital City or are near it are forfeit and are up to the discretion of the opposing Nation.

    Non-Wartime Raiding
  • As an initial disclaimer, Keeps and Fortifications are map edited in assets that are made with the specific intent to be captured and raided.
    These are not player made, or at any time a players base. 
  • Non-Wartime Raiding refers to the raiding of the opposing factions Keeps and Fortifications across the map.
  • During a non-wartime raid you are only allowed to raid Keeps and Fortifications, never their Capital City, or any players homes.
  • Keeps and Fortifications can be raided at any time and at the opposing factions discretion. (These arent player bases)
  • Animals left behind inside of keeps are forfeit and are free to be considered pvpable. Even if they're not a part of any faction. Noone outside of a faction should be near these.

  • Sovereign Citizens
    Sovereign Citizens are people or a group of people who do not wish to become a part of a nation because they have a roleplay that requires them to be a neutral party.

    These are players who wish to be a part of the server but aren't the biggest fans of pvp and raiding keeps. Sovereign Citizens however will have to pay an RP tax (Something small like 200 wood) to their neighboring Nation for protection. They are also subject to a bit of negative interaction from the opposing nation, however constant harassment is not allowed. If a Sovereign Citizen is caught between two nations, the nation with the most assets close to that citizen will have reign over that citizen. I will reiterate however. Harassment is not allowed. Respect the player OOC, pushing someone to the point where there about to leave the server isnt okay.
    Here are some rules for these citizens.

    - They cannot raid or participate in raiding Keeps and Capital Cities at all. No exceptions.
    - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught within the opposing nations region RP can be initiated to question this person, and institute an RP fine (Something small like 200 wood). But harassment is not allowed.
    - If a Sovereign Citizen is caught killing people from any nation, they can be held subject to that Nations justice system.
    - A nation cannot protect or subvert the rules above by protecting a Sovereign Citizen or anything that may interfere with chosen actions by another nation.
    - A Sovereign Citizen cannot have turrets that are aggressive towards players or tames in their perimeter. However it is fine if they are inside of an enclosed base with a ceiling and walls.
    - Sovereign Citizens are not allowed to purchase things from the special perk benches of Nations. These are exclusive to Nations and nations only.
    You may not subvert this by purchasing things for someone and selling them at a similar price to a citizen.

    (More to come as we flesh this sytem out)




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