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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Official PVE

After spending almost my entire holiday event breeding and raising a second boss army on Rag I started a new character and went back to the Island.  I never officially beat it in PVE when I was there before and I wanted to check it off my list before moving forward.  My tribe partner has never beaten the bosses there either so she is on board with the plan.

We are currently in the Search and Test phase of the plan. She went one direction while I went another.  We are trying out different servers to see which ones perform well enough to call home... spending time at each one to test lag / crash issues and also see which ones have a decent spot to build.  

I spent a couple hours on one today on the newb beach.  Said hello to the locals and built a raft.  It is now outfitted with the basics and I will likely set sail next time I play.  I will navigate around the island and take notes about base locations.  If I can make it all the way around without crashing then the server will get a yes vote.

If for no other reason, just bobbing around on the beach is pretty fun.

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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(Offcial, Valguero) Moved spoiled meat form the troughs to Chocolate's inventory and unpodded mantises for raising.

Fed dinos. Imprinted the magma (he was already 99.7% grown, so that was the last imprint).

Bred wyverns, mantises, gigas and sinomacrops.

Out of the eggs: wyvern: cracked. Wrong stats, wrong inherited colors, pink mutation. Just wrong. Sinos: 1 kept, male, melee mutation, magenta on region 0. I don't really like magenta, but sinos are allowed to be whatever color they want - after all, being tiny and brightly colored is kinda their thing. Both mantis eggs kept for now, but I'll think about them again once they're hatched - might kill them after all. Both giga eggs cracked - clean males.

Raided beaver dams again. On my way home realized that my elevator tower is an awfully awkward thing, not quite matching my other buildings (took me long enough), so I took down most of height, leaving only the first row of large stone walls, and then topping them with a single row of greenhouse walls (with the height difference between the gateframe and the last pair of walls before it smoothed out by a pair of sloped greenhouse walls).

That, however, left the platform (which is actually the end of the pillar-suported bridge that leads to the workshop, and was always separate from the tower, it's just much more obvious now) to which the elevator arrives look as if it isn't properly supported, so I added more pillars from two of its ceiling squares to the tower's floor (though it can't really be called a tower now). In the future I'll add pillars to another two of its ceiling squares, for symmetry.

The whole thing is now more in line with the rest of my base, and reworking it got rid of a large shadow over my raising corner.

Once I was done, I imprinted Electro for the first time, podded him and the other three mantises, and logged off.

And that's all for today.

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I tamed an Astrodelphis . . . then I looked up the saddle. Yep, to low level to make it. He does brighten up the base, though. So I started thinking about ascending, which is a ways off. And that brought me back to the island to start getting my Theris ready for the gamma (Heh, almost typed "grandma" instead of gamma) dragon. 

I triple checked the unlimited mindwipes setting before transferring in. Once at my base, I figured out the total resource cost of making nineteen Theri saddles, and then it was back to the resource grind. Resources collected, I mindwiped and crafted them. The base saddle BP is 56ac, and the best one I made is 71ac. I mindwiped again and messed up on allocating my stat points, then I mindwiped and did it again, and I went through that one last time before getting it right. (I may have had a few to many adult libations by that point. . . )

Anyway, it's been a Theri leveling spree since then. I started doing circuits of carno island, but that got old pretty quickly. I then decided to just roam the island while leveling them, since there are so many places I've never gone on foot before. I discovered a number of new explorer notes doing this. I also went up a mountain while leveling Max II, crested a rise in the path, saw a Giga attacking something, then rode down the mountain waving my hands like the kid from the Home Alone movies. Luckily, the giga was too busy to notice. I've leveled eleven so far, so half way at least. 

Anyway, that's where things are at. Happy Arking, All!

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, moved the magma (uncreatively named Forge. Might rename him at some point, it was more of an "congrats, you're an adult now" name than a serious one)  to his parents and gave him a few stacks of stone.

Unpodded mantises.

Hatched the eggs, decided to kill the twins from one of them (male), kept the female. The magenta sino egg also turned out to be twins, kept both.

Bred wyverns and dodos. Cracked the wyvern egg - wrong colors again. Kept two dodo ones, oe form Veggie and the other form Eggvelyne the Slayer - both were male and had mutations, and I decided to let both hatch and keep whichever one looks better.

Added more pillars to the elevator tower, and it's finished now.

Took Hothead and went hunting things, not for resources but just because it's fun to kill stuff with molten metal.

The dodo eggs hatched and I decided that the one from Eggvelyne the Slayer looked better (powder blue forehead/legs), so that one stays and the other I killed.

Podded mantises.

(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, checked the Genesis engrams to see what's worth crafting to send to main base (I men, other than another magma saddle), but haven't decided on anything.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

And that's all for today.

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I spent over an hour looking for a stupid cave on Lost Island (SP) following a guide only to realize that they had their coordinates wrong and that when they said "Behind the waterfall" they meant "Over and behind the waterfall"...and that I'd walked right past it like four times because I'm a dummy. Then I shut down the game to grab some lunch and when I came back it kept crashing when attempting to load into my save so now I'm verifying my game files and hoping it works because I was enjoying that save. 

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(Official, Valgeuro) Fed dinos, unpodded mantises and a mutated dodo, bred gigas, dodos, mantises, wyverns, sinos and maewings.

Out of all the eggs I got as a result I kept two dodo ones (female, but I wanted to see if their new colors look good enough to try and carry them over onto a male. They didn't, so I killed them), one mantis (male, mutated - pink (70) on region 0), both gigas (clean females), and one maewing (my first maewing mutation!)

Also, checked my boxes and artifact pedestals to see what I have, because I want to do beta bosses at some point - turns out I'm only missing Artifact of the Cunning, and according to the wiki it's really easy to get on Valg, so I'll do that at some point.

Repodded mantises, put more berries into Duck's inventory for the dodo, and that's all for today.

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I'm still leveling my Theris. However,  I only have two left to go. (Woo Hoo!) Plus, my otter, Boogles, has opened Boogles' Bakery to help with the Sweet Veggie Cakes, and he's already stockpiled enough for one dragon attempt. (Second Woo Hoo!) Unfortunately, he's not the best baker . . .


"Dude, I seriously don't think Christmas Bark is supposed to have real bark in it."

Boogles chirps angrily for a few seconds before pointing to a nearby poster. The neon-pink text splashed across it reads, "The Pâtissier is Always Right!"

"Okay, first, I have no idea how to pronounce that, and second . . . did you really paint that on my Farrah Fawcett POSTER!?!?!"

Boogles makes a rude gesture.

"Oh! You uppity little fur ball. I'll make--"

This is when Son of A . . , my pego, diffuses the situation by crop dusting us. 

Me: *Sniff*

Boogles: *Sniff*

Both of us: "Hrrk!"

Darn! I don't know what he eats, but his farts could probably take out a giga. Anyway, I should be able to give the Grandma Dragon (Chose to embrace it) another try over the weekend. Wish me luck! And have fun Arking, All. 

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(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, did a metal run, learned a few Gen and Gen 2 engrams to craft later.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded mantises for raising - and unpodded one of the twin pink sinos as well.

Hatched eggs from the last time, replaced the previous dodo male with the now-grown one, bred wyverns, gigas, sinos, dodos and mantises.

Out of the eggs only one stays... And it's a wyvern one! The health isn't right, but other than that - right melee, right weight, food and stamina, right gender (male) and all three grays inherited! So yeah. I'll hatch that, and I'll raise that, and then it'll be my main fire wyvern, but I'll keep breeding to try and get same but with right health, or maybe same but with gray or black mutation on the only non-gray region left.

Gave bees more flowers. Made some kibble, ran out of longrass before I ran out of yuty eggs.

Took my secondary ice wyvern and went to grab the artifact. It really was easy, and now I'm ready for the Beta - I'll just need to wait for a day when I feel like it and the server behaves nicely enough, maybe do a few test runs in SP before that, and then I'll do it. in the mean time the artifact joined all the others on my workshop's roof - it looks really nice.

And then I repodded babies except the sino, gave Duck more chitin for the sino, and that's all for today.

The Extinction and Crystal Isles sidebases will wait until tomorrow.


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Well, it only took five years of on and off playing, but I finally got the "Survivor Evolved" and "Master Survivor" achievements. With the Theris being smaller, we didn't get stuck on the teleport pad upon arrival like the first time when I tried it with Rexes. The only hitch was me forgetting to start on courage roars right away when grandma dragon landed. Overall, we burned through eighty something cakes during the fight, and none of my dinos were very hurt at the end. Now I have to decide if I want to gather enough tribute for both beta and alpha or just skip to alpha. Decisions . . . . Decisions . . . . 

Happy Arking, All!

(Edited to add: I even remembered to bring a taxidermy tool, so I now have a dragon on top of my artifact and cryo tree display building.)

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PVE Rag Official

Was really hoping for EVO event this weekend to finish up raising this batch of baby therizinos and yuties. No luck there, but I did take them out for a few hours anyway.  They are now all between 70-90 % done, so getting closer.  My rex line is mostly done with babies popping at 40.2k health and 1225 melee.  I have a couple with 1237 melee but other stats like food and oxygen are still a little too high... have to play with those a little more to get overall level below 370. Baby work is never done. lol

Took a break from babies and did the beta boss fight.  It was successful with no losses but about half the team got stuck under the dragon when it died and then the manticore didn't wan to land.  It took longer than I wanted and several team members really took a beating but all good in the end.

PVE Island Official

After several servers and searching, we found a good server and a good spot near the Red Obelisk in the SW corner.  Construction starts tonight 😀

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