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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns, imprinted carcha, unpodded Toxic Rage since new carcha is nearly adult so I'll start trying for a blue-striped white one soon.

Hatched last time's eggs, bred carchars again (nothing good).

Went on a milk run, fed wyverns. One (180 poison named Voldemort) stays out, I'll check on him later, but he should be probably good to just stay out until adult. The rest repodded. For now that's all.


Checked on Voldemort the wyvern, he's doing fine. Unpodded others.

Bred gigas, tropeos and rexes, nothing good. new mut on a rex, but it was food mut.

Went on a hunt with Furious, kept all the hide, ended up blackboxing my sino on it. There were a giga and a carcha on Weather Top, I got curious as to whether or not Furious can handle the carcha (it was level 20), so I lured the giga away and attacked the carcha. Yep, handled it fine. Doesn't seem like carcha's anti-regen debuff did much of anything to stop Furious form healing nearly as fast as he was getting bitten.

Returned home, put all the hide into the storage.

Did another milk run, fed the wyverns. Voldemort is sure to survive to adulthood, and my second oldest poison wyvern, Mismatched Abomination, is staying out too. Others repodded. I'll check on her later, but aside from that the day's pretty much done.


Checked on the wyverns, did one last (for these two) milk run just in case, and they'll be staying out all night. That's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the wyverns, doing great. Unpodded others.

Carcha is adult now. Bred her to Toxic Rage, but nope, no luck. Baby got all the wrong colors.

Saddled her and went hunting, killed lots of stuff. Even went to the wyvern trench and slaughtered everything there. She now has over 300% melee.

Returned home after about an hour of killing everything in sight, took milk run wyvern, went and got milk, fed wyverns.

Checked and, apparently, everyone but the youngest wyverns is good to stay out for at least 6 hours, so out they're staying and I'll check on them later. Youngest were repodded, of course. And that's all for now.


Checked on the wyverns again. Voldemort's adult, unpodded all of my fail baby gigas and leveled him on them. Got a bit over 50 levels for him. As always, stam to 2000 and just a little more, rest melee. Hunted with him, even killed a low-level ice wyvern near the trench. Pretty neat, but often difficult to aim. Plus there's the matter of having to rely strictly on biting in close combat. So, all in all poison wyverns are okay, but going to be my least used most likely. Reeturned home, for now that's all, will check on wyverns later again.


And again, checked how the wyverns are doing. Did a milk run, fed them. For now that's all.


Checked on wyverns, podded the level 25 lightning because I'm about to fall asleep and I'm not sure he'll be fine. The rest are good to stay out. For now that's all.


Unpodded the 25 again. Took the new carcha and went hunting, killed a level 20 alpha rex and an alpha carno whose level I forgot immediately. Returned home after around an hour of hunting, bred carchars (just the new one to Toxic Rage), no luck again - wrong colors. Moved now-grown Mismatched Abomination (the poison wyvern) to the trough. That's all for now, will check on other wyverns later.


Logged on real quick just to see the notification of an update in 15 minutes. But hey! I still had those minutes, and Grapes (my oldest lightning wyvern) is adult now! So I took her and did a bit of hunting. Pretty neat. Pretty strong. Easier to aim than a poison wyvern. Bred poison wyverns, I THINK it'll look good, but, of course, I'll have to see it hatched to really decide.

Then I logged off, then returned once the update happened, unpodded younger wyverns, did a milk run, fed them.

Hunted for a bit, grabbed two RC presents (nothing good). Checked how long young wyverns will last on their current food and yeah, they're safe to leave for quite a while. so I'll check on them after some time, but for now that['s all (and yes, I count it all as one day).


Checked on the wyverns, did a milk run, fed them. The 25 lightning (named Wine) is nearly adult.

With all the wyverns and three carchars in the middle of my base things were getting a bit cluttered, and I need them all so podding is not an option, so I moved adult lightings and poisons to a cliff.

Bred carchars and gigas, nothing good, unfortunately. hatched last time's poison and it's kinda meh. Put it into the leveling fodder fridge. And it's time for another few hours long break.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Netted, tranqed, harvested and killed two tropical wyverns. Uploaded crystals. Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed Goldy (the mutated blood wyvern). He's staying out, he'll be fine. Podded the still-nameless poison and lightning wyverns and that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded the young wyverns.

Hatched last time's eggs.

Bred lightning wyverns, gigas and carchars. No luck.

Hunted for a bit.

Went to check carcha spawns, nothing.

Returned home, podded the young wyverns, and that's all for today. Yep, completely all, no "check on stuff in an hour or two", today's just too laggy for that.

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(Official PVE, Lost Island, early in the morning) Went to check for any good, preferably lightning, eggs. No such luck, and the game crashed while I was in the trench. Though it was at least merciful enough to allow me a few seconds to land in a more or less safe spot between the moment I closed the error's window and the moment when the game closed.

Since it wasn't an error I've seen before, I checked the integrity of game files just in case. And since I was in that part of settings anyway, I deleted the maps I don't play on (Extinction, which I don't plan to return to, Aberration from which I need nothing as all that's worth taking can be found elsewhere, and Ragnarok which I only kept because ice wyvern eggs look weird without it, but I decided I can tolerate some glitch-textured eggs).

Then I logged back on again, I was alive, my wyvern was alive, and I found a lighting egg. Only level 60, though. Still, I took it, I escaped from the angry wyverns, and I uploaded it. Then I hunted for a bit and fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded and checked the egg. Not good stat-wise, female, kept to see if it looks good, some colors seemed interesting.

Unpodded wyverns for more raising.

Goldy the blood wyvern is now adult, moved him to the rest and podded his dad. Bred blood wyverns. Lightnings, too. nothing good.

Took my strongest lighting, went hunting. Killed a bunch of stuff, got her some levels. Could achieve that faster with my breedjects, but I'm not wasting those on an ugly wyvern. They're for my final one.

Podded the still-growing wyverns.

(Official PVE, Valguero, evening) Unpodded wyverns again, did a milk run, fed them.

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Went for eggs again. There were three lightnings! 165, 175, 185! Wyverns, not eggs. The didn't lay any eggs. Greedy lizards.

All that was near them were some 85-95 poison eggs and an 85 fire one.

Stole three poisons and a fire, ate two of the poisons leaving just one 95, went to the obelisk, crashed.

Logged back on, uploaded eggs, returned home.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Bred blood wyverns again, only two were ready. Keeping one baby, female, mut stats inherited, will raise her to use. Downloaded eggs, aaand they're no good. Ugly colors, I don't even need to hatch them to see that. hatched last time's lighting, nope, doesn't look interesting.

Checked how long the lighting and poison I'm raising can last for (well, only the lightning, since she has only half poison's food, so any time she may last poison will last for sure), and it's about 9 hours, so I'm leaving them out for now and will check on them later. For now that's all.


Checked on the wyverns, doing fine. Did a milk run and fed them. While on the milk run saw a carcha, but it was only 85, not gonna bother with that. No way it would end up better than what i already have. Plus it was near a giga and I'm not in the mood to lure that away (the giga was 130. Blue. The nice kind of blue, not too bright. But I like my black-brown ones well enough, so I'm not gonna bother taming it just for color).

I might check on the wyverns again later, but aside form that it's all for today.

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Killing all my obsolete dinoes using Fire Wyvern, kinda sad to see them go like this, I tamed, bred and named each and every one of them, but it has to be done since they no longer have any use like at all and keep piling up while I breed new and better dinoes. I hope the game have a better method for removing unwanted dinoes / despawn them, but this works too, just game. ☠️




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(Official PVE, Valguero) Wyverns were already adult, bred them all. Kept three eggs (2 poison, one sure to look good, other a maybe, 1 lightning, good stats, male, both of the father's good colors inherited, will be my main lightning until I get one with all the best colors on it).

Tried for a blue-striped white carcha, nope, egg didn't get the right colors.

Went to check for carchars, only found an 80 and the colors weren't good (I mean, she had white stripes, that's nice, but I'm not wasting a baby rex just to get white stripes and no other good colors whatsoever). In the snow giga still was there... And stuck!

So I decided to get him. And to see if I can do it with a crossbow. I never tried to get a giga with a crossbow. No a single time!

So I went back home. Made a crossbow form a 298% BP, over 700 durability. Made tranq arrows, 400+, I know how bad my aim is. Plus accidents can happen (and did!). Took narcotics, kibble, elixir, cryopod, went there, started shooting.

Now, about the accident. Player-related. Some dude with a rifle decided to help, ruining purity of the experiment. And also making the giga his to tame. But it wasn't tame-stealing, since he left right after the giga dropped and never came back. So, obviously, just a misguided attempt at assistance. I was too busy shooting to tell him not to shoot, hence the whole mess.

So I waited for the giga to wake up. Started shooting again. Shot all the arrows I had left, and he still stood.

Now, I remind you: no arrow-taming gigas has happened to me before. None. Shock darts only, not counting the time when I used regular, saw that it's not gonna work, and switched for shock.

So I thought that that's it, no giga for me, he ain't droppin'.

So I started blasting him with my blood wyvern. Went at it for a minute or two.

And then he, very nearly dead, finally dropped.

 I checked around - nope, no unwanted help this time, just 200+ arrows worth of narcotics finally caught up to him.

So I put kibble in him, one good thing to come out of that mishap was that he was hungry right away. Got him tamed, podded him, brought him home. Named him Iceberg.

He's not a stat breeder, only got 31 point melee, while my best non-mut is 36 and best overall is 38. But ActualBlack on back and Glacial on body? Yeah, I'm keeping that. That's one good-looking giga.

Podded him for later, bred my actual stat gigas, and carchars, and tek rexes, and tropeos.

Nothing stays. Had some sort of black-on-back mut on a giga, but it was stam, plus I already have the best black on back on Iceberg.

The wyvern eggs were ready, hatched them. The dubious one was no good, the other two staying, podded for later.

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns.

Bred wyverns, gigas, carchars, rexes and tropeos, one lightning wyvern stays.

Unpodded and killed some old stuff I no longer need, podded some of the dinos I had out but wasn't using.

Hunted with Tyranid Eater (my megatherium) for a while.

Returned home, hatched the one wyvern egg I kept, podded baby for later. Podded lightning and poison wyvern, blood stays out, I want to see if it'll survive (it's not an important one, so no big deal if it doesn't). That's all for today.

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Did the Sulfur Caverns on Svartalfheim. I brought the best gear from Raptor Claus and a bit of cooked stuff, as well as 4 dimorphs since I didn't know if they would even fit through the crouch passage at the entrance. There aren't any videos on that cave yet, but I heard it had wyverns. What I didn't expect was that these have cave levels. I repeat, you're forced to do this on foot. Of course we got totally wiped. RIP my favourite aberrant otter. I grabbed all the dimorphs I still had in the fridge, coming out to 18, as well as more rocket launchers for the rubble golem that cut off our retreat, and tried to do a more controlled step-by-step approach. That worked well for a while, except that my armour got broken right out of the gates. I tried to have both cactus broth and bug repellant on just in case. It all went to hell when one especially mean wyvern grilled half my flock and I had to respawn inside the cave. After a while however, all the enemies in the immediate area were dead and I could get the two artifacts. More chaos ensued on the way out when a cave rex decided to spawn right in the exit tunnel, and then I got killed twice by the same lv 1020 bat. I crawled out of the cave with 3 bloody dimorphs and naked. Built a little monument for my otter and went home. Nekatus lol'd at me on the Discord. All in all, excitement and fun were had, but I don't need to do this again, ever.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Bred wyverns (lightnings and bloods), one blood and one lightning staying (lightning got right colors, well, some of them, blood got a mut and I want to see if it looks any good). Bred carchars, rexes and gigas, nothing good.

Hatched last time's poison egg, yep, it stays. Looks as good as it can considering parents.

Topped up gens, back to 30 in each. From vault, still not in the mood to feed gachas.

Hunted for a bit and grabbed two RC presents (nothing good in them).

And that's all for today.

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i loggon abb and i found my reaper king dead so i ask the admin what happened and he said it was lagging his town from across the map and i was vary sad i built the grave for him and left the server i was upset since it was my very first reaper king that i earned i keep killing the reaper queen and dieing to radiation cuz of my hazer was primitive and it was a pain lv 450 dead lv 500 dead lv 200 finally got it low and not killed it

rip first reaper king died to abusive admin

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2 hours ago, prosans said:

rip first reaper king died to abusive admin

A single reaper lagged out his game, and he rage killed it instead of cryopodding it? Yes, doesn't sound like a server one wants to be on. I'm very sorry. I lost my unofficial server to admin bullsh**tery last fall and still miss it despite everything.


- - -

Aberration with friends. We wanted to get our rock drakes flight ready before Winter Wonderland ended. That meant a rushed jump back into the red zones to get gems. After that, I took the one terrible drake I had to look for more eggs, but there wasn't a single one. Our dino level cap is just 30, so the drakes run out of stamina constantly. You can level them to 1.1k in a reasonable time, but that's without a single level in health. The guys are getting a wholly wrong idea of what kind of tame drakes are. Then we looked at the SW surface area and had a few successful runs, however Raptor Claus didn't drop any good BPs for us. A couple of times our drakes stamina ran out shortly before the exit, in which case I just had to take the damage and then walk slowly up a wall. There wasn't always a wall available. Like for example, just when the sun came up, I couldn't see the exit anymore and finally had at least four reapers on me. I just chucked out tames that I thought could fight, then my drake and my bulbdog died and so did I. I don't know if the room was just very cold but I was legit shaking like a chihuahua when I got to the respawn screen. But no further death messages followed, despite the sun rising. Tribemates tried to help as soon as it got dark again and they'd finished cleaning up their own messes (courtesy of pouncy raptors). However, almost everything I had out there died, including my best spino. Only my favourite megalosaurus made it. And even that was something we could only pull off because we had the death recovery mod that gives you back anything that was in your inventory. We fed all the Xmas coal and mistletoes to Gacha Clauses but still didn't get anything that actually helped us. Base looks real festive now, though. I love that map, not a boring minute.


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Since yesterday I did pretty much nothing, yesterday and today will be in the same post. So:

Yesterday, (Official PVE, Valguero): hatched wyverns, podded lightning, left blood out (and yes, it does look good).

Today, in the morning, (Official PVE, Crystal Isles): got crystals, uploaded them. Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed wyvern, imprinted it.

Just now: (Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Got three more crystals, uploaded them.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed wyvern, imprinted it again. Bred lightning wyverns and the carcha pair. One wyvern stays and the carcha finally stays! Albino on back, blue spikes, blue webbing, BigFoot4 on underbelly, female, 28 melee inherited. I'll raise her and breed her back to her father until I get one with that melee and all the same colors except with stripes also blue, and that'll be my final-until-I-mutate-something-better carcha.

And that's all for today.

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On 1/2/2023 at 11:59 PM, L4D2 said:

trying to get a high level carcha to spawn on center , all i got so far is 5 gigas and a low level carcha, all having fun together at the beach


6 giga/carcha , did you get them from one spawn place or several ? How long is giga/carcha spawn interval ?





Tamed max level Tek Rex and a bit lower from max, both beat my normal Rexes stats I bred for two weeks. 😩

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3 hours ago, DonaldDuck said:

6 giga/carcha , did you get them from one spawn place or several ? How long is giga/carcha spawn interval ?

i get them from the same spot (snow north) respawn is very fast , by the time you lure them to the sea, an other one respawn, then after sometimes they stop spawning , i don't know if there is a limit or if one spawn under the mesh preventing anymore respawn,

i haven't been lucky lately, out of 20-25 giga/carcha that a manage to spawn , not a single carcha worth taming, the highest was  lv100

they do spawn on lava island too, but i don't recommend taming them there , there is not enough dino around to get 100 kills within 10 minutes, i tamed one there and i lost a lot of effectiveness (pve official)

going to keep looking until i find one with 40 melee (got 2 already with 41 points but in useless oxygen and speed)

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Again, yesterday and today are rolled into one post. So:

yesterday, (Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched new carcha and put it with the maewing. And unpodded an old light blue giga for raising too, because if I don't remember about it no it'll just sit in my fridge forever. Unpodded wyverns as well.

Tried to do a milk run, suffered a disconnect (my Wi-Fi's fault, not the server's fault), it took a lot of tries to log back on for long enough to get my sino and milkrun wyvern back, so I deemed things too unstable to actually play, repodded wyverns, and that was all.

Today, morning: (Official PVE, Valguero) Imprinted carcha and giga.

Today, just now: imprinted them again, added more meat to the troughs. Topped up generators back to 30 in each.

Did a milk run, THEN unpodded wyverns and fed them.

Bred gigas and carchars, nothing good.

Hunted with my current main carcha. Even killed a wild giga (level 20)! Pretty sure bleed worked. But it didn't save the giga anyway. Maybe I don't need to look for high level carchars anymore and can just use and mutate from 28 melee that I already have.

Fed dinos, turned out I neglected the big carnivore trough for long enough that carchars were down to half food. Well, good I noticed it at half, not at zero!

Fed gachas a bit (8 stacks of arrows for each), put element into the vault.

Added more flowers to the beehives (and I should make more repellant some time soon. Running low).

Repodded wyverns.

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Logged on to find a wild argent in my base. Very considerate of it to be there right when I needed some meat for my dinos!

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos.

And that's all for today.

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With event finally over I was able to properly play, as it no longer lags like hell. So!

(Official PVE, Valguero) Did a milk run right away. Then unpodded wyverns, fed them. Imprinted carcha and giga, normal way and then with an elixir.

Bred carchars, gigas, blood wyverns, tropeos. One carcha stays: male, melee mut (that brings my carchars to 30 melee).

Hunted with my current main carcha, topped up tek troughs.

Fed gachas for a while, most ele went into generators.

My wyverns ended up getting pretty hungry while I was at it, so I did another milk run and spotted a 145 male carcha at Glacial Throughway.

Fed wyverns. Took shotgun, ammo, some baby rexes, an elixir, and went to get that carch.

Fed him one baby, got him to 22%. Waited for him to lose remaining bit of friendliness.

Ended up getting killed by him because as I was picking a nice safe spot to wait my PC decided to waste resources on something not ARK, so I got a bit of lag, and next thing I knew I was on the ground with carcha chomping me.

Respawned (and it took forever, because I did it back at my base. I never EVER remember to pack soem sleeping bags when going to do something risky. That's just the stupid way I am). Took a spare sino and a tropeo, went back, retrieved my stuff and would you believe that? My proper sino was alive! So I threw away the spare and took my real one.

Killed another rex, tried to feed it to the carcha, a rhino spawned nearby, carcha ate that, I had to escape, he rage-ate the rex so no friendship.

Waited for the carcha to calm down, unpodded a rex... Oops, too close to the edge, it fell and was eaten alive.

Unpodded another, killed, fed to the carcha, rode carcha killing stuff, got him another 20 or so %.

Let him lose what was left of the friendship.

Befriended again, got to 66%.

Befriended again, 70%, and then elixir (could probably get him full tamed without it, but I tend to fall to my death when I do that, as the naming prompt means I can't use my sino in time).

He tamed with 150% melee. That's 26 points. Worse than my best. And 39 points wasted on speed.

At least colors are okay. Don't think I'll be taming any more carchars. At this point I'm pretty convinced that I won't get out of the wild anything better than what I already have.

Podded carcha, returned home with it, my wyvern, and my tropeo.

Repodded baby wyverns, killed an alpha rex nearby, and that's all for today.


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