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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official, Valguero) Loaded all the arrows I had left into the gachas. Unpodded drakes. Bred argents, gigas and spinos (and sinos, but I forgot to pick sino eggs up). One argy stays - all black. No right weight, not right health, but it's still a great step towards all-good-stats all-black argy.

Most of the element I got today went into the gens, it's back to 30 in each! Made a new tek canteen.

Once gachas were out of arrows I logged off and onto

(Official, Fjordur). Got 6 venom, killed a karkinos while waiting for the server save (partly to pass the time, but mostly because it was near the boss terminal, which I needed to upload venom). Uploaded venom, returned home, logged off and onto

(Official, Valguero) again. Fed drakes. Waited to imprint the older two (both wanted cuddles), named them. The cyan-and-green male is now Acidic Ocean and the light red-magenta-green female is Radioactive Rose. While I was waiting for imprint I gathered a lot of wood, ground it up for thatch, harvested some flint and fiber and made a ton of arrows to feed the gachas next time.

Podded drakes and that's all for today.

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(The Eärrion Sponsored Mod Map)

Boss fight time. In the end I got not one, but two stego blueprints, so I saddled up my army, grabbed my partner and off we went. Usually, the single player settings make bosses very doable, but the Eärrion Megapithecus was a big unknown. There really isn't much info about it, other than it's a buffed version of the Island Megapithecus and you can bring up to 30 tames. We wanted to try Gamma first. I watched the video again to memorize the straightest path through the turrets into the actual bossfight part of the arena, which is basically straight ahead from the downed spaceship with the ramps.

We had one Yuti with mostly HP pumped to survive the barrage, two sinos, 17 stegos with saddles from 45 to 73 armor and 20k HP, and my partner brought his velonasaur. That was a mistake, since the tek turrets pushed him around and took away any control of his dino. He had to pod it and change to a stego. The doorway we had to find was where I thought it would be but the stegos split up a few times and I had to dismount to get some around a corner. All in all, the Yuti took some significant damage from the turrets but could soak them when needed. 

The boss resisted for a long time, which is unusual for a Gamma with SP settings enabled, and some of our stegos were at half health by the time we were done. The knockback and the way they got shoved around by the monkey minions made the fight pretty dicey, without the Yuti buff maybe we'd have lost some. Alpha seems not doable with the current army. The rewards for the Gamma victory were 94 or so element and some custom tekgrams like exo-mek, dedicated storage, trough and sleeping pod.

Honey production is at a crawl, but I'll try to grind out more veggie cakes, raise a few tanky rexes and hopefully be ready for the Alpha soon.

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded drakes, fed gachas, filled a maewing, hatched argent and put it with the mae, refilled tek trough.

Once gachas were out of arrows, logged off Valg and onto

(Official, Fjordur). Fed dinos, got 4 venom, uploaded it.

Back on (Official, Valguero) retrieved venom and fed drakes. But they could still eat more so I logged off Valg again to get and upload more venom.

On (Official, Fjordur) I got 8 whole venom! And my Wi Fi decided it's time to misbehave again. So I got disconnected, venom decayed, and my drakes nearly ran out of food by the time I was able to log back onto

(Official, Valgueor) to pod them, since feeding them was not happening, apparently.

Once things were more stable I tried to get some venom after all, but the nodes didn't respawn, so that's all for today.

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(Official, Fjordur) Started with this map today since my drakes over on Valg are so very hungry there's no point in unpodding them unless I have food ready. Vent into the cave, killed ravagers, harvested 7 venom, killed drake, seekers, and a lone lamprey (first time seeing it. Didn't now they can crawl on land!), uploaded the venom.

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded drakes, downloaded venom and fed them. Bred gigas, nothing good. Had a mut, but it's purple, weight, on a female, and with mut melee not inherited.

Older argies are now adult, I named them. Podded all previous argy breeders except for Raven - he, newest two, and the full black I have growing are all I need to get all-black all-stats. 

Hunted for deinon eggs, but no luck - the two big nesting grounds went unvisited long enough that eggs were all spoiled, and the nearest small one yielded a single 140 with no good stats. Didn't feel like checking more nests.

Added more meat to the tek trough.

Imprinted and named younger drakes, podded them and the older ones, and that's all for now (but hopefully not for today)


Unpodded drakes again. Hunted for deinon eggs (nothing good). Wandered around.

Once drakes were hungry enough logged off and onto

(Official, Fjordur). Only got 2 venom (whoever harvested before only partially harvested nodes instead of breaking them fully so that they can respawn, so good thing I at least managed to get that much). Uploaded that.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded venom and fed two hungriest drakes. Wandered around some more. After some time logged off and onto

(Official, Fjordur) again. Only got two venom again (well, there were more respawned nodes, but they respawned after I already uploaded the two I got, so waiting for next server save would waste the spoil timer of previous venom)

On (Official, Valguero) fed two hungriest drakes again, podded drakes and that's all for now (or maybe for today).

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Spent way too much time on The Eärrion again. We've brought our base into the Tek age and secured new parts of the structure we've built on. All that cost lots of metal and element, so we needed to restock a bit. Lampposts in the Extinction city tend to spawn double, I'm not complaining and neither is my doedic.

I restarted my rex breeding when I found a really good female. With mutagen being as cheap as it is on this map, she's become the mother to the best boss rexes I ever had, which is something I wasn't expecting. I already had a good saddle blueprint. Slowly the Alpha Eärrion Megapithecus doesn't seem so threatening anymore. (Or I'm going to eat these words soon.)

We went over to the Autumn of Civilization island for loot but instead found huge plantations of all azulberry bushes. At first, my partner took a swing at them with the bronto. It instantly capped out and almost crashed my PC, too. So we used them instead to level our unicorn and equus, wasting millions of azulberries in the process.

I'd also kept my eyes open for better R-velonas. They spawn together with stegos which they attack as soon as they appear and mostly get wasted immediately, but this time I was lucky. We could upgrade our velonas significantly. So it was time for some more violence, rexes needed their levels too, after all. We ushered them all into the jungle. The one with the 0.8% bee chance. There was a bee. We needed rare flowers quickly. So the bronto came out and swung. This time my PC couldn't handle it and crashed. When we reappeared, no more bee.

We took our disappointment out on some amargasaurus, cleaned up our stuff and logged out for today.

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(Official, Fjordur) Got a bit of venom. Ran out of ammo and there was a karkinos at the terminal, so had to go to the ob to upload it. Didn't go all the way back home, since it's a long way and venom is not waiting.

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded drakes, retrieved venom, fed them. Decided that I won't rely on guns anymore for Fjordur, so took Storm (my first breeder male yuty. Full imprint, no muts), leveled him, slapped a 90+ armor saddle on him, repodded and uploaded. Why Storm? Because I needed something that already counts as an apex, but still isn't too big for regular dino gates. And yuties are the only thing I have that match that AND are strong enough to dal with everything that spawns there. Oh, also, the rex is adult, I podded the previous male breeder rex and the mut female and moved the new one into his place.

(Official, Fjordur) Retrieved Storm, finished my way home, took Storm, went to the cave, got venom (more this time). Karkinos was still there, but really easy to deal with. Uploaded venom. Also, looted crates, got a 70 armor allo BP. Cool.

(Official, Valguero) Got venom, fed drakes, fed gachas a lot. Nearly all ele went to the generators. Imprinted drakes.

Bred gigas, rexes and spinos. Spino egg stays (all good stats female, clean).

(Official, Fjordur) Another venom run. 7 venom, uploaded. Fed dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Fed drakes. Fed dinos.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, checked for drops (nnnope), uploaded loot from the last time.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved loot. Took Abaddon and hunted for some time. Returned home, podded drakes, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Vlaguero) Unpodded drakes. Argent is adult now, moved her to the others. Bred argents, all three eggs are staying - one has mut stam, one is all black, and one has the 45 health. Just a bit more work and I'll get an all stats all black.

Took my egg run ice wyvern and went to the trench to kill wyverns for sulfur (for the magma/sino trough. Yes, I know I can use stone for adult magmas. But I like using sulfur) and check if there are any good eggs (there were none).

After that wandered around.

After - tried to grab a deinon egg, got killed by a deinon due to a MASSIVE FPS drop that left me no chance to remount my wyvern. I didn't even take the egg!

Respawned, took another wyvern, went back there, killed deinons. My sino was killed by them, unfortunately. Got attacked by a deino I didn't notice before while grabbing my deathbag, but wasn't killed. Killed the deinon, took the back, and the egg. It was only level 90 so I simply ate it.

Returned home. Logged off and onto 

(Official, Fjordur). And there was a griffin attacking my base. Killed it. Went to the cave. Got 1 venom. Put it into my yuty's inventory to save it longer and tried to wait for at least one more node to respawn, but some dude on a stryder showed up.

Sweeping everything. Just riding back and forth, sweeping everything.

Only by sheer luck I managed to spot a newly-respawned node and harvest it. 3 venom.

Uploaded venom, returned to the base.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded venom, fed drakes, and went right back to

(Official, Fjordur) to try and get more. Nope. Grabbed the crates, though. Not sure what the hell I could ever need a 90+ tapejera BP for, but I took it anyway and uploaded it and the other loot. Paced around the cave, but nothing respawned.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded loot. Waited for younger drakes' imprint. Imprinted them and logged off again for

(Official, Fjordur). And into the cave I went again, and got 6 venom! Uploaded that.

(Official, Valguero) Fed drakes, podded them, and that's all for today. Older two are a bit over 20% grown already!

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I looked around to see how much we lost to the roll back it rolled us back close to 6 days cause my gigas are up the 200 tames we raised in last 4 to 5 days are gone my new fjordur base all tek is gone its back in its box the 310k hard poly we farmed gone take 2 days to get back ug other then that was a great day o.Oo and the new mate pair of 24k 1600 melee shadowmane I payed for are gone to lol :(

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(Official, Valguero) Loaded arrows into gachas. Unpodded drakes.

Hatched new argents, filled a maewing with meat and put the argents with it.

Bred gigas, spinos and rexes. Nothing good.

Stuck with gachas until they were out of arrows. Most ele went into the gens, but I still had some for the vault.

Took a mantis and harvested a lot of flint, made more arrows.

Drakes got hungry enough (but not enough for it to be urgent), so I logged off Valg and onto

(Official, Fjordur). Went into the cave and again. No venom nodes to harvest, some dude on a stryder finishing a ride through the cave.

But since, as I said, my drakes weren't seriously hungry, I simply went out to wander and hunt. Nearly lost my yuty to a pair of high level alpha raptors, but won in the end. Healed the yuty up somewhat by force-feeding him meat, went back into the cave. There were two nodes, I got 3 venom from them. Uploaded it.

(Official, Valguero) Got the venom, fed three hungriest drakes. Waited some time, and logged off for

(Official, Fjordur) again. Into the cave, two nodes, 4 venom plus some loot, uploaded, back to 

(Official, Valguero), got venom and loot, fed drakes, waited for imprint of the two older ones, imprinted them (fully imprinted now!). Hunted, filled tek trough for the new argents, as they're half-way to juvi already. Podded drakes and that's all for today.

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7 hours ago, riceandvegetable said:

For me as an unofficial player, this rustles my jimmies on your behalf. How much of the resources the stryder grabs are just going to be thrown out anyway?

Funny thing here! I went through the thrown out bag, and, apparently, ALL of them! Except for the venom. It was also confirmed in today's brief conversation with the giant robo lag-deer's rider. Sure, I get it - that dude needs venom to feed the drakes. I GET it. But it's not like I need it for non-drake feeding purposes such as exterminating cockroaches, frying savoroots, or smearing on my armor and going on a loot run pretending to be Trazyn the Infinite.

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And today in ARK

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded drakes and loaded gachas up with some arrows. Got enough dust for 15 element plus some extra to make into shards.

Once drakes were hungry enough, logged off and on to

(Official, Fjordur) Well, it's event, so of course there wasn't much venom to get. There was one node, I got 3 venom form it, had a bit of a talk with the stryder rider (initiated by the rider. Dude said that I can "just use a stryder to get lots of venom" and was confused by the fact that I neither have nor even like stryders).

Uploaded what I got.

Still, needed a bit extra punch to compete with the MASSIVE LAGGING HARVEST MACHINE. Can't really change my harvest method (because yuty is really perfect for dealing with any wild dino annoyances I encounter, I'm not about to rebuild my base to fit a magma, and leading a caravan of defenders and harvesters... I don't even do that on main base, why the hell would I put such effort into a side?) So instead back on

(Official, Valguero) I fed three hungriest drakes, made a mindwipe tonic and took my mantis' 203% damage pick. Uploaded pick and the tonic, waited some time just to make sure whoever's in the cave is done and I'll have a chance at getting some food for my drakes.

(Official, Fjordur) Went to te nearest beacon instead of the terminal in the cave. Just for a bit extra time. Got pick and mindwipe, respecced. Lots more melee now. Into the cave I went. With new melee and new pick I was able to harvest nodes faster, not worrying about the stryder rider (same or different - I didn't bother to check) getting it before me. 2 nodes harvested, and that's three venom. Uploaded it.

(Official, Valguero) Fed drakes again.

And since now my drakes were pretty full (this time I fed one who didn't get any last time), I took my desmodus and went to the Abb cave to wander, hunt, and grab loot crates. Nothing good, three fish basket BPs, some glowsticks. Didn't have hazard suit with me so couldn't go to the radioactive part to try and see if it has any better loot to offer.

Spent a few hours in there.

Returned home, imprinted younger drakes, closed ARK for a bit because it was getting REALLY laggy, so I decided my PC needs a bit of rest.

After about half an hour logged on to 

(Official, Fjordur) Got venom, only one node, only 2 venom. Still, uploaded that.

(Official, Valguero) Fed two hungriest drakes, used the drake venom calculator to see how long the one with least food will last at her age (as it turns out, she should be fine for 4 hours), so for now that's all but I'll play more in about three hours.


Okay, not three hors Was too eager to see if the calculator is correct at all so only waited two. So:

(Official, Valguero) Checked on the drakes. Yeah, juuust fine!

(Official, Fjordur) Got 6 venom, uploaded.

(Official, Valguero) Got the venom, fed drakes, double portions went to two hungriest ones. And argents are now adult! I bred the full black male to the 45 health female, and the egg is full black female, health inherited, but weight low.  I'll raise her and breed her to the other male until I'll get an all stats all black, ad that'll be my new argent.

For now that's all but I'll log back on in a few hours because I left the drakes out again.


(Official, Valguero) Checked on the drakes. Still doing fine. Bred gigas, rexes and spinos. Nothing good (had an oxygen mut on a rex, which is worse than no mut at all. Ew.)

(Official, Fjordur) Lowered graphics settings as much as I could without feeling like my eyes are going to ooze out of my skull, in case someone shows up on a stryder, or zooms around with tek armor, or jumps all over the place on a shadowmane... Basically, in case anyone starts doing stuff that makes already low due to event FPS drop to what feels like minus one.

Went into the cave and... Nobody! Not a soul! There were less dinos than usual parked, even!

Only found one node but got 6 whole venom out of it. Uploaded that.

(Official, Valguero) Fed drakes. Hatched new argy and put her with the maewing.

Made new hazard suit, left sino at home, went to the Abb cave... Turns out despite handling rads in the drake cave on Fjordur just fine, desmodus are not immune to rads on Valg. Different kinds of radiation, I guess?

Good thing I noticed him taking damage and turned back in time.

Returned home, took an abb spino, went back. Left bat on a mushroom tree, and went into the rad zone with my spino.

Killed a bunch of stuff, got some crates, but nothing good. Grabbed the artifact, too. Just because I can.

Returned home and podded drakes - despite the event and their age I still don't trust them to stay alive while I sleep. That's all for today.

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It was finally time to face The Eärrion Alpha boss (big custom monke). The army had grown by the 6 rexes with ascendant saddles upwards of 100 armor, all leveled up, plus the 17 stegos with the levels from the first fight, the yuty, two sinos and actually the velona again. My SO wanted to try and stay inside the protection of the stegos on the way through the tek turrets.
We were missing fire and poison talons. For the fire ones we went back into the volcanic chasm and started messing around. Doing so, we found a whole new area of nests and got two very nice ones. However, this prompted all the wyverns that had spawned inside the wall to move, and we basically unleashed hell upon the whole island. Cleaning all those roaming wyverns up took a while.
The poison ones were easier to get. I really love the giant tree where they live. The sheer height with the cityscape below is vertigo-inducing in the best way.
So then it was time for the big battle. The strategy seemed to work, but I had to turn back several times to retrieve stegos and help the velona and its group along. Hard to tell how much damage the rexes got from the turrets before we even found the boss, but it was about five times more per hit than the stegos, despite the vastly superior saddles. Once we engaged the megapithecus, everything went more than smoothly, and the velona helped out a lot. The reward was over 480 element! Yes, thank you! Also more tekgrams it usually doesn't unlock. The rexes suffered 20k damage each despite the expensive saddle, but we lost none.

I still feel there's a lot to explore on the map and I hope the next update won't be all too long. We'll try to build some nice little outposts next (except on Fairy Island, the bug that deletes buildings still exists) and roam the beautiful landscapes on ground mounts. Loving the map, and that fight was satisfying!

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded drakes.

(Official, Fjordur) Went into the cave, got five venom and an 80+ equus BP. Uploaded.

(Official, Valguero) Downloaded venom and BP. Fed drakes. All are at 2000+ food now. For now that's all, will check on the drakes again in a few hours.


Drakes: checked. Doing fine. Acidic Ocean (180 m), Radioactive Rose (95 f) and Bluebird (55 f) are still with 2000+ food left, Sprout (170 m) with 1900+. I can definitely leave them out for longer, maybe won't even need to give them any more venom at all.


Checked on drakes again. Yea, they'll be fine right to adulthood. Put saddles into Acidic Ocean's and Radioactive Rose's inventories.

For now that's all, but I'll maybe check on them again after a few more hours.


And checked on them again. Juuust a bit more and I'll have my first drake ride on official!


Older two drakes are all grown now! Took Acidic Ocean and went wandering/hunting. Just a bit, to Beaver Lake and back. Got his health to 10000, stam to 2000, and any other points will go into melee.

Returned home, put drakes around the wyvern trough and put meat in it. The younger two can't eat it yet, but they'll surely appreciate it once they're adult and hungry as hell.

Bred Acidic Ocean to Radioactive Rose, egg doesn't stay - bad stats.

Also, new argy is adult now too - bred her to the one with mut stam, but it was the wrong color, so cracked despite having all he right stats.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Bred rexes, gigas, spinos, drakes and argents. Argent stays - all stats inherited, full black!

One rex had a health mut, but I cracked it anyway because melee wasn't inherited and I didn't feel like raising it, breeding it to the mut female until I get her melee and new health on the same dino and then raising that.

Hunted a bit with Acidic Rain, and then more - with Abaddon (he's almost half-way to next level!).

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Extinction) Checked for drops, found none. Hunted for a bit, both regular dinos to feed mine, and tek ones to get some dust for when I next feel like uploading it.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike.

(Official, Fjordur) Fed dinos and went underwater a bit just to check it out (didn't find anything interesting).

(Official, Valguero) Hatched argy and put her with the maewing. Killed most other black argents I had out, except for stam mut male, mut-free all-but-weight full black female, and clean white-legs male.

Bred argents to try and get a full black all stats male, but nope.

Bred rock drakes, gigas, spinos, rexes, and maewings. One maewing egg stays, everything else was no good.

Fed gachas all the arrows I had.


Harvested some wood and ground it up for thatch, made arrows.

Fed gachas more. Most element I got form that went into the generators.

Hatched the mae egg, put baby with an adult maewing.

Added more meat to both the maewing and the tek trough.

For now that's all, but I'll log back on after about an hour to imprint the argent.


Imprinted argent and maewing. And took Acidic Ocean for a bit of gliding, but that was spoiled by a FPS drop. And that's all for today.

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46 minutes ago, Griffin998 said:

You could use your failure babies for levels. Just don't claim them, and then *nom*. Especially giga babies. Rexes, spinos, any large predator would probably work.

PVE, dude. Can't nom unclaimed - they're tamed but not of my tribe. Can't nom claimed - only the select few (non-crystal wyverns, for example) can harm allies.

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2 hours ago, AllOfTheAllos said:

PVE, dude.

Aha. That explains it. There may be another way, but I'm not actually sure what it is. Well, good hunting then! Maybe do some hunt missions or something? Those have to give lots of xp, right? Alphas too-maybe take him out to Fjordur. Alphas, I'm fairly sure, spawn slightly more often there than on the other maps.

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1 hour ago, Griffin998 said:

Aha. That explains it. There may be another way, but I'm not actually sure what it is. Well, good hunting then! Maybe do some hunt missions or something? Those have to give lots of xp, right? Alphas too-maybe take him out to Fjordur. Alphas, I'm fairly sure, spawn slightly more often there than on the other maps.

Missions are not an option as I don't have Genesis. And sending him to Fjordur goes against my principles of "cool stuff belongs on the main base, other stuff may be sent elsewhere" as current active giga definitely counts as "cool stuff". In any case, most of the leveling on him is already done - he is a bit over 400% melee now, which is pretty close to his limit. I mentioned him getting close to next level because it's quite an event when a dino as well-leveled already as he is starts nearing yet another.


O, and sorry for the confusion. I never clarify whether it's PVP or PVE I'm writing about because I only play PVE, and the whole "(Official, mapname)" or "modded singleplayer, mapname" started because once I described a pretty overpowered thing form a mod in an unlabeled post and got another player's hopes up accidentally, only to drop them by saying it's a mod. Ever since then I did that minimal labeling so it's clear whether what I'm writing about can happen to anyone or just to those playing modded.

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