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Community Crunch 88!


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Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community! Let's get started with some news.

ARK Sponsored Mod Program Update!


We wanted to give you an update on the Sponsored Mod Project! We'll be continuing with the initial 15 Mods we launched with in March, for the month of April. This decision was taken due to a later than intended start caused by GDC, however the ship will be sailing smoothly now and going forward we'll be accepting new candidates into the program, there will definitely be a switch up in May! We've already seen enormous progress made by a lot of the mods on the workshop, it's amazing to see what you the community is able to put together! 

Sponsored Mod Updates will also be moved to a new biweekly post known as Workshop Wednesday's by Cedric. This will feature changes to the program, updates from the mods, as well as the occasional info drop from Ben of TheCenter and Cedric himself regarding Primitive+!

PlayStation 4 Sale [EU Region]!


Survivors can now pick up ARK: Survival Evolved, Scorched Earth, and the Survivor's Pack at a discounted rate on PS4 as part of the PlayStation 4 Easter sale. The discounts will run for 3 weeks, so now's a perfect time to introduce new friends to the game!

ARK: Evolution Event Weekend!


Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It's already live now and will remain active until Monday the 10th of April at 12PM EST. All Official Servers will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

1.5x Harvesting Rate
1.5x Taming Rate
1.5x EXP Rate

Reminder: this 1.5x bonus is on top of the 2x rates that are now standard on our official servers!

Community Contests!

Player Procedurally Generated Maps!


The Procedurally Generated Map system allows players to make their own ARK maps by determining a myriad of landscape options from the heights of mountains, depths of valleys, and the number of lakes, rivers or oceans, to the kinds of each biome they want, and more! Let's check out the entries for this weeks contest! This week's contest winner is...

Zergling963 for their PGM EntertheARK!

and to use their map for your own PGM experience:


PGTerrainPropertiesString=MapSeed=999;LandscapeRadius=1.0;Water Frequency=55.0;Mountains Frequency=4.409467;Mountains Slope=2.098828;MountainsHeight=2.0;Turbulence Power=0.0125;Shore Slope=4.0;WaterLevel=-0.72;GrassDensity=1.0;JungleGrassDensity=0.04;ErosionSteps=4;TreesGroundSlopeAccuracy=0.5;DepositionStrength=0.5;ErosionStrength=0.50;OceanFloorLevel=-1.0;SnowBiomeSize=0.259941;RWBiomeSize=0.304546;MountainBiomeStart=-0.55;MountainsTreeDensity=0.06;JungleBiomeStart=-0.65;IslandBorderCurveExp=4.0;MaxSawnPointHeight=0.1;SnowGrassDensity=0.25;MountainGrassDensity=0.05;SnowMountainGrassDensity=0.15;UnderwaterObjectsDensity=0.5;SnowMountainsTreeDensity=0.06;TreeDensity=0.006;JungleTreeDensity=0.66;RedWoodTreeDensity=0.20;SnowTreeDensity=2.0;RedwoodGrassDensity=0.4;ShoreTreeDensity=0.15;SnowShoreTreeDensity=0.025;DeepWaterBiomesDepth=-0.24;InlandWaterObjectsDensity=0.5;ShorelineStartOffset=0.07;ShorelineThickness=0.0015;MountainGeneralTreesPercent=25;TerrainScaleMultiplier=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f,Z=1.0f);SnowBiomeLocation=(X=0.2f,Y=0.2f);RWForestBiomeLocation=(X=0.3f,Y=0.6f);NorthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);NorthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.0f);NorthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);SouthRegion1Start=(X=0.25f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion1End=(X=0.416f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion2Start=(X=0.416f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion2End=(X=0.582f,Y=1.0f);SouthRegion3Start=(X=0.582f,Y=0.5f);SouthRegion3End=(X=0.75f,Y=1.0f);EastRegion1Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.0f);EastRegion1End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.333f);EastRegion2End=(X=1.0f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3Start=(X=0.75f,Y=0.666f);EastRegion3End=(X=1.0f,Y=1.0f);WestRegion1Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.0f);WestRegion1End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.333f);WestRegion2End=(X=0.25f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3Start=(X=0.0f,Y=0.666f);WestRegion3End=(X=0.25f,Y=1.0f)


If you'd like to learn more about PGMs, please check out our quick start guide:

NVidia Ansel Photography Contest


Super Resolution Version: http://images.nvidia.com/ansel/SuperResolution/ARK-SuperResolution1/ARK__Survival_Evolved_HighRes_2016_09_01_-_14_38_36_55.html

ARK: Survival Evolved and the Scorched Earth Expansion Pack now include support for NVIDIA Ansel -- a revolutionary new way to capture in-game shots.  Compose shots from any position, adjust with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share the screenshots in 360 via a smartphone, PC or VR headset. 

Learn more about these features from the NVIDIA blog.

Now let’s get to the contest!

There were 3 potential categories for survivors to enter their shots into and they were the following:

Three Categories

Super Resolution: These should be taken at 8x Super Resolution. Players can optionally use Depth of Field effects accessible in Spectator mode by pressing the [Delete] key.

Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D: These should be taken at 4x Super Resolution,  in 360 Stereoscopic 3D mode. We will crop them to 2D for web display, while also providing the 3D version for viewing within VR display.

Freeform: Any settings, whacky and creative use of Ansel filters are encouraged. Adding humorous titles/captions in Photoshop is also acceptable for this category!

And now without further ado, here are your entries!

You’ll want to click on the image title to be able to download the maximum size image, we’ve resized them for display purposes 

Super Resolution!


StateofMynd42 - Toasted Not Burnedlarge.58e84a36c0c55_StateofMynd42-ToastednotBurnedsta.jpg

Wolf Angelus - Flying in the Breeze


Wolf Angelus - Rainforest Adventure


Runner Ups!

FataL1ty - Bastion


BlueDragon - Time to run!


Honourable Mentions!

Pollti - Wild Bears


Kovko - Attack from the back


Kovko - Runaway


FataL1ty - Castle View


FataL1ty - Beyond


FataL1ty - Everything the Light Touches


Wynnd - The Keeper


FataL1ty - Fresh Air


FataL1ty - Canopy


EXFIB0 - Beautiful Forest


BlueDragon - Going for the kill


FataL1ty - Canyon


BlueDragon - Alpha Leader


BlueDragon - Crystal Stream


FataL1ty - Spiral


BlueDragon - Dragon Flight


BlueDragon - Hunting Party


Wolf Angelus - Safari Hunting


BlueDragon - Leap of Faith


Panoramic 360 Stereoscopic 3D!


EXFIB0 - Blue Paradise


Runner Ups!

EXFIB0 - Graceful Waterfall


Wolf Angelus - Tropical Retreat


FataL1ty - Battle Perspective


Honourable Mentions!

Wolf Angelus - Rainforest


Wolf Angelus - Oasis


Mantikoa - Sunset Mist


BlueDragon - Bridge


FataL1ty - Bridge of Death


FataL1ty - Canyon


EXFIB0 - Inside the forest


BlueDragon - Some like it hot!


FataL1ty - Flying Fish


BlueDragon - Redwood Rapids




Mantikoa - Dances with Raptors


Velice - La La ARK


Wolf Angelus - ARK Pokemon Battle


Runner Ups!

BlueDragon - Club Penguin


Honourable Mentions!

BlueDragon - Looking for the Nesting Grounds


Chris Warburton - When you kill a dinosaur in ARK...


FataL1ty - The Twirlers


Morgengrau - Reapers


Tally - The Snow Thyla



This contest is open to all types of video be they funny, epic, scenic, stories, whatever inspires you. Just a general reminder that they should remain safe for work, think of the children!

And without further ado, the ARKVideo for Community Crunch 88 is...

It's a tie!

ranger1presents with

eco's Terrariums

and LameWolfProduction's The Great Escape!


This is an award given to Survivors to celebrate the amazing structures you build. These bases are judged based upon a number of different factors such as their creativity, uniqueness, how fun of a base it is, the difficulty of building it, the functionality it provides and much more! Honestly, this weeks submission were incredibly difficult. There were a lot of great choices, in fact it was probably the hardest week in a while to select a winner, so we've got quite a few runner ups too! But without further a do, let's get down to it...

The ARKitect for Community Crunch 88 is… 

Sitharias for their Volcano Fortress on an Official PvE Server!




You can check out their full album here:


We'd also like to give a shout out to the following survivors and congratulate them on being a runner up!

Wolf Angelus with their board game based build:

4 Board Games - Leap Frog Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, Battledino, Connect 4

If you enjoyed the board game build earlier and want to run more fun events on your server, definitely check out Valoule's PvP Arena!

ClARK Royal



Full album here: 


This very impressive futuristic TEK base by TheLimeInc!

and a big shout out to TagBackTV's beautiful Ovis Farm and Wind Mill!



If you'd like to check out all the entries, you can do so here:

Fan Feature

F1r3fly | ARK Survival Evolved: Building The Town Center!

The ARK Maze by The Axe Man

Blood in the Water - Alpha Shark Taming by MyndMelt Gaming!

New Inventory Ui by GamerPerfection!

Epic Fishing Raft by Kortniechan Gaming

Thieves Island Map | Ark Survival Evolved Mod Spotlight by MeeMaw TheGeekyGranny

F1r3fly | ARK Survival Evolved: Building The Barracks!

King of the Moon by LameWolfProductions

Tapejara by * Fluffy * ( FR )


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898369487

Tolu the Tapejara by WendigoNasty


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896409475

More ARK Babies by Darken-Si!


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895565916


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895565668


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895565409

Fanmade Dossier: Griffin by Kobikai


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=893901948

Dilophosaurus Sketch by ShadowWolfJade


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=895736927

Date Night by SnowTickler185


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=899911360

Poison Wyvern by ThugMario


Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896821603

We know there hasn't been a Digest in a little while and we're sorry about that everyone! As we're working our way towards ARK 1.0 we're very focused on spending all available time on getting the rest of the content out to you and fixing/resolving bugs related to the game. We'll try and free up some time soon to complete a Digest and our sincerest apologies for the delay :)

That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share please get in touch and be sure to follow us on:

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark

Much love,
Wildcard Jat & the ARK: Survival Evolved Team


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10 hours ago, The Lime Inc. said:

that mountain side base is the best gratz to the winner :) can not believe you built that on a PVP server, my hat goes of to you sir.

Also gratz to all other winners ofcourse and all other entries were as amazing :P


On an official PVE server, not PVP server.


That said, impressive work from all contestants.


Now, are we ever gonna get that digest for those of us who posted questions that you guys requested a while back @Jat ?

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3 hours ago, Iguanodon said:

I was really expecting the digest this week, will it be here next week? Also Easter is coming soon and I haven't heard anything about eggcellent adventure 2

To be honest, they have so many things to do I prefer to have them working on Flyer Rebalance Mk.3 and final conten patches than that event.

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