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So what did you do in ARK today?


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i logged in to see that there were alot of people on my server (xbox official pvp)

then when i went scouting i found these guys sitting at the pearl spot at the island with a bunch of tames (griffins 2 Wyverns and few rexes birds and 1 giga)

all alarm bells went off as im a solo player hidden in the snow biome mountains near blue obby.

went on my 2nd account. And fought these guys for 3 hours straight.

i changed my tribename to a tribe thats on this server who id like to ser wiped. And managed to kill; 1 griffin 4 argentavis, 2 pteras. 1 rex, 1 bronto, and led the giga in the sea.

they still managed to set up base. But its very weakly defended.. to bad im on my own but tonight im gonna drop in a stego to soak there bullets

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Slow one last night.  Started to move our Mosas from the Red Obelisk over to the East Coast to our new pond above the Cavern of Lost Hope. Got attacked by an alpha shark on the way and the following Mosas went nuts.  

Spent 30-45 minutes finding all the stray Mosas again before continuing my journey.

Reached the new pond which I thought was a reasonable size but soon filled it with our Mosas so then spent the next 2-3 hours collecting materials and extending the pond. Hopefully tonight I can get the remaining Mosas/Megalodons and our Tuso over there ready for another mission to farm the Artefacts of that daft cave.

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It's been awhile. could write forever so i'll just detail some stuff. 


Current top stat Rex line; 10.7k hp, 2226 stam, 396 melee.It has 3 mutations. I know one is melee not sure about the rest. 

Current clean (no mutation) Rex line; 9900 hp, 2226 stam, 940 weight, 385 melee. the 2226 was the last wild stats we found. It's been a lot of dropped Rex's with no improvements. 

our server is in a constant flux with tame limit so some projects have been placed on the back burner including Argy, anky, doedic, saber. Still have some really nice stats. 

Current Anky line; 6160 hp, 460 weight, 387 dmg only a color mutation. Stats are all natural. Plan on breeding in 980 stamina at some point. 

Saber; 2250 hp, 383 melee. Have 980 stamina to breed in here too. 

Doedic, HP is not great but we have green body mutations (one on a blue shell and one on a white shell) plus I got a mutated orange shell to try and get that green body on but we currently have 445 weight and 387 melee. 

I can't remember Argy stats exactly but using smart breeder I know we have 44 points in HP, 1280 stamina, 760 weight, 52 points in food (makes babies hatch nice anyway) and 372 melee. we also got some green and blue mutations here. 

We got a few different Rex mutes as well. Full Red's, Red body with blue belly, Blue belly with red stripe, lavender belly, green stripe, and green stripe with lavender belly. Only the full red's are full mating pair. We'll hold them and get into color raises at some point. 

Have my Yuty project. tamed a female with 9.2k hp and 1700 stam, tamed a male with 9900 hp, and tamed another male with 2124 stamina. Had a female baby that got the 9200 hp and 2124 stamina but my tribe mate didn't log on this morning to top troughs like he normally does (I top them before I go to work around 4:45 AM, he tops them around 8:30 AM, I top them again around 12:15 PM and then most things are good until one of us gets on around 6:30 PM) I hope he is alright but I'm disappointed too. 

I raised a 100 percent imprinted 185 lightning Wyvern. My go to flight mechanic though I do get great fun out of our Griffin's on occasion.

We did some Basil's too. Tamed a 150 f that had 18k hp and a 135 m that had 320 melee. Pretty good Basil's. I hatched one that popped out at 225, got both stats. I got her up to 39.8k hp, 1400 stamina, and 505 melee at only about 39 levels. Went all out and got 100 percent imprint on her too. I don't typically go that far anymore but it was my first basil hatch and I had the time so i really wanted that 100% imprint. My tribe mate also popped two. One popped out at 227, a female, so got a mutation somewhere not sure where but had the hp and melee. The other one popped out at 198, a male. Got the lower HP but the melee. Got 86 percent imprint on them. We sold the original tamed male and put the original tamed female on the market. Discussed starting a Basil breeding "business" like we did Quetzal's on Legacy. 

Unfortunately I was overconfident and overzealous. I took the Basil out and grabbed the Devourer artifact on Ragnarok as we are about ready to start attempting the gamma boss fight. While down there I noticed a level 85 Alpha Tuso and decided to test my Basil's mettle knowing I could just surface if it became overwhelming. It was a good early battle and even when a second Tuso joined the fray I wasn't worried. I was handling business not taking much HP loss (70 armor saddle), 30 percent damage resistance, 30 percent damage buff. A third Tuso joined from behind, one I hadn't seen and I became stuck. I tried and tried to escape and maneuver but to no avail. I just started chomping as best I could. Hoping to damage one enough to get it to break off and get unstuck. I look back at some of the other things i could have done (jumped off and swam with it following me may have worked or putting less points into HP and more into melee) but ultimately not engaging the Alpha with another Tuso in the area would have been smartest. I lost her in the end. I somehow escaped with the artifact and swam to shore, died twice by piranha's but ultimately recovered my stuff. I'll raise another one, stat it differently, get that 100 percent imprint again, maybe even find a different wild to add into the mix but it is still a bitter pill to swallow. You can see the picture I snapped once I resigned myself to her fate in the accompanying link. Not pictured is two more Tuso's that came in at the end to finish her off. One of the worse moments, as I swam away looking back, was seeing her dead and mangled body as the Tuso's just swam away. Not even the decency to eat her. Just killed her for fun apparently. I declined to take that picture. 



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Wow, that took a while to catch on everyones progress as its been so long since I have been able to get on here.

So.. where do I start. Ill keep it as short as I can.. Pteras are now hatching out at 298 - so close to the lvl 300 I wanted - and still 3 stats to breed into the line so should pop 300 this weekend - depending on the cap as its always darned capped :(

Started a Spino line - bred 12 eggs and no stats merged but got 3 colour muts including a White one - named her Alby (after Albino). 

Have a range of Anky eggs ready including some blue anky's so would be good to get some decent stats merged here.

Tribemate has done well with the base, with 2 buildings out of the 6 practically finished now (one which houses, otters, dodos, Dimorphs and vegetables and the other which houses Bears and Hyenas). 

Had some nice drops recently, Asc Rex saddle but not the BP unfortunately, and we have few nice weapon items too like 200% longneck rifle bp.

I have got a nice Allo egg, so with any luck it will hatch a female and I can then start getting some good Allos as the male is pretty beastly.

The last but by no means least - I have a 256 bred Polar Bear - started with 3800 hp, 402 melee, 2500 Stam and 1107 weight - managed to imprint it to 100% so super happy here - it came out mutated white!

A few other trades happened but the work was done by others so I cant claim anything from these haha

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Coming back from a break from ARK, I decided to try and tame/breed some Theriz in preparation for the Dragon boss + ascension (this after reading the threads on the forum and watching the videos - we're a small tribe so Theriz might work). All in anticipation for when Aberration drops. I realize I'm a bit late to the party, but oh well.

It started off good, with me using up all my taming luck in ARK for at least six months, by getting one Theri with 47 points in hp and another with 50 (I think, haven't cross checked with smart breeding yet) in melee. It's the second highest melee my tribe has gotten on any tame so far and one of the highest hp's too. The hp Theri also got 41 levels in food for some reason. xD I haven't been this lucky with any of my passion projects even, so I'm incredibly happy about this.

I've started breeding them now, aiming for +20 in hp/melee (which is doable thanks to us still having crazy breeding settings atm) and, of course, nice colour combos. If I was still playing on official servers, I would try to do the same, but I suspect the tame caps would get in the way.

Most interesting colour mutations so far is a white body and a non-neon red body. Oh, I REALLY wished it was possible to get different colours on their face/feet/hands, I don't like the default colour at all.

Now I'm waiting for the server to come back online so I can continue murder... I mean, hatching goofy looking babies.


Here are the base stats for our future monsters:

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Tried once again to tame a Titanosaur - and once again failed.  Wasted 100+ cannon balls and over an hour chasing this thing only to find when checking its stats using the magnifying glass that it had only done 1/3 torpor!!  The cannons are just far too hard to get hits when the thing is constantly moving.  I read that TEK Rex and TEK Tapajera saddles can be used to KO a Titan so we're now on the looking for a high level male to start breeding with our max wild tamed female to give it a go.

In the meantime I'm still hunting for dosiers so that I can have a go at the achievement for taming all animals.  So gutted that you have to get dosier first before taming to count towards the achievement as I've already tamed a LOT of animals in the last 12 months but haven't counted without the dosiers.

We also need to re-do the gamma dragon when we can get the full tribe on  - which in itself is  mission around the holiday seasons.

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after much persuasion I created a character on our SE server, pangs of nostalgia as I woke up to a instant heat wave and the nude run to the green ob to be picked up by a tribe mate.

decided to show them some of the lesser known ropes when it comes to SE and to kick things off it was out with the wyverns hunting down deathworms (lightening for best results).

suffice to say the noobish group I went out with were open mouthed at the ability to reach lvl 58 in an hour after one circuit of the desert, x2 XP is amazeballs!

they're not too impressed with the difference in play styles where they were used to Rag's easy play style, SE has become even more unforgiving, a few mid wipe tonics were used in the making of our tribe.

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56 minutes ago, TotallyUncool said:

Here are the base stats for our future monsters:


Very nice for a base Therizino - our server (unofficial PvE) is a max 120 wild so the best we have in our breed is a base 230 with 33 points in HP, 33 in Stamina and 38 in Melee.

Our REX breed is a base 242 with 41 points in HP, 38 Stamina and 46 Melee.

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