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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Singleplayer, Valguero, no SP settings, only mod used was one that allowed for instant cloning and dino base stat adjustment) Spawned tributes for beta, a yuty (level 100) and a saddle for it (91 armor, which is a few points worse than what my yuty on official wears).

Spawned a rex and used the mod items to adjust its stats until it was about same as the worst of my boss rexes on official (a bit over 30000 health, 500-ish % melee), then made 16 copies of that rex. All rexes received 73 armor saddles, which is about same as the worst one I could make with my BP on official. The adjustment of the base stats was because I'm not leveling 17 rexes. Not even with commands. So I just made them right from the start.

As the rexes were all clones, there was no mating boost (the mod allowed to change gender as well, but I decided to see if I could do it with the worst possible army - if I could, that'd mean my real one on official will do just fine)

No daeodon was used, as it is highly likely that in the real bossfight I'll forget the food for it and it'll be useless anyway.

The fight was... Well, it was a cluster*BEEEP*. The dragon did not come to me, so I had to send the rexes to it. Which meant fighting the dragon and the megapithecus at the same time, with the manticore occasionally joining in. A rex or two fell.

But the dragon died.

Then the megapithecus: a few more rexes died, and the manticore still joined in sometimes, but in the end the ape fell too.

And then, manticore. It behaved in its typical manner, flying high most of the time, but it fell as well. More rexes died, I think I was left with six, but that's not important. Victory is.

I remind you: this test run was done with worse rexes than the majority of my actual army is, with no mating boost, slightly worse than real saddles, and no healer. Also with the bosses behaving in the worst possible way. And yet I won.

So it's safe to assume that when I decide to do the beta bosses on official, I'll do just fine (yes, I know I did  beta test run in SP some time ago, with similar results, but repeated tests are good for confidence).

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Checked on the sino (growing fine), hatched the eggs (wyvern and two older giga ones), and the wyvern is so cool! You can barely tell he's not all gray. I named him Alduin. I podded him for later, but I'll definitely start raising him soon.

Bred dodos, sinos and gigas. Kept one sino egg (mutation. Didn't compare stats to see on what, but just getting a mutation is cool), and... One giga! It's mutated! Not on melee, unfortunately, but the color seems nice so at the very least I'll let it hatch just to see what it'll look like.

And that's all for today.

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I decide to go for the beta dragon fight instead of skipping it. I figure I'll get the Tek Transmitter if we win, and it will help with locating allos and gigas for the tribute I'm missing to do alpha. So, why not? 

My theris and Boss are soon arranged around the terminal. And from my shoulder, Son of A, who recently became an ordained minister online, guides us through a prayer for good fortune. Afterward, I kick off the teleport, and he promptly hops off my shoulder and makes a beeline out of the shimmering dome. What a butthead . . .

"Ride of the Valkyries" starts playing in the background.

The teleport goes off, freezing time for a fraction of a second, and then we arrive in the inferno of the dragon's home. Thankfully, I remembered to down my soup and drink from my Tek Canteen before we ported, so I'm nice and cool. Locating my yuty, I clamber into the saddle and order the theris to move off as a large shadow slips over us. Looking up, I see the dragon soaring above. It doesn't appear that he's noticed us yet. 

It doesn't take long for him to notice, though. We're soon dodging fireballs that blast the empty landscape behind us, scorching the rocky ground. Constant motion becomes the name of the game. Eventually, a wave of dimorphs and pteranodons approaches, enveloping everyone in a swirling chaos of sharp talons and sharper beaks. Boss snatches a dimorph out of the air with his jaws, ends its life with a sickening crunch, and wolfs it down. I glance over and find the theris making short work of the others. That's when the overwhelming beat of massive wings drowns out everything else before the ground shudders. The dragon has landed. 

I order the theris to attack and move in with Boss to do courage roars. Unfortunately, when we approach from the side, the dragon quickly turns to breathe fire on us. Turns out, he really has it in for Boss and I. We circle around behind him, roar a couple of times, and he does a one-eighty before breathing again. He catches us a couple of other times as the fight rages on, and I eventually have to move Boss away because he's at a quarter health. We watch the rest of the battle from the sidelines, me cheering the theris on, and boss waving a sign that reads, "Go Team!" The damage output slows down when the last courage roar wears off, but my tickle chickens manage to defeat the dragon before he can take flight again. 

Even though the theris collectively munched down over a hundred cakes during the fight, they're still a bit banged up. So, I call Doc Bubbles after we port out, and he makes a house call. Healing Boss and them ends up costing me twelve hundred raw prime. Yeesh! Medical bills are expensive!

Back at base, I make an S+ Tek Transmitter, and that's changed since I last had one on a server that auto-unlocked Tek for you. Now I have five set up, and I can see dino locations and their stats. Kind of cool!

I think I'm going to level my theris a bit more before trying alpha, as I'd like their melee to be higher. Anyway, Happy Arking, All.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded mantises and Alduin, replaced pvevious sino male with the now-grown pink one.

Bred sinos, gigas, mantises and wyverns.

Out of the eggs one giga one stays (clean female) and... The wyvern! Right colors, AND all right stats! It's female so Alduin will still be my main wyvern, but this new one will be his mate and give me plenty mostly gray, or, if I'm lucky with the mutations, even all gray babies.

Unpodded boss rexes to assign whatever points they got since last podded (each only got one ew level, and I put each of those into melee). Repodded them.

Took tributes and kibble (basic and a bit of simple. I'm not wasting the good stuff on a hungry pig). Took a gasmask, a gun and ammo, and stimulant.

Took the rexes, the yuty, and the daeodon.

And went to the green obelisk to fight the Beta bosses.

It wasn't exactly fine.

Upon entering the arena the game froze, so I couldn't mount my yuty immediately and since I forgot to put him on passive, he went to fight the dragon and after the game unfroze it is only by luck that he was still alive (half health) and I was able to mount him. It was also by luck only that the fight wasn't ended there and then by Dragon's pteras and dimorphos.

Without my control, instead of a more or less neat boss-by-boss progression in turned into a giant fightpile.

Also a rex died during those moments, but, believe it or not, it was the only one that died.

Then, after I mounted my yuty and rexes were busy munching on the megapithecus (dragon was already dead, I even found a moment to take its dermis), the game froze again.

It froze for a solid minute, I thought it'd disconnect!

Fortunately, it didn't, but it felt like that minute shaved off a good few years off however long I'm supposed to live.

The megapithecus fell, and so only the manticore was left...

And the manticore fight actually was kinda fine! It landed often enough, I didn't even need to use my gun.

I didn't get manticore's element and trophy, but aside from that I got everything I was supposed to get.

After the fight, the rexes's remaining health ranged from "a bit over half" to "HOW ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE, DUDE?!", which is, honestly, better than it could have been.

I podded the rexes, yuty and daeo (he ate all the kibble and had a bit of food still left, which was also better than expected) and returned home. Built a medium taxidermy base, put it on my roof and installed the dragon's dermis on it, replaced manticore heads on my trophy mounts with the dragon and megapithecus ones, put the element into the vault, podded the babies and that's all for today because that was more than enough excitement for one day. Like, seriously.

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(Official, Lost Island) Crafted the items I was meaning to send to main base (a pressure plate and a loadout mannequin), uploaded them as well as some poly, some cementing paste, some electronics, a mammoth BP (because its pretty decent and I couldn't remember if the one I have o main is better or worse) and a tiny amount of dust. Fed the dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Checked on the wyverns, looked through my boxes to see if I have anything nice (not much A few gems, a bit of paste and poly, and a karkinos BP), took what I found and uploaded it. Also killed a level 20 tropeo. Wanted to kill it with my wyvern, but it grabbed me and I punched it to death.

(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos, uploaded some dust, poly, paste and electronics I had, as well as two Enforcer BPs and one Scout BP.

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded Alduin for raising, hatched the eggs (giga and wyvern), podded the gigas (twins) and moved the wyvern, which I named Asha, to Alduin to let them both grow for a bit.

Crafted and installed a tek transmitter and retrieved all the uploaded items from it. Turns out transmitter is a REALLY convenient thing! No more flying over giant lagfest bases just to grab some stuff. Probably could use it to prolong loot hunts, too, uploading heaviest and/or most valuable things and used SCUBAs at the crates and grabbing them from the transmitter after I return instead of being limited by my basilos weight.

As for the plate and the mannequin... The mannequin seems pretty nice. For now I'm keeping my gasmask on it. Even if I won't use it much, it looks neat.

The pressure plate does not appear to be particularly useful and doesn't look neat, but it didn't require much effort to make, so it's not a big disappointment.

Also, I replaced my base's secondary, small gate with a tek one, so now I'll start using the small gate when riding out on a small dino again - something which I haven't done ever since I installed a trek behemoth gate.

Bred dodos and sinos, cracked all the eggs. Nothing good in them.

Gave bees more flowers, repodded the wyverns.

And that's all for today.

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[The Scene: Your point of view zooms in slowly on an old, wooden television set, an RCA CT-100. The screen, which is rounded on the sides, flickers to life, displaying the crimson letters “PNN” against a dark background. An opening theme begins to play as the zoom halts, and the picture on the TV changes to a news room, where a green scaled raptor wearing a navy blue suit is seated behind a news desk.]

A concerned look on his face, he begins, “Good evening, and welcome to PNN, the Predator News Network. I’m your host, Marcus Ohreallyus. And tonight, we have more horrifying news for you from the base of the volcano where another mutilated Allosaurus corpse was found earlier today. We ask ourselves, what monstrosity could be doing this? To learn more, we’ll go to our Rex on the spot, Todd.”

[A rust brown rex wearing a pale blue necktie appears on the screen. He’s holding a large microphone. In the background, you can see the base of the volcano rising up out of frame.]

“Hello, Marcus,” he starts, “this is the eighth victim in the past two days, and all of them have had their brains removed. Predators here are on edge, especially Allosauruses. As to who could be behind this, opinions range from aliens to zombies to even . . .”

[A rectangle of video pops up on the screen. The Carnotaurus in it has had his/her features blurred, presumably to help protect their identity.]

“I’m telling you I saw the perpetrator, and it’s Santa!” it says in a voice that’s been heavily altered.

“Santa?” Marcus interrupts, his tone incredulous.

“Yes, Santa,” Todd replies with a wink. “Authorities, however, aren’t ruling anything out at this poi—“

[Todd’s audio is cutoff as a “Breaking News” banner flashes on the screen. The picture then changes back to Marcus who is listening intently to his earpiece.]

After a moment, he addresses the audience. “This just in, there’s been another heinous murder . . . this time near the Frozen Tooth. I’m being told the victim is a Giga. Wait, that can’t be true.“ He pauses for a few seconds, listening further to his earpiece before resuming. “Yes, it is a Giga, and its heart has been torn out.” Marcus pales a bit as he listens further. “I’m now being told a Compy saw someone leaving the scene. Can you put him on, George?”

A few seconds pass as the audio link with George the roving raptor-reporter is established. “Can you hear me, Marcus?” George asks.

“Yes, I can hear you fine, George. Now, about the witness.”

“He’s here with me now. Carl, please share with our viewers what you saw a little over an hour ago.”

The Compy speaks in a reedy voice, “I didn’t see it happen, but I saw Santa and a tiny blue reindeer flying away on a light green wyve—“

[The television turns off abruptly. And reflected in the darkened glass of the screen, you can see me . . . in the Santa suit I got from the last event.]

I turn to my blue otter, Boogles, who is seated on the other end of the couch. He’s wearing a reindeer antler skin on his riot helmet. “We need to change!”

Slightly wide eyed, he nods vigorously in the affirmative. 

“Plus, we should see if we have any candy left over so we can alter Slynn’s paint job.”

Boogles chirps in agreement and then heads for the fridge.

(So anyway, this is my way of saying that I’ve been gathering the missing tribute for the Alpha Dragon. Still need one more Giga heart, though.)

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(Official, Extinction) Did a small dust run, just 6 stacks, and I didn't even wait for the last two to become ready for uploading before, well, uploading all others. 

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and made it into element. Unpodded Alduin and Asha for a bit of raising. Fed dinos.  Bred gigas, sinos, mantises and dodos, two dodo egg and one giga are staying, the rest cracked.

Hatched an old giga egg and podded the baby.

Repodded Alduin and Asha and that's all for today. Short and uneventful, I know, but that's how this day in ARK was.

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Woo Hoo! I beat the Alpha Dragon!

The extra levels that I put into melee definitely helped on the Theris. Plus, this time the dragon didn't have the hots for me and my Yuty. (Pardon the pun.) He only breathed on us once, and that was right when he landed, and I was trying to get untangled from the Theris. A few of the tickle chickens were pretty banged up, but no one died. And now, I can make my first ever legit Tek Suit. 

I'm kind of on the fence about trying the Tek Cave or using cheats to ascend instead. But, we'll see about that later. Happy Arking, All!

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PvE Extinction

I watched my tribe, who are all newer players, struggle to tame the Desert Titan. As a more experienced player, I've been having to walk a fine line of preparing them for what's to come, but not spoiling anything. I advised they use the Quetz method, but the person flying the Quetz got it killed pretty quickly. They then decided to do a kamikaze method of jetpacking on top of the Titan, then having the lightning target themselves. Eventually, they figured out that they could hover under it and the lightning would strike the Titan and not them.... which *groans* was suppose to be the strategy from the get go.

The tribe, after about a half hour, managed to get it tamed as a Beta. By the time they managed it, the desert floor below was littered with dozens and dozens of misshapen, dead bodies.

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(Official, Lost Island) Mounted my rex and went out to get some meat. Killed a raptor, headed for a pachyrhino near it, and the server crashed.

(Official, Valguero) Bred gigas (kept one egg), unpodded Alduin and Asha to let them grow, but the game was running so fine today, that I podded them soon after and went into the Abyss instead to hunt crates. Wasn't my best crate run - for starters, just s I entered there were TWO alpha megalodons and five or six regular ones. I killed them all, of course, but that's 1/4 of my basilo's health lost right at the start.

The loot was... Well it was. Nothing great, no BPs good enough to replace what I already have except for a quetz platform saddle which was 1 point better than the one in my vault, and everything I got as items was only fit for the grinder. Found a decayed vault, a bit of paste and a tek mosa saddle in it, which is not bad (I don't have the engram for that, nor do I have a mosa, but tek stuff is good for grinding up).

All the heavy items except for the very last portion were uploaded, so I didn't have to haul all that weight around and just grabbed them from the transmitter once I returned home.

Then I ground up the loot and made all the organic poly I got into soap.

(Official, Lost Island AGAIN) The server came back so I went to feed m dinos. There was a bit of a rollback, I was in my house again, with the door closed, just like when I logged on the first time. My water reservoir auto-decayed because of course something had to be lost to the crash. I mounted my rex, killed some paras and pachyrhinos, gathered some berries and finally filled the trough.

(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.

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Official pve

I left the game for a while due to irl stuff however around christmas I restarted. I'd left my character on gen 2 and so he was there available to redownload. But otherwise everything I had decayed, so it was almost starting from scratch.

I've made a smallish base on gen 2, tamed up a storm of things I wanted and traded a few more tricky tames (I enjoy taming) for good eggs etc. 

Whilst I've "beaten" the game in single player, I've never done the bosses on official. So the past 2 weeks I have been focussing on that. 

Made a small outpost on an island server and went through each boss, first gamma to refresh the memory and get an idea of how my tames perform then alpha for each.  Shadowmanes and deino's for each one, except dragon where I used just a couple of deinos.  I had to rerun alpha dragon as it glitched and credited me for the kill but no trophy. 

So today I did that first and then prepped for gamma tek cave. Two mate boosted rexs, (wild tames but levelled up well), a yuty, 12 shadows and a few deinos.  Conga line organised, we got in the cave with 10 seconds to spare ( I hate having that lava outside the cave, wish that area was just a flat surface to prep on). 

I took the rexs forward to start clearing out and on the second group of cave dwellers it started to lag a bit, got control just in time to see myself being purlovia'd off my rex and into the lava, rip that run and all my stuff. Have I mentioned I hate lava in this game?

Feeling abit bummed out I limped back to retrieve my wyvern with the stuff I hadn't taken in with me.  Pretty much everything was replaceable except the deino saddles, I haven't found a bp yet, gotten some alright ones from drops etc though.  I also have spare dinos back at base.  I took my spares and did each of the gamma fights back to back just to get the trophies quickly.  Then heading back to my outpost I noticed a shadowmane I thought had been ark'd.  He'd just disappeared a couple of days ago and there he was on the beach near the red ob. He was my rider so that and getting the gamma fights done quick cheered me up.  Busy day on the ark for me, I'm focussing on breeding and imprinting for the next couple days before another run at that awful tek cave.


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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded wyverns for rising. Thought for a bit and decided to unpod the gigas, too - if I stick to just raising them on events, I might never finish them at all - so I filled a maewing with meat and put the two baby gigas near it.

Bred my adult gigas, as well as mantises, sinos and dodos. Didn't keep any eggs - AB-SO-LU-TE-LY nothing good in them. No new mutations, and I already have plenty of female fail gigas in case something happens to the current two, so one of the eggs being female changed precisely nothing about its fate.

Did a nice cement run, fed gachas a ton of arrows, cracked the resulting crystals for obsidian and made a lot of poly.

Wyverns got hungry enough, so I went on a milk run. It was pretty uneventful, aside from me trapping whole six wyverns at the same time. Grabbed a 95 egg, too.

Returned home, fed the wyverns, put the egg into the incubator - it's male, highest stat melee (26 points), colors seem to be okay. It stays.

Decided to give the bees more flowers and that's where things went wrong: as usual, I took a repellant and two stacks of flowers out of the fridge, used the repellant, and opened the first of my two hives. It was full, so I took out one honey to fit the flowers. That was okay. Then I opened the second one, also full, took out one honey, put in the flowers, decided to eat the honey I took out and... The game froze so hard, that I couldn't even kill it in Task Manager. As if ARK decided that nope, today it says "No, thanks" to death. Had to reboot the computer.

After that I started ARK up again and continued my day by wandering around randomly on my current favorite wyvern, Topaz Thorn.

Ended up in the swamp, and saw a male sarco. I don't particularly care about sarcos, but that one looked nice (which basically means he looked black. Later it turned out he was actually black/gray/brown/green, but that's still pleasantly dark) and I had my rifle and some darts with me, so I tranqed him and went to grab some narcotics and kibble. Returned to the sarco, and decided to look around to see if there's maybe a high-level female for him, but no such luck.

Tamed the sarco, named him Wiggles, brought him home and made him a saddle (I have a nice BP for that). Got a decent bonus on the saddle, too, it's a bit over 100 armor - BP's own is 85.

Took Wiggles out to see how good he is... Well. Thanks to the saddle I didn't lose him then and there to some random raptor pair, but still he's not exactly usable by my standards. Low damage, slow on land, too fast in the water (hard to hit anything that doesn't just stay in front of his maw). He'll stay, but in a pod, not as something I'll actually use.

Podded the babies (older giga almost 10%!), and that's all for today.

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PVE official Island

Finished building the base on the sandy beach just west of the Red Obelisk.  Then made several trips back to Ragnarok to fetch key members of the breeding and boss teams.  Also took over several useful tames for caves and all the appropriate gear.  I have triplet baby rexes ( 1 M and 2 F) that I am raising to be the start of a fresh Rex boss team.  I have also started a breeding program on some yuties and megatheriums.  My therizino line is good but will probably raise up some more just to have back ups.  The last few weeks feel like they have taken forever to get the Island base started with nothing but 1x rates since the holiday event ended, but it is what it is.  (I won't complain if the Devs finally decide to toss us some 2x rates this weekend though 😃👍)

I have beaten the Island before on single player but ran into a real toxic environment and a poor performing server when I first started on PVE.  Unfortunately, I had to leave before I could tackle the bosses.  After experiencing life on Ragnarok and Crystal Isles for awhile I am very happy to finally return and pick up where I left off... and take care of some unfinished business.


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I've watched a couple of videos on the Tek Cave, and one showed someone (Teach) gliding past the first part and then using a Tek Suit and Shotgun to do the second part from the air. Hopefully it's still a thing, because I'm going to try this over the weekend. The video is a year old, though, so I fully expect for something to have been patched and I jump off at the top of the first part and cannonball into the lava. Nearby Giga be like, "What's that dude's problem?" while the Purlovias pop out of the ground and ROFL!

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(Official, Lost Island) Took down the stone pipes left from the decayed reservoir - when I'll make a metal reservoir, I'll install new, metal ones. 

Hunted, mostly for keratin. Killed an alpha raptor and an alpha carno - raptor because I wanted to, carno - because it was right outside my base so as long as it was alive I wouldn't be able to go harvest berries with my stego.

Fed dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base. Checked on the wyverns - Lilac was low on crystals. Gathered more and fed her.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Tamed a level 10 tapejara just because it was stuck on my gate, but then killed it. Uploaded a stack of dust. Saw a drop nearby, but it was yellow so didn't try to defend it.

(Official, Valguero) Remember how the last post ended with me podding the babies? The babies two of which are gigas so take forever to raise, and other two - wyverns with such a specific combination of inherited colors and stats that it's a miracle I managed to hatch whole two of them?

Well, apparently there was a bit of a rollback, so the fact that I DID pod them was erased from history. They're dead.

The fact that I entered my house and closed the doors before logging off was, of course, also erased from history, so I logged on to a deathscreen, and had to start my day on Valg by crafting new armor and weapons (well, at least new longneck is the best I've ever crafted - 212%!) and unpodding my old sino (a former breeder male named Ched) to carry instead of Wings, because Wings also died.

After that I fed dinos, refilled the maewing and unpodded two fresh female baby gigas to raise, and bred gigas, sinos, mantises and, of course, wyverns.

I kept one mantis egg, everything else I cracked. Of course the wyverns didn't give me a new almost-full-gray all-right-stats baby because that would be too easy, apparently. Probably going to be weeks before I get a new one.

Hatched the ice wyvern egg from the last time, podded the baby.

Retrieved the dust, AFKed for a while because I wasn't really in the mood to play but had to let the new gigas grow for a little bit, podded them, went into my house and closed the doors, waited for some time just to be safe and logged off.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Something I forgot to mention the last time is that not just fresh gigas were unpodded for raising, but my second pink sino as well. And unlike the gigas, the sino was not podded at the end of the day since it eats non-spoilable food and not much of it. So I logged on to find it 98% grown, and imprinted it.

Refilled the maewing and unpodded gigas. Hatched the mantis egg and put the new mantis with the maewing.

Bred gigas, wyverns, and sinos, kept one giga egg, and cracked all others: no new mutations, no right color wyvern, no nothing.

Went to the loot cave to see if there's anything decent, nothing good.

Grabbed a few beacons on my way home, nothing good there, either.

Podded gigas and the mantis, and that's all for today.

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PVE Official

Had a good weekend.  Bounced back and forth between Rag / Island / and Crystal Isles.  

A good part of the weekend has been raising babies. The triplet rexes that I will use to produce the next boss team are up to 83% mature.  I should be able to finish by tomorrow and hope to have a small pile of eggs to hatch by the time the valentine event starts on the 9th.

I switched gears on the yuty program and was able to combine the high stamina and high melee into one baby.  I have been trying to find a wild yuty with high health to add to the mix but no luck yet.  The best wild tame health stat I have right now is 36 points and that is not very good.  Stam and Melee are at 45 and 46 respectively. I can live with that as a starting point.  But the task of finding and knocking out as many high level yuties in search of health... continues.

Built a water pen on the Island to breed my basilos.  Waiting on the cool down timer after transferring them from Rag.  Probably a project for next weekend at this point.

Went to Crystal Isles and collected an assortment of artifacts and sent them to the island. Then ran around the island on the giga to collect tribute items.  

And spent some time improving the new island base and doing all the other little things in Ark life.

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(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, crafted metal pipes, tap and reservoir and installed all that, so once again I have water on my base.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Heard a drop, went to take a look, but it was yellow, so didn't do anything about it.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred gigas, wyverns and sinos, hatched the gig egg form the last time. All new eggs were cracked: wrong colors and weight on the wyvern, no new mutations on sinos, and both giga ones were unmutated males. Gave bees more flowers. Will have to gather more soon - I'm almost out of them.

And that's all for today.

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PVE Official Island

Late last night I set the basilos to breed and went to bed... Woke up this morning to a baby girl 😃 and for once I didn't mind the 8 hour pregnancy. 👍

My new rexes finally reached adulthood yesterday and my tribemate collected the first set of eggs.  It will be awhile before we get another set, so...

I Took one of the basilos out into the deep looking for alpha tuso or mosa.  I know you can get fishing poles from them and wouldn't mind having a decent pole before the Valentine event.  Never really tried fishing in Ark before and I probably should give it a try since it looks like some of the event prizes will be centered around fishing.  However, I didn't find any alphas in the time I had.  I will try again tomorrow.

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TheIsland/Gen2 PvE

After my tek cave failure I took some time to raise some more boss fighting dinos annnnnd got distracted by taming some other stuff. So in between then now I'd tamed some different colour shadowmanes and have incorporated those into the breeding. So today I finally finished raising and imprinting the first batch that weren't just white or reddy white, which was nice.  Took these future beasts to the island with a decent yuty, 5 deinos and a giga for another crack at the tek cave.  

Went smoothly, giga cleared cave and was podded at the bottom then the 12 shadows, deinos and yuty were on the platform, we teleport and quick headcount, everyone is there except the yuty. I look round and see she is stuck on the outside of the observation window to the megapithecus arena. WTH?! How did she teleport there? Anyway plan A of riding her is out the window, couldnt whistle her in or pod through the window.  Plan B of riding my best shadow is up.  We press on and kill the overseer, only gamma but ascension done, gimme my 5 levels! The only loss was the yuty sadly but I already have more growing up. Retrieve the army, some are pretty bloody but alive, they were not really levelled so not too surprised. Left them to eat and heal at my little island base. 

Transferred back to gen 2 base and filled troughs, bred theris and finished a water pen to breed my basi's in.  Took a quick screenshot of all my noglins before logging off.

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