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Your ARK Stories!

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Well, ive had quite a few ups and downs. 

ive met a lot of people, made new friends, lost some friends, become alpha, lost that role and regained it. 

while playing on official i started solo, met some randoms made new friends and became part of an alpha tribe on that server. it was awesome. i had so much fun playing with these people until the biome update... i was based in the north next to the waterfall and logged on to see half of my base on the wrong side of the safe zone.. 2 tribemates and myself spent over 50 hours tearing down and rebuilding industrial forges, cookers and vaults, as well as taking 11 foundations of a 3 story base and moving it in the front. i was finally safe!! until the update hit... i log on to find a massive rock had replaced my base.. a rock that was on the green side of the line. the "SAFE ZONE". everything i had was deleted. including the tribes best farming dinos. contacted the devs and "there is nothing we can do about it" was the only response i could get. had the rock been marked, mentioned anything i would have moved further away. nothing in the patch notes, twitter, reddit, anything. just... screwed..

about 4 months goes by and i finally decide to start playing again and joined my tribe a center server. they were already very well build by the time i showed up, but there was still plenty of work to be done. farming, breeding, base expansion and defense from out of server griefers. again i found myself loving the game and having fun with my friends. but once again that came to a screeching halt. a massive raid was approaching and preparations were being made. we transfer to the server, set up our FOB and start doing work. myself and 4 others decide to leave the server because of the intense lagg causing the server to go down 2 different times. we all transfer back to our home server and carry on building supplies for the people in the fight. i logged off because, as usual, i had to work in 5 hours and still had not gone to bed yet. after work, pumped to get back into the fight, i open ark. load updates, chose the server. and receive a message..... "YOU HAVE BEEN GLOBALLY BANNED"

frantic, i email support, waited patiently for 11 days for the same generic response.. "theres nothing we can do at this time". i replied to the ticket only to have it closed with no help. so i sent another ticket. same generic response. even emailed JAT, who i had little faith would even open or see my email. here it is. 2 months after the fact and i am still banned.

i cant get any help. i cant even get a reason. i spent money on this game. i spent 1700 hours playing this game. just to have to taken away with no explanation.  

all i want to do is play ark with my friends. spend hours breeding dinos. farm. defend. raid. but i cant. and no one (other than trolls) will tell me why.


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My Ark story starts out with watching PartiallyRoyal's videos on it. An open world survival game that allows you to tame dinosaurs? Too good to be true! 


After learning a bit and gaining more and more knowledge on the game, i bought the game. After going on official server after official server, i kept getting screwed over. So i decided to join an unofficial server dubbed "ChoppingPancakes". Being the weirdo that i was, i joined right away. After a while, i made friends with the admin and things were rather peaceful on the server, with PvP, but everyone was friendly all the same. I was a solo player, so i wasn't really too much on the fighting side of things, i claimed a large area up in North Zone 2, tamed a couple Rexes, and had a lot of fun. One day, though, i grew tired of being all alone and independent. So i asked to join a tribe that's been helping me, and they said yes right away. I got my stuff packed and they helped me escort a Bronto all the way across the map (they didn't have one for kibble purposes, so they dealt with it). I was happy, at home. I met the leader later on, and over time, we both became good friends. Soon after, the server started to dwindle in size, so the leader made his own server. For about 6 months, we worked, trying to get people to join, but to no avail. Finally, it came time for the server to go down due to money costs and no one was joining. At that point, the leader (who i was great friends with by that point.) disappeared for a bit, and i stuck on Scorched Earth for a while. Then he tells me that he got an Xbox and began playing Ark on there with his other friends. So i decided to get an Xbox myself (for many other reasons than that, as well), bought Ark, and joined him. After some time, it was just him and i, and we decided to start completely over from scratch on a PvE server. Over the course of a few months, we built up, with the help of his other friends coming on from time to time, but it eventually got to him and i playing alone again. And to this day, we expand, and maintain, our base on that PvE server, just the two of us. (Mainly him, because he's the brains, i'm just the worker. :) )


So, in short, Ark was not only fun, but it helped me meet my best online friend. The greatest online friend i could ever ask for. And for that, Ark Devs, if you read this, i gotta thank you guys. Truly. Not just for the entertainment, but for the experiences. I'm with you guys 100% of the way. Keep making this game great! 



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I first bought and started playing Ark: Survival Evolved in December of 2015, just as Christmas break after my first sophomore semester of undergrad at IUK had wrapped up. I'd watched my favorite Youtuber, Bestinslot, play the game some and since I was already a prehistoric creature enthusiast anyway, I jumped right on board.


It was a harsh struggle at first, as I picked an unofficial PVE server with no raised rates, taming speed, or XP gain towards the beginning of the first Winter Wonderland event. Needless to say, I got my butt handed to me by Utahraptors, Dilophosaurus, and Titanomyrma of all things several times before I was finally able to stake out a nice strip of then-frozen beachfront on the northeastern part of The Island to call my own. It was still rough going. A major uphill struggle as I grinded and grinded for resources to build up my humble base and tools/weapons to defend my self and harvest. Eventually, I made up enough tranq arrows, a bow, and gathered enough narcoberries to down my first creature to tame: a Triceratops which I named Jack. That Trike made life ten times easier for me, being the berry-harvesting and general combat companion I needed to help me survive. Also, before I tamed Jack, a friendly, higher-level fellow named Blu came flying over to my base one day on his trusty Argentavis carrying a Smilodon in his bird's talons and a Mesopithecus on his shoulder. In friendly kindness, he gave me a full suit of hide armor to help me survive the harsh cold and bitter blizzards of the Winter Wonderland event. Anyway, that was the last time I saw him, but I will never forget his generous gesture that bought me the fortitude and protection I needed to carry on surviving. After I tamed Jack, I started trying to tame other creatures including a level 104 Parasaurolophus named Percy, a Dilophosaurus, a level 56 Ankylosaurus named Rocky, a Pulmonoscorpius, a Utahraptor, a Dodo I named Perkins, a Carnotaurus named Jose, a Brontosaurus named Onua (after the Toa Nuva of Earth from Lego Bionicle), a Pteranodon named Amelia, a Stegosaurus named Aleesa, and a Pachycephalosaurus named Scully. We were just like a little family surviving together on the northeastern beach.


Then, disaster struck, due to a rash of mysterious creature and possession thefts on the server. The server host decided to wipe the server clean. Reluctantly, I left all my hard work and creatures behind to find another server. I couldn't find one I liked, so I quit playing for months. However, after watching all of Sl1pg8r's Ark videos with the guys of the Pooping Evolved server, the temptation to get back in was really pulling me in. Then, when I found out that you could play singlplayer, I gave that a go. It was nice to essentially have a map all to myself. I restarted and kept playing a few times. I've always made it a personal policy to treat all my creatures with respect and to tame at least one of each species. I'm sort of a collector in that sense. Hopefully going to get back into the game soon here in mid-May. I've missed playing it for months now. Looking forward to the game's final release. Best prehistoric animal game I've played in years.

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    I've been playing ARK since Day 1. ARK was my first survival game, and I didn't have a whole lot of "online friends" on Steam to play with, but I love dinosaurs and knew it was a must-have. So I bought the game and I found a nicely populated unofficial server named "Panda" and started out solo on a beach looking for something to tame. My brother played with me some, but didn't really get into the game until a little later. I had heard the war stories of people in Rust getting KOS'ed as fresh spawns, so I was a little worried about the people that I would eventually run into. I was on my own.

    Sure enough I ran into another fresh spawn shortly after I figured out how to make a spear. I watched him for a good long while from the cover of the bushes. I debated whether or not I should just throw the spear at him and run or if I should talk, but I didn't want to be one of those people I had heard about. So I go up to the dude and I just said "How's it goin'?" He was cool and didn't kill me, and instead asked if I knew how to tame dinosaurs yet. I didn't know, so I said we should team up and figure it out together. A couple hours later we were friends on Steam and we had a nice new parasaur named Regina.

    Shortly thereafter we ran into another guy who was from a group of more people, about four or five players. We were in awe of their hide armor and they were in awe of our level 10 Regina, so me and my new friend teamed up with this other group. Our tribe grew over time and we met new people and let them join our tribe. Eventually, we learned of the southern herbivore island, and realized no one had built there yet. That became our #1 goal. Sure enough, we took over the island (Regina died before we made the trip, RIP) and tamed an immense amount of dinosaurs. It took some time for us to realize it, but we had become the "alpha tribe". We were the first on our server to tame the Spino when it was released, and we learned the ins and outs of the game through trial and error.

    Fast forward two and a half years. The server "Panda" has been long gone, but almost every day I still play with the first two people I met in ARK, and we've had some insane times in the game. We raided a base belonging to a server admin, we completely guessed the PIN code to a rival tribe's base, and built HUGE fortresses.

    In the summer of 2016, I learned that one of the people I played with (the second player I met) was going on vacation to the exact same place at the exact same time that I was. So I knew we had to meet up. It took some arranging once we got there, but my brother and I actually managed to meet one of the guys we constantly play ARK and other games with. He was around the same age as us and lives in the same state, so I thought that was really cool.

    Every ARK server I join, it's always with my friend I met on day 1. We've lately been playing on servers such as TRP and other unofficial servers, and it's been a great time. But, none of this would have happened at all if I had let my paranoia get the better of me and thrown that spear at a stranger on day one. I'm really glad that I didn't.


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What can I say? In 15 years of Gaming I think Ark is my number one game, I started playing about a year and four months ago on Official PVP, I've had ups and downs like everyone, but after lots of trials I finally recognized my dream, me and a friend had a large base at green obelisk, with some prize Rex's, quetzal's, and Pteranodons, over 140 turrets, lots of plant X and bullets - it was really exciting, The Culmination of over 1500 hours of play. Every day I wake up enthusiastic to play some more. There's a procoptodon we tamed that we named 'DJ Johnson' who in the early days helped us farm lots of metal before we Tamed a quetz and bred an Anky, but then the good times started to roll. Oh and then some cheating aimbotters drained 40 forward facing turrets and multiple plant X with 2 turtles and wiped us. I do miss the game a lot :(.

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Same as many of the others here, Ark has positively effected my life. I purchased the game at release, but could not figure out why everyone was hyped about it. It was too painfully buggy for me to even enjoy. So I let it sit for many months, then randomly one day I thought "let's see how this game is" ( this was Oct 2015 )
From the first five minute of playing, I was hooked and awestruck. I messaged my husband, who was deployed, to tell him how amazing it was and that we need to play it as soon as he got home. Well I messed around for 30 more minutes and set the game down to not spoil it for when he finally could play(that's how we do most games, fresh to both of us). A few hours had passed that day and all I could think about was how much I wanted to play! Ark was my drug and I needed my fix :P.  Long story short, this was the only time I haven't waited for my husband to play a game. Since then, I've been hooked and clocked 2k+ hours, which isn't much to some other players but that's a rediculous amount of play time in one game. It must be a badass game to keep me interested for that long, and still coming back for more. 
There is still so much more I could say about Ark. But the last final thing of real importance is that I have made an online best friend because of this game. We met back in October/November 2015 and have been besties since. She is amazing! I have a better relationship with her than any of my RL friends.

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Ark has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs...but mostly ups.

I don't remember how I heard of ARK, but I think it was just one of those games that I found on Steam while browsing it. I've been playing Steam games for a while now, but until ARK came around, I hadn't discovered that next game that would hook me. But when I saw ARK...I knew I had ot have it. I sadly had a PC that couldn't run it at the time though. So patiently, I worked away at my poor-paying job and saved up for a better PC...when I finally had the funds and got a PC good enough to run ARK, I didn't hesitate to purchase it. I had been eyeing it during the times I was saving to make sure it wouldn't become another 'Stomping Lands' failure. the constant updates were a good sign to me.

When I finally got my hands on it, I eagerly jumped into the game, found an unofficial PVP server with boosted rates...and was rewarded with the harsh reality of how dang hard it is starting off xD I played solo at first, but it wasn't long until I got some friends in on the fun. Our tiny little house and early dinos soon became the love of our lives...and we quickly realized just how much fun the game was.

Fast forward a bit. New and old players were becoming jerks to us for no reason, and because our progression was slow still, we were unable to defend ourselves when they came to get rid of our 'eyesore' of a base. The drama they brought was unwelcomed, and after being wiped, I decided to go find a new server. Still PVP, but only because I didn't realize PVE could have a setting for 'in tribe friendly fire'.

And then we found a server called BOTF. This was where I knew ARK was going to have me invested...it was still PVP, but the player community there was so friendly, and PVP was only on weekends. Fair enough. We joined on Sunday night, and the next couple of days were spent hours upon hours building up as fast as we could on the grassy plateau near the waterfall on the west coast of the island map. We made a few friends, and the admin made special events where he would spawn in a 'rare' higher than wild lvl cap dino with unnatural colors. This made me log on EVERY day to try and be on when a spawn hits...and be the first to grab it. My hunt for we rare dinos soon led to my tribe becoming the best breeding tribe on the server.

Sadly, as time went on, the admin seemed to disappear, and the server died with him. Saddened, but not broken, I sought a new server, this one PVE for once. I was there for just about a months time, still building up...when I heard BOTF was returning, but on the Valhalla map and with the Annunaki mod. I spread the word, and was there on day one of it's return. My tribe of friends built in a lovely location and soon started up a new life with modded dino's and crazy levels. We had a blast making it up to end game...

Fast forward a few months later. We were one of the biggest tribes on the server. Not tribemember wise, but the amount of dino's and dragons we had. Many people were in awe of the amount of dinos (and lag) our base housed...it was truly an ARK...two of every dino (male and female) or more was housed in our base. Players loved to come and buy off different colored dragons from us. The community involvement was awesome. And then...we logged on one day and found our base had been mostly demolished. It was a day after I had ot take a small vacation and was away from the PC, unable to play ARK. Our base's demo cooldown had run out, and someone decided to destroy one wall of the large base, bringing down almost half of it. I was upset. But I didn't want to leave, mostly because I could repair it. But evne once I did, new players were starting to become a hassle. The map was starting to not get updated and we become tired of having to wait forever for the mods and such to upset when a new patch when live.

So after some talking, I decided to finally...after so long...get my OWN server...me and my small group of friends now play on The Center map. The annunaki mod we had made us realize that inflated levels and OP modded dino's made getting to endgame way too quick and rendered vanilla dino's useless...so I made the server with only slightly boosted rates (expect for taming), made sure friendly fire was on for tribes so that we could mess with each other, got in only a few building mods and one mod that included SE dinos (cause none of us bought SE), and we've been playing it ever since. We've been through it all...all the heavy handed nerfs (flyer AND land), all the bugs and wipes...but in the end, we keep coming back.

ARK is one of those dream games that I've wanted since forever. I'm drawn to the PVE side of it, to experience the survival against the environment and the journey made to end game. WC has peeved me off many times due to nerfs or lack of communication...but in the end, they've made something I love, and I hope that it'll become a bigger success than it already has become upon release and onward.

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The game that our Mystic Mayhem group had played, for almost five years, was closed down on March 31,2014. We were all pretty devastated. We spent the next year or so trying many different games but could never find just the right game that we all liked and enjoyed.  

In June 2015, I started watching a live stream of a guy playing Ark and immediately wondered if the game might be one that our group of friends would be able to play together. It looked so scary and it was very different than anything I had seen before. My daughter and I started playing to see if it might be fun and we have not stopped playing since.

I will never forget that first day that we both went into Ark and met up on that beach. We were walking along, not knowing that we had chosen a rather rough area to explore, and all of a sudden a mammoth exploded down a hill, fighting a saber. We were screaming and yelling and screaming and running. We really didn't know what to do and which way to go. Hahaha!

After we finally were able to calm down we decided to try and build a little thatch hut on the northern edge of the beach. We ended up taming six dodos and built a little fence to keep them safe. They did stay safe for quite a while but one day we went in game and discovered the dodos all scattered around the base. We had no idea what had happened but as we opened their inventories to feed them, to our astonishment, we found t-rex legs in one of them. We could not believe our eyes but apparently they had fought a rex and won! 

We still have that original base and even have our original phiomia that we named Dotty. The base started out as a little thatch hut, but then became a place for all new survivors to rest their heads if they needed a warm bed and a little help. The Mystic Mayhem Seaside Inn housed many a poor frightened survivor. The base is now just a little cottage with a few dinos but it holds a very special place in our hearts. 

We have gone on to invite numerous friends to the game and have had enough adventures to fill a book. We play with old friends and have made many new friends. So many wonderful people play Ark.  

I remember reading, at the very beginning, an article where Jesse Rapczak, a co-creator of Ark, said that they were trying to "create a game for everyone" and I really do believe that they have accomplished that. Our Mystic Mayhem group has played official, private, modded, Primitive Plus, Survival of the Fittest, The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth and now Ragnarok with the Survival Plus mod. I don't think there is any other game that gives people so much enjoyment, excitement and fun.


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I play with only 2 or 3 friends, we don't play on a server as we are all school kids and have very little time and play for a couple of hours on weekends only. I host a non dedicated server which we play on, I am generally the top of the group as I have superior experience knowledge and skill but the group is supportive. we play with a few mods that i have decided were necessary for the game to be fun for us. These include Structures plus, classic fliers, tame XL, spoiling bin, Death recovery mod, Kibble table, fog remover, Hg stacking mod (stacks to 5000 and a 10th of the weight), and dino aid.

We use these as we don't have time to play otherwise. We also play with boosted rates with 5X taming, gather and xp as well as boosted breeding.

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I got in to ark cause of some friends. I started off on official  servers by my self. Boy I tell you if you never seen an ark play run for his life in the dark from someone who is wanting to beat the crap outta you, you have never seen me. Cause I was like what kinda game is this where you die just for spawning.....?

Then I looked for people to play with and I met the Empire tribe where they played on another server. So  I learned how to grind, breed, and tame and raid....

Shortly after I got my self straight I go over to red woods where the admin lived and banned anyone for entering. I killed his carno..by accident ....it was attacking me. I wasn't trusted by the tribe so I needed something to impress  them.... well I got my chance. The admin decided to attack us while everyone else was sleeping..... and I defended my base against 5 quetzs with turrets in their back while he spawned in a t rex  or two but I stood my ground with the argis  we had fighting  he killed some of them.... the only thing I had to protect was the baby argis who weren't ready to fly... the argis  were killed after his "raid"   the babies stood we retreated back for a while  till we moved servers eventually  I became my own server admin


I run Arkprimitive  server  and I started a wild west server where equus is the only dino  tameable so my ark story is long I hope to see great progress when the game is released fully

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My Ark Story? Well I saw it one time on some Torrent site. The name sounded intriguing so I looked it up. Sounded interesting so downloaded the torrent. 

First played the game and thought wow, this is tough, what the raptor do I do? Punch this tree? Yeah thats it.....Ooooh whats that? Is that an eagle? Lets go closer.....died....and kept dying to these eagles.

Despite the harshness I loved it. So bought it when I first had money to do so. Started playing on a PVP server just before the 1st winter wonderland event and managed to build myself a wood base not far from East cave. Had walls and everything eventually. Had my first experience of trolls. This guy pumped all stats on speed and kept plaguing me for days!

Eventually managed to tame a Trike, some raptors and had myself some vegetables growing. Then I got hit. Professionally(At least I thought at the time) Knocked out, house destroyed all my dino's killed. I was pissed....So I quit and played singleplayer for a long time.

Eventually I went back to a PVP server but this time with my brother. We had a small base and got invited to an established tribe. Eventually came one of the biggest tribes on the server. Then we got wiped, realised you are never too big to be wiped. Then again I lost interest and played solo.

There's plenty more I could talk about but now after 2000 hours I must say it's probably the best PVP game I've played and the only one which has kept my interest. 

I cannot praise the ark Devs higher for creating this game which I love. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters.

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I was playing Pokemon GO along other games and saw on youtube a video "Ark Survival Pokemon" and watched the video. I liked how the game looked and soon I saw the original game. I bought the game and started playing on single player Island. The game felt really interesting for me [I have a hard time finding games I really like and play alot], I liked the dinosaur aspect and the game system overall, it looked like steroids minecraft for me [I really like Minecraft]. Currently I am at lvl 85 on Island, attempting to breed rexes to take on the easy bosses [I adjusted baby to juvenile time, It s just too much to hand feed...not to mention single player]. I also played the Center with a pal on non dedicated, am at lvl 85. Then I started playing SE, currently lvl 54 still exploring and learning [I try now to craft a chainsaw and a flamethrower to cook those damned terror birds]. I want to play the game more, learn more then move to playing in multiplayer with other people [I hope I will find a nice server with decent rates, nice people and not a poopload of weird mods with monsters bagpipes and other weird unfitting stuff].

Even though I sometimes rage with giga anger on some patches, overall this is one of the best games [we are talking about concept and game system, not bugs and others] I have ever played [Along Minecraft, Diablo franchise, Starcraft franchise, HoN and Lineage 2/Aion].

I was a dinosaur fan before, knew alot of species and stuff about them, now I know even more. I hope the devs will keep up the good work [maybe with softer nerfs!] and they will adjust the single player game, so that you can get tek stuff too. I also hope they will add more biome themed dlcs [as SE], more engrams, game systems and of course ALL DAMNED PREHISTORIC DINOSAURS , INVERTS, MAMMALS AND WHATEVER ELSE !

I also plan on doing a dinosaur from scratch, model textures AI etc and make him part of a mod. Maybe I'll do even more if I am successful and the dino looks and works good. Already started looking on tutorials for Maya, zbrush etc.

Finally, I think of buying the game for my girlfriend so we can both play. Things that hold me back are the frustration and anger this game generates, especially in the beginning...

keep up the good work devs ! brings us new and exciting stuff...my wallet is waiting lol


p.s.:never played the pokemon mod

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I tried official servers for a couple of times (TheIsland and TheCenter), but it was absolutely unplayable due to Alpha tribes and the annoying mechanic to transfer dinos from other servers.
Some Alpha tribes was acting as friends, but eventually they raided us using the Scorched Earth O.P. dinos.

So, I decided to play alone. I don't like Local/Single player mode, because some mechanics are weird.
I setup my own, private, server and I'm playing there alone.

I have multipliers at 5x and I'm using the mod "Structures Plus", because I love to build with S+.

Now, I have a couple of friends on my server and we have a lot of fun playing together.

Recently, I started to record some videos and upload them on Youtube. It is going very well. I consider myself as a Youtuber, as I have 500+ views on each of my videos.

I have over 3000 hours on ARK and I cannot stop playing! It's so addictive!

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I play LAN with my brother and have a blast. We just run around together, set up camps, go find the hidden ruins, and explore!

The only problem is my gaming laptop runs it alright (with a Geforce GTX 960M) but my brother gets to run it beautifully on his laptop (with a Geforce GTX 1070) so that makes me sad since my graphics are not comparable to how beautiful this game is when its on higher settings.


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I bought the game on November 2015 started playing on Official Server OC 84. Me and friend did not know the server was PVP because we were expecting PVE. Its took us 2-3 days to find each other in South 2. There is one thing we noticed, we saw a couple of big bird (Quetzal) with machine gun on top of it (Auto-Turret) was wondering around the map to search any potential enemy. I had never use reddit or wiki to gain any information such as looking for metal and etc. We explore together until second week, a China guy who can speak in english was look very friendly at first. We do not know how to chat in tribe since we used skype to communicate with my friend. So, if anyone we meet face to face we would said “Hi” in global instead of local chat. Then, the China kid who were 14 years old was asking me in global where is our base. We answered it politely. The next hour we realised, a group of enemy called HYDRA (Da Shu) was raiding us for no reason. Since then, we were low level (around 20), we build, farming, taming and etc of non stop without talking to global and manage to make allied with HYDRA. The next week, they raid us once again for no reason. We had an allied that time which tribe called Outlaws (CHZ). Then, we met a chinese guy who are Malaysian like i do. We merge tribe called Dino No Kill and help each other. Since, my friend can speak chinese, we manage to allied with alpha tribe once again, yet they betrayed us because they leave the server to fight on The Center ( Just released as official server). So, we fought them with a lack of member (4-6 members at peak) and manage to win  against them with help of spawning Dodorex. There is small Thais tribe that we used to play together, since we were fighting together before we merge. After we won against chinese (HYDRA), we help the thai group to build by supplying the kibble and material and even recruit one of them to our tribe. Sadly, they demolished of our base, kick all the members and unclaim all the dino. I quit official for a few month and played unofficial.

On September 2016, a new DLC was launched. I was playing solo on Official OC814 solo and luckily, i met old friend from Dino No Kill. They recruited me and we farm and fight and sadly we lose to CHZ. For asia, there is limited number, only 3 servers which is 813 814 815. All of the server was full, 70/70. Right after WC open new server for Asia, my friend told me to join one of the SE server XXX to help to fight the title of alpha tribe on that server. After 1 month and 3 weeks, we managed to hold the title with the help of ally in that server. We raise the wyvern, tame golem and etc. Everytime we wake up from sleep, we always farmed metal for the tribe and non stop of hunting wyvern eggs. Farm Farm Farm.One day, our ally want to raid one server map Island XXX. It was a chinese tribe which known as Da Shu. We do not know them, but at least we help our ally to keep a good relationship. We fight fair and square, but we lose. One thing that change us is, we met a Malaysian Chinese who are called Rasinblood (RB). I do not know what the conversation between Kaz (our leader) and RB. From that time, we were allied with Da Shu, BLDX and Spartan.

From November 2016,. We farmed metal on the center which BLDX is the alpha tribe XXX. Our leader(Kaz) farmed the metal and manage to get roughly 300k-400k metal ingot per day maybe more. There is once, someone joined our Teamspeak channel, and was discussing with RB about No No No tribe. After the discussion ended, i asked that guy why would you want to wipe No No No from the entire official server. He said, Spartan once hold one of The Island server and No No No just joined that server (newbie perhaps). They let No No No developed on that server so they can raid them with better loots. Then, The Center was launched and all the Spartan’s member was fighting on EU625. They leave their server The Island for a month. One of their member called all their member who were fighting on EU625 to jump on their server to defend from No No No. Sadly they lost. So they wont really bother with old map since they won the fight in EU625. SE was released, all of them jumped to SE and leave EU625. Once again, No No No tribe join EU625 build and farmed there. They knew about it, but they focused on SE server instead of EU625 because Cross Ark Transfer where can raid any server they would like. Yet, No No No raided them on EU625 and they did tried to defend. Lost once again. So, they want to revenge No No No by bringing VDD/BLDX/Da Shu/BK to join the war on EU580 and EU731(SE).We wiped them on EU731 and EU580 at the same time. Which half the crew will join EU580 and the other half will come to EU731. Sadly about the EU580, WC came over and roll back the server 24 hours. We lost our dino where WC did not compensate. Quite sad with WC action to these. Farm Farm Farm. Breed Breed Breed. We came once again to EU580 where we made a countdown when to join. We joined roughly at 5.00 PM SGT. Ping was 255ms. Accessing vault simply took 5-6 minute. We decided that, we let China side to go first. The rest will help another server to defend.Next 6 hours, Spartan joined the server to continue raid where some of the China crew can explain what's going on EU580 and what to do .I cant really tell what was happening during Spartan side.6 hours later, I joined back EU580 as RB was calling us to come (Black Knight). Its our turn to fight. We fighting them 24/7 non stop. Kill all their quetzal, argentavis, wyvern and etc.The raid was ended where No No No demolish their own base where Starborn Rex already posted. We looted some of the stuff and bring back to our server. We did get roughly 5% of the loot from main base.. Wiped the base and magically the server went back to normal.

The war with No No No was done. Now, we were looking for new server to fight to called Home (The Center). Farm Farm Farm and Breed Breed Breed for 3-4 weeks.We fought a server XXX against PPG/VVG. We won by simply they glitch inside the texture ( Shooting RPG) and submit the ticket to WC. Next 12 hours, PPG was wiped on that server. We got a new home. Now, starting to Farm Farm Farm and Breed Breed Breed. Transfer our dino from SE to our new home. We got a lot of harassment from PPG who said will come to fight back. Suddenly, RB’s account got banned. We ask ROB who are working with WC. The video was showing where RB was talking about how we fight on another server and the server somehow BE disable and set to Unofficial on Battlemetric. So, Kaz and RB were talking about it on streaming and accidently WC thought that RB was typing to all of our member on how to do that. The truth is, he was letting us know what the strategy to breach No No No base,to prevent from No No No know what our strategy is. We know they were watching the streaming.


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Started to play the game in Single Player for a small amount of time...

Then I went to Unofficial PvP - Found a good server and had a lot of fun - Server was wiped without warning so was disillusioned with the idea of putting hard work into a game and then without warning lose it all...

Went to Official PvP as a Solo Player - Set up base in the swamp. Opened up a refuge for noob's to help em out as I was near east 2 spawn locations. Used this time to study behavior patterns in the players I met. Neighbors came and went (building huge and quick and then leaving with no trace) Server population fluctuated at times from 50+ to less than 5, but I stuck to it plodding along at my more casual pace. At this time my wife became interested in the game and she ending up being my number 2 in my tribe... At this time a couple of friends joined too, but didn't hang around for long. --- Then server transfers were added, soon after that, tribes far more powerful than myself began to fall to unknown enemies from other servers... The server became a ghost town, there were ruin bases everywhere, where once it was a prosperous server with trade and even social gathering war dodo fights. I lost all desire to play on the server, so I abandoned it ! (It was an interesting server that played out like a Pve server but with the uncertainty of PvP death at any moment.)

Figured out how to play LAN on my computers at home using "Ark Server Manager" (LAN without tethering crap by setting up my computer as a server and also playing the game on the same computer) Setup a game so my wife, my daughter and myself could play with no lag. I have deliberately disabled the ability to tame flyers to give a more "survival" feel and more adventure in gathering resources and navigating the island. Have been enjoying playing with my family. I miss the PvP side of things. But the game in it's current state makes me stay away from it until the game is further improved.

My current ideal server would be the No Tame server which I tried...It was interesting, but clubbings are not really my thing!

My ideal server would be unlimited transfer, but on a cluster server (1 of each map) Solo PvP, With no ability to make tribes or alliances (you can still makes friends and trade if you wish to!)

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Ark has become an integral part of my gaming hobby, accumulating the most hours of any video game I have ever played :Jerblove: 

I adore adventure, survival, and most of all- Dinosaurs and Paleontology. The creative liberties put into each of the creatures' subspecies are an interesting sight to behold, and I have found kind and helpful communities on many of the PvE servers I have played on!

My adventure began in 2015, starting off on a Primitive PvP Official server with my friends Raulito, Red, and Bio. It was a rough start and learning progress, with the default rates and players out to take away our little hut at the slightest provocation. We had remarkable luck, though, especially with myself being the complete newbie that I was, gradually building up to stone tier and even claiming the Hidden lake for ourselves for a time! (Still don't know why there wasn't a huge base there already. The ARK gods must have blessed us). We never got much more than a raptor or a trike as our strongest mounts before eventually going our separate ways, but it was a good time.

Since then, I have taken to joining PvE servers for a more relaxed, heightened-rate experience. My favorite maps are Valhalla, The Center, and - more recently - Madagascar Evolved. I enjoy cooking with recipies and creating kibbles, always having an expansive farm system of some sort. I have an affinity for mammals, adoring Chalicotheres, Paracers, and horses.

I also have a special place in my heart for Ornithomimids and Hadrosaurs, aiming to hoard Gallimimus / Parasaurs - despite their limited use - whenever I can.

It's a personal motto that, other than fighting and defense, it's important to have some kind of unique variation in your collection. Don't let those rarer creatures go unappreciated! :egg:


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I saw ARK for the first time when the beta was first released on steam in 2015. I didnt have a good computer at the time so I had to watch videos of it being played. Even though I wasn't playing it, it made me feel excited, the game was amazing. Watching youtubers play the game Ive always dreamed of, I've been obsessed with dinosaurs since I could talk and seeing this game for the first time left me speechless. Eventually, the hype died down, a lot less YouTubers played the game and I forgot about it.

A year later, in spring of 2016 I saw the game again on a YouTube channel my uncle and I watch called Neebs Gaming. Now at this time my uncle had an Xbox One (we didn't know you could buy It on Xbox one at the time so when we found out it was a great suprise!) And we thought the game looked awesome, and how fun it would be to play. One day I got home from school he surprised me and had bought the game, and a bonus exiting new feature of the recent split screen mode! We played this game so much, for months, and the best part was figuring out how everything worked for the first time.

Eventually however, there was a bug. Around the time of the redwoods update, there was a ordeal that deleted our whole world. That's when we stopped playing for a long while. Eventually, when scorched earth came out, out of the blue, we bought it without hesitation the day it was released. We played scorched so much and the love for ARK was back and stronger then ever.

Later that year in the winter of 2016, I got my own Xbox one for my birthday. Now we play all the ARK! We play on a primitive plus world, a island world, a center world, and a scorched. I personally have a single player world with 250+ hours put into it! 

I will never forget the first day we played the game, and we were hiding in a thatch house as a spino was charging for us. Or the first time we took a boating trip the the north, and got Recked by dire wolves! Or even building a fortress on herbivore island. But what I wanted to say as my main point, I love this game, so much, and spend so much time in it. I play it on a daily basis, and It's been an honnor being able to watch the best dinosaur game ever, grow into the best game ever. And Thank you, very much, studio wildcard. 

Your friend,


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When Ark came out on Steam it revived my love for extinct creatures. I searched the internet for every creature in game and read a lot about it. Because I had no job at this time I applied to our local museum of natural history with success and my effort and knowledge led to an acknowledgement in a scientific article about a recently discovered and described Plesiosaur I assisted. :) 


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I started playing ark because of a streamer. I joined them on pvp when ark just came out a few days old. ptera was added on that day so we were out trying to tame a ptera the uber old fashion way (narcoberries and raw meat LUL). I built a house on the river with thatch, and on that night something went wrong with the save file and the entire server got rolled back by a few days...........

a few days later we got wiped. on that day death messages was added so we knew who broke the wooden walls and fences. it was a carno by a tribe who shall not be named. I found myself hating pvp in ark (I also hate pvp in general, but especially ark. ark is top on the list of hated pvp) because there is a chance someone gets so big and strong they take out everyone on the server and claimed the island as their own. the griefer in every ugly person alive can manifest and are allowed to practice their own sick and twisted creativity on anyone and everyone. ark has become a learning tool. if video game is the reason why there are unexplained rage and violence in this world, ark will be listed as one of the main reason.

of course these are all in my head as I pack my stuff and left the server for a pve experience.

pve was fun. at first. I went in as a new guy on the server and got a few other new guys to form a new tribe. like everyone else we're all figuring out how to play the game. on that day spino came into ark and we're all deathly afraid of it. we picked to build at the green obo (now red) because the obos gives light over a large area so we can continue working at night without torches. we managed to build a storage house and made one of the existing house into a common hall. everyone logs out there.

back then there wasn't stone tier. our best and easily available materials were wood thatch fiber. so we made everything from wood. we needed an anky, but anky was only found near the southern islets. we braved the dangerous land to get an anky. a new patch dropped and it allowed us to get metal off smooth rock at the edge of rivers. we started to get into the metal tier.

but sadly before anymore progress is made...everyone else left the server. only 1 guy left. he...for some reason has a lot of time on his hand. he's playing ark everyday and almost every hour. every day I log in I see a ton of progress (lots of wooden structures made, a few new tames). I was glad he stayed to play. he recruited 2 new players just like him, and the 3 of them made my tribe big.

I remembered fondly of a few logins I had the shock of my life. my tribe now owns a battalion of scorpions. then a brigade of dilos. then a battalion of raptors. and finally we got our first few pteras and argies. with pteras and argies we finally tamed bronto and rexes. our tribe pen got bigger and bigger. of everything tamable, our tribe will get a few because eggs are coming into the game. we want to be ready.

then tragedy struck. we recruited a dubious player who used to play in another tribe. I wasn't involved but I never knew how dubious was his reason to join our tribe until he had left with some of our dinos and scattered the other important ones all over the map. an argy was even found at the edge of the map. we suspected everyone and anyone, we kicked everyone who aren't active. then we realised it was this guy...and he has took the dinos to his tribe. along with a few of our precious bp. he eventually came back again to steal more stuff (there's no lock on every container back then. only doors) because someone left the door open for 2 seconds while trying to make kibble. this eventually led to a few members leaving the tribe and forming their own tribe. and I learnt a very important lesson.

trust no one. trust nothing.

the moment they fixed tribe governance I set my tribe to personal tame, personal structure and only admin unclaim. locks on containers were introduced so we make sure everything is locked.

2 person are now left in my tribe. me and one of the new hardworking recruit. we aren't the biggest or strongest tribe, but we have fun playing this game. I remembered the first time I went into the clever cave, and it was a whole mess. arrows and pikes are going everywhere. snakes are falling from the ceiling and bats coming at us through walls. eventually we got a saber to go in and farm for chitin.

but sadly one day mistakes were made, and the saber had to be abandoned in the pack cave. it has fallen off the infamous S bridge. we couldn't get it out because of a texture glitch and there's no way for an argy to carry a saber. dev recently introduced a patch to prevent anyone from building near or in the caves on pve servers, so we can't build our way out. it was a strong saber, and it survived many weeks. however, I myself was experiencing the dryness of ark. I hate repetitive work. and back then there wasn't any food trough so we have to feed all our dinos 1 by 1. feeding alone is a task so time consuming 3 hours would have gone by and I'll not be done feeding them all. food trough came and feeding became a breeze. however, getting food for them is still a problem until 1 day we got a really strong rex. we raised the melee of the rex to be about 900, and it was the strongest thing on earth. on one of these rex we feared nothing. or so we thought....

dodorex came. fear overtook us for 1 week. by then I am the only one left in the server and I feared for 1 day when I log in dodorex spawned in one of the many graveyards in and around my base and destroys everything. months of work, gone. this is not the future I have worked so long for. about a few weeks after fear evolved giga would be introduced. I managed to arrive at a conclusion I need to build bigger and wider walls in case this new dino attacks. teasers of how a giga is going to look like came and I panicked. I need to build these new walls fast.


so I begun my 1 year building project of making walls so high and so thick nothing can come close to my base. dev was encouraging people to not build with behemoth gates so I decide to give it a whirl and see what happens. I also arrived at an conclusion there's going to be an even bigger dino on land. so I prepared for them both. the walls ended up to be 5 walls high on the highest point (it was a hilly area) and about 29 at the deepest point. back then on my server it was the biggest single structure ever constructed by 1 player. while building the walls I learnt different techniques through experiments and lots of thatch ceilings. eventually I completed outlining how the wall is going to be, and after all the weak points and weird angles were rectified, the entire structure was made into metal. it was my greatest achievement.

titan had drew close to my base a few times. none of those times did it succeed to walk into my base. my wall works! titan had even been aggro'd at my base a few times. it stomped. nothing took damage. I am happy. but the people coming near my base are far from happy. the walls are a huge lagfest even until today. it takes about 10 secs to load my base. the dev's advice 1 year ago...only made the server worse LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. behemoth gates as walls are the better way to go.


in the midst of all these mad building projects, I found friendship with many players. many left, but because they left such a good impression and memory I decided to hold on to their dinos for them until the day they come back. all these dinos were memories of the crazy fun times we had together. running caves, taming dinos, setting community traps, clearing the ocean of dinos are just some of the good things we did together. but sadly these didn't last long as the dev introduced a cull before they introduced an offline dino storage server. I estimated I could easily be holding onto 4000 dinos worth of memories. most of them aren't claims but released to me. I even merged with a few of them just to take in even their structures as well. it was a hard month for me. I cried while putting their inventories away then killing them. it was no fun. and from then on, my experience with ark has been on a huge downward decline. one of the tribe I merged with also felt this way. he said the game is taking way too long. 2 years into a game and no end to nerf and culling yet? he is sick of so many adjustments that made the game harder and harder to play. its not a game anymore. it felt more like a job that doesn't pay you. I gotta say...I feel the same.


currently I am building a big barn to house my dinos in. I've seen wild dinos spawning in my yard again so this barn is a must have. I'll never know when will one of these spawn be like a alpha raptor or a titan. that will be disastrous. I only hope I don't run out of building space before the barn is enclosed.


some things I learnt about ark is...

1) never have your dinos out in the open. even if it's penned in. wilds can spawn in there.

2) never have your dinos out on the ground. wilds can spawn in your barn killing your tames.

3) thatch bp are precious. they help you craft stuff in your dino while you fly around placing them down

4) let others play on your server. you'll never know if a wipe is coming to those low pop servers

5) this game is not for everybody. 

6) this game is a job. please quit your other jobs if you want to succeed.

7) would the dev hire non-US citizens? xD

8) this is not about ark, but people in general. none of your stuff are worth that much stop pricing them so high. what you're doing is simply making the rich richer and the poor...just as poor.

9) help the noobs to gather materials for their base but never give them dinos or structures. they won't appreciate it and they die probably within a few hours.

10) land grabbing is bad. because someone land grab, a giga can easily make its way to your base since theres no one else's base in between it and yours. unless you have walls like mine (it towers over behemoth gates even) you're not going to stop a wild giga from chomping down your stuff

11) don't build near a cliff unless you want dinos to drop into your base. seen a giga wrecked a base once just because this tribe found a good spot at whitesky peak with a great sea view and a downward ramp leading to this area. what can go wrong amirite? a coalition of tribe banded together to stop that giga. we lost a quetz in the process.

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We try to play as a family - wife and son both have Ps4's as well. We are PvE to build, tame, and breed. 


We take two steps forward and then rubber band 4 steps back, and so on and so forth. Weekends are tough for us because the lag is generally unbearable, and the amount of rubber banding is ridiculous. The weeknights are normally better, but with school, with limit game time more than on the weekend, so we only get an hour or so together on Ark every couple nights. 

It could be better, but as everyone will remind me, it's a beta and it's ok not to work. We breed cool dinos to watch them die and then get to explain how life isn't fair to our son. So it's great at teaching coping skills. He takes the game too seriously, and that's something we are working on him with. As a child, he doesn't understand beta/alpha/etc, and just wants the cool dinos he tamed or hatched to live as intended. 

Thats our story. We love ark. We do not love the constant beta-lag or the crashing or the killing of dinos because of the beta-lag spikes. 

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My story...

it started long ago, I awoke on a beech with a strange crystal in the back of my hand... looking around I saw many piller and large fortifications.. I shouted hello, the wind was still with no responses I waited, I killed a mighty dodo and fiested, I was chased by a mighty dilo and ran away blind.. I ate raw meat and berries, I died when I returned to this land I had nothing I shouted to the gods of ark were is all my stuff it was silent.... I left 

i awoke on a new beech in a new land it was the same but different as far as the eye could see was pillers I left.

this went on for about 10 server finally I found 140 is was hard but most the people were good I settled on a beach I called a brother and talked about this, he was interested and said he would join. I spent time running around the beach looking for a place to lay my head, but like other servers I could not claim land so We grinned to lvl 15ish got a boat and went exploring it was great and I was instantly amazed We wanted more.. 

traveling round the world We died and died and died, winter had come and We was not ready.. after going round the world We traveled down a river finally We found the swamp no one was building here We never wonder why!   water was a bit of a problem but We would figure something out...

We built a wall on cliff edge conscious of evil wild dinos 4 high 2 man tribe took an age but it was good honest work,

we started taming 2 of each animal an open air farm to raise our little fellows but they would die..... almost as fast as we could tame we raged and fumed but still it was fun...

then other joined our band of merry servivers a day things got easyier and harder we had to deal more with personalities less with the grind..

alpha base was born...

the struggle had not stopped but we had more hands we build seafront and our backup base delta 

delta became my home was my pride and joy build between 2 rock outcrops on redwood river I thought this would be my forever home...

we realised as the tribe was coming to an end that delta could not support water animals so me and other decided to move..

we decided big was better and water was the key

we build a base, it was an egg farm open to all... we returned to our roots with boats, we were ready to servive what had once killed us

we started breeding, we thought we were finally ready to tame gigas after some prep we went out and hunted gigas it was scary we lost a quetz but we were not deterred  we would tame this mighty beast.. 

tiny and tink joined our mighty two person tribe these our gigas would protect our base...

every time we returned was painfull sarco would be dead one killed by lvl 5 piranha none were set on passive these were water protection then on one return tiny was gone we searched high and low turned over every rock but tiny had disappeared. So we moved tink to another base position built a massive pen to protect out main meat collection source, less then a week later while rising baby quetz I noticed she was gone then mins later tribe mate told me baby quetz was gone....

I ragged, pounded my fists... months of work for nothing months of grinding for nothing, plans future projects all for nothing 

then a new world opened a world of sand and death, we look on this as an opportunity, a return to the struggle of yesteryear we signed up..

the struggle was fierce portal could not transfer dinos equipment so our struggle was almost like new players, we expected hard and we got hard but was not as hard as I had hopped then the portals were opened and thing became  a joke, everything went from extreme to baby simple over night we decided this dlc was not a place to stay, and we would return to the island map full time. time past as we slowly moved to new server we tamed and raised baby's..

we returned with 9 new baby's 1 100 for a gift to brother and 8 for the tribe plus our first 4 of the six we raised one had disappeared in mountains while we worked other player had lost in a battle  these were wryens (a main reason for joining SE) nothing for the tribe lower then 170... woke up 3 days ago with nothing above 152 a joke it must be, why would the Devils do this after thousands of hours of work just wreck (again) all we had done 


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