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So what did you do in ARK today?


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On 12/5/2017 at 1:16 PM, Olivar said:

That's some really nice tickle chickens :D

Yesterday took two people new to Ark into the Central Cave on the Island, giving them a proper experience of caving while getting more artifacts for summoning bosses.

I'm very happy with them. Hopefully, we'll be able to pull off killing the Dragon now as it's been a bit of a roadblock for us. It's thanks to your and Nutz's videos/posts that I even started this project. All I need now, is for the darned mutations to cooperate with me...


On 12/5/2017 at 2:12 PM, MirageUK said:


Very nice for a base Therizino - our server (unofficial PvE) is a max 120 wild so the best we have in our breed is a base 230 with 33 points in HP, 33 in Stamina and 38 in Melee.

Our REX breed is a base 242 with 41 points in HP, 38 Stamina and 46 Melee.

Wow, that's some great stats on the rexes, especially considering your max level is 120! You actually have better base melee on them, than we do on ours and we have the same max level as official servers. xD





Continuing to hatch Theriz, hoping for mutations. I'm focusing on hp and melee first and the hp is coming along nicely, but the melee isn't as cooperative so far. I really wish I had started this a bit sooner, as I'm feeling a bit stressed out. My tribe leader is hoping for more than 20 mutations in both stats, everything to increase our odds, especially since me and my other tribe mate are a bit...how should I put this...bad, when it comes to boss fights. The faster we can take the Dragon down (without me and her bathing in lava, getting blasted by fireballs or killed by Dimos), the better, so I really need those melee mutations.

Hatched this clown yesterday, it looked so funny I had to take a screenshot of it (it had a double mutation, but not in the right stats) :


Then I hatched another boss Rex and imprinted on her while hatching more Theriz:


Now, I'm waiting for more eggs before continuing project Monster-Theriz.

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So. I finally got my lvl 300 bred Pteras, after changing lines to clean up some of the mutation ancestries. I didnt like 2 and 9 on the lines so bred in some fresh birds and started again. Ive managed to get lvl 300 with mutations of 0/20 and 1/20 so am really happy with that. Decided to hatch another egg that i had laying about and got another stam mut to 555 - so have a new stam stat and a weight of 247 to breed into the line now. Melee is ok at 422 and Food is nearly 9k but I think the HP at only 2k can be bettered.

I reckon that will take me to at least 305 and by then who knows what else will turn up. I have decided to prolong the Ptera line a bit longer and see if I can hit a 3235 born baby but we will see.

The next set of dinos will be the Bears as Im breeding 256 bears but have a few stats t breed into the line.

All in all, a good week last week but starting to look at different dinos - including my rexes for boss fights as I finally went took down the first bosses with a friend on the server. The Monkey went before brood even came out so was happy with that.

Ive got 5 decent rex eggs waiting to go, 12k hp and 350 m - so we can see what and when I can hatch.


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Well last night was a slow one - only did one thing and it took me soooo long to accomplish.

After reading that the Tek Tapajera saddles can be used to KO a Titan I decided we needed to get a high level boy to breed with our high level girl. Loaded up my argentivis with meat, loaded myself with 50+ "rare" flowers, 10 bolas, longneck and some tranq darts and went out hunting.

After approx. 45-60 minutes I spot a 116 boy in the woods just west of the green obelisk - I fly down with my hotbar loaded to eat a flower and get the Tapa following me only to spot an Alpha Carno - not sure the level as didn't get too close.  Well that put me off using flowers so close to the alpha carno so instead I just flew up to the Tapa, scared it into a new area where I chased it down and when nothing else was around ate a flower to get the aggro to follow me.

I flew onto one of the land pillars in the river where nothing else had spawned, jumped off my bird and tried to bola this thing whilst it was going bat**** crazy circling me and biting me.  4 bolas later I finally hit it on one of it's circles around me then I tranqed it and waited 45 minutes for it to starve tame!... 62% taming effectiveness!.. with kibble!! wth! Guessing I must have accidentally hit it once it was KO. Tamed out at 153 or something I believe - took her home and left with tribe mates to breed up.  Been told we now have a base 178 breed and 3 Tek saddles to equip them with this evening.  Hopefully after a little levelling these things will be more accurate and able to KO the Titan after many unsuccessful attempts with cannons mounted on our Quetzs.

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Added name of tame (Tapa)
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It was a fairly decent weekend on official. Popped a bunch more Rex's and kept 4. 10.7k hp, 2226 stam, 396 melee on 3 and the 940 weight bred in with those stats on the 4th. They finished up this morning. Two with 100% imprint the other two with 99%. 

I picked back up the breeds i had put on hold mostly. 

Popped a Doedic that got our green mute body and orange shell and our 445 weight and 387 melee. I 100% imprinted that too so mine. lol (pic below)

I finally got the high stamina on the Anky but it's missing the melee. Popped 240 with 6160 hp, 945 stam (think I wrote this wrong last time), and the 460 weight. It was male so I kept it because I can breed with a couple 387 melee females we have increasing our chances of getting it all. Without the stam we were popping 250+ so I am excited to see what level it'll be when we get it all. 

I sold a few Argy eggs and hatched two myself but they didn't get all the stats so they had to go. 

Finally I got the HP and weight on our Thorny's together (2.3k hp, 516 weight). That and the Anky are at 89% but I returned to work today so will only get about 85% imprint. Still it had over 600 weight which means it should be able to get up to 2k weight. I was out hunting for a weight bump or a melee bump but didn't find anything worth it. I'll keep looking. 

I did drop a lot of different animals this weekend but only tamed two and they didn't get a good roll so I killed them right away (1 rex, 1 saber). 

ran the ice cave and got destroyed again. Worm popped up behind me, I turned to bring up shield and the lag stopped me from bringing up shield before it got two hits in. i was so close to dying then and it killed my ally and tribe mate so i just started hacking at it until it killed me. 

I traded for a good MC BP for a riot shield with 10k durability and we decided to just use fria curries and go in with high armor flak instead of snow armor. We'll run it and complete it next time. No doubt. 

3 more Rex's needed for 19 for the boss fight. We'll pop those this weekend. We'll run caves and get the artifacts and probably in 2 weeks be ready to run at least 1 boss fight, possibly more.

This weekend we are going to attempt our first golem tame with an ally. He has a good Paracer and we have a block of land on the scorch island to set up a trap. We have been careful not to aggro a 130 we seen. It's still there but now last night I spotted a 145 also close to our area. We may switch focus or if we can somehow purchase enough kibble, do two of them. We don't even want/need a golem but it'd be an experience to tame one ourselves. We could probably trade it for something we do want/need like a Rex saddle BP. 

rest of this week will be finishing raises and acquiring more eggs as cool down timers finish so we can be prepared to hatch and raise anything we want. i have 3 shots at 9.2k hp/2128 stam Yuty's and can breed them again tonight for a fourth egg.

Depending on if we get any evo event and what kind will determine a lot of how we progress. Excited for the weekend. 


doedic mute.jpg

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This weekend we managed to tame a Titan, defeated the Gamma Dragon and had our 1st attempt at the Tek cave.

Titan - if you can use Tapajera with Tek saddles I highly recommend it over Cannons and Quetz(s).  So much more fun chasing it down on something fast and manoeuvrable with more accurate aims on the Tek Saddle plasma rifles.

Gamma Dragon was easy, just have to use AR to shoot it whilst flying and then avoid attacking on land until it comes away from the lava river first.  Soon as its landed and away from lava send in the tickle chickens (10 cakes in each) and fully imprinted, melee Rexes with pigs and Yuty for backup.

Tek cave - the cave itself was easy,  a team of 4 players but we only had 1 Rex each with Tek saddles by the time we got to the portal though.  The end boss we almost beat - got to the dragon transformation but ultimately the drones took us all out before we could finish it off.  

Lessons learned for next time maybe take in some Allosaurs to take care of the ground bots and some air support to take out the flying drones - and don't bring down any non mounted tames until the cave is clear enough to ride em, do NOT rely on AI pathing to follow, they all end up in the lava below before you know it.

Gonna be a boring week or so now whilst we grind and re-stock supplies and grow more REX, Dimorphs, Yuty and Pig(s).

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Project monster Theriz has concluded, and we now have a bunch of Totally Balanced™ boss Theriz to join our equally balanced Rexes. I managed to get 22 mutations in both hp and melee in the end, and I REALLY hope we'll be able to take on the Dragon with them, otherwise there's no hope for us. I'd loved to be able to get the teleporter engram, but that's apparently the Alpha Dragon, so not going there yet.

We're preparing for the boss fights and ascension, so we can go ham in Aberration later. We haven't started playing there yet, as one of our tribemates is very busy with work right now, and we don't want to start without her.

I've scraped together the best armour I've gotten, for both me and her, so she'll have as little hassle as possible when she can play. While doing this, I realized I had a nice BP for riot leggings, but not enough pearls to craft them. So, today I ventured out for the first time ever on my little Anglerfish, with two Basils as protection. Geez, the ocean is dangerous! I almost lost my angler to an Alpha shark before I figured out a good way  to handle everything, after that it was pretty smooth sailing though. It's also the first time I've used Basils, and boy do I like them! I was down there so long, I broke two scuba tanks, but I got together 12k pearls, so totally worth it. xD

I'm really looking forward to the boss fights (although, I must admit that I dread the Dragon fight a bit) and ascension and then it's time for Aberration! We're all so hyped about it!

Some colour combos I got on the Theriz:

My friend saw this one and pretty much went "Mine!":EjTjKv1.jpg

And here is me and my fabulous looking Tandoori Chicken out and killing everything in our way:

Me and my pearl-collecting team taking a break while waiting for it to get a bit brighter:


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Finished our base on Aberration :D
Small circular house near a Charge source on the edge between the mushroom forest and biolumiscent cave.
Massively breeding Ravagers, those things are awesome!

Crabs are frigging scary.....
Will upload pictures later.






Poop Machine Ruby:



And our Ravagers Pumpkin and Diva:


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Another good weekend. 

Finally got all the Anky stats together (6160 hp, 945 stam, 460 weight, 387 melee) and that beauty hatched at level 261. I'm happy with that and we'll keep looking to add. 

I can not find an upgraded male saber right now. means the female has to just sit there for the time being. 

I ran the ice cave solo. I made a bunch of recipes (lazarus chowder, fria curry, enduro stew, health brew, and shadow steak saute) threw on my best flak, took an extra set, took 2 assault rifles (199.1 % and 193.2 %) and 1000 rounds. I had one flak set break on me but was able to farm about 13 deathworm horns before finally realizing my last set was at about 80& and i wanted to fight the Queen. Entered the arena but stayed back while I ran to the bathroom. Came back ready to fight and no queen. Seems like it despawned. Farmed the red drops (MC Plesi Platform BP best item but that nabbed me 1k crystal) and grabbed the artifact. Gonna need to see if I can build a small spawn spot at bottom of waterfall exit with storage because getting out of the Canyon on my server is impossible with how they have it built and blocked. Had an ally scoop me up. It was still fun. Definitely gonna run that again, maybe tonight. 

Tamed my first two rock elemental's this weekend. A 140 and a 130. 2x helped with mantis kibble which we traded for. I sold the 130 for 3 BP's and 31 mantis eggs. Definitely gonna find a 145 to tame and probably use that to get a 80+ armor Rex BP. I also tamed up a level 140 Roo for a guy who wants to mute them and he traded me a male Mantis for it. Need to get me a couple more female mantis' if we are gonna start taming Golem's. 

Got me interested in my to tame list yet;

Arthropluera, Baryonyx, Beezlebufo, Chalicotherium, Compy, Diplocaulus, Diplodocus, Dung Beetle, Electrophorus, Equus, Giganotosaurus, Gigantopithecus, Hesperonis, Kairuku, Kaprosuchus, Liopleurodon, Manta, Megalania, Megalosaurus, Moschops, Onyc, Paracer, Pegomastax, Purlovia, Thylacoleo, Titanoboa, Titanosaur, Troodon, and Tusoteuthis. 

Underlying theme, swamp animals and passive tames. Some of those I've knocked out (paracer, thyla off top of my head) but didn't have the stats I was looking for so haven't tamed them up yet. Others have little use in PVE which is probably why I have decided not to waste resources. They are on the list. 

Hatched two female Yuty's with our high stam (2128) so when they finish up I can mate them with our high health male (9.9k hp) and hopefully get 100% eggs and start trading them. 

I put down another 145 yuty this weekend too. Had great pre-tame stam (1700+) so I was excited about that but alas RNG was not favorable and it only tamed out with 1900 stam. I am fairly certain the 2128 came off a pre-tame 1600+ stam so what you gonna do? Just trying to find the highest base line before mutations in everything we have at this point. 

For the rest of the week we'll mate the Rex's, Yuty's, and anything else that drops eggs to cook them down, I decided to trade for a female Quetzal since I can't find a good mate for the male so I'll pick that up tomorrow. We'll farm more and trade for materials and bp's and maybe run around and grab the easy artifacts as we get closer to running our first boss fight on the new official server's. 

We'll also set ourselves up for a few more rock elemntal tames and maybe go kill the low levels i seen yesterday to try and get high levels to spawns (Our Rex's with prim saddles can handle at least up to a 95 we found so far). 

Until next week. 

Below is our highest Rex hatch so far. Melee is mutated, everything else is natural. 



highest rex.jpg

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Pretty new so not nearly as exciting as these here fellas, some serious work put in gentlemen! Finished our metal barn, armed and ready to go. Tamed up a level 150 Anky, first one we've ever had which is exciting! Mated a set of decent Argy's, first time for breeding so I'm just looking to learn. The parents don't have great stats, but it would be pretty nice to have a decent replacement bird laying around.

Farmed up some metal, tamed a few stegos for kibble production, all around productive day!

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I logged in only to find out that my keybinds and character's stats/engrams got reset, got really annoyed and logged off again.

Then logged in again a couple of hours later and spent 30 minutes getting the keybinds right, then, while putting all the points on my character again, found out that the max level (previously 200 + 15 for Ascension) is now 185 because reasons.

I then tried to raise Allosaurs only to find out that I can't fully imprint them anymore because of the doubled times - which only really work for dinos with an even number of imprints which Allosaurs haven't got btw.

Now I'm complaining here and since it's probably going to take Wildcard at least a week to the fix the levels again (if they do at all - they probably aren't going to do anything about the raising changes), I'm probably going to spend tomorrow leveling my character up to 200 again because the admin was so nice to change the config to account for another 15 levels again.

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I had an eventful day on Aberration today. I started off in my PC game, leading the day with a few goals. The previous day I went nuts with glow pets, nabbing two bulbdogs, three shinehorns and three featherlights.

Aside: Why do the angler-puppies spawn at the surface where you can see daylight and the birds spawn at the center of the earth?

With some of the “Oh god they’re all so cute I must own them ALL,” out of my system I was a bit more discriminating, finding two bulbdogs over level 100...both female, and one featherlight over 100...now I need to find him a lady friend since of course I’m obsessed with the shoulder birds and want to breed them.

 I would have hunted for better shinehorns, but the bioluminescent chamber wasn’t having any of it. In spite of running fine the previous day, I crashed there three times, twice to a fatal error something about animation, once straight to desktop with no explanation. And I have no ability to comprehend exactly what the fatal error was saying, so...All I can tell you is all three times I had either a GPS or a teleporter remote in my hand, and I was looking at a willow tree.

I decided to abandon the pursuit for the day and took my teleporter to the trench instead, intent on discovering where the rock drake eggs are stashed.

Holy poop, Aberration is DEEP. Every time I thought I was at the bottom there was another massive drop until I finally found it. Made off with a single 152 and ran for my life. Imagine my dismay when I realized that you can’t place structures down there, so I couldn’t drop a teleport pad down...well, predicatable end to that story. Shout out to the Death Recovery mod that got my prize egg out of there, lol.

There’s been a lot of death the last two days. Around every corner is the opportunity to meet a new horrible fate.

Next on the docket is devising a way to get nameless venom, and build somewhere to hatch my rock drake. I figure I’ve got time to work out the nameless venom issue, since word is you need about 32 air conditioners to create an ideal environment for the rock drake egg. That’ll take time. Not to mention I’m still undecided about where I’m setting up a permanent home.

After that, I jumped over to PS4 to start something there, because I have a friend on console interested in checking Aberration out...need to get some stuff together to be a good host.

And...after two days of super convenient mods, I lamented the many inconveniences I wasn’t necessarily thinking about, in spite of spending most of my time on console...and got eaten by a basilisk. Round two later.

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Managed to perfectly tame a 145 male and 145 female thyla past weekend. Been looking for days for decent lvl, destroying redwood creatures. Finally found these 2 within the hour. Bred them day after tames. Got a good imprinted thyla now. 

Also bred a 224 basil, should be finished in few hours. 

Also tamed 3 pachyrhinos for their eggs. Gonna want some good barys next weekend. Looking forward taming them.

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So, I went onto Aberration after my friend pushed me into buying the season pass whilst it’s on sale.

I logged in for 20 seconds, had a look about me (starting place I believe) and saw a few Trikes and Stegos. Logged out. Im really not interested in it – seems too overkill for me. Yes, dinos are a little out there but Aberration takes it to a level I don’t really have a hankering for.

I logged back onto my Center Official and fed my dinos, didn’t have the patience to even get the egg timers down so flew about and gave a bred 262 Ptera to a newbie rather than killing it off. Found s few bp’s from some loot drops but nothing of importance.

The only real progress is my new Bear which is mutated white and also dark blue – bred at 265 and no more stats to breed in. My Argy hatched at 257 and again no more stats to breed in. Pteras came out at 304 but still needs the Oxygen and new weight stat so I will see if that happens this weekend. Essentially, of all the dino’s I’m interested in breeding, Ive only got my Spino’s and Rexes to play with now.

I may try for some more Bary’s as we are breeding ours at 255 I think, but as the Bear, Ptera and Argys are practically complete – its onto the bigger dinos but I know that will be harder work.

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So this is more of what I did yesterday but aberration finished downloading for me and my tribemate O (my other tribemate J didn’t own it yet) so we decided to dive in spawning in fertile lake 3 (non dedicated by the way) and we started gathering mushrooms and stuff,first thing O did was eat the narcotic mushrooms while staring at the majestic sight that is aberration and ravegers ate him so he had to spawn in and as it’s non dedi I was dragged by the host barrier,we eventually managed to find a small river leading through a massive canyon and that’s when I realised that aberration rivers are deadly because it had a current  and it was fast (at least it felt that way) it dragged me into a scorpion which then did its scorpion thing and murdered me whilst O hallucinated on mushroom and died, attempt 2 at spawning led us right into the claws of a karkinos you can imagine how that panned out attempt 3 ravagers attacked until finally we managed to get past them, O decided he wanted to see the broken obelisk thing on the opposite side of the lake so we kept turning left until we came to face with a problem, a giant cliff face.

There was only one way round and that was to swim in a pirhana infested lake so we decided that we needed to build a raft, for some reason I got 4 levels out of nowhere so I was level 12 and I had the bright idea of throwing a glow stick at O (pun intended) and it stuck to his face,we decided that glow sticks were actually useless and would never use them again, after a couple of minutes of levelling O came back with a bulbdog on his shoulder with a magic hat on it was named bulby and he had another in tow for me, after a while a earthquake happened and we collected several gems and I saw a mound of dirt with a lot of gems flying out and I assumed it was from the earthquake so I grabbed them, boy was I wrong the nearby roll rat chewed my face up in seconds, after that not too much interesting happened until J came on and I had to log off but the raft was made and we are ready to set sail. New story later hopefully.

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So With j finally on we set off on our new raft to see the sights of... a sarco boarding our boat, J died nearly instantly myself dying next O piloting the raft managed to escape and lived whilst J and I dived for our stuff which didn’t get recovered due to pirhanas,J died and crashed multiple times during this process and his internet caused me to crash fortunately not dying but this still raised tension between me and J, we arrived at the broken obelisk but found it was rather boring and soon left because of ravagers but we gained a bulbdog... which fell in the water and was pirahna food, we decided to go back to the original river as it seemed like the only way out and we managed to sneak past some ravagers(they’re everywhere) and found more pirhanas yay (worst addition ever) but to make light of the situation we found a couple of otters swimming around two male level 90s and a female level 10(my otter army was starting!)they weren’t worth breeding but at least were good companions... until I turned the corner into the face of a ravager RIP lvl 132 L’otter RIP bulberface lvl 12,it was at that point we tamed two trikes and a raptor, i had the raptor J and O had the trikes,I took the bulb dogs (we had 6 extra bulbdogs) and the otters O and J weren’t  carrying,we ventured on through the canyon with J and I having more and more arguments whilst O chuckled away and eventually asked us to stop,I did but J pressed on until a disaster happened and J was ambushed by a 150 ravager! 

I joined in the fight but i didn’t realise J’s otter was still following and it died,this got us so mad at each other we muted each other and O had to relay insults from us to each other,thankfully this only lasted five minutes or so, we eventually arrived at the bioluminescent area and were greeted by Sarcos,piranhas,karkinos and spinos galore O and J ran off somewhere leaving only me to protect the bulbdogs and O’s otter, I wss ambushed by ravagers and O’s 2 high level bulbdogs died whilst I ran with the rest they died hero’s but now O hated me too, O took his otter back as we hid behind a rock unaware of approaching death in the form of an alpha karkinos down river, I took my raptor to go and see what a strange noise was and lo and behold I was dead, the raptor escaped somehow and I respawned on O thanks to the host barrier O in his anger from the bulbdogs tasked me with defeating a pack of ravagers whilst he and J ran, the raptor died in seconds and so did the bulbdogs.

We eventually escaped and ran into the mushroom forest which I crashed in so many times from J’s internet he started deliberately attacking me from response to my annoyance  O eventually intervened and used admin commands to kill both of us till we stopped arguing,we eventually made it up the cliff side until we saw a strange plant which was three ”fronds”sticking out the ground we learned to not approach it the hard way as the basilisk leaped out the ground spitting poison at J one shotting him and munching his new bulbdog and trike shortly after,I was the next victim as it munched me and spat poison which took less time to kill my lower level new raptor and bulberman my bulb dog finally O was the last to fall to the creatures attack his trike and bulbdog falling shortly after it crashed it was the perfect time for the server to crash due to J’s internet and I have forgiven him however I had to go then but it was still fun despite the arguments.

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Well, our tribe leader managed to persuade my friend to tackle the easier bosses yesterday, and so we did and without any issues.

Today though, was Dragon time (gamma)! It was an ugly fight and despite us having so very strong Theriz, we almost lost several of them. We were also VERY lucky with how the Dragon behaved, it only flew off once before deciding to be nice and let us kill it. Apparently, running around in circles and screaming is not a good tactic, so yeah. If we're ever going to beat the alpha version, we'll have to practice and get some kind of strategy going, or we never will.

After getting our butts bruised by the Dragon, it was time for the tek cave. We went with something similar to what I've seen Olivar using, three Rexes and 19 Theriz (no Yuty though) and got through the cave quite easily. I must say, it was really awesome walking towards the final boss. So much to see and that annoying clock ticking down the time...


Well at the Overseer, we sicked the Theriz on the Overseer, while we rode on the Rexes and dealt with the Defence Units. We ignored the things shooting at us, and focused on the ones on the ground instead. I don't believe it'll be a valid tactic at the other difficulty levels, but we'll see. The Theriz spanked the Overseer nicely, we got demounted several times from the beams, managed to get back into the saddles before anything terrible happened, and continued chewing through everything in our way. In other words, it was chaos but despite this, the fight was much easier than the Dragon.

Tomorrow, we start on Aberration. We're all really looking forward to it and hopefully, my friend won't be too exhausted from work.

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Last night I spawned some mating pairs of Featherlights to my Ragnarok file and after last night and today I've ended up with 4 all yellow birds and one with a black main body and red glowing spots.  I also tried repeatedly to spawn in the Aberrant versions of already existing dinos but no dice for whatever reason.

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