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So what did you do in ARK today?


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On 5/4/2017 at 11:39 AM, Stupiditykills said:



Looks like a lot of people just stopped playing. 

My day.... well, I logged into scorched. DC'd in the middle of the map on a flyer, spent a while retrieving it.... (a bug like many bugs which they do not care to fix, instead they push there BS agenda we don’t care about.)

So funny.... and the arrogant idiots at wild card who blatantly ignore the customers think they are right which is even funnier. My day has consisted of reading what everyone is saying online. totally amusing that a company would actually hurt itself so badly... is that 22% of pc players quit in 1 day? LOL. I cant wait until they release this trash on XBOX and PS4. Will be LOL'z for days in the forums.

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Today I grinded another pile of metal ingots, traded 25k metal ingots away for a descent enough giga, and then had fun with said giga. That thing collects meat, more meat than I know what to do with. Tomorrow if I get time, I'm going to try it out on a Titan, as the giga has a mc saddle and theoretically should have enough stats to kill it.

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I started the day crafting walls around my base, so farming stone etc.

Decided I wanted to tame a Trike so I could farm berries. I found a level 15 and knocked it out, placed spikes around it and filled it with berries. I needed mat's for a saddle and didnt want to run back to my base so whilst it was taming I started farming fibre.

I then got bola'd and clubbed by a random. Robbed then killed.

I respawned and crafted a trike saddle and a wooden club for myself to get my stuff back. When I returned, the trike was unharmed, but my attacker was nowhere to be seen so I stuck with the Trike which was close to being mine. I tamed the trike, went back to my base and left it there to go hunt for my stuff.

I fount the guy who robbed me with his little wooden hut in the forest. The door was wide open and he was inside doing something so I killed him, his bed, took my stuff and robbed all his stuff. I went back to my base and sorted my inventory out. 

I went back out to farm some beaver dams and this happened

http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/oMega BooN3d/video/29387187

I turned the game off.

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Made a small garden as tribe mates have been trying to make green house emporiums of epic crops growthness (growthness is my word so go away nazis). They now use my gardens and have deconstructed there monstrosities :Jerbmad:. Now we are working on a interesting one. We have a water fall below are base and today we are going to build a large capital U shape pyramid towards the water fall and base above . The inner workings of the new base defense however will be different. I am creating a large bar on the in side of the pyramid and adding a large fighting cage made of metal railings to have bare knuckle brawls. This cage also has a slight dip in it and can be used with the addition of a few temp railings on the out side as a cock fighting ring to fight neighboring tribes dodos and compys. we will take bets on what one will win. It is a fight to the death and always brings laughs , tears and massive amount of confusion to the global chat as we talk trash about feather death will f**k up Iron Beak any day of the weak. Lots of fun and craziness planed for the weekend 

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Had a great day today in Ark, which was rather shocking given the way things usually go for me lol.

Started out the day breeding sheep, I have a tribemate who wants to tame a basil and we decided to do it with mutton. We didn't have any sheep 3 days ago, now we have 4. 2 we tamed, 2 bred. The one I bred this morning was my first Ark color morph so pretty excited about that even if it is just a sheep lol. It's nothing wild, just a light yellow/green depending on the light. Looks nice with the blue eyes.

And since said tribemate wasn't around to hunt for more sheep or whatever else, I decided to embark on a thylo hunt. I know, late to the party, I never gave them much thought until I started hearing about how great they are so I wanted to get one and see for myself. Circled the redwoods and then wait, what's that across the river by the public hatchery and taming pen, a wild spino. I check them all out of habit. 135 female. Omg yes, please. Everyone in my tribe has been hunting for good spinos for ages and just nothing. 120 was our highest previous tame, the level cap at the time, but none of us have seen even a 100+ since then.

Easiest spino tame ever. Kited her into said taming pen (I was on my "useless" quetz Valencia), flew home, grabbed kibble, hopped on Nettle, my also "useless" tapejara and blasted back over with plenty of time. Got the tame. Very rare, a high level and attractive animal. Named her Jasmine, after the tea. For now she will hang out with my other spinos while I work out breeding plans. I don't generally take breeding animals out of the city unless they have offspring with good blood.

Tribemate was on by then and went off to go ocean adventuring or something. He did not have a good day, unfortunately. Lost 4 aquatics and probably another set of gear. 2 icthys and a frog, all tribe tames and easily replaced, but he also lost his best baryonyx, a personal tame. What I don't get is why he doesn't at least breed his animals and keep the eggs in case of problems like this, but what do I know. If nothing else I like the speed boost from imprinting since I tend to prioritize other stats first.

I resumed my thylo hunt. Was starting to get bored of not finding many when the game gave me a 135 male thylo, just chillin' waiting for me to snag him. I'm getting pretty good at shooting thylos out of trees. Carried him to the taming pen, tamed him up, carried him home and made a saddle. Named him Shere Khan because he is very tiger colored so why not. Then we went on a long run while I put him through his paces. Wow. Easily one of the best land mounts in the game, just like I've heard. It even feels like power. Fantastic. Got over 30 levels on him before we turned back.

I decided I want another one immediately for breeding and went out to hunt with Val again because I'm lazy. I've tamed hundreds of animals over multiple servers, sometimes I like to do it the easy way. Unfortunately things did not go so well. As I was lining up a shot to get rid of a low level, Val drifted just a little too close before the brakes kicked in...yeah you can guess what happened. I had no chance. So I died, hopped on Shere Khan and sprinted all the way back as fast as I could. Shockingly Val wasn't even hurt, just hovering waiting for her stupid owner to come back and get her. Naturally she flew off while I attempted to get my loot bag back. It was stuck on a high rock and took an embarrassingly long time for me to position myself just right to hop off Khan without launching myself off the side of the rock.

Had a few minutes of panic while I found that crazy quetz, then fought off some annoying microraptors, picked Khan up and flew home. The mark of a true Ark veteran is knowing when to call the game. Two good tames is more than enough for one day. I also bred a few of my animals, something I haven't done much of recently. Probably won't hatch them until next weekend though.

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Went Allo hunting to add to my pack. Cruising around, not seeing much, until I stumbled on a pack taking on a couple of brontos. Hovered around; it was hard to see them since they were all caught in each other. Then the alpha wheeled off, and I didn't care if he was freaking level 10 or whatever; most gorgeous Allo I've evee seen! One pack member was killed so I decided to help by plunking arrows into the brontos. The alpha and the other did their thing, then ensued half an hour of kiting those two idiots around to knock them out.

Managed to tame the prettiest dino I've tamed ever. He's all white with golden scutes. Luck was with me as he was high leveled, as was his minion. The minion is good looking too, black back and scutes with pale green belly. Can't wait to breed him with my current alpha!

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Had another great Ark day, you know that almost never happens twice in a row.

I wasn't even planning on playing today but I was so excited about my new furry death machine I decided to resume my hunt for a mate. Hopped back on Val and off we went on a much more cautious thyla hunt. Only about an hour into it, what did I spy tearing things up by the river but a gorgeous 135 female. Silver body, red back. You better believe I scooped her right up. Sadly, she wasted a lot of points, but still turned out well enough for my purposes. Named her Pandora, just because.

It was still early enough so I went home, bred Pandora with Shere Khan and farmed up lots of meats while I waited. Out popped a baby...sadly he inherited his father's tiger colors and missed a high roll on stamina that I really wanted. But you know what, that's ok, because these aren't perfect tames and I mainly wanted a baby to imprint.

Between imprints I did some cleanup around the city, primarily culling a lot of our farm and retired breeding project animals. Ended up removing over a dozen animals. I wish my third tribemate could play, she has a lot of outdated tames from before the 150 level cap that need to be removed, but I won't touch someone else's projects. So we've got around 30 animals taking up space and resources for literally no reason. But whatever, not really an issue at the moment.

I also spent some time moving my own tames around, not really supposed to keep large animals on the upper tier but I've been lax about moving my spinos. Everything is where it should be now. My tribemates all have barns packed full of animals. I've got a tiny stable just big enough for my horse and the unicorn, My main thyla sits outside, and all my other animals are just a short walk away down on the lower tier. Easy enough. It helps that I don't really tame small animals that much though. When you're used to spending a lot of time on a spino and potentially near, in and underwater, you tend not to take things that can drown with you lol. Won't be spending much time in the water anymore sadly, silly devs nerfs are for OP animals, not super niche apex predators almost no one uses.

Once my new baby Tigger grew up I put a saddle on him and off we went to go get some levels, and oh boy did we level. He was only 196, a full 6 levels below either parent, but the imprint bonuses sure made up for it. Got plenty of levels, absolutely a brutal animal. Tried to take him in the volcano cave, got sad when we got stuck lol. I guess we still need sabers after all...meh.

Took a break for a few hours, then was able to show my time zone challenged tribemate (he's European and never sleeps lol) how awesome death cats are. Never seen a spino look clumsy before lol, but Tigger was bouncing all around them like it was nothing, even on the mountain. Especially on the mountain. Shredded a few rexes, showed him the brutal pounce attack, and called it a night.

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I've made some friends on the original server I play on so I'm part of a nice little tribe now, it's made the game much easier. We have bases on The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth, which makes for a lot work on the weekends!

Started today housekeeping on The Island (collecting eggs, feeding, fertilizing plants, building maintenance).

Worked on Scorched Earth expanding and fortifying base and tamed a blue doedicurus.

Moved on to The Center after lunch to take care of the dinos and explore some caves.

Tribe is rounding out the evening raising a new argy hatchling on The Island. Thank goodness for tribe members in different time zones!

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