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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official PVE, Valguero) Turns out I forgot to turn mating off on blood wyverns last time I bred them, so I had 4 unplanned eggs. Kept one (clean female, mostly good stats).

Carchar is nearly adult. Good. Named him Carcharles.

Checked spawns, no carchars. One giga, 15, on Weather Top - took my main one there and killed the wildie.

Spent some more time clearing and checking spawns, nothing.

Bred rexes, no luck again. Only stays for carcha bait.

Fed gachas, 9 ele split between gens, 10 went into the vault (ninth stack almost finished!). That's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Lost island) Fed dinos. Uploaded the pods I had since my amarga failure.

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Base nearby decayed. A while ago, I guess, I just haven't noticed, judging by the fact that the only vault there was ready for breaking. Destroyed it, in it were some tranq darts and 2 rifles, 190+ damage and 240+ (I don't remember exact numbers). Now, the 190 is nothing special. I can make that and even a bit better. That 240, though? Can't make anything like THAT. Uploaded them. Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the stuff. Moved Carcharles to the others, bred carchars and gigas. One carcha egg staying, clean 20 melee female. Had one new mut on a giga, but it was on oxygen and color wasn't worth keeping.

Bred tropeos, 2 eggs staying, males, nearly same stats (1 point difference in weight). I'll hatch both and then keep one I like more.

Bred blood wyverns, one egg staying for now, just to see if the mut looks good. Might stay for real  if it does.

Fed gachas for a while.

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched eggs from last time. Put carcha with the maewing. As for the tropeos and wyvern - killed the wyvern, mutation not even visible (as for stat - it was a food mut, so color would have been its only redeeming quality). Tropeos - one egg yielded twins, other single. Not looking different enough to make a choice based on color, and, as I said before, their important stats were near-identical. So I kept one whole level I liked more. 208 is just neat. Put him with the maewing, too.

Bred carchars and gigas, one carchar stays (or not. But I'm pretty sure one egg was 20 melee, female, and I kept it).

Checked carcha spawns, nothing. Again - nothing. Grabbed two Raptor Claus presents, nothing good.

Hunted for a bit.

Checked spawns again. 145 female giga on Weather Top spawn, otherwise nothing. Tried to tame her, since I have higher chances of achieving that than of killing her.


I like to think that some of that running was torpor running.

Good thing I didn't even really want her, just wanted her to go away in some way. Not that I achieved even that - didn't chase herl all that far away form the spawn. Someone will probably tame her by the time I play next, so she'll be gone and hopefully replaced with a nice carcha in any case, so it's all good. As for why I didn't drown her - never had much luck with that on wyvern, and by the time I realized that sino-hovering keeps the giga's attention pretty much glued to me, I was too invested in shooting the damn thing with shock darts.

Returned home, put the rifle away, put more meat into tek troughs for carcha, podded tropeo (I want to get him to 100% imprint, and with how long it sometimes takes me to remember about ARK, it's better not to leave relatively-fast growing things out if I intend on 100%), and that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Forgot to unpod tropeo, so no jet-bird raising happened today.

Went looking for carchars. Found none at first. There was a giga on Weather Top spawn, 135, but I decided to not be nice today, so instead of leaving it alone I used my new knowledge of sino-hovering being a damn good way to lead a wild giga wherever you want and perfectly executed a giga execution via drowning. Looted the heart, of course. Wouldn't do to leave a perfectly good trophy to the sharks.

Found a carcha after all, full event colors (not that I care much), level 45, female. Tamed, for the lack of better options. She ended up with 12 points melee, 12 points stam. On one hand, melee as one of the two highest stats! Cool! On other hand, melee still sucks. Stays because female and maybe I could find an use for some of her colors. Named her Envy, because the colors are certainly something that'd make more vivid color-appreciating players envious. While I was taming her my wyvern got killed by an elemental, so I had to return home on sino.

Returned home. Hatched last time's eggs, put carcha with the maewing. Put more meat into maewing and troughs. Topped gens back up to 30 in each. From vault, didn't feel like feeding gachas today.

Unpodded a new blood wyvern for carcha-running.

Bred carchars and blood wyverns, one carchar stays (clean 20 melee female), one wyvern stays (male, best stats, will be another disposable carcha-runner)

Looked for carchars some more, nothing. Returned home again, noticed I was half-way to next level. Apparently, beta Manticore I did as a part of Valg's boss fight a long time ago counted for ascension. Wonder if intentional or will get fixed (since, you know. Done on a free map. maybe not supposed to count. Because free map). If extra levels are staying, then I guess once I'm proper level for that I'll make one last trip to LI to pick up TEK bow and Phase pistol engrams - bow for the sake of it, pistol because I actually have a few, looted from a decayed base, but can't use them due to not having the engram.

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded the tropeo.

Went looking for carchars, spent a fair bit of time on that. Only found a level 15. Tamed (easier than killing), podded, left in one of the community center refrigerators (not fridge because though fridge is present there, it is not unlocked). It probably won't make whoever finds it happy, seeing as it got no melee points at all, but leaving it there was the first idea I had and I tend to go with the first idea.

Returned home, did a wood run with rollrat, stone and flint runs with elem and mantis, made a ton of gunpowder.

Got one Raptor Claus present, nothing good in it aside from a bit of dust.

Checked for carchars two more times, nothing.

Hatched eggs form last time and podded for later.

Bred gigas, carchars, wyverns, rexes and tropeos. Rex is carcha bait as usual (they're very stubborn about not inheriting the right stats), one wyvern egg stays (clean female, good stats, will be a breeder), one tropeo egg stays too (also clean good stat female).

Wandered around killing everything with my carcha Furious, returned home, imprinted tropeo, hatched wyverns and rex, podded them. Wyvern egg was triplets, by the way.

That's all for today. Unless I decide to refresh sidebases in the evening. But on main? Certainly all for today.

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(Official PVE, Lost Island) Decided to try for magmas today. There was one egg in first cave (level 50, no magmas in the cave) and two in the second (20 and 95, magmas present). Settled for the 50. I like safety.

Uploaded the egg, on my way to nearest beacon found a  decayed base. Nothing good in it, but still looted and uploaded some stuff. Started my way home, but went by wyvern trench, saw that it has the MEGA TRAP (you know. Like milking trap, but you can fit a whole trench in there. For safe escapes) near the exit and decided, why not? So in I went, got one wyvern's attention with my pistol, trapped, killed, another, another, then stole an egg (55, lightning. Good. Lightning ones still don't look nearly as cool as fire or ice, but at least they're not poison). Wyverns deeper in the trench aggroed, trapped them, shot a few, got away, uploaded egg, returned home, fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the stuff, put eggs into incubator. Gonna raise the magma, not great and only 2 melee, but might do something with colors. Maybe. Wyvern only stays until I get something better: colors are really stupid. Unpodded drakes and blood wyverns for a bit of raising. Made some grenades for the new tropeo.

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Took chainsaw, went to get venom, and o miracle of miracles! Despite it being an event, all the nodes were there! harvested one, uploaded venom, hunted a bit, fed dinos, put the chainsaw away.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded venom and fed drakes. Repaired old shotgun and made a new one, made 600+ ammo. Uploaded older one and 500 ammo.

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Put away pistol and ammo for it, went for the nearest beacon and downloaded shotgun and ammo for it. Went to try for a better lightning egg.

First I had to kill three wyverns that got out of the trap but didn't lose their interest in me. It was pretty risky, my bat almost died, but i managed.

Then I went in, got attention of a wyvern, trapped, killed, repeated. Did that until it was safe for me to go and check for nests. Unfortunately, the part of the trench that I cleared only had two, and the eggs in them weren't exactly what I looked for: a level 60 fire in a deeper part and a 180 poison. No lightnings.

Took the poison one so that the whole thing won't feel like a complete waste of time. Uploaded, returned home.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded egg. Hatched previous ones, put magma with maewing, podded wyvern for later. The new, poison one is... Not bad, I suppose. Usable stats, health and weight in thirties, stam not far behind, colors don't seem to be too ugly. It stays.

Podded drakes and blood wyverns, and that's all for now (or maybe for today).


Unpodded babies again for more raising. Hatched the poison egg and yeah, for a poison he doesn't look bad.

Waited for a bit (honestly can't remember what I did while waiting), then went for a milk run. Returned home fed wyverns and logged off Valg and on to

(Official PVE, Lost Island). Tried for a better lightning egg. Nope. Nope-nope-nope. There weren't any lightning eggs. Also, I got killed by a poison wyvern, so respawned home, took my tropical, went back, got my loot and bat, killed that wyvern. Checked for lightning eggs again. Nope, nothing. There was a 150 poison one, but I saw its mother. I'm not desperate enough to take THAT. It's ugly. Returned home.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Found a 95 tropical, netted, tranqed, harvested, killed, uploaded crystals, hunted a bit, fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Fed blood wyverns. Podded wyverns and drakes, except for one blood wyvern (I want to see if it'll survive the night on its own). And that's all for today.

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Aberration with friends. Finally continued our game, and it was supposed to be Rock Drake day. Three of the four of us never did this before so I wound up talking and talking and hoping I wasn't going to send everyone to their doom and ruin their evening. Ab looks fantastic with the 100% event colors WW going on currently, so we kinda got distracted. I improved our megalos a bit and filled the base with Bulbdogs while my friend added as many colourful glowing ovis as she could get her hands on. My partner worked on his diplo project. Finally we saddled our spinos and trekked to our secondary base in the blue zone, where we found that our defenses didn't work and lots of stuff was getting destroyed. Over 8 hours into the gaming session we still hadn't made our move, instead getting into really silly problems and I began to think our group just wasn't ready. But then we actually went ahead and down. Took a wrong turn and immediately had multpile reaper queens on us. That too was a first for most of our players. Everyone was equal parts terrified and amazed. But with four people working together and helping each other manage their charge pets, we didn't run into anything we couldn't overcome. In the end we had a breeding pair of rock drakes, no amazing levels but now getting better ones is going to be a piece of cake. If only we hadn't neglected to bring red gems for a saddle!

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the wyvern. Alive, and can still last some more time. Unpodded others.

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Another try at a better lightning egg. Nnnnope. No lightning eggs whatsoever. Grabbed a 185 poison because I want to get at least something. Checked for magmas, too - two 55 eggs. Not good enough, left them. Grabbed five or six RC presents (nobody else was hunting, apparently. Nothing particularly good - 2 pods, a 298% crossbow BP, a 90+ megatherium saddle. Uploaded the stuff (had to wait extra-long for megatherium - it only uploaded after second server save since I got it, before that is was timed out on every try).

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Tranqed, harvested and killed a 145 tropical. Uploaded crystals.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Retrieved all the stuff, fed crystal wyverns. Put egg into the incubator, female, some of the colors are alright, better melee and, if I recall correctly, stam than the first one. Stays. Guess I'll be breeding poison wyverns. Still not fond of their looks, but maybe they'll at least be useful.

Checked for carchars, no carchars. Saw two gigas on same spawn, both event colors - one green and red, other cyan plus some sort of pinkish-purple.

Older carcha is adult, replaced my first one with her, bred carchars. No eggs staying, all male. Filled a maewing with meat and added more meat to tek troughs, unpodded two 20 melee carcha female babies from earlier.

Podded drakes and regular wyverns, crystal ones are all staying out. That's all for now.


(Official PVE, Lost Island) Tried to go to the wyvern trench again. Got disconnected. Died to a piranha.

Tried to go get my loot and bat. Got disconnected. Died to a troodon.

Went again to get my wyvern, bat, and, if it's still there, loot.

And got it all, no disconnects this time.

Returned owl and wyvern home, went to the trench. Nope. Nope-nope-nope.

No lightning eggs, only lightning wyvern I saw close enough to the nests in the safe-ish part to maybe spawn an egg there was busy being burned by lava (wyvern's favorite past-time: fiery suicide!). Nothing worth stealing, only egg was a level 20 poison. And just outside the trench there was a 165 poison wyvern and a 185 alpha one, so stealing anything wouldn't be a good idea anyway. Returned home with nothing.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Netted, tranqed, harvested and killed three wyverns. Uploaded crystals.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals and fed blood wyverns. Hatched new poison and podded for later. That's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Lost Island) Went for eggs again. There was only a level 25 lightning egg, but I saw the mother and there were some decent colors on her, so I took it. Uploaded the egg.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Moved newly grown blood wyverns to the spot I decided to use as a wyvern breeding part of the base. Killed both old, wild-tame females. Bred blood wyverns, no eggs staying (no muts. Bad stats are now impossible, every wyvern's the same).

Unpodded lightning and poison wyverns, downloaded new egg and put it into the incubator. male, good, since my first one is female. The good colors on new one are ActualBlack (on body) and DarkMagenta (on wings. And yeah, DarkMagenta is good in my opinion. Way better than regular). With that from him and DinoAlbino fins and DarkMagenta belly from the first one I'll be able to make something that actually looks decent.

Bred gigas, carchars, rexes and triopeos. One tropeo stays for breeding (clean female, all good stats), rex is carcha bait again.

Did a milk run, fed wyverns. Waited for new one to hatch, put him with the rest.

Made some shotgun ammo, since I was running low on it back on LI sidebase.

Fed the new wyvern remaining milk (raising him will be tough. Lil' guy will basically have to be force-fed until nearly adult, that's how low his food stat is). Podded wyverns, uploaded shotgun ammo.

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Downloaded ammo, went for eggs again. Saw a 155 lightning wyvern! But too far from the nests. Shot her to get her attention, trapped her (trap's close to at least one nest spot)... But she killed my bat and then me. Respawned, took wyvern, went back there, got my loot, got past the wyvern, and she laid an egg! I took it and flew away, speed and attack range of the angry lightning wyvern being no match for my tropical's speed.

Uploaded the egg, returned home.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the egg and put it into incubator. it's female. Atrocious colors (no surprise here. I've seen its mom and she's ugly), but finally usable stats: 29 health, 28 weight, 24 stam and 24 melee. Like I said, usable. Not good but it'll do. When combined with colors from the previous two it'll be an actually somewhat nice wyvern.

And that's all for today.

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Was killing wild dinoes yesterday because I wanted to clear spawn slots for Thylacoleo to replace, suddenly a microraptor dismounted me and there were TRODONS, a few of them, and 3 terror birds, managed to kill a few but my char still died. I had pistol in my 6th hotkey bar though, but I have a habit to put all stuffs into my snow owl inventory ( I use snow owl for my daily ride), and the ammo for the pistol was in my snow owl so I could not use this pistol and died melee-ing those trodons and terror birds.


Seems like smaller creatures can sometimes be more dangerous than even a Rex, I can stand off mount with the presence of a rex, but not with microraptor in an area with other wild dinoes present lol. This happened a LOT when Raptor could still jump me but not anymore now since Raptor seems to have been changed from the last time I played. But kinda like real life, we're not afraid of tigers and lions anymore now but the smaller 'creatures' such as virus and bacteria are more lethal nowadays.


Some creatures I don't want to be around with or to attack unless on a Rex (since he's tall and safe from sneaky dinoes) are : microraptor, stegosaurus, kaprosuchus (it is actually weak though I can kill it with a sword as long as I have it in my hotbar). Imo primitive flak should have more durability like maybe twice from it is now so I can repair it less often. It is actually good enough to buy time for killing dinoes when dismounted. Above primitive is kinda rare for flak.

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Svartalfheim, after the big update. I leveled up my dimorphs to 3k health and went off to the Aberration cave with 8 of them. I also brought a simple pistol with almost 500 dmg just in case, which turned out to be a good move. Not only did I use up all my ziplines but had to do some precise shooting as well. Things were calm in the beginning. When we got to the big drop, I was preparing to fix a zip line and whistle my dinos to attack from the next plateau - but suddenly I found myself tumbling into the death river because a snake had snuck up on us. I readied my climbing picks and clambered up, fixing the line in reverse - but my ravager had already jumped in as it fought its own battle, accompanied by all my dimorphs. I ran around, whistling the flock on targets, abort useless battles, regroup, and shot the sarcos and piranha that were after the ravager. The dimorphs kept me safe from karkinos, but the enemies kept coming and the battle never really calmed down. Spinos especially just swat the flock like flies, dealing damage to the whole swarm at once. One of the dimorphs died, and I pulled out the pumpgun and helped them. I even managed to direct the poor ravager back onto land. We had more dicey situations with spinos in the next part, I tried to tame a green one but instead, it came at us hard. Still, it felt like we were making slow progress. Then on to the artifact room, where I could have avoided most of the seeker battles but didn't know where to go at first. Finally had the artifact... didn't bring the otter so I guess we'll have to go through this hell again to get more, or use a fjordhawk in a cheeky way. But we had to go back through the whole cave to get out. I dropped into the death river two more times, each time with more karkinos, spinos and piranha coming after us, chaotic battles ensuing. In the end, four of the dimorphs made it out again. One is dead and I had to abandon three which I couldn't find. I feel a bit bad about this but there is no choice. This was harrowing. We had to fight tooth and nail, loot drops were horrible, lost half our squad, but the Artifact of the Devourer is ours!

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns, hatched the new one, too. Made some gunpowder, went to get milk, but since way from my base to the trench is above Weather Top, I couldn't help but take a look... And there, beside a 145 giga, was a 140 male carchar!

I turned around. I podded wyverns, I took shotgun, and elixir and baby rexes.

I went there, befriended the carchar... Got him to 64% in one go! But with the giga there I was a bit limited in where I could go, and by then the area that was safe was already empty. So I had to dismount and let him lose friendliness and befriend him again. But I couldn't get away from the dead baby rex in time and he killed me. He killed me in one bite, despite all the armor! That's how I knew that this one will be different. It'll be good.

I respawned, took tropeo, went back there, took my loot... And fell of a cliff. I'm very used to relying on sinos, and mine died to the carchar's second bite. So, there I am again! Dead.

Respawned again, took griffin and one of my spare sinos.

Back to carchar, got loot, befriended, finished tame. 160% damage! That's 28 points. Now that's not something most players would be so happy about, but please remember that the best I ever got on a carchar before was 20 points. So that's a big step towards good carchars for me.

I named him Pale Horror (his main color is DinoAlbino), podded him, podded griffin and wyvern, and went back home on tropeo.

I podded my previous breeder carcha Carcharles, and into the leveling fodder fridge he went. He'll stay there until I get, hatch, and raise my proper lightning wyvern, and then he'll be used to get some levels onto it.

I unpodded Pale Horror in his place and immediately bred carchars. Unfortunately, no egg inherited his melee. They're staying anyway - for leveling purposes.

Unpodded wyverns again, did a milk run, fed them.

Did a wood run, some went into vault, most to the forge.

Did a stone/flint run, made a ton of sparkpowder.

Bred gigas, rexes and crystal wyverns. Gigas staying as leveling fodder, rex FINALLY good (45 health, 49 melee, male, which was what I was trying to get all along), and one wyvern is male with a melee mut so of course it stays 9color not too bad either. Dark purple of some sort, I don't remember the color number, but looks nice).

Podded wyverns and that's all for today. Fjordur and CI sidebases will wait until tomorrow, since that's when I'll start raising new wyvern and continue raising the drakes.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns and drakes. Hatched new crystal wyvern (color, unfortunately, isn't on a visible region. oh well, not my last mutation. Hopefully), new rex, and two sinos. Started raising all that.

Made some more gunpowder.

Bred carchars and gigas, almost all carchars inherited new melee, so once eggs are ready, I'll pick the best-looking one to raise. Gigas are all bad.

Did a milk run, fed wyverns. Grabbed two RC presents, but they were just awful. Waste of time.

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Got venom, uploaded, harvested some meat, fed dinos, put the chainsaw away.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded venom, fed drakes. Imprinted them. hunted with Furious for a bit, since the lowest level wyvern is now safe-ish to leave alone for a bit.

Gathered some wood, put it all into the forge.

Did another milk run and fed wyverns again.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Netted, tranqed, harvested and killed a level 60 tropical, uploaded crystals. Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed blood wyvern. Podded regular wyverns and sinos. Drakes and blood wyvern should be good to stay out. That's all for today. All that's serious, anyway. Might check on drakes and wyvern after some time, but I wouldn't count that as actually playing.


Checked on drakes and wyvern, and, well, a bit of actual playing was required since I was really unsure if they're actually good to stay out with no additional feeding. And I'm glad I did feed them, not just because now they'll definitely survive, but also because...

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Took chainsaw, went into the cave, harvested a node (12 venom). Grabbed a crate and in it was a rex BP. An 86.2 rex BP! My previous best was just 71. Finally! So I waited until server save, uploaded it and the venom. Returned home, put the chainsaw away.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded venom and BP, fed drakes. Now, with 5000+ food each, they're sure to last until adulthood.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Found, netted, tranqed, harvested, and killed a level 85 tropical. And lucky lucky me! By the time I got to the nearest beacon it was just a few seconds to save, so I didn't have to wait long to upload the crystals.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Fed wyvern.

And now that's absolutely all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns and sinos. Drakes are now adult, I named the blue feathered one (he is now Varactyl) and podded the purple-feathered one and my old one.

Went hunting with Varactyl, got him some levels. Couple points went to weight, a few to health (just to bring it to 10000), plenty to stam until it was at 2000, and any points he gains form that point will be for melee.

Podded one of the now-grown female carchars, put the other into one of my old breeders' place.

Bred carchars and gigas.

Hatched last time's carchars and... No. Nothing looks good, they're all leveling fodder. One of the new eggs looks slightly promising, though. Just a bit. As for gigas - all bad, every single one.

Hunted with Furious, got him another level. Returned home, lowest level wyvern was at about 400 food, so I went to get milk. Got back, fed wyverns, the lowest level one was actually able to eat on his own this time!

Podded wyverns and sinos, that's all. Maybe for now, maybe for today.


Unpodded wyverns and sinos again. While they were growing, went to the Beaver lake and did a bit of a cement run. Don't exactly need it - I have enough that I sometimes grind a bit when I need chitin or stone, but just to do something.

Then took my hoversail, wandered around on it.

Returned home, put hoversail away, imprinted wyverns, podded them and the sinos, and that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Lost Island) Took my tropical wyvern and went to the trench. Got a 55 lightning, nothing chased me, but I still flew away pretty far just in case. Waited for server save, uploaded egg at nearest beacon, went back.

Went deep this time, luring wild wyverns away but... Not much good to get there. Took a 155 poison, that was the only thing worth bothering with.

Went to green beacon, uploaded egg, hunted, returned home, fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Rex is adult now, moved him to his place. Unpodded wyverns and sinos.

Hatched carchars, one baby stays for raising: female, teal spikes, Dino Albino body, BigFoot4 underbelly. Webbing is green and spots are brown, but that can be fixed, I'll just breed her to Toxic Rage once she's adult until I get a nice white, teal-spiked baby with his blue spots and webbing.

Bred carchars again, nothing worth keeping (doesn't matter, since I already have one worth raising).

Downloaded new wyvern eggs and put them into incubator. Poison one has 30 stam, that's better than my other ones. Some of the colors on them both looked promising, but, of course, a post-hatch look is necessary to really see if they're any good.

Hunted with Furious, then did a milk run, fed wyverns. Imprinted sinos.

New eggs are finally ready, hatched them and poison one is pretty great, color-wise. Green belly and lips clash with the rest, but fortunately one of my other two has blue ones, so it's nothing that can't be fixed with a bit of breeding. The lightning one doesn't look too good, but she has Dino Albino top scales, so she stays, as that'll look better with what I plan my final lightning to look like than what my previous ones have.

Podded all the wyverns and that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Imprinted carcha and added more meat to the tek troughs for her. Bred rexes (no new muts, they're all carcha bait).

Leveled a new sino on breedject gigas and carchars, 4000 stam, any points from now on will go into weight. Got a level (or two, already forgot) for myself, too.

Took old sino in a pod, traveled to a LI server, grabbed tek bow and phase pistol engrams. And astrodelphis saddle, unlikely I'll ever get one, but I don't plan on any more server jumps, so better take it just in case.

Returned to Valg, no accidents, no scary mid-transfer lags/disconnects. Tried out a phase pistol. Seems pretty fun and useful, glad I learned the engram for it.

That's all for now.


Unpodded wyverns, imprinted carcha again.

Did a flint run, made a ton of arrows.

Bred carchars, gigas and blood wyverns. Carchars and gigas no good, but one of the blood wyverns is great: male, mut melee inherited and a new mut on stam.

Went to get milk for the wyverns, got disconnected right near the trench. Logged back on to a dead sino, a near-dead wyvern, and got pushed off a rock by a wolf, which was all it took since I was also nearly dead.

Respawned, took second new sino, took tropeo, went back there, killed two wyverns that were chasing mine with tropeo's grenades, and he took care of the last one himself after I set him to neutral.

Killed wolves, got my stuff back.

Milked a wyvern, returned home, fed wyverns, healed the milk-runner up, unpodded more carchars and gigas and leveled the new sino. Also, got my own last levels from that. Yep, I'm 125 now!

Filled a maewing and unpodded all of my baby tropeos.

Took Furious and went hunting, kept all the hide I got form it and put it in the storage. Might never even need that much, but as I said before, I like having lots of things.

Podded wyverns and that's all for today. Some wyverns maybe would have been fine for the night, but I didn't feel like risking.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns and hatched the new one.

Imprinted carcha. Tropeos are adult not, podded the two low-level wild-tame females and put newly grown all good stats ones in their place (and near their place. I had four new ones).

hatched last time's fail gigas and carchars and podded them.

Bred tropeos, gigas, rexes and carchars. Nothing good, new mut on a giga, but it's on food.

Did a milk run, fed wyverns.

Made some nets, uploaded half of them, logged off Valg and on to

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles). Downloaded nets, gathered some metal and started smelting it to repair the harpoon gun (it's not fully broken, but close).

Netted, tranqed, harvested and killed a level 25 tropical, uploaded crystals, hunted, fed dinos, repaired gun.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed blood wyvern. Took Furious, hunted for a while, put all the hide I got on my hunt into storage.

Podded wyverns and that's all for today.

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