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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Instead of transferring my current SP character to the Lost Island, I decided to level up a new one. I spawned in near the middle of the northern coast by an inlet and wasn't eaten by raptors in the first minute, so things were going better than my usual start. I made a base, tamed some dodos for eggs, tamed a parasaur for berry gathering, and a low level moschops for the heck of it. Then . . . I ran into my first sino. 

Of course, I had no clue how to tame it, so I paused to do some research. The next problem was finding chitin, but I eventually crossed paths with a trilobite who contributed some for the cause. The sino was pretty low level, so he tamed after two feedings, and then it was time to learn how to fly/glide with him. Mickey's stamina is low, so I'm putting all levels into that for now. If you ask Mickey, though, he doesn't have low stamina; I'm just too fat. Anyway, sinos are cool in my book. The only wonky thing for me is that when I try to switch from flying to glide mode, I sometimes plummet face first toward the ground. Mayday! Mayday! Still trying to figure that part out.

Unfortunately, flying all over the place with Mickey really burns through his food supply, so I scoured the beach in each direction, looking for more trilobites. I managed to find a half dozen or so, which will last him for a bit, but what should I do for the long run? He's already saved my life a couple of times, flying me out of the reach of hungry raptors. And then it dawned on me, I should head to the desert. 

I saw the canoe engram and decided to build one for the first time, and Mickey and I set out on our adventure. When I learned that Leeds don't attack canoes, I named it Leed Proof! I also learned during the maiden voyage of Leed Proof that sarcos will attack a canoe. I had to emergency beach it and fly off with Mickey's help before we got eaten. Once it was on land, and slower, I was able to take it out with my crossbow. And after some anxious canoe repairs, because a Rex was nearby, we resumed our journey.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and full of sightseeing opportunities. Upon arrival, we paralleled the beach looking for a place to land for a bit (so many terror birds) and finally ended up near the western border. I built a small platform on pillars in the ocean near the beach, placed a bed and storage cabinet on it, and then went ashore for more materials. Dodging terror birds, I harvested and expanded the platform throughout the day. One enterprising terror bird swam after me and ate my storage cabinet before I could kill it, though. Argh! When night fell, I only had a couple of walls up, so I built a campfire with the materials I had left and was prepared to wait out the night. Then it got cold . . . really cold.

I'm freezing to death while I'm by the fire, and I don't have enough materials to make another. So with no other choice, I head toward the darkened beach. Mickey slows our descent, and I start harvesting as soon as my feet hit the sand. It's going pretty well when something comes roaring out of the darkness and attacks. We manage to get aloft and start heading for my platform, but my remaining HPs drain away due to the cold, and I die before I get there. This is when I learned you can respawn at a canoe. Nice! So I respawn and look for my sino, who is resting on a rock a bit farther out to sea. I leave him there for the moment and swim toward the green light marking my stuff. I'm almost dead from the cold again by the time I pull myself back up on the platform, and then I skip right past almost and go directly to dead before I can set up another campfire. Blah!

I decide to spawn back at my regular base this time and wait for morning since it's not too far off. As the sun peeks over the horizon, I fast travel to the bed on the platform and am only cold, not freezing. Whew! I grab my stuff, whistle Mickey over, and then hunt down the terror bird that ambushed us. Revenge! After harvesting its hide and meat, I get back to completing the platform base before night falls again. Something dawns on me when it's done; I wonder if this desert has heat waves like Scorched Earth does? It would be just my luck to die to one of those after dying due to hypothermia, so I add a small panic room made out of adobe in case that's a thing. I wait out the next night in base, and then Mickey and I fly deeper into the desert to restock his food supply. A bunch of scorpions later, Mickey has over a thousand chitin in his inventory, and we hop in Leed Proof for the trip back.

Night fell as the desert faded into the distance behind us, and I navigated home using the map and the lights from drops. It was quite relaxing. Anyway, I did play for a bit more, but I'll leave things here for now. Happy Arking!

(In hindsight, I just realized I could have left Mickey on the platform and fast traveled to my main base when I first started freezing. Buh!)

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(Official, Valguero) Minerva is adult now, so are the velonas: Carrot and two unnamed ones.

Podded the unnamed velonas, crafted and dyed the saddle for Carrot. While podding the velonas podded Chocolate by accident. Unpodded, filled with meat, put gigas and the yuty near it again for some raising. Unpodded the wyverns.

Now, you might notice something's missing. We'll return to that later.

Bred gachas, gigas (no muts, male, cracted), spinos (male, bad health, but right melee AND FINALLY RIGHT COLOR!!!1). And wanted to breed magmas, too.

First I tried the wyvern method. I had Starr - the unleveled fire wyvern, who happens to have the most base stamina out of all my wyverns. I put in stam all his points, plus killed three random breedject gigas.

He ended up with nearly 4000 stam.

So I burned and burned and burned... But the best I could do was 52%.

Had no choice but to pod the magmas and go to the loot cave - perfectly safe dino-wise, and I remembered seeing people breed magmas there before, so it definitely had the right kind of lava.

So I went there, and I put Minerva into the lava...

Except I was unsure how safe it would be for me to dismount while riding a magma in lava.

So I only dipped her front half into it.

While the magmas were working at making a future new magma happen, I used my sinomacrops Wings to reach the loot crates (nothing too great in them, but at least now I know sinos are awesome for that).

So, magmas were done and I went to get the egg. I moved Minerva back onto the land, checked the spot where she sat while breeding - nothing. I had a whip, so I whipped - nothing.

So I went into the K mode to check if I could see where the egg is. And I saw it -  underground. Along with three more eggs from other people who made the same mistake.

So, yeah. My magma is on cooldown, I have no eggs, but there's 2 good things about this:

1. I now know that I should not fear the lava - an egg that ends up inaccessible is way scarier than some molten rock.

2. At least I'm not the only idiot who made this mistake!

I repodded my magmas and went home. Released them there, gave them more stone to eat.

And now we return to the missing thing from the beginning: I forgot to re-enable nursing on Chocolate. The yuty was fine, because he was in the basket, but the gigas... Yeah. Oops. What's worse - turns out that one of the giga breedjects I sacrificed to give Starr more Exp (completely uselessly as even after that he didn't have enough stam and I had to use lava anyway) was the only remaining female fail giga.

I had to unpod Elisabeth and breed her to Phobos in hopes of a female to raise, but the incubator revealed the new egg was a male - and one with a completely useless mutation on food of all things. Cracked the egg. Elisabeth will stay out, serving as a secondary breeder until I hatch a few females with the right melee to use instead of her.

Gachas, as always, were a failure.


(Official, Lost Island) Fed the dinos.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Bred gachas, spinos, and gigas, only giga egg stays - it'll be a female, no mutations, 21 point in melee (which is the better of the two options possible for me). Took magmas to the loot cave for a second attempt on breeding.

Put Minerva fully into the lava this time.

Perfect breeding?

As if!

Too far from the shore, couldn't reach with a whip from there, and trying to reach from Minerva's back only lead to her getting whipped and moving instead.

So I put all my stuff into Hotheads inventory, threw Wings off my shoulder, placed several sleeping bags, and tried to grab the egg with my own hands.

Died, of course. Respawned, tried again - but since this time I had no armor on, I died even faster.

Respawned, took Wings' helmet (300 armor), tried again. Grabbed the egg, remounted Minerva, died due to the damage over time.

Tried to use Minerva to drag my corpse out of the lava, but I guess magmasaurs either aren't good at dragging bodies, or can't do it at all.

But there was still plenty time before the corpse decays, so I googled and I saw a solution: grapples!

I didn't have any on me, but I did have the crossbow, and the mount I arrived on was my tropeo, Stripes, so the way home was REALLY fast (the game even took pity on me and didn't lag).

So I arrived home and made some grappling hooks. And some armor (flak, mastercraft) in case the plan doesn't work and I'll have to try and grab my deathbag the risky way instead.

I returned to the cave, the body still not decayed, I took the crossbow, I fired the hook, and success! On first try!

So I got my egg, and I gave Wings his helmet back, and I podded my magmas, and went home, and put the egg in the incubator (male, mother's melee. But would have stayed in either case - it's a magma!).

Don't think I'll be breeding magmas again any time soon. Well, maybe after some SP testing for the perfect spot to place the female for the egg to be neither stuck, nor out of reach.

Then I went to gather eggs from my dodos, and remembered that a long time ago I wanted to do color breeding on them, but it was SO long ago, that I wasn't using Smart Breeder back then, and didn't care about how I do it at all.

So the few existing mutated dodos were a mess.

I killed them, leaving only four clean, female ones: Eggvelyne the Slayer, Reddo, Experiment 1 (she's named that because she was the first creature I've ever transferred, originating from some Ragnarok server back in the times when I wanted a griffin), and Watercolor (the most recent one).

And, of course, I needed a new male, so I went to get one. I wanted something high level and nicely colored, but I wasn't able to find that. All I found were a nicely colored 145 female (no choice but to tame. She was REALLY nice - green and yellow, I named her Veggie), and a very boringly colored 150 male (since that was the only high-level ma le I found, I had to tame him. I named him Plain because really He's BORING).

I brought my new dodos home and bred them all immediately. Unfortunately, I had to crack all the eggs: there were no mutations.

After the dodos I bred the owls. But there were no mutations, so I cracked those eggs, too.

And the gachas were a disappointment once again.


(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Grabbed two RC presents (a bit of dust, ghillie gloves BP, ghillie pants and boots as an item, a bit of food.), saw a blue drop and did it! On a wyvern! No Ext saddles/BPs for them again, but a new cryopod and a nice amount of polymer, so not a complete waste of time.


Wanted to check on (Official, Crystal Isles) too, but it crashed, so that's all for today.

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I have mostly been grinding out mats for Rex saddles. Fourteen are done so far, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, it's not an oncoming freight train. Anyway, that 755% sickle I got from, I think it was Raptor Claus, has come in really handy.

I also put my rex breeding on hold and started breeding Theris for my second try at Gamma dragon. The first try was a couple of years ago, and things didn't quite go my way. 

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base, checked on the wyverns - they still had nearly as much crystal as last time I checked, but I gave each a stack anyway. They got some levels since the last time, so I put points into their stats - now Lime (the newer one) has 2000 stamina.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, refilled Chocolate's inventory for some more raising.  Bred gigas, gachas, owls and dodos. Kept one giga egg (will hatch into a clean female) and one dodo egg (hatched into a male with a mutation, will replace current male once grown, is currently in Chocolate's basket, with plenty berries to eat).

Hatched the eggs from the last time (giga and magma), and left the giga with Chocolate and the magma with Duck, in the basket (Duck, of course, has several stacks of sulfur put into its inventory).

Upodded the wyverns.

Took nine stacks of sulfur form the trough to craft propellant for the flaming arrows - they're more fun to use. Crafted a new crossbow - from the newest BP. It turned out with over 800 durability!

Went to get milk, but since my wyverns weren't too hungry, I took my sweet time with it, luring bunches of wyverns into the trap and burning them to death with my flaming arrows, stealing eggs (the only good ones were all by the same, 155, wyvern, so I only kept one and ate the rest), and only then trapped a level 20 female and got milk from her. So I returned home with milk, a new egg (but I cracked it in the incubator, as it revealed that the colors were boring and the highest stat (the only one over 30, the rest didn't even reach 30) was oxygen, and more sulfur than I used for the arrows. Fed the wyverns.

After that I waited for the gachas to be born (nothing good, as always), podded everything except for Banshee (the older wyvern) and Salad (the new dodo) as they're highly likely to be fine, and that's all for today.

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(Alpha Broodmother)

Saddles are finally finished. Huzzah! I pick up Boogles, my blue otter, after I spawn in on top of the base. We mosey out back to the glass building that holds the cryo stands and artifact pedestals and grab the rexes. Next, I make a feeding trough, and we port to green obi. 

I go to put the trough down and realize there's one already here, and it even has some food left in it. Nice! So I un-pod a rex, and we start clearing the dinos that are in the immediate area, and . . . Ark crashes. 

I reboot and load the game, and I'm back on top of base. "Son of a--"

My pego turns to look at me.

"No, not you," I say.

He growls and goes back to daydreaming about pickpocketing famous people.

I retrace my steps and clear the dinos without crashing this time. Their meat goes into the trough. Hemi, my doed, arrives next and clears out the rocks for us, and I start un-podding all the rexes and arranging them around the edge of the platform. Once that's done, I level up the ones that dinged while in cryo, and Doc Bubbles, my daeodon, shows up to heal anyone that needs it. 

My rexes and yuty are then lined up on the pad and ready to go. I have several sets of artifacts for this fight, so I queue up a gamma one as a warm up. That goes without a hitch, so everyone is healed, put back on the pad, and we're off to see the Alpha Broodmother. (Note: I think this is the first time I've successfully used a yuty in a boss fight.)

I hop on Boss, my yuty, and whistle my rexes to move away from the giant spider. And when she's out in the open, we attack. They stampede toward her and start chomping away. Boss starts up with his courage roars to assist. The new saddles are doing their job well, and she eventually falls without any casualties on my side. 

Woo Hoo!

I'll eventually go after the gamma dragon, once my cryo'd Theris have had time to get passive level ups. Plus, I have to craft saddles for them, and I'm not in any hurry to do that after grinding out all those rex saddles. 

Anyway, Happy Arking, all. 


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(Offcial Lost Island) Fed dinos, killed an alpha raptor, gathered mats for a minigun. Got everything, and the metal is smelting, so next time I'm on I'll craft it.

(Official, Extinction) Harvested dust from lampposts. Used a wyvern for that (sure, not as good as a doed, but more fun). Uploaded the first portion, as I harvested the second one, grabbed a RC present. Nothing good in it. Harvested more dust, uploaded that as well, returned home and fed the dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the dust and made it into element and shards. Made the dust I had i the vault into element as well - as nice as it looks, having actual element is better.

Banshee and Salad are adults now. Moved Salad to the other dodos, killed Plain.

Bred Banshee to Black Pepper, put the egg into the incubator... And cracked it. Grey only inherited on one region, that's unacceptable. Plus it got a mutation - some kinda yellow color, okay but I don't need that on my wyverns.

For now that's all. Might log on again later, might not. Don't know.

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(Unofficial, Xbox/Nitrado 3 cluster with sprinkles). Been playing for a few years.  Running our own server cluster.  Rag, Gen 1 and lost island.  On rag, been breeding.  Lots. Decided it was finally time to try and mutate things properly.  So. After 2.5 months, I have gotten my tropical crystal wyverns mutated with 20/20/20/20 mutations in Health, Stam, weight and melee.  Wow. That was a long struggle.  Other players working on deinonychus.  What should I mutate now?  Not all the stats though.  Thinking thyla or megatherium. 

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos.

Unpodded for raising the gigas, magma, yuty, and the mutated sinomacrops.

Bred gigas (kept one egg, which is going to be a clean female, in case anything happens with the ones currently growing), spinos (nope, no good again), and owls (missed the eggs. Well, almost. four still had enough health to pick them up, but the fifth one vanished before my eyes. Nothing good in them anyway).

Bred dodos - got a new mutation, but it's on female and a boring color, so cracked all eggs anyway.

Wanted to breed gachas... But turns out I forgot to turn mating off on them the last time I did that, so all females were on cooldown. Oops. Turned it off now.

Bred fire wyverns, grey inherited, but wrong stats and female, so cracked the egg anyway.

And then the announcement about the patch appeared, so I had to take a break.

After the patch was finally installed I checked on the gigas (fine. One was a bit bloody despite not being out of food, but I just force-fed her 2 stacks of meat and she was okay after that), and decided to do two things:

1. Pod the two adult male sinomacrops in the coop because it won't take long for the mutated one to grow up, and that'll be my new breeder male, no need to keep the other two out.

2. Unpod my two female mantises and breed them.

And I did just that. The mantis eggs resulted in a bad stat male, which I cracked, and an almost good one (bad health and stam, but good melee and weight) which I kept and which turned out to be twins.

After that I decided to go hunt tek dinos. I repaired my chainsaw, took a bit of gasoline, mounted my favorite wyvern, Topaz Thorn, and went looking for my prey. The first I found was a tek stego. I killed it and was ready to dismount nd chainsaw it... But some troodons decided that I killed it for them and ate it. Rude.

That was the only thing that went wrong, though - hunted everything else just fine. Only paras, stegos and a few raptors, unfortunately, but I still got enough dust for 114 shard.

Returned home, put the shards and the electronics into the appropriate vaults, podded gigas and the yuty. Sino and magma will stay out - sino has plenty chitin, and magma has not only the few stacks of sulfur in Duck's inventory, but also a full tek trough of it - form which he can already eat. So they'll be fine.

Only went present hunting once today, and only got one gift, a stego saddle in it. Meh.

And that's all for today.


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I decided I needed a change of pace and branched my SP game out to Gen 2. I found a spot for a base and brought some of my extra harvesting dinos over to help with construction. Peltzy, the beaver, was in charge of lumber. Hemi III, one of my many ankys, assisted with metal and thatch. And . . . I didn't have an extra doed. Weird, thought I did. But anyway, Grant joined us after a long berry tame. The base came together nicely after that, and then it was on to the next thing. 

The next thing turned out to be taming a Maewing, which I named May. Yep, totally original. May and I explored and got some drops while I was learning the controls. I still don't have the full hang of it yet, but I'm getting better. 

I decided to venture out into space by myself and found oil and metal. Of course, a voidwyrm found me, while I was harvesting. Needless to say, I spazzed out but managed to off it with my assault rifle by the time I was half health. My second attempt at space, full of much paranoia, led to a cornucopia of element type stuff!

After that, I did the gamma canoe mission and then failed hard at the beta version, like five times in a row. So that's where I'm leaving it today.

(Pego Count: Two tamed themselves by eating the berries in my last slot, and one made off with a stack of Advanced Rifle Bullets. That Bastage!)

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(Official, Valguero) Actually, I wasn't planning to really play yet. I just woke up, and intended to only check on the magma, imprint it, and move the sino to the coop.

But upon logging on I noticed that the game was running- no, FLYING! It was as if I was in singleplayer, except I very much was not. No lags. No stutters. 

That's not something you can just see and then go with the original plan of doing two things and logging off.

So after imprinting the magma, checking the amount of sulfur in the trough (only a bit over 1 stack was eaten), and moving the sino to the coop, I took Topaz Thorn and went to hunt tek dinos.

The hunt went okay. There wasn't a lot of them, unfortunately, but I still got a decent amount of dust, which I made into shards. Also saw a 150 female giga, ugly colors but still a cool thing to see from a safe distance.

When I was returning to my base (flew over the laggiest base I know, one that's so bad that I barely go to Redwoods anymore because I have to get past it on my way! And yet today it was just a bit of stutter as it loaded in, and then it was back to smoooooth running), I saw an alpha rex, so I grabbed my chibi, mounted Phobos, and went to kill it. It was only level 15, plus my chibi is gaining exp for its last level, so the rex barely did anything for it, but it's better than nothing. And since I was riding Phobos anyway, I went to hunt some more, and also raided the beaver dams a bit, so my second return home was with the amount of shards increased to 90, and with some cementing paste too.

Also, turns out I forgot to disable mating on fire wyverns, do I had an egg waiting for me. it was a fail egg, unfortunately - female, and grey only inherited on one region. I cracked it and turned breeding off on wyverns. And since some breeding happened anyway, I bred gigas (one egg kept, because female) and sinos (one new mutation. It's on a female which isn't good, but I'll keep it anyway).

And that's all for now. Or for today. Haven't decided yet.


(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos. Made the minigun, uploaded it and a few nets that I had. Hunted drops a bit, best thig found was a 200% chainsaw.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the uploaded items. Bred dodos, owls and mantises, only kept a mantis egg - it's not good stat-wise, but u=it's mutated and the color is a nice shade of blue.

Bred gachas, but then realized its back to 1x, so podded the extras and reset gestation on the only one that'll stay out.

Podded doed, spinos, deinon and one of the yuties.

That's all for today.

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I've been learning more about Genesis 2 and the space meteors, etc. Still haven't made it over to the Rockwell side yet. However, one of my best moments so far:

"Steal this, you *Beepity* *Beeper*!" I shouted as I pulled the trigger on my new rocket launcher, sending a homing missile rushing toward an aggro'd pego. The missile arced downward at the last second and . . . *Boom!* 

Pego parts all over the place. Quite satisfying, really.


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(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos and decided to look for drops. But the only one close was yellow.

The last (and only) time I tried to do yellow, I barely escaped, yet I decided to try again.

Wave 0: Did easily.

Wave 1: It was pretty hard and my rex lost a noticeable amount of health, but still it was nothing to quit defence for.

Wave 2: Also hard, drop lost a lot of durability, was highly unlikely to survive to the end, but I did it and decided to see if I could do wave 3.

Wave 3: Tons of enemies. I killed some, but the drop was losing durability FAST, so even if I killed everything, it wouldn't last through the rest of the defence. Abandoned the drop and returned home.

(Official, Valguero) Imprinted the magma, fed the dinos, hatched the mutated mantis and put him into Chocolate's baskets (there was plenty of spoiled meat). I named the mantis Electro, and his mutation is on weight, so I actually might use him as a stat breeder in the future - just need to get females with good melee inherited to compensate for his lack of it.

Bred wyverns, gigas, sinos and mantis (only one of my two females was ready), kept one giga egg (female) and one mantis egg (same). Sinos got no new mutations, so cracked all.

Loaded the gachas up with stone and made a ton of polymer form the obsidian I got from them.

Remembered that I saw a base close to decaying some time ago and went there - and didn't return empty-handed! Although the vaults and dedis are still standing, will stand for days more, and it's unlikely that I'll be able to grab them (the second time I went by I saw same players setting up camp there as the last time I tried to get some loot from a decayed base), there were plenty of deathbags from boxes and crafting stations, so I got a considerable amount of narcotics, some good BPs, some armor, a nice amount of shards and cementing/achatina paste... Really glad I remembered about it when I did. Minutes later and I'd get nothing.

Also. Remember the minigun I made on LI some time ago and sent to Valg? I tested it. Kinda fun, definitely will hunt ichthyornis with it... But that's it. For anything more serious a velona is WAAAY better.

After all that I podded the mantis and that's all for today.


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Tried to tame dodos. Accidentally killed 3 before realizing I had my already tamed dodos on 'attack my target'. Got sad.

I also got anxiety because I saw something i thought was a raptor. He suddenly dissappeared and i dont know where he went.

Became homeless because there was something i also presumed was a raptor in my house.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, imprinted the magma, wanted to breed something but only owls and one of the mantises wasn't on cooldown, and I wasn't in the mood for the owls, so all I put into an incubator today was one pathetic mantis egg (and it was a bad stat male, so I cracked it).

Unpodded Electro for more raising and hatched eggs from the last time. Podded the giga, and moved the mantises (yep! Plural! There's three of them!) to the raising corner. I named the mantis triplets Branch, Sprout and Stick, to keep with the theme I set for my female mantises a long time ago, when I named my first bred female Leaf.

After that I filled gachas up to get more obsidian. I used arrows instead of stone this time, and got tons of crystals, and  from them - tons of obsidian.

By "tons" I mean that I got so much obsidian and made so much polymer that my cementing paste vault is now completely empty. Absolutely. Not a single piece of cement is left.


Once the gachas ran out of arrows for the last time, I podded the mantises and that's all for today.

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I was mining in space when two of those dolphin things aggro'd on me from out of nowhere. (Minor jump scare) But seeing as I had some element in my backpack, I decided to try taming them. I petted them, and they moved off. And after mining a few more nodes, I followed. I found them quickly enough, caught up, and then a voidwyrm jumped out from behind a nearby asteroid and said, "Boo!"

I might have freaked a little and started spraying bullets everywhere, hitting one of the dolphins I was trying to tame in the process. So as that whole mess was following me, I made a beeline for one of the bridges. As I got closer, several voidwyrms launched themselves from off the top of it near the wall and started heading toward me. I decided to open fire for a bit and then make a break for it. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my assault rifle away after emptying the clip. So instead of rocketing out of there, I wasted some time doing melee attacks with my rifle . . . in place . . . while everything caught up. 

. . . And that's how Marie I (Of course, another otter) and I were vaporized by voidwyrms. 

I decided I was done mining for the day after that and settled on exploring the depths under one of those metallic cylinders in the newbie area. I brought my first basilo from the Island over, only level 120ish, with plans to tame a higher level one down there. OMG! The underwater part in Genesis 2 is crazy!

I made it out of there the first time with my whale's HP at like two hundred something. There were so many sharks, and I didn't know they were buffed if in a pack. I kept healing up (which took forever), going back down there, and then getting chased out again. The respawn seems crazy, too. Anyway, I eventually managed to clear enough space and kibble tamed a level 114 basilo. I put my first one back in cryo storage after that and have been leveling Atlas, the new one, down there since. The alpha experience is nice for the Chibi, but I still can't go too far from the entrance tube without getting mobbed. 

And that's where things are at. Happy Arking all.

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos. Wanted to go hunt beacons to maybe get something useful, but two disconnects in a row (good thng I haven't even left the base when that happened) discouraged me from doing that.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, checked nearby for drops, found nothing. Hunted corrupted dinos instad, just for fun.

(Official, Valguero) Imprinted the magma. Pretty sure I won't get 100% on him, but a magma is a magma in any case.

Unpodded mantises for raising.

Bred wyverns, gigas and dodos. Thought about breeding mantises, but out of the two femaes only one ws ready, I'd rather do that when I can breed both (or better yet - when the other three females are adult too). Kept one giga egg, all others were no good - the wyvern was wrong color, and dodos had no new mutations.

Hatched the previous giga egg - triplets! That's pretty great.

Raided beaver dams, got 41 stack of cementing paste. That, obviously, took the majority of my day in ARK. Harvested some stone and made some more paste. 

Podded mantises and that's all for today.

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Official PVE

After spending almost my entire holiday event breeding and raising a second boss army on Rag I started a new character and went back to the Island.  I never officially beat it in PVE when I was there before and I wanted to check it off my list before moving forward.  My tribe partner has never beaten the bosses there either so she is on board with the plan.

We are currently in the Search and Test phase of the plan. She went one direction while I went another.  We are trying out different servers to see which ones perform well enough to call home... spending time at each one to test lag / crash issues and also see which ones have a decent spot to build.  

I spent a couple hours on one today on the newb beach.  Said hello to the locals and built a raft.  It is now outfitted with the basics and I will likely set sail next time I play.  I will navigate around the island and take notes about base locations.  If I can make it all the way around without crashing then the server will get a yes vote.

If for no other reason, just bobbing around on the beach is pretty fun.

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(Offcial, Valguero) Moved spoiled meat form the troughs to Chocolate's inventory and unpodded mantises for raising.

Fed dinos. Imprinted the magma (he was already 99.7% grown, so that was the last imprint).

Bred wyverns, mantises, gigas and sinomacrops.

Out of the eggs: wyvern: cracked. Wrong stats, wrong inherited colors, pink mutation. Just wrong. Sinos: 1 kept, male, melee mutation, magenta on region 0. I don't really like magenta, but sinos are allowed to be whatever color they want - after all, being tiny and brightly colored is kinda their thing. Both mantis eggs kept for now, but I'll think about them again once they're hatched - might kill them after all. Both giga eggs cracked - clean males.

Raided beaver dams again. On my way home realized that my elevator tower is an awfully awkward thing, not quite matching my other buildings (took me long enough), so I took down most of height, leaving only the first row of large stone walls, and then topping them with a single row of greenhouse walls (with the height difference between the gateframe and the last pair of walls before it smoothed out by a pair of sloped greenhouse walls).

That, however, left the platform (which is actually the end of the pillar-suported bridge that leads to the workshop, and was always separate from the tower, it's just much more obvious now) to which the elevator arrives look as if it isn't properly supported, so I added more pillars from two of its ceiling squares to the tower's floor (though it can't really be called a tower now). In the future I'll add pillars to another two of its ceiling squares, for symmetry.

The whole thing is now more in line with the rest of my base, and reworking it got rid of a large shadow over my raising corner.

Once I was done, I imprinted Electro for the first time, podded him and the other three mantises, and logged off.

And that's all for today.

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