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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official, Extinction) Went to check for blue drops. Rode all the way to the desert dome, but had no luck.

Then a meteor shower started, had to wait that out.

Went to check again. Nope! All I found was an element vein (easiest). Did that.

9 stacks of dust, 64 element, a bit over 2 stacks of shards.

Broke element into dust, uploaded all the dust.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and made it into element.

Bred gigas and sinos, nothing good.

Podded and unpodded ankylos, Loyal (the carbo) and Death of Bugs (megatherium) - they once got into the arthro leash's range and now keep returning there. Hopefully getting podded-unpodded will stop them form doing that.

And that's all for today.

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Haven't played today yet (was downloading the update, then downloading the new map, and now using CompactGUI to squeeze ARK down to a size I'm more comfortable with because though I still have a bit over 200 GB left, I prefer to see a bit more space), but I took a look at the Fjordur spawns in the wiki, and I think I'll finally be abandoning my LI sidebase - Fjordur will make that one completely unnecessary!

The plan for today is to start an unmodded Fjordur SP save to see how it is, what's there, where's best spots to spawn - that sorta thing. And yes, I haven't tried Fjordur back when it was a mod, so I literally have no idea.

I already made a copy of my modded CI save in case the survivor replacement glitch happens (main reason I don't like to have more than one SP save at a time - each survivor is made for a specific map, a specific save, so having one replaced with another is not a good thing).


So! (Unmodded SP, Fjordur) The spawn zones aren't bad, I actually think that any "Easy" one will do when I decide to make an actual sidebase there.

So far out of Fjordur-specific critters I only found desmodus.

And I figured taming out of my own, without looking it up (predictably, a "give it bloodpacks or it'll drink form you" tame) Even tamed one (semi-honestly: used infinitestats).

The least pleasant part of taming them is that they seem to be spawning in pairs, so you end up being picked up, dropped, and instantly picked up by another. Maybe trap them and kill the extra? I'll figure that out later.

Takes a lot of bloodpacks, though. Like, A LOT. Like "is this thing supposed to be tameable by one player, or is the whole server meant to contribute to taming one desmodus?" kind of a lot. Second one would be much easier since they create bloodpacks by attacking when tamed, so no need to consider jumping into an industrial grinder to get enough blood all on your own.

The bat itself is cool. Okay speed, great looks, pleasantly animated flight. I definitely want one for my main base.

The map is rather beautiful, and runs really well. I like how the drops and obelisks match the map instead of being regular, tek-looking things.

So far that's all.


More of the same. Found hawks and andrewsarchs. Andrewsarchs are unpleasant to tame, and when I tried out a force-tamed one I wasn't too impressed, so that's not a thing I'll be getting for my main base. Hawks are pretty cool, though.

Definitely gonna get some x/r critters, owls looks pretty decent, maybe something else, too.


(Official, Lost Island) Uploaded the few valuables I had and my wyvern, to retrieve back on main base. Learned some engrams - I remember DLC engrams not being learnable on Fjordur for some reason, so I grabbed the few Abb and Ext ones I didn't have unlocked on that character yet. Uploaded survivor and went to one of the Fjordur servers. And that's the last you hear from me about LI (unless I start a modded SP save there).

(Official, Fjordur) Harvested wood, thatch and stone, made tools. Killed some dodos and dilos, made clothes and canoe, but wanted to explore on land a bit before putting the canoe on water. Big mistake. The greatest downside to being a rex-breeding, giga-riding, wyvern-raising survivor temporarily playing as new (high-level, but since item and dino transfers aren't open yet I'm essentially a bob on this map) is that you kinda forget about things you feared back when you really were new.

Yep, troodons.

Died, chose a different spot to spawn, built two foundations, mortar&pestle, forge. Got a bit of metal, made a smithy, then metal hatchet, pick and a crossbow.

Tamed a tek para, got narcoberries, made narcotic.

Tried to find something keratin-giving nearby but no luck.

Demolished the foundations, put para on the canoe (yes, it fits) went to a different beach. Found a ptera, tranqed.

Got keratin from some trikes and carbos. Lost para to the trikes, but didn't need it anymore anyway.

Made ptera saddle, tamed the ptera, found a spot to build a base and built it. It's tiny and it's ugly, but it'll do. Currently it has a water reservoir, a bed, a forge, mortar&pestle, and a box to keep stuff in.

I got a bit of metal and left it in the forge to smelt.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the things I uploaded. Fed dinos. Checked if the idiots (ankies, megatherium and carbo) stopped running into the arthro leash (they did. Good).

And that's it. Didn't even breed anything today.

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Wow... it's actually amazing coming back here after 2 years of Ark, looking up all the misshaps that happened 2 years ago. Most of the things I wrote I still remember quite vividly. However Ark has become a very different story for me now. Most things I do these days are breeding and Boss fights or preparations thereof. Resources are no longer an issue, no matter which ones. Even Element is a plenty, which I barely knew back in the days, let alone how to use it. This game really takes you a mile and then another.
Now, Ark2 feels around the corner, but knowing the release strategy of wildcard, I don't expect it too soon. There'll likely be a delay or two. But from the reading many of the shortcomings of our beloved original will be addressed. So ... we may hope :)

Have a nice day everyone.


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(Official, Fjordur) Decided to increase the size of my base a bit, since in the future a rex will happen (by taming it on the map), and a wyvern probably too (by sending a breedject there once transfers are open). As I was doing that, saw a level 20 trike fall into a hole near the edge of the cliff I built on. Easy tame!

So I tranqed it, built a thatch foundation with a ceiling and three ladders to reach it safely, made a saddle, tamed the trike...

And couldn't get it out. Making a pod would be too hard (getting to the snow for a penguin, finding crystal, getting to a drop or an obelisk...)

Obvious Solution? Teleport to another realm with the trike, then back home.

So I went to Asgard, and back...

Except I couldn't remember where I live.

So I jumped around. Killed an andrewsarchus, because I spawned on top of it and it really didn't like it.

On another spawn lost my ptera to  different, higher level andrewsarchus. But at least I managed to kill it and loot my ptera for the saddle.

Third spawn - a 145 rex. I survived, trike didn't.

Fourth - freezing. Definitely nowhere near my home.

Fifth - same.

Sixth - near the third. Shot the rex to death with the help of another survivor, then found a level 60 ptera and tamed it.

And finally with my new ptera I found a way home (of course I couldn't teleport near it! Turns out it's not really near any spawns). Grabbed a few runes, too, to level the ptera so that it's more usable. Now it has 500 stam, and any points it gains from now on will go into weight. Also found my first good drop on this map - a 30-something ravager saddle.

For now that's all.


(Official, Valguero) Filled a maewing, unpodded babies (only spino and yuties, wasn't in the mood to harvest berries for the ankylo). Unpodded wyverns.

Bred gigas, spinos, rexes, sinos and dodos, nothing good.

Went to the trench (fire part of it), nearly got my wyvern killed when getting rid of the three ices near the entrance to the fire part of the trench, he was down to 600 health. Had to spend a while healing him with meat.

Worth it, though: got three eggs, levels 85, 95 and 190. 85 and 95 cracked, 190 stays: female and with better weight than my best (39, my best weight on fire wyvern is 37).

Repodded babies and that's all for today.

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(Official, Fjordur) Tamed a new trike. Didn't get this one killed.

Gathered narcoberries, made narcotics, then - tranq arrows.

Got some chitin and keratin, made an owl saddle.

Went to get an owl. Finding one wasn't hard - what was hard was finding a trap that's unlocked (or at least open on one end) whose owner isn't online at the moment (I'm just not comfortable using a taming trap when there's a chance actual owner could need it while I'm still using it. Yes, I'm weird)

Found such a trap, tried to lure the owl (male, level 20) to it...

Forgot where's the trap.

Found the trap again, found the owl again, lured it inside, tranqed, starved for a bit, tamed.

Even though Owlmazing (that's what I named him - and out of my three tames on Fjordur he's the only on whose name isn't species name in reverse. Because lwO wonS-R would be just weird) is such low level he's still MUCH better than the ptera at literally everything, so ptera will be only kept as a spare.

Also, found a maewing BP. Only 30 armor primitive, but still. Uploaded it and yesterday's ravager saddle.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the saddle and BP. Fed dinos. Hatched the wyvern egg, podded the baby. Short day, yeah. It's because I'm potting most effort into the Fjordur sidebase right now. Once that's developed enough to be actually useful I'll play Valg properly again.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed trike, gave one of the wyverns more crystals.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. 

And that's all for today.

I'll be keeping and maintaining Ext and CI sidebases for now, but once item/dino transfers to Fjordur are open I'll upload the dinos and valuables and abandon them, keeping Fjordur one as my only sidebase, since there's literally everything, all I need is the means to actually get that everything.

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So , I started my epic Fjordur adventure (single player, slightly boosted stats). I had a great start, no aggressive creatures nearby except for a single carno in the distance. I got up to a shirt and leggings of cloth within 10 minutes, with two flint axes, two pickaxes, and a bunch of spears, (some for my tribemate when he logs in). I went out exploring for a little while. Found a lvl 90 parasaur, decided to tame it later for berry harvesting, hauling, and travelling. Found a few harvestable bee hive things on a sort of cliff. I also spotted one of those abandoned ships with a bunch of good loot. By this time, my tribemate had logged in and gotten up to level five with a full set of cloth for us both. I whacked the crates and got two metal hatchets, a pick, a crossbow, a bit of scrap metal, some wood, and some spoiled and cooked meat. All in all, a pretty good haul. I started the trek back to our base, as it was getting dark by then. It was pitch black and freezing, so I pulled out my torch and kept walking. All of a sudden, I hear loud footsteps. With the iconic sound of a giga. As soon as I realized, it was too late. A level 135 R-giga (I had no idea those could spawn. Pretty cool, actually. FYI, this is on the second south easy zone-XD) popped it's head out of the trees and one-shotted us both. I was in shock for a good 20 seconds before I spawned in one of the easy zone north places. Within 10 seconds, I had been attacked by titanomyrmas and meanwhile mauled to death by terror birds. My tribemate suffered the same fate. The sound of our bodies getting torn apart was so loud, my mum asked me to turn down the volume. I spawned again in a different zone, and then promptly almost froze to death and then decided to switch to creative and find that R-giga again. What can I say? I was curious. I then proceeded to do other random stuff, such as find a magmasaur, none of which is worth mentioning.

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Played the new map for a bit.

Saw I can't get engrams needed to use stuff on the map. I'm not downloading other maps because I just don't have the storage space for it (even though I have the DLC itself).

Taking a break until they patch that in (they will). I'm eager to get a rock drake (on this map to be clear). Going to get the egg on foot with a grappling hook though. Yes using a dino is easier, but that's exactly why I want to do it on foot. For the challenge. Should be ok if I use a ghillie suit. Maybe make a gliding suit too.

Hmm... Not sure if they're going to patch in the glider actually. Since it's not related to dinos on the map. I think you can make them on lost island. I might have to transfer between maps after all.

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Bred some desmodus and andrewsarchus, deleted a pair of gates barring access to the bifrost portal that a player put up, set up a public teleporter to the bifrost so people either at the tek era or simply using the community center public tp can get there safely, proceeded to get in an argument with said player when they logged in to see their gates destroyed and the teleported there, pointed out the rule in the welcome message literally saying not to block off important resources and locations, ignored the rest of their whining while I proceeded to try and figure out how to Tokyo drift on an andrewsarchus, drifted off a cliff on said andrewsarchus into a group of deinonychus, had minor heartattack fighting them off, walk of shamed back to base on a nearly dead ansdrewsarchus

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(Official, Fjordur) Fed dinos. Added two foundations to the house (walls and roofs extended too, of course), because I'll need extra space for fabricator, refrigerator, and possibly a cryofridge. Will have to maybe add a tiny second floor for a generator, though - no way it'll fit on the first one.

Built a fabricator, made a bit of polymer, and a canteen.

Hunted beacons, but didn't find anything good.

(Official, Valguero) Bred gigas, rexes, spinos, dodos and sinos. Nothing good.

Filled a maewing, unpodded spino and yuties.

Unpodded wyverns.

Went to try for a male theri again, nnope. Best I found was a 135 female, I tranqed her anyway, but her stats were absolutely pathetic, so I killed her.

Hunted for deinon eggs, nothing good.

Went to get milk for wyverns (and maybe an egg), lost my milk-run ice wyvern, but managed to escape on my sino - with a 180 egg!

Which wasn't any good.

Checked the fridge, picked an ice wyvern to use as a new milkrunner. It was Frostwing - an okay, but not valuable male ice, 32 health, 21 stam, 24 weight, 34 damage, full imprint of course. I leveled hit to a bit over 2000 stam, rest into melee, and went to get milk. Got it successfully this time, returned home and fed the wyverns. Imprinted one, podded them, imprinted spino, podded her and the yuties, and that's all for today.

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(Unmodded singleplayer Fjordur) Checked out the rock drake cave. I think I'll leave drakes until transfers are open - making a hazamt suit would be easier on main base.

Also decided on which cave I'll get desmodus from - the small one on that swamp island thing. The corridor up to where desmodus are seems to be safe enough, and bats themselves aren't too deep. And the island isn't far from where my base on official is, so I could go there on a ptera, won't take long. No need to risk my owl.

That's all for today (caught a cold, so don't feel like doing anything, which includes playing ARK)

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred sinos, gigas, spinos and rexes. One spino egg stays (good stats inherited, male, stam mut with color matching the previous mut, but on a different region).

That's all, probably for today, and not just for now.


So. Felt better (less like a sleepy/hungry bag o' snot, more like a human), so played more. And here's what I did:

(Official, Fjordur) First I fed the dinos. Owlmazing was hungry as hell - owls are flying gigas when it comes to consuming ungodly amounts of meat! Then I added a second floor to my house, a tiny one, just big enough for a generator. And crafted a generator. And a refrigerator. And some lampposts, too.

Then I went to the volcano island the name of which I can't remember (you know the one. There's only one) for oil.

Made a few stacks of gasoline, powered the gen.

Then spent, like, an hour nearly bleeding my poor character dry, storing the blood in the fridge, healing with the owl and repeating the process.

Did that until I had enough for a max level desmodus (on current rates) plus a bit extra.

Made a saddle. Left it in the smithy in case things go wrong.

Man, am I glad I did that! Sometimes I do smart things.

So I went to that cave I mentioned in the last SP post.

One I deemed perfect.

Yeah, not perfect at all.

When I tested in SP I was in creative mode, nothing could touch me.

When I went there on server it turned out oops! The cave is A POISONOUS HELLHOLE.

And a laghole, 1 FPS whenever I approached.

So, yeah. I mounted m ptera and left.

Did some googling, found out about another cave. Quite far, but no poison and nothing but the right kind of bats in there.

I went there. On owl, because FAST.

So I enter, some piece of medium animal feces left pillars outside near the entrance so no sleeping bags for poor little me.

Literally nothing could go right at this point.

But I aggro a bat anyway.

It's an okay level, it's a male, that's good. It's accompanied by a higher level female, that's bad.

No, I didn't get all my blood bags pointlessly shared by two bats.

No, I didn't get killed (that happened later).

It's just...

Don't tame bats indoors, people. Lure them outside. Anti-mesh doesn't care that it's  a wild animal you have no control of shoving you into the wall or under the floor.

As I said, didn't get killed. Just forcibly teleported back home.

So I took my ptera and went back.

And made the same mistake: let the bat grab me indoors. Also, my owl got killed, but I was able to loot the saddle and store it in the ptera for safety.

So I got teleported again. Took my trike, teleported as close as I could to the cave (not an easy task, I didn't remember which of the teleport spots is the right one. I never do). Got there, had to sacrifice the trike, leaving it to terror birds and saberteeth.

This time bats were outside. High-level ones gone, presumably killed - I saw a player nearby.

But there were two low-levels, 20 and 15. Both female.

I went to them and tamed the 15.

Unfortunately, I forgot parachutes so she dropped me to my death.

I tried to get back there on foot, but had no luck.

Then I tamed a ptera, but died while searching for something to kill for chitin/keratin.

Then I finally got enough mats, made the saddle, teleported to the approximate location of the new ptera (only took two tries), saddled it up, retrieved old ptera and the bad, and returned home. Put the saddle on the bat, named her Betty.

Betty will be staying on the sidebase, since hunting dodos is much more fun (and much faster) than draining my own blood. So, yeah. She'll be a sidebase bat, and something more decent (hopefully a pair of somethings) will be later tamed and sent to the main one.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Unpodded babies for some raising, but only a bit. Hatched yesterday's spino. Fed carnivores. Bred gigas, sinos and rexes.

After a bit podded all babies except for three oldest wyverns.

(Official, Fjordur) Got some keratin and hide in case I'll need another ptera replacement.

Got more blood (thanks to Betty it's easy and fun, and involves precisely zero standing in front of the fridge bleeding myself near-dry and healing back up). Ended up with 304 blood packs.

Made parachutes (6).

Went to the cave, went in, there were only two bats (a 45 female that I saw, and a male implied by her mate boost, which turned out to be 135). Aggroed, and RAN.

Out, and underwater, and back on land. And only there I let the bat grab me.

I tamed the male no problem, parachuting whenever he dropped me, but the female got distracted by my ptera. Took a while to get her attention back.

By the time I started on the female I only had two parachutes, so when she was tamed I fell to my death.

Respawned at home, got Betty, teleported with her pretty close to the cave (I really should start writing down which teleport destination is near what, though), whistled all tames to follow, retrieved my stuff, went to the green ob, uploaded the new bats and returned home. The blood packs I had left went back into the fridge.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved my bats, named them (male is now Konrad and the female is Lamia), made saddles for them.

Spent a bit of time riding Konrad around, killing stuff. He's exactly as great as I expected. Definitely will breed the bats at some point to see how good a fully imprinted would be. The only downside is that I either have to leave my sino at home or only enable and disable night vision while dismounted, since it's "R" both for the wheel menu and for dropping the shoulder pet.

Repodded the wyverns and that's it for today.

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Fjordur is tough, died more than i care to remember. I play on singleplayer with max taming so it could be lots harder but i don't have the time or patience for that. I finally have a base of operation and mild tames. I have decided that I need to keep my tames out because of random things spawning in my base when i leave. Picture of my current situation. 

ark new map.jpg

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Yesterday on (Official, Valguero) I was only able to play at night yesterday. I fed dinos, bred gigas (noting good. Got a new mut, but on female, and not melee), unpodded wyverns for raising (only wyverns, though).

Bred desmodus, fully intending to stay awake the whole time.

Hunted, did a milk run and fed wyverns.

Used Sanguine Elixir on all the wyverns that weren't fully imprinted yet. I wouldn't have any problem with their full imprint in any case, but I just wanted to use the magic bat juice and see if it really does the thing wiki says it does.

Unfortunately, when it was just 49 minutes until Lamia gave birth to a new bat - my first bred bat, I realized I'm too tired and there's no way I'll stay awake that long. So I podded-unpodded her, repodded all wyverns except for Alduin, Clear Sky and Frozen Sea (they were old enough and with enough food to survive), and logged off.

Today on (Official, Valguero) I checked on the wyverns (growing fine) and just in case did a milk run and fed them.

Will check on sidebases later, but for now that's all.


(Official, Valguero) Bred gigas (nothing good). Alduin and Clear Sky are adult now. Bred Clear Sky to Ouch, egg stays (male, got Sky's weight and Ouch's melee, which is exactly what I wanted).

Unpodded fail gigas and killed them with Alduin's breath, which gave him enough Exp to level him to over 2000 stam and over 500% melee, making him my strongest fire wyvern.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

Couldn't do anything of Fjordur sidebase because server's full.

For now that's all.


(Official, Fjordur) Finally had some spots left, so I logged on. And died. Because my house is on a cliff and, I guess, I rendered before it did or something. No problem, though - I died upon logging in, so I just went down and retrieved my stuff.

Took Betty the bat, went to that volcano island for some oil. Got a bit of obsidian, too just because it was there.

Then hunted, fed dinos, put the oil into the forge and turned it on, put the obsidian into the fabricator and made some poly, ran to the center of the house so that there's floor AND actual solid cliff under me this time, logged off and that's all for today.

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Fjordur, (local multiplayer)-

I deleted the old world, started anew. Had a better start this time, no gigas tearing through our bodies today :). Problem is, the spawn was absolutely covered with the stupid thief birds. I killed a few as they attacked me, and decided I'd had enough. I made up a thatch 2x1 hut, just barely big enough for two sleeping bags and a campfire. Later tamed up a lystro and a lvl 20 para, not bad for less then 45 minutes. Got up to the bow before a carno rampaged through and killed the para and the lystro. I admin moded and blasted the carno in the face after a pitched battle during which I was periodically knocked unconscious because of stam, and during which the carno couldn't hit me. I was not about to lose all my stuff a second time because a freaking random predator just spawned in right next to my base. Yeah...I'm not proud of it either. Anyway, went on to tame Sir Perry the II, and spent the rest of the day making a second bow, because a thief bird had stolen it just before the carno attack (coincidence? I THINK NOT!).

And that's all for today! Good luck and Happy ARKing!

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(Official, Valguero) Frozen Sea is adult now, moved him to other wyverns and bred him to Ouch. And the baby, once again, has right stats on first try!

Unpodded babies, hatched yesterday's wyvern and put him with the others to raise.

Bred gigas, rexes and sinos (nothing good. New mut on sino, but stam not inherited, so all sino eggs went to the titanoboa).

And desmodus! But since it's 1x now, I decided to try out that timer on dododex, so I set it up just as my bats were done mating, and I'll return to them once it's about an hour until birth.

Made a Sanguine Elixir, took tranq darts, narcotics and kibble, went to get a good male therizino. Unfortunately, best I could find was 60, so I had to settle for that. While he was getting tamed, I looted deinon nests. Nothing good.

Tamed him, brought him home, named him Goose and bred him to Anca. The egg wasn't any good, sadly.

Went to the trench for milk. But the only female there was a 180, nd I didn't feel like tranqing THAT. So I killed all the wyverns. And looted nests because what if there's something good. And there was! Three 180 eggs and one 185!

Then wyverns respawned, I tranqed a 50 and a 100, got milk went home. Fed the wyverns.

Checked eggs - one of them has 42 health! Health's the only thing I was missing. Rest not bad, but cracked anyway, but that 42 STAYS!

Podded wyverns, one yuty and one spino (they were still babies). Ankylo and other spino and yuty are staying out, I turned generator on for them and filled the tek troughs with meat and berries.

That's all for now, I'll log back on once the desmodus is closer to giving birth.


Almost time for me to check on the bat! 51 minute left. But I think I can afford to do non-ARK things until about 20 minutes left.


(Official, Valguero) Imprinted yuty and ankylo, added more food to the troughs, waited for the bat, claimed the bat, podded the bat. And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) In the morning I imprinted babies, named them, and added more food to the troughs.

For now that's all.


Still (Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Unpodded baby yuty, spino, and desmodus.

Did  metal run with newly-grown ankylo.

After being returned to the base new ankylo did the thing. The "running into the arthro leash" thing.

I could set him to passive so that he doesn't react when arthros are fighting something,  but that's a bad solution, since then if something spawns in base and get past the arthros... Yeah. I lost one anky that way.

So I built a small pen instead, extending form the stable. Now ankies, turtle, gasbags and megatherium live there.

Bred gigas and theries, giga cracked, theri not really good, but stays.

Added more meat to the tek troughs and ore element to the generator, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Imprinted babies, checked if more meat is needed (nnnope), checked if the pen is holding the ankys and stuff well (it does. The arthros clearly killed something judging by the contents of their inventories, yet no dino in the pen moved).

For now that's all, will do something else later.


(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

Plan to hunt beacons on Fjordur later.


(Official, Fjordur) Hunted beacons... Well, not really. Fjordur's really bad when it comes to beacons worth looting. Two greens and one blue looted because there was nothing else, and I haven't even SEEN anything else today. I mean, look at Valg - the only place a red beacon's not descending from is your dodo's backside. And Fjordur's all white, green and blue, barely ever anything above that.

Built a trough, fed dinos. Made two pods, went to Asgard, tamed two gachas. Neither were dust, so threw them to the allos.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas and rexes, nothing good (new mut on rex, but not health or melee, so cracked). Imprinted babies, spino (Bluebell's her name) is fully imprinted now.

That's all for today.

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Kicked in fenrisúlfr's door for a fifth time to beat it up, this time for a friend. Bred another andrewsarchus, cleared out some fencing some jaggoff was trying to use to block of a natural land bridge that wasn't  near enough to his base in one of the prebuilt villages to be justifiable (seriously if you do this kind of garbage you deserve to have soggy cereal for life), frothed at the mouth at the fact fenrir aren't breedable, scoured the map for beavers and dams after a player was struggling to find them, frothed at the mouth because people were building so close to all of their spawn points on Midgard that it was messing with their spawns, offered him paste from my personal storage and told him to tame a frog or snail, cleared more structures, drug friend around with my desmodus to find alpha creatures because she wanted to level her chibis to reach 190 for mjolnir

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(Official, Valguero) Imprinted babies, bred gigas, rexes, sinos and desmodus. Unpodded wyverns, baby yuty, baby desmodus and baby spino for more raising.

Hatched the theri egg, put berries into the maewing and one of the tek troughs and put the theri with the maewing.

Bred theries, egg stays. Not great, but still.

Wandered around on my man desmodus Konrad, saw a thyla on a tree on the edge of Redwood, and, well, I still had some tranq darts on me and the thyla was a 140 male.

So, yea. Spontaneous thyla taming. Good thing I did that, too - dude got 38 points in health (1 more than my thyla with a health mut), and 31 in melee - 5 points higher than the better of my thylas.

Named him Dropcat, brought him home, unpodded Cinnamon and bred them. The baby was no good, though.

Went to the trench, got 10 milk and a 170 egg. Egg wasn't any good, though.

Unpodded Spice (a clean fire wyvern) and bred her and Heather to Alduin. Eggs weren't any good, unfortunately.

Fed and imprinted wyverns. Hatched fresh theri egg, put the theri with the maewing.

Claimed fresh desmodus baby, podded her. Podded wyverns, named and podded older desmodus (he's now juvenile and I named him Dio). Added more food to the tek troughs and maewing, more element to the generator, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) In the morning I bred fire wyverns (no good) theries (stays, and finally mother's melee. It's just 6 points higher than the father's, but it's still higher), imprinted babies and added more food to the tek troughs. First spino grew up and was moved form the raising corner.

Will play more later - weather's too hot right now, and I don't like it (both the way it makes me feel and the way it makes graphics card's temp raise above 65C when playing. I know that it's still safe, but I'm just not comfortable with it).


Now that's temperature is acceptable, I continued playing. Still official, still Valguero.

Imprinted babies, unpodded Dio for more raising.

Bred fire wyverns (the other female was ready this time), no good.

Bred gigas - one egg stays, mutated male. Mut's not on melee (or mom's melee and mut on that, making it same as dad's), but it's 8 on body, I think it'll look nice so I'll at least let it hatch.

Bred thylas and bats. Checked with gestation monitoring, terminated thyla (no good stats), bat stays.

Fed dinos, repaired SCUBAs and went to the Abyss. Someone grabbed all the crates before me, one respawned while I was there, and that's all. Killed an alpha megalodon and an alpha tuso.

Returned home, waited for Dio to be ready for his imprint, imprinted. Waited for Lamia's baby, claimed it and podded for later.

Added more food to the tek troughs, two more pieces of element to the generator, and that's all for today.


Played a bit more, first yuty (named Snowflake) grew up. Unpodded an old yuty, took his saddle and killed him. Put the saddle on Snowflake hunted with her a bit. Podded her parents.

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(Official, Valguero) Second spino is adult now. Moved him to the first, bred them, and it's male, both mut stats inherited on first try! Imprinted babies. That's all for now.


Imprinted babies, added more meat to the tek troughs, hatched spino and giga eggs and podded babies for later. Giga turned out to be an oxygen mut, but he's still male, with mut melee inherited and he looks WAY cooler than his father, so he stays. And anyway, that makes it 2/20, I can afford to keep and even use that. It's when (if) I'll get close to 20/20 that I would have to choose between keeping a cool color or keeping the extra chance for new muts.


Imprinted what was ready, unpodded spino and giga for a bit of raising.

Hunted with Snowflake. I'm leveling her giga-style: all melee. She's a bit over 700% now. Killed an alpha carno and an alpha raptor.

Returned home, fed some of the dinos. Bred gigas and fire wyverns, nothing good. Repodded giga and spino.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Fed the trike.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

(Official, Fjordur) Logged on to find a therizino trying to break through my fence. Distracted it and led it off the cliff. Hunted. Therizino found me, killed it. Fed dinos.

That's all for today.

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