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possible solution to people getting kicked?

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TLDR; It seems like if you have a character on a 2nd ps4 on the same network as the host, it makes it more stable for everyone else. I have no idea why, details below


So i have noticed something... I am running a small family server, we have 3 people online max... I run the server from my house, and I also play on a different ps4, both ps4s are connected directly to my modem with lan cable. All ps4/ark ports are forwarded and the host ps4 is in the dmz slot of the modem. 

When i am playing i have absolutely 0 issues, i never get kicked, i can always connect and i can play for hours with 0 lag. This is expected since I'm on the same network as the host ps4 

It's a different story for the other two people who play, sometimes they will get kicked every 5 minutes, it seems like the client is losing connection to the host because they stop moving on my screen, but they keep moving around client side but have no access to their inventory, until it finally times out. Then they have issues getting back in to the game(join failed )


The exception to this is that if my character from my 2nd ps4(not the host) is in the game, they have far less issues. We went 15 hours without a single issue, the second i left they both started getting booted... 

Yesterday i left my guy in the game thinking i had the infinite stats cheat on to see if they would have less kicks and they didnt get kicked once until i died (i typed infiniteresources instead of stats...derp) and my ps4 shut down because i didnt have the code right, the other guy immediately started getting kicked as soon as i left.


This afternoon, I left my guy in the game with the actual infinite stats cheat on and my father in law has had a much more stable experience...




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