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Everything You Want To Know About v256!


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3 hours ago, Dracul said:

Oxygen speed nerf effects players as well as dinos, iv got 1300 oxygen and swim about as fast as a 400 oxy player pre-nerf. As a primitive player this is some bad ju ju.

 The way i understood is that fliers can no longer put points into speed at all. If i'm right this will mean new tames SHOULD have higher stats in other categories.  You lost any "wild" points the tame had in speed and did not get those points back which is why you can no longer level to where the bird used to be.

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Tired of seeing people saying to just adjust to the flier nerfs and get a ground mount. I have plenty of ground mounts and I use them for various things but I also enjoy my fliers and they have literally just been rendered almost completely useless.

Yes, they needed tweeked but this? This was to drastic. When a company goes on a random nerf spree that is going to make every flier in the game completely useless the least they can do is reset all the stat points on any dinosaur that is effected so players can adjust their tames to the insane tweaks and give us something to work with. Simply returning the points spent on speed is not enough to adjust most fliers to the insane stamina loss.

For me, I don't up speed on wyverns because in my opinion they were fast enough without additional points but since I didn't and they cut stamina also... now all my wyverns I've leveled are totally useless because I can't adjust. They are slow as molasses and their 2-3 bursts of their special just doesn't cut it. If they had been born this way I could have added in MORE stamina, but their stamina felt fine before, not now. So, 4 days of my REAL life down the drain and we can't even raise more because they didn't adjust the speed of WILD dinosaurs. How do you go in the scar without being slaughtered? You can't outrun a wild wyvern on ANYTHING and you can't fight them off without falling out of the sky.  I've flown all the other fliers and the stamina is just to low to even remotely offset the loss in speed or make them viable to most situations without being able to move around stats.

This patch is bogus, it needs to be fixed.

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2 hours ago, SwishPapaSweets said:

Hey fellow arkers guess what? Adapt and overcome or become extinct. 

With the speed nerf it'll take people longer to get dinos into position to attack another tribe and perhaps it'll promote people to use more mounts other than just thier "jack of all trades" flyer.

Hey fellow arker, not everyone plays PVP or gives a flying toss about PVP or what you guys suffer with. This patch effectively destroyed PVE.

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Hey fellow arker, please see a message from one of the devs, one month ago. Please pay good attention to the first phrase:



Just to speak "officially", fliers, at least from our vision on the development team, are currently grossly overpowered in a way that has nothing to do with pvp or pve, it has everything to do with the overall gameplay progression/experience.

As with all things we do, we'll be monitoring feedback on this as we go forwards, but fliers currently do something that pretty much all of us dislike that has nothing to do with metagame.

They, from a very early point in the game, open up the island and make it trivial for players to move across the island without consequences.

This was never what they were intended to do, and unfortunately it was something that got away from us in a lot of ways.

The re-balance (and also why we want player feedback on this.) has more to do with making it so that some of the first things a player does is not get airborne and trivialize 80% of the game content.

The point of fliers was never to make the player able to fly laps around the island with their eyes closed and not even think about ground-based threats, it was to provide a decision about how to transit based on all sorts of factors like weight, stamina, health, risk, can I take a dino train with me, etc.

We just didn't do that right the first time, and development often moves on without us and we have to come back to it later ;)

So, we're going to collect feedback on it as much as we can and make changes going forward that try to accommodate the player desires while trying to maintain our vision inside of that framework.

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2 minutes ago, carpediembr said:

Hey fellow arker, please see a message from one of the devs, one month ago. Please pay good attention to the first phrase:



A million thing they could have done to remedy that, one would be to level cap certain fliers, you could get the ability to tame a PT at level 50 or 60 Q at level 80 etc, if they expanded the skill tree to include tames this would not be an issue.

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Chiming in with my thoughts.

Note that I haven't yet tried the new patch. 

Personally I don't find the nerf too bad, except for a few things. Now, having to land now and then without being able to fly through the whole island makes sense. (I see how it can be frustrating though). Stamina can be worked up, though it will likely be hard. My problem with the speed is that it should be either capped at some level, or nerfed slower, not both. Perhaps give a max cap for speed, after which you can no longer spend points in it, or decrease the speed increase when leveling up.

But yes, I actually agree that flying can make travel rather trivial. There are barely any threats in the sky (aside from World Scar on SE), which means you take to air, you're safe and sound. Now, I don't play pvp at all, so for me that doesn't count. 

I suppose breeding would become important for flyers now, finding "high speed" tames and then breeding them to get better speeds. Though even that's really grinding it.

Maybe I have different thoughts after testing this patch out, we'll see.

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So guess I'll just have to hope they rebalance this flyer nerf before it comes to console and if it isn't I guess I won't be updating. Now don't get me wrong I think flyers did need a nerf and I don't want them back to where they were but this nerf seems a bit too heavy. 1: Without movement speed you can't get wyvern eggs unless you have a wyvern but because they nerfed stamina so badly that's also not a option. So the only way I see to be able to get wyvern eggs is TEK gear or ALOT of metal structures, balista bolts and a few Paracers or Cheating. 2: Quetzals are going to be incredibly difficult to get and for basically no reward. I can live with the movement speed nerf and stamina nerf but without the ability to regain stamina in the air Quetzals are pretty much useless. 3: Really hurts  Alpha Tribes and Experienced players are going to suffer and now it looks like the TEK jetpack is going to be the way to go. So those are some points I can think of and I'm not very happy with how heavy the nerf I'll wait until A: They rebalance the nerf or B: They directly say that they won't be rebalancing the nerf. or I guess C: Where they do a Rollback. Before I give my final thoughts.

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6 hours ago, Jen said:

Hallo Überlebende! 

Da dieser Patch absolut mit neuen Features und Inhalten verpackt ist, dachte ich, dass es euch hilfreich sein könnte, euch alle so sauber zu legen, wie ich kann. Hier ist was in v256!



Flyer Nerf!

  • Eine lange Zeit in der Herstellung, Luft-Kampf wird jetzt in-line mit insgesamt Nerfs auf Dinge wie Gesundheit, Gewicht, Geschwindigkeit und Ausdauer gebracht gebracht.
  • Ausdauer: auf der ganzen Linie 50% Abnahme zur Basis Ausdauer (nicht einschließlich Motte) und pro-Level Ausdauer Erhöhung Betrag.
  • Erhöhte Ausdauer Erholungszeit für Flyer.
  • Erlaube nicht die Erholung in der Luft, wenn die Kreatur geritten ist oder wenn ein Spieler auf ihm steht.
  • Kein Speed Upgrade Dies löscht die vorhandenen Level-up-Geschwindigkeitsstatistiken und gibt die Punkte zurück zu Ihnen, um woanders zu verbringen.
  • Gemacht Passagier tragen Gewicht Skalierung 1.0 für Flyer.
  • Erhöhte wyvern elementare Ausdauer kostet. 
  • Die Fahrgeschwindigkeit der Flyer sank um 10-30%.
  • Verringertes Quetz pro Level hp.
  • Eine 3 Sekunden Abklingzeit zu Ptera Fassrolle hinzugefügt
  • They Destroy ark more and more now come a big nerf for flyer next come that a dodo can kill a giga or what this make no fun you destroy ark more and more/: i can belive that someone like without you guys !!!



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If they wanted to do a 'balancing' of flyers, this is more like how it should have been done:


-Set a limit to how fast flyers can go, movement speed-wise (175% for pteras/quetzals, 200% for argents/tapejaras, 125% for wyverns)

-20% less base stamina, and stamina drains 25% faster while sprinting.

-Quetzal's stamina regen while mid-air would be slowed to a crawl, similar to the Tapejara when its clinging to a wall. (It's something like 5 stam/sec)

-Ptera weight reduced by 35%

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Since you all the dev's are reading this for feed back, let me give you mine.

Do you REALLY not care about us? While you guys get to spend all day on Ark, working and playing on it, the majority of us players have
jobs that require us to not be on our pc's all day. While your artistic dream is to REALLY hammer home the survival feel of the world of Ark,
the fact of the matter is, you're letting your artistic endeavors ruin the fun of the game for a large majority of the player base.

I get 2, maybe 3 hours a day tops to play on ark while im working, and the LAST thing I want is to spend half of that time just getting from point
A to point B. It's already a boring chore just to gather resources, now you're effectively doubling or tripling the time it takes do get anything done.

It already takes so much time just to tame dinosaurs, literal hours or even days if you have the least efficient means of doing so. Tek Tier is nearly
impossible for anyone but the most dedicated and well prepared alpha tribes, and even if you did manage some how, your entire existence revolves around constantly taking on bosses to get the element to keep it going.

I mean, damn, I've seen attention whores, but this game is quickly becoming worse than a clingy girlfriend...

Giving it a few days to see if anything changes, if not? I guess I'll move on to greener pastures. Maybe I'll get a second job that will actually pay me.

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6 hours ago, Ashelia said:

Can we all stop crying over quetzals and useless pteras..and fovcus on the fact they also NERFED THE HELL OUT OF THE STAMINA ON ALL WYVERNS -.-? 500 stamina from 2k , really, 2 pew pew beams, fire spits, or vomit balls and that's it, end of the action?

I love how they said it is 50% reduction and just looking at mine I can see that it was more than 50%.

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ok feedback on the fly nerf..for a pterra stamina 1500, speed 170% was a nice balance for me.. i could reach anypart of the island map, from the red woods,..to recover my gear,  after a death, That is before the stuff expired...now i'm no so sure that's an option any more... taming a Q in fight is not going to happen any more...i'm sure this is a PvP triggered change...PveE again suffers a new time delay..this game is starting not to be worth the effort..

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I did not try out the new patch yet, but... I see no reason why the game should be 'broken'. I play single player, and I can't fly. My game crashes every time the second I trie to fly. So I have been playing this game without flying all along. It's not 'unplayable'. Yes it's hard sometimes and a grind to get metal, obsidian etc, and I don't have much time to play. That said, I still think this is one of the best games ever to my liking. The fact that things take a long time, just means I will be playing this game a longer time. I bought this game early acces so I don't see any reason to complain with the changes. Nobody forces me to keep playing in case I don't like what they change or if I get bored.  

Everybody his own opinion I guess...

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