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So what did you do in ARK today?


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That's the only reason why I would want to play officials, is to be part of the Ark economy. Kinda sucks breeding all kinds of neat things and only having a tiny, extremely limited market to share them in.  But the rates are just too low for my lifestyle, so I'll have to settle for screenshots.

Not too much to report from the last couple of days. Wednesday I hopped onto Aberration and moved a couple of my featherlights over to Ragnarok, then bred my thylas again. Baby wasn't worth keeping.

Yesterday, Ragnarok was down so I went back to Aberration. The one advantage of having a character on each server rather than transferring, if one server in the cluster goes down I can still play on the other one. I bred a new featherlight and hatched it, got a male I needed. He has a mutation but I couldn't tell what it was at such an early stage. I'll be moving him over to Ragnarok as well since in my haste to move the other two I forgot they were both females. Light pets are invaluable shoulder pets, especially at night since for some reason Ragnarok has gamma disabled (but not Aberration, weird). All of the wild tamed ones are still on Aberration so I can continue collecting them and make a good line at some point. Just been focused on Ragnarok since that's the new base and whatnot. Just want a breeding pair on Rag in case I lose one.

Rag came back up by that point so I switched over and bred my thylas again. While the baby only got 3 of the 4 stats, it's a female and can pair with one of my males, so I'm keeping her.

And that's about all I did, nothing special.

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11 hours ago, Cymas said:

 Light pets are invaluable shoulder pets, especially at night since for some reason Ragnarok has gamma disabled (but not Aberration, weird).

I agree, so glad I have bulbpugs, lightbirds and neon goats on Rag. Lights up my whole base, and so nice when traveling at night.  Plus the whole "max level animal warning" thing is nice too!

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Went down on a spino and got 14 drake eggs. Have almost a fridge full of drake eggs now. One of the 3 nests above the trench spawns a level 20 egg most of the time which sucks. It's like there's a lvl 20 drake glitched into the wall and causing lvl 20 eggs to spawn. I have currently 2 adult and 9 non-adult drakes. It's just annoying to get nameless venom 3 times a day every day. Sometimes I have to venture deep into the biolum to find nameless. 

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How I spent my Saturday:


The only one I started with is on the far right with the saddle. The rest I tamed today. Of all of them, all but 1 are high levels. The one who isn't is the silver one third from the left, that's going to be the base of my natural color morphs. Not pictured: a couple of megalania I tamed and then ended up culling when their stats were outclassed. Obviously not all of these are stat animals, but man do they have a lot of cool colors. I was really tempted to grab one with a light yellow body, it ends up looking gold the way light grey looks silver on them. Love it. I might still do that anyway, but I really want to focus on the silver for now. Sadly there wasn't a good way to get their bellies in the picture but I have some nice ones. Light grey, wyvern purple and dragon orange are the standouts.

I also went out and tamed the prettiest high level moth I could find for my tribemate. It wasn't much, but it was something I wanted to do for him after a loss in his family late last night. Sometimes virtual hugs and favorite dinos are the best you can do for someone.

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Completed my new base layout (basically completely roofed) for both myself and my dinos. But have yet to complete the inside layouts (segregating the different areas and such). 

Decided to stop the building phase and instead focus on moving whatever dinos I have over. Most of them are being carried over by my Wyvern. Have so far moved most of them. Only left with my lystro, 2 dung beetles, a scorpy, my argent and my 2 Rexes. The 2 Rexes are gonna have to make a long track on foot though since they can't be carried obviously. 

In the mean time while shuttling, I'm mass crafting water pipes and electrical cables so that I can have them installed in my new base when I've finally moved everything over. Gotta save up lots of metal ingots for the industrial forge though as I'm currently only running 2 refining forges and I'm using lots of metal now. 

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Its been an interesting few days back to early-game starting out on Scorched Earth.  We had some issues finding each other to start off with but then got a small base established with a bed and I logged out leaving the other guys to it.

I had the following night off and returned the night after to find that we now had a small yard containing a Morrelatop, Thorny Dragon, a few Jerboas and a Doedicurus.  A new house made out of adobe with storage chests, a bed, a forge, mortar & pestles, smithy, fabricator and a water well.  The guys had been busy on my night off and I was impressed in what they had achieved.

Message from Hep over steam as he wasn't online as early as me "Not sure what the next plan is here, argy or anky or both".  I decided both - got a low level anky tamed up after a loooong taming period on berries and then moved on to get myself an Argy.  Tamed using raw meat it tamed out at a level 35 - poor but it's a start and allows me to explore the map a little better.  I jump on my argy all excited and head out exploring, find water in a partially dried out river and head down to be taken off my argy by a Kapro! I panic and somehow end up equipping a whip I collected from a drop, one hit and the Kapro releases me. I jump back on my Argy and notice it's not a bad level and decide to tame it.

I position myself on a large rock and fire down my crappy tranq arrows using a primitive crossbow... it takes a few shots but finally goes down.  I spent some time trying to gather meat but this argy is really poor at battling - most meat collected from a kill is eaten by the argy as it's stam is drained and it heals.  I start robbing the meat to put in my own inventory and eventually have enough to tame up the Kapro - tamed out at level 158.

The other guys join and we spend some time harvesting and trying to get Argy's for the other members.  Managed to KO a max level 150 near base in Heps "green" colour but disappointingly got attacked by wolves and killed pre-tame. 

I use my argy to then go and pick up some wolves, hovering over my tribe mates they shoot tranq darts and KO them and I leave them to tame whilst I look out for more.


... few days in ...

I go explore the desert, decide I want a REX, fail miserably at grabbing a 140 Fire Wyvern egg.  I finally find some bee nests (only 2 on the map afaik) and spent some time fighting them for honey until deciding to go hunt Mantis and make up some Ghillie and bug spray which makes it MUCH easier :)  Finally after a couple days I collect enough to make the S+ Domesticated hive.  In the meantime Hep sorts out his starter farm and we begin the long journey towards kibble production.

.. couple days more ..

I capture and tame out our first REX - tamed out at level 134 and then I decide to go looking for Deathworms.  I find one, it nearly destroys my REX - v.bloody but it just died before my rex did.  Gonna need better REX!! I spent AGES healing it up and continue.  I stop at 6 death worms killed and log for the evening.

.. last night..

I'm alone again, two nights now - not sure what other guys are doing but I want a better REX so don't have to heal as much between each deathworm kill to allow me to spend more time farming the horns.  I find a level 145 rex out in the eastern desert so head back home to pre-fab a quick trap.  Load up my argentivis with trap materials, make up some tranq darts and head out to the location.  Moving a little away so I don't draw aggro I set the trap up, standard "box" 3 x 4, ramps up the front, middle walls missing at the back.  I have to fight off a couple of Mantis which are bothering me whilst I build but get it done and then kite the rex over, up the ramp and dropped into the box.  I land my argy behind the box and unload my longneck shooting the rex through the single column missing wall until it's KO.

Remembering that we have crops and knowing that I've been collecting scorpion eggs I head home to make up the required kibble - 7 kibble and lots of water jars later (forgot how painful kibble is in a standard cooking pot) I can make no more.. out of jerky.  This rex will apparently need 16 kibble - 7 ain't gonna cut it.  I load up Dododex and check what levels I will miss if I use a sheep instead - 3 levels less than kibble tame will have to do.  I grab one of the sheep I caught and tamed earlier and fly it to the rex trap where I wait.. and wait.. .and wait.. Dododex tells me it's time to feed so I slaughter my sheep, whip out the chainsaw and hack away picking up more than 200 mutton from a low level sheep.  I throw it in the REX, tame it up and walk him home.

Tonight I need to find him a girlfriend if possible - or continue hunting for the other "imprint kibble" dinosaurs that we are still missing (Mantis, Gallimimus, Vulture).


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Had a real good weekend in Ark. I traded a little bit but mostly focused on raising and boss related stuff. 



Moved the full grown male cyan Theri. Chatted with the guy for a bit and he seems like a decent player. We talked about other offerings and he has a few friends that are interested in my Theri's and Yuty's. I reduced the price for the Theri to 20 artifacts to build a bit of goodwill for future dealings. 

I moved a few more Quetzal eggs for artifacts. One guy has bought several of them and has pre-ordered a mating pair for when I hatch over the Easter break. He has mutes so I am guessing he is gonna breed in my stat line. I'm ok with that. I have about 40 Quetz eggs to hatch right now so I think I have a good shot at a stam or weight mutation over the Easter break plus I should be able to get about 30 more eggs until then. I have about the same with the Yuty. 

I did pick up a new color Yuty. Crap stats but a nice pastel blue. I don't normally trade strictly for color but I am excited to get our blue limbs on that fur with our stats. I may hatch them before the Easter break so I can get the grown and try to start breeding our stats on. 

I run the desert rag drops a lot as well so been trading blueprints mostly with allies. Big trade was I moved a pre-made 101 Yuty saddle and a 102 Giga BP for two 116 Rex saddles, a 122 Theri saddle, a 251 compound bow, a 198 pump shotty, and a Beta monkey seat for my island crafting character which allows him to use the tek replicator. Since we're not doing Giga's this time, perfect trade for us. 

There was some smaller material trades, trading older line dino's, but was low key on the trades. 


I was very focused on Rex's and Theri's this week. Hatched about 30 Rex eggs, kept 8 with stats I was looking for (12.5k hp, 1800-2226 stam, 449 melee) and another new egg that luckily turned out to be male (13.6k hp, 2226 stam, 449 melee). That will be my new male breeder. They were at 95% this morning so I think I have a chance to get 100 imprint on them which is actually amazing considering the server lag and the fact that our server was offline for almost 2 hours at one point this weekend (though I guess that pauses the server but it throws off real life time for when I have it set to imprint based upon my schedule). They are all at 91% imprint though so still done well. The last 6 got 100 imprint on them so 15 bosses with 90+ imprint is a good line. 

I also hatched the Theri eggs looking for either a stat mutation on the Cyan side (didn't get) or to add in the stamina from the red crown breed. I did get that, in triplet form. 2 males and a female. 


Hatched level 263 with 9.2k hp, 1470 stamina, and 396 melee. I already have several egg and adult orders. I am not sure if I will do that or just raise a full 20 of them for a boss line before continuing the search for stat mutations. I also would like to add a stripe color though I'm not sure what. I'll have to play around with a color matching program. 

Finally I raised another Argy. That's coming along. This one lost the green color from the xmas breed but kept the red feet and red wing tips. It hatched level 248 with 4015 hp, 1200 stamina (have 1280 to get on) 760 weight (have 768 to get on) and the 408 melee. It's coming along pretty nice but I just seen a non-mutated line this weekend on PS4 that is astounding. 4600 hp (estimated), 1280 stam, 776 weight, 449 melee (estimated). That's a nice line. I'll keep on with mine though. 



Did a lot of stuff with bosses this weekend. 

We ran the ice cave twice and demolished the Queen both times. We ran 5 and 6 deep on teams. First run I brought 5 vultures, wore 400+ riot armor, and used a 10k durability riot shield. Everybody else brought assault rifles from the 250 BP I made them (all were 290+ damage) for the main section and 2 used rocket launchers and 2 used the AR's on the queen. pretty straight forward run both times. Vultures get a little beat up in main section so I have to let them heal before we drop down. i have the 1125 hp eggs so think I may go up to 3k hp on those to be better durable. 

The Hunter artifact is easily farmed on the island so we haven't run the Lava Golem cave yet but I still want to just to tick it off the accomplishment list. I may use vultures to combat onyc for the main section then leave them outside as we fight the Golem. I need to farm some rockets for that fight. 

Ran another gamma rag fight. That went much smoother. No losses. think I can solo that at this point if i just want to farm element. Then with the new breed we ran beta twice. (30k hp, 700 melee) It's a pretty big jump up in difficulty but through two runs, only 2 Rex's got lost (an allies). The dragon landed right on top of them and after it was dead they were stuck there and the Golem's took them out. the funniest thing was in the first beta fight right near the end my tribe mate goes, "Oh no. The Yuty just died!". The Yuty we are running has 40k hp, a 98 armor saddle, and 3200 stam. A second later he goes, "Oh no. It's just asleep." Lol.  It may reduce the torpor on the Rex's but only stimulant would help it and my tribe mate never remembers to use the stimulant in it's inventory. The thing was out cold. It laid on the obelisk after the fight for a good 20 minutes. 

So as I mentioned a long time trading partner on my island server offered me up a beta monkey run as part of the BP payment. I happily took him up on that. I brought over an older breed Rex that has 30k hp and 700 melee. Since it's not imprinted to my island character I needed the extra hp. Was a straight forward fight. Only lost about 4k hp. I talked to some of his allies who joined in on the fight and arranged to run Alpha Monkey and Alpha Brood the day after (yesterday). 

I supplied the artifacts, moved my island character off server and brought in my rag main character. I brought over one of my top Rex's. 30k hp, 2226 stamina, 800 melee. Wore a 116 saddle. The monkey fight was a bit clustered. With the lure him to the pad technique it's hard to get all the Rex's hitting with limited space. Could probably do that fight with 15 Rex's and a Yuty and get the same amount of dps. 

That fight was successful. I only lost about 2k hp. it makes sense why it is the fight to farm between difficulty and ratio of element gained. 

Rex's came out, we used the Daedon's to heal them and then we went in to face the Alpha Brood. I faced Alpha brood once on legacy, pre-nerf, and we had an ally run the Yuty. Well he died so the Yuty died so we ended up facing her with 18 Rex's and a Daedon. 3 riders. This fight we had 6 riders. 19 Rex's and a Yuty. I remembered how close my 35k hp, 800 melee Rex was to dying in the legacy fight but I also took tank position. I figured with a nice Yuty buff and not being the tank and a better saddle and imprint, I'd be ok with the slightly less hp

Jumped in the fight and the alpha was on us fast. I got on my Rex pretty quick moved it back to let her come out but the guy running the fight couldn't get on his Yuty. He tried and it put him on a Rex. He jumped off and it put him on another Rex. At that point she was on us so we started chomping. After a few minutes, he was worried about his Rex's (he runs 20k-25k hp but like 1000+ melee). The other players were nervous too but I felt like we were doing good. We had her hp going down and while we were taking damage it didn't seem like near as much as legacy. He made one last effort to get on the Yuty and got smacked in the face by the brood. He had the broken leg symbol and got back on his Rex. He was lucky to be wearing 500+ riot armor with 600+ durability. His Rex's and the Yuty we're pretty beat up but we could tell we almost had her down. Finally came the sweet sound of the victory music. 

My Rex lost about 19k hp (was at 11k) so much better than legacy when my 35k hp Rex was at 2k hp. That damage measures up too as his Yuty was at 736 hp and several of his Rex's were at 1k or less hp. I believe they run 120 saddles. So I'd need to do some math but i think if I do the 13.6k hp breeds and get them up to 25k hp and dump everything else into melee with a 100+ saddle, we'd be able to do Alpha Brood and Monkey on island to get my tribe mates Abberation character a lot of the engrams and he can farm element and make the stuff over there. 

I had a blast this weekend. Finally getting the work we put in to pay off in the form of boss runs. I am excited to do the Alpha Rag fight and open up the whole engram (minus Abberation) tree. I have started thinking of the next projects. Next will be to grow the Theri line and do all the bosses. Then the Megatheriums, then I want to do the pack boost method I believe I discussed before. If not I am sure to detail it as it goes. I just hope to get these bugs fixed because there is so much more to do in this game, so many ideas and method's to try so it is easily from that aspect the best sandbox game on the market. 

On the docket: 

I will raise more Rex's this weekend so we have a full 20 line. I'm getting antsy and may pop a few Quetzal's and Yuty's. I have until Sunday to make that decision (would hatch them early Sunday morning if I was to do it). I am sure we will do more cave runs and boss runs. We have a strong 3 tribe alliance on Ragnarok right now. We work well together so I believe we can crush anything we go after. I may start to hunt harder for Megatheriums. So first step is to place out my hives (I will honey tame them) and get them going. I'll need to farm more flowers for that. 

Until next week. 

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Got our boy rex a new girlfriend - wild 150 mutton tamed out at 220.  Entered wrong details into Dododex and arrived and started feeding the KO girl rex 15 minutes before it was due (had it set to kibble but only had mutton to tame it).  Spotted low level female vulture whilst waiting, threw a tent around it and tamed it up before finding and doing the same with a nearby male.

Heading home after the tames I spot a low level Gallimimus - half expected it not to work I try throw a tent around it.. and to my shock it is trapped.  Glitched between my tent and some rocks, but trapped.  Wait until after the thunderstorm for our long neck rifles to work again we take it down and take it home once tamed - just need to get a boyfriend for it now so I head out looking, sandstorms, heatwaves preventing much visibility I decide I've had enough and log off for the evening.

Next on the list is a boy Gallimimus to help the girl lay some eggs and a mated pair of Mantis so we then have all the required "imprint" kibbles to start breeding with full imprints.

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PS4 - Single Player - Ragnarok


I had been playing BF4 in my free time for the last week or so. Just needed a break from ARK. But last night I got back onto the Rag map. Jumped on Thunderbolt my 180 egg Wyvern that I got 91% imprint on. We went for a fly around, mostly hitting beaver dams for CP, and checking out Beacon drops. 

Before long, I flew over a hill and down into some water. Just as I started thinking to myself, "hmm this place looks familiar" I am engulfed in flames. Seems we had strayed into the Wyvern area in the South Central part of the map. Feeling cocky, Thunderbolt and I take every Wyvern in sight, and amazingly he comes out of it with only minimal damage. I then decide to fly into the hidden Wyvern cave, and see what is going on in there. Take a out a few low level dragons, and kill them off. It gets old having to dump the raw prime meat all the time, I wish it would stack like regular meat. Then after healing up a bit, we see a Alpha flying around. So I kite her over  and we go to battle, things seem to be going well, until a whole herd of dragons shows up. I don't know where they cam from, but I just kept hitting the chomp button, and praying we made it through. Finally the Alpha goes down, and the rest follow her in death. Unfortunately, both myself and Thunderbolt were full inventoried, so we could not collect the Wyvern drop for the last 5-6 wyverns. (I didn't have time to drop the prime meat, as we were still fighting the remaining one.) 

Thunderbolt was impressive, and I am amazed on how much stronger they are with such high imprinting. Made it worth the time doing it. While he was healing up a bit, I checked our inventories. Kept the Alpha Milk, and was disappointed to see the other Alpha loot was poor .... some tools at lower levels than my current ones, and some useless cloth clothes. But I did get a fair amount of Sulfer. I have not tamed on Golem on Rag, and as I was flying back to my Wyvern Scar base, I spot a 150 Golem, I will need to grind out a cannon and plenty of cannon balls, and then get me a Pararacer to mount with a cannon. Not sure if I'm up for the task yet, as I always seem to get 1-2 body shots on the Golem when taming, and I would hate to waste a 150 by not getting a perfect tame.

Got back to base, moved Dr. Porkenstein next to Thunderbolt to heal him up, and did the usual base chores. (Collect poop for Beetles, fertilize the plants in the green house., collect eggs from tames, fill food trophs, etc.)

I've never tamed a Giga, and a couple weeks ago I spot one near my Wyver base, that I kited off a cliff near the ocean.  Well it appears it either drown itself, or de-spawned, as it is no where to be found. So while Thunderbolt was healing back at base, I took Celtic Frost (Ice Wyvern) and  I flew around the map looking for a giga. We even searched the new desert area, and got zippo for our efforts.

Trying to decide what to do this weekend.  Try to tame a Golem? Tame a Giga (if I find one) or raise more of my high level Wyvern eggs? I'm leaning towards the Wyverns, as I have 180 Poison, and some 150+ Ice, Fire and Lightning eggs in the fridge. I think I will try to raise a couple tranport Wyverns, focused on Weight and Stamina, and then a couple of Alpha fighters as well. Depends on what the stats look like when hatched. I also think I will pile my herd of Allos into a pen, and let them get their groove on. I'd like to start breeding them for color mutations. 

I've been a little frustrated with my oil pumps, they don't seem to fill up as fast as the pumps on Scorched earth, which is disappointing, plus I have a Dung Beetle that just does not produce any oil. The other 6 do, but this one, just makes fertilizer. Not sure what is causing this, but if "Scatatouli" doesn't start producing oil, I may sacrifice him to the ARK gods. As I have plenty of fertilizer produced by "Dungenous Crab", "Fecal Position", "Shartman", "Utter Pooptopia" and the other two that I can't remember their names at the moment.

I may also go back to Aberration, and try to get a Rock Drake egg. Not sure if I have the forces on that map to attempt this yet. But I would like to move some of my ravangers over to Rag.

Well, lots of work to get done today in real life. So away I go.

Fun Useless Fact: I wear a size 15 EEEEE shoe. People always joke I don't need actual skis when I water ski or snow ski.

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lost my aberrant parasaur/designated packmule dusty but gained an aberrant raptor i decided to name Gladius for her almost metalic looking skin now i dont have to pack up and leave whenever anything remotely threatening enters the neighborhood but carrying things is a chore now since the raptors weight is basically the same as mine. in a couple hours im gonna resolve that predicament hopefully by taming a decently high level trike.

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On 3/8/2018 at 12:08 PM, Aushegun said:

Not sure if I'm up for the task yet, as I always seem to get 1-2 body shots on the Golem when taming, and I would hate to waste a 150 by not getting a perfect tame.

The only way to get a perfect tame is with a catapult. The cannon causes splash damage regardless but the catapult is incredibly inefficient and very costly (3 ing per boulder). Hitting the body doesn't take away anymore TE then just already using the cannon it just does a lot of damage. build a stationary set up, place a jerboa or something else for the Golem to aggro high (protected as can be) to keep it's head up and let loose with the cannon. 

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Not a lot is the simple answer. 

Logged in, placed an egg in the hatchery - capped.

Spoke to some new players, went for a flight on my Ptera as it was foggy and I thought id test my directional skills and ended up being bitten by a bat by the skull island. Decided to head back, went the wrong way and then finally when the fog cleared, returned home. No sign of illness to me or my Ptera (named it Mines better than yours because Im fairly sure none else is running a 370 Ptera on official, not on my server at least).

I jumped into the Lava Cave for a quick run, nothing decent but got a asc bow bp 230% so probably add that to the hoarde we already have.

Logged off.

Here at work thinking about hatching 2 boss rexes tonight but doubt cap will lift :( 

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Spent most of the night watching the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament. The largest of its kind in the US. Over 100,000 fans attend each year. But I also would switch back to ARK when the timer rang, so I could raise and imprint my 190 egg Poison Wyvern. Was perfectly on line for a 100% imprint, when at 88% imprint and 86% maturity, the dang thing wanted to go on a walk. Well we must have walked for 5 minutes and about 2 miles before it finally granted the imprint. Now I was at 94% imprint with 95% maturity.  Yep, with less than 20 seconds left for the last imprint (I was getting 6% each time) the damn thing matures 100%.  So now I have 4 grown Wyverns.

190 egg Poison (94% imprint) "Mr. Yuck"

180 egg Lightning (94% imprint) "Thunderbolt"

180 egg Fire (88% imprint) "Red Hot"

155 egg Ice (94% imprint) "Celtic Frost" (he is mostly white, with mint green high lights)


I counted last night, and I have 39 wyvern eggs below 100 level in my fridges, and 13 above level 100.  I think I will hatch out all the low level ones this weekend, to see if I can get a cool color. The ones  I don't want to keep, I might release into the Wild set on Aggressive/long distance agro, and see what happens.

I also hatched out 7 Allo eggs, but no color mutations. Tonight I will build a breeding pen for the allos, and let them go into full Boogie Nights mode, to see if I can get some color mutations.

I also decided to breeded up some of my Aberration Bulbpugs this weekend to scatter around the bases to provide night light.


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