ArkSupreme Nitrado 5 Server Cluster!!!! FRESHLY WIPED!!!!!

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Welcome to the ArkSupreme Nitrado Cluster!

PVP 5 server cluster 292 slots total.

  • ArkSupremeIsland 70 slots
  • ArkSupremeCenter 70 slots
  • ArkSupremeRagnarok 70 slots
  • ArkSupremeScorchedEarth 32 slots
  • ArkSupremeAberration 50 slots

There are 4 total admins:

  • StaticWarLord
  • Infer Elade
  • ItchyJoey118517
  • Schwarzertodt

Rates are as follows:

  • 10x Gathering
  • 10x Taming
  • 10x Hatching
  • 20x Mature
  • 10x XP
  • Dino and character stats increased 2x
  • Turret damage increased 2.5x
  • Unlimited weight and oxygen
  • Decreased mating and imprinting intervals
  • Decreased gasoline and crop decay
  • Boosted loot drops
  • No starters
  • No store
  • All players and tribes welcome (no limit on tribe sizes)

Rules of the server:

  • Passive tame killing is allowed
  • No trolling (Defined as griefing players MULTIPLE times on MULTIPLE occasions)
  • No blocking artifacts
  • No bronto tames
  • Destroy all taming pens when finished
  • Absolutely no blocking/building on obelisks
  • Admins can be attacked (except when doing admin duties such as destroying structures or working on events)
  • No glitch building if you are caught you will be wiped (this is to help with trolls)

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