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So what did you do in ARK today?


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10 hours ago, Anarki said:

Sounds similar to TheCenter60 NA-PVE

We are capped too, and with some help from the server, we all agreed to kill off dodos and low lvl dinos so we could all get a few babies done. I managed to raise a pair of Spinos, nothing too decent but 221 was enough to keep and use as it was imprinted.

Managed to get a light baby blue Ptera to hatch so was a keeper and am now hatching lvl 273 baby Pteras with 5 of the 6 best stats. Had a mutated stam go to 495 so that was also good to go with the 422 mutated melee stat now.

Other than that, I farmed a lot of metal, stone and grinded my way up to lvl 92. 

With 8x we could have done so much more but there are tribes with 500 dinos that just dont want to kill anything off, so we were capped for 96% of the time.

Our problems is that day before we have a clan taming huge amounts of dodo's so they fill up spots for them self, they also transferred dino's from SE to TE to make it worse. Their clan tame is capped, so they have smurf clan to obtain even more space.

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On 10/23/2017 at 11:28 PM, ickleMrG said:

Well last night, my tribe mate and i accepted that legacy is on its last legs and decided o give all our resources and dinos away.

Took about an hour just to unclaim and unlock everything. There are now a few people that are a share of  30k ingot better off along with a load of other resources, 8 boss rexes, a titan killing giga, 5 wyvens, 6 very op ankys, a ton of allo's and quite a few other tames. All mainly mutated too!

was sad to see all our hard earned tames go from us including our 1st tame that we still had.


But eh ho. maybe start again when aberation one day gets to xbox!!!!........ 

So sad...I too am becoming resigned about legacy....often I am the only one on the server. I wish they would allow us to transfer dinos to dedicated servers. It's heartbreaking to lose 2 + years of time and work... wildcard has pretty much treated us badly. They don't seem to really care about their original player base at all.

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Guest BubbaCrawfish
29 minutes ago, Allouria said:

I wish they would allow us to transfer dinos to dedicated servers. It's heartbreaking to lose 2 + years of time and work.

You could suggest that you can download off the server, to your profile to be able to upload them to a dedicated, or even just take them to single player.


It's only a setting. And it can be download only, so that people can't upload spawned tames, or over-stat things.

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Not been up to much lately that hasn't involved searching for or raising high level Wyverns, got myself a 180 Ice now, found it whilst I was raising a 165, who became food for taming a 150 Troodon.

Today though was a day of taming fails.

Found a 150 female Angler, took her back into my cave with the squid, ko'd her, really nice stats, topped up her narcs and went back out on the squid. Headed to Squid Central and got into a brawl with two Alpha Squids, two regular squids, about 3 Dunkies, and 2 Liops. They had me completely pinned, unable to hit all of them, and rapidly draining my health, so in desperation I whipped out the teleporter and zapped myself back to the cave. One of the Alpha Squids and and one of the Dunks got brought with me. Not too bad though and with the help of my Mosa as well managed to take them down, but the Angler got hit in the crossfire and killed.

Grabbed a 145 Female Theri, dropped her in the pen, and started trying to tranq. Half of my hits though weren't registering, forcing me to get closer, and just when I thought she was pinned in a good place she turned around and whacked me causing my neutral Wyvern to attack her with his ice breath, which killed me too, and by the time I'd respawned and got back there she was dead.

150 male Mantis, dropped in pen, went to make bug repellent, out of citronel, and I still haven't got around to planting any more since I demolished my crop plot with the plan of building a greenhouse at the Mill. Took my Phiomia out to gather some (courtesy of my own Better Dinos mod) and none would drop, got plenty of the other crops, but RNGsus just wasn't granting me any lemons. By the time I did finally have enough, got back to the pen and the Mantis had despawned.

Found a 150 female Yuty right on the edge of the Murder Snow. Not too too far from my Wyvern trap. Led all the way back to it, killing off all the distractions along the way. Finally after a load of wrangling got her inside the cage and myself on my Wyvern on the outside. Jumped off and started firing off tranqs, and on the second shot she waltzed straight through the cage as if it wasn't there! She got two good hits in on me forcing me to jump onto the Wyvern toot sweet to heal up, and she did that stupid carnivore thing of deciding to randomly run away. Straight towards the Wyvern Trench, chased after, and trying to turn her around caught the attention of a poison wyvern. No gas mask so I had to run away, got it attacking a bronto, and when I returned the Yuty was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, the piece de resistance. Flying over the swamp, and scoped out a Bary. 150 Male, bingo! Just heading into the water though, and by the time I'd landed he was quite the ways offshore. Spent a good half an hour hopping off of the wyvern into the water, trying to catch its attention to get it to come where I could grab it, while avoiding all the other swamp critters. Had to go further and further into the water, and then when I did finally get it to notice me I was too far out and couldn't get back to shore. It caught up and stunned me just as I was about to set foot on land. Respawned back at base and took another Wyvern the short hop down to the swamp, and the damn thing was back in the water again. Grabbed my bag, got grabbed by a Kapro just as I was about to hit transfer. Had to whistle neutral to get get the Wyverns to save me, and of course they used their breath attacks. I only enabled the AI special attacks a couple of days ago. They went straight off again, after of course I had respawned again and headed down this time on a Ptera. Took everyone home and it was time for a different tactic. If the Bary wasn't coming out of the water, I'd have to go in. Went and got the squid, and headed to the swamp, searched all around the area and couldn't find him in the water. Because, of course, he was now on land chasing after a newt. Ffs. Back home with the squid, back down on a wyvern. Gotcha! Finally I had him in my claws and back to the taming pen. Do you think I could get the bloody thing to drop in though? I'm normally pretty good at dropping things into the pen from a Wyvern, the lack of brakes makes thing awkward, but 10 attempts later and it still wasn't in. Back to base, got an Argent, went to pick it up. Where the hell is it now??? It's only decided to go off and pick a fight with an Anky, by the time I found it it's bloody as hell. Grabbed it, got it in the pen (on the second attempt) and went to grab some things to drop in the heal it up. Of course now it doesn't want to kill anything, and ignores the Phiomias that I drop in (on the first attempt) I try and grab them back out, but of course I grab the Bary instead, and trying to drop him back in the pen, of course I miss, and off he starts running in a swamperly direction. I grab the Phiomias out of the pen and give chase, and manage to get it before it gets into any more trouble. In the pen this time with no trouble, and stressed, annoyed and hungry. I sit myself in a nearby chair to keep it rendered in and healing naturally and go AFK to get some food and have a smoke. When I get back it's pretty much healed up, so I try and bola it. Miss. Try again. Miss. 6 Bolas later and I finally manage to hit it and start tranqing,  the bola wears off and it's not down yet and running into every corner of the pen and dodging seemingly every shot. Finally I get the damn thing down, using probably 20 more darts then it should have taken. Jubilant to finally have the little b'stard down and out, I check its stats.

8 points into health.

13 points into stamina.

29 points into food.

17 points into weight.

15 points into melee.

67 points, totally wasted.

F'ing unbelievable.

I went back to base. I got my pump action shotgun. I purposely crafted up 2 rounds. I put both of them straight through the bloody things head. Went back to base. Logged off.

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Perfect kibble tamed a 140 argentavis. 

Perfect kibble tamed a 145 paracer.

Again I found no high lvl baryonyx.

Again I found no high lvl female megaloceros. I swear finding 130+ megaloceros always takes so long. Even though they are so common. I've been searching for days. 

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I used the 2x to get materials to expand my base on SE, and then arranged the interriors of it. It still took be almost a full day but really happy with the result. To celebrate I did a caverun and managed to take one drop due to golems in the wrong places and the glitched lootcrate that arent reachable. Still a pleasing day. 

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After weeks of prep work I finally started work on my snow base/harbor in my single player. 

Found a 150 mammoth and a 135 deer at the build site so tamed those. 

When i was about halfway a 28 quets flew over so i hopped on trusty Featherfox with my rifle and enough tranq darts and parachutes to tame it 4 times over. After an hour or so it dropped dead square in my new base! 

Good times good times :)

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18 minutes ago, DukeFromArk said:

We found a wild 145 bronto with 17,480 health! We couldn't believe it, everyone had to get a magnifying glass to see. We had the kibble and were taming, but some how it wasn't enough kibble(even though we had the right amount for sure) and we lost it.

Its frustrating not having the kibble. I always take 2 or 3 more kibble than what the calculator says - can never be too safe :) 

I hatched another of my Pteras, still coming out at 287 - cannot get the final stat to merge - but I wont give up haha

I now have a 400+ melee bear, a 400+ melee Ptera and an Argy with 400+ melee. If only I could get a Spino with 400+ base melee too haha

I didnt do a great deal this week as had some irl issues which will affect my game time for the next few months but Ill happily hatch a Ptera or two until I get online.

I quickly ran the northern Ice Cave and came out with  MC Ptera BP so I was happy about that. 

Still tame capped but seems to be freeing up more often now which is nice.

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I got super lucky this weekend. I've been exploring Ragnarok and I happened upon a Griffin near a cliff with lots of rocks. The poor thing was stuck. I tranq'ed the hell out of it, so now I have a new pet named Reese Puff. I don't think I'll ever get that luck again.

Half an hour later I'm heading up into the Redwoods from the Highlands and spot a low flying quetz. I've never seen one that was low enough to shoot from the ground. Ever. Start chasing after it on my pony. It too gets stuck in a cliff and after that was a super easy tame. 

I also found a really pretty red Rex. Low level, but he's beautiful and I loves him. Then I found a mid-level Spino with a neat purple-edged sail and feet and got a few nice saddle blueprints from random drops, purple iguanodon and blue sabertooth. 

Now would be about the time I expect a random giga or titanosaur encounter. Something has to balance out all the awesome. It is Ark after all.

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After searching off and on for awhile now I finally found a couple of Otters today. Snagged me up a high level female (+130) & sadly a low level male (+20), will have to keep an eye out for a high level male. They are pretty darn cute!

Seen my 1st Rock Golems today as well. And found a +190 Ice Wyvern egg.

Other than that worked on tweaking my settings to raise some Wyverns, using the really low level eggs I had as tests. These resulting Wyverns will be taken out and set on aggressive (& probably unclaim) in the future.


Oh and also seen/realized how funny we look running with a GPS in hand (3rd person view)... laughed harder than I probably should have xD. They should rework that.




PS4-Ragnarok-Single Player (offline)

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Scouting for Ice Wyvern eggs (I know, it’s become a bit of an obsession) found a 150 female Polar Bear. Got her back to base and tamed up and immediately bred her up with my male.

Finally got around to taming up some snakes, 3 level 15’s using a load of trashy Wyvern eggs, so that cleared up some room in the fridges. Got 3 eggs off of them almost straight away so that’s a start to paying off my boa kibble debt.

Also finally got around to building a little greenhouse to avoid any more crop shortages.

Baby bear popped and she inherited every good stat, and got a weight mutation, which was nice. I might breed her up with her dad, but that leads to a slippery slope and ending up with 100 bears (I already have 8 XD) 

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Well not today but over the weekend just gone we FINALLY managed to best the Dragon boss on The Island.

Its taken us a lot of time and effort to build up for this and we were somewhat discouraged after it eating our fully imprinted tames on 3 attempts already but this weekend was the one!

Nobody else on the server Friday night so we decided that we would "trial run" it - with the expectation of restoring the pre-battle backup regardless of outcome.  Team of 3 with 180% AR's, 600 melee full imprint rexes and 20k hp, 400-500 melee Therizinos, a Yuty and a Daedon.  Managed to avoid the lava on our first attempt and came out with just 1 lost REX.

Restored and gave it another go.  This time we lost 3 rexes and our Yuty - got too close to the lava when it landed.  

Restored and decided to try it for real on Saturday with an additional player - ended up fighting in the lava and lost 5 Rex, 3 Therizino and a Daeodon plus 3/4 of us in the process!!!  Should have just stuck with our first successful attempt but didn't want to do it without our other tribe member.  Hatched more REX/Therizino and ready to give it another go one evening this week as still 1 tribe member not done it to get the tekgrams.

I spent the majority of Sunday cuddling the new replacements and finishing off building our new pond on the east coast above the daft underwater cave - hell of a mission travelling our fish from the Red Obelisk each time we wanna get more artefacts.


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