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So what did you do in ARK today?


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(Official, Lost Isle) Made a cryopod for when I'll finally start doing what I'm supposed to do there - that is, taming stuff and sending it back to main base. Tamed an argent. It's not great, but makes resource runs easier.

Used the argent to kill an alpha raptor. Got two picks, 205 and 190-something damage - great!

Current goal is to craft a harpoon launcher and net ammo and get a maewing. I'm also definitely going to try for some magma eggs, but that'll wait. As for LI's unique tames - well, I hate the baboons so I'm not going to try to get any, I probably can get sinoms, but as for amarga - probably nope, even though it's really cool. I tried in singleplayer and those things are really hard to tame.

(Official, Valguero) Put eggs into the hatchery, bred gigas again. Bred gachas (just the pair, no extra females). Unpodded wyvern.

Deinon eggs hatched, both female, one brown, one event colors. Kept the event, killed the brown. Filled the maewing with meat and left the deinon with it.

Got three gifts, one hd a 124 armor stego saddle. Because of that I decided to tame a good stego. Found a 145 female, knocked her out, but also noticed a 130 pachy with awesome colors, so knocked that out too. Split the kibble between them, so had to finish the stego with mejoberries, but thanks to the current rates the effectiveness was good anyway.

Gacha baby was born, no dust, killed.

Unpodded my old stego Spike and bred him to the new female (which I named Olive), but the egg went into the fridge as I was finishing my day already. Picked up the rest of the eggs, podded the wyvern, left the deinon out because it might be fine but it doesn't really matter much if it dies, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Lost Island (just noticed I was calling it the wrong name the whole time. Huh)) Finally got enough mats for a harpoon launcher and four nets. made that, took the cryopod and went to get a maewing. Took me a while to find one not too low level, not too bright, and not near carnivores because I was on ptera so fighting off most things was out of question. I settled on a nice dark gray-with-dark brown-and-orange level 100 one. Netted it on first try, tamed on mutton, podded and uploaded. 

Then I decided: hey, I did a thing and it was fine!

So I went home, put everything into the smithy, keeping only my clothes and a crossbow (engram quality) on me, and went to try and get a magma egg.

The plan was to use the crossbow to lure magmas away, but someone already cleared them out. Eggs, too.

I spent some time flying around, checking on the nests from time to time.

Then I encountered another player in the cave, we didn't talk. There was an egg. The player whistled, without clarifying whether it means "I'm here it's mine" or "here's an egg and it's yours", so I tried to ask them, but by the time I finished typing the player was gone. The egg wasn't, so I took it, it was level 45.

I uploaded the egg, and that was all on LI. I forgot to make and upload a maewing saddle, but whatever.

(Official, Valguero) Yesterday's deinon was alive, fine, and I still had a bit of time to imprint her. I named her Peach. Retrieved the maewing (named it Chocolate) and the magma egg. Put all the eggs into the hatchery. Unpodded wyvern.

Bred maewings (it's awesome that even if one is on cooldown and can't lay an egg, it can still be used as a male).

Waited for deinon, maewing and stego eggs to hatch, kept one deinon, and obviously kept the stego and maewing.

Filled Thea with meat and left the baby mae there - I had things to do.

The thing to do was golem hunting - for sulfur, much safer than hunting wyverns for that or mining it (since nodes are unpleasantly close to the wyverns anyway), I used Phobos for that, of course.

By the time I returned there only were five minutes left on the magma egg. Also, one of the giga egg hatched, twins, no mutations. I used those five minutes to feed the dinos.

The magma egg hatched into a male, with blue spikes. I kept him and left him unpodded just for long enough that he'd eat the first piece of sulfur, to see how much that refills (and make sure he even has enough food capacity to eat on his own). I named him Hothead, podded him, the mae, and the wyvern, picked up the eggs, and that's all for today.


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- Alpha Monkey - 

So I gather everything and port over to the Blue obelisk. Once there, I un-pod my Yuty, Boss, and park him on the teleport. Then, I spend what seems like two hours un-podding my rexes and getting them situated on there as well. I'm wearing normal fur armor, and I have my pego, named "Son of A...", with me instead of an otter. I just don't feel like being on Marjorie the Third this soon if it all goes Dodos Up. The tribute is loaded, and I kick off the teleport before downing a Fria Curry.

*Poof!* We arrive, and I hop on the Yuty. For some reason, the everyone go there whistle isn't working. I hop off Boss, squirm my way through the rexes, and try it again. Nothing happens, so I'm like, "Hmmm...." 

*ROAR!* comes from behind me.

"What the lambchops is that!?!!?" I turn around and the Alpha is attacking my rexes. I didn't know he could wander out by the arrival point on his own.

I can't see Boss to hop on him, so I scramble like mad trying to get on a Rex, any Rex, before I get squashed. 

Finally, I climb into the saddle of one, and see my rexes are still bunched, so they're not all attacking. The Alpha's rock throw damage numbers are popping up among them like popcorn, and I start to wonder if we're going to make it. "Son of A..." is muttering a prayer on my shoulder as I try moving the rex close enough to get in on the battle. 

That's when the Raptor Claus, Christmas miracle happens. The Alpha Megapithecus knocks my rexes back and pushes forward, allowing them to encircle him, so more are attacking, and his bar is going down faster. And . . . We Win!

None of my Rexes died and my Yuty lived as well. He's like, "So, about that plan for us to do courage roars?"

I shrug my shoulders, and Son of A... thwaps me in the back of the head with his tail. That's when I realize I'm freezing and almost dead. "EEP!" I start chugging medical brews like it's Friday night and manage not to die before we're all ported out.

"Whew . . . ."

Anyway, I managed to complete one of my main goals on this playthrough, so "Huzzah!" I think I'm going to need better saddles to do Alpha Spider, though. Who knows, I may get sick of looking for a BP down the line and give it a try with primitive ones. We'll see what happens.


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(Official, Lost Island) Got some more metal, gathered wood, put it all in the forge. Went to get more chiting/keratin with my argent, as I plan on having enough mats for the magma saddle (to send it to main base, of course) by the time my level is high enough to learn the engram. And ended up in the swamp, where sinomacrops fly. So decided to tame a pair.

I started a lot of tames. A. LOT. They always ended up flying away, I'm pretty sure some starved to death. Yes, I did have tracking enabled, but chasing on foot wasn't always an option, and chasing on argent often ended up scarng them. Plus al the predators in the swamp, attacking and resetting tame.

But I ended up taming a level 20 male, and then with his help I was able to tame a level 60 female, since a carried shoulder pet doesn't scare sinoms away and so I was able to chase her just fine.

I uploaded them, returned to the base, saw an alpha carno near it, lured it away, gathered some stone and made some cementing paste.

(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded babies, put eggs into the hatchery, fed dinos, and retrieved the sinoms. I named the male Brightwing and the female Scarrel. Scarrel will live in the featherlight coop at all times. Brightwing will be with me when I'm not doing anything risky, and in the coop otherwise (and also when I'm logged off). While the oldest giga egg was nearing the moment of its hatching, I used Brightwing to fly and glide all over the base - it's fun! Especially the part where I get to glide and parachute without carrying the extra weight of the glider and/or spare parachutes on me.

Hothead the magmasaur is growing fine, can hold almost 400 food now.

The giga egg hatched and the baby joined the ranks of gigas-for-wyvern-leveling. Yep, no mutations again!

After that I picked up the eggs, podded the babies, put Brightwing into the coop, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

(Official, Extinction) Grabbed a pick and went to the sulfur fields, harvested a ton of sulfur. Uploaded it all (and also some dust that I had on me).

(Official, Valguero) Put eggs back into the hatchery, unpodded babies.

Retrieved sulfur.

Put away Brightwing and went to get wyvern milk, got it just fine. Fed the wyvern.

Did a metal run, not a big one. Just a bit, to pass the time. Made a ton of polymer.

Bred ankylos, egg hatched into triplets, all female, wrong stats so killed. Giga egg hatched, and that's another fail giga for exp.

Noticed that my juvi maewing was bloody - turns out, I didn't put enough food into Chocolate's inventory, so it ate through what was there, what little was in the trough, and was now about to die. Podded it, got more meat, unpodded. It healed up and soon requested care (it wanted a tintoberry).

Soon after Hothead wanted care too - a cuddle.

Bred sinomacrops, hatched, male, father's stam unfortunately, but keeping anyway. I named him Wings and he's TINY. I mean, okay, sinoms are small in general, but that thing is seriously bacteria-sized.

Raised Hothead to juvenile, podded everything except for the wyvern (11 hours until adult, 14 hours worth of food. He'll be fine), picked up eggs, put Brightwing back into the featherlight coop and that's all for today.

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I tried chasing Raptor Claus on my Argy . . . and it really wasn't working out for me. I'd get a couple of gifts, and the rest would *Poof!* So Marjorie II and I decided, we needed a faster flyer.

And so, my SP expansion to Crystal Isles began. Going by memory, I spawned in the SE corner of the map where the wyverns frequented. Only to realize, after running through a swamp type environment, that I was thinking about the SW corner. Buh!

I built a small base and started working on narcotics to tame a Ptera. Of course, I'd need a saddle, so I swam over to the desert biome, somehow managed to kill an arthopleura, breaking two pieces of my flak armor in the process, and got the needed chitin. After repairing those, I saw a carno on the beach. It took awhile, but my run away in fear and shoot it with my crossbow strategy finally paid off. . . after I trained it onto a nearby stego, of course. Trust me when I say, the stego had some grievances, so I had to put it down. Anyway, I now had some prime meat, so I bola'd a mid-level PT and tamed it. Then we were off to get a wyvern.

The flight over there was punctuated with a lot of landings to regen stamina, but we finally made it. After that, it took awhile to find a suitable candidate, but I finally found a 135. I mined some crystal and tried to jump on the back of the wyvern but couldn't quite make it. So I decided on a plan. I'd put my ptera on follow, fly him above the wyvern, and dismount to land gracefully on its back. . . . 

Yah, that only took like sixteen tries, but I finally landed on the sweet spot, moved up to the base of its neck, and started taming. Fifteen crystals later, I had a wyvern.  

I transferred it to the Island map and am getting to more Raptor Claus drops now, but I still haven't gotten anything exciting yet. Hope you're all having better luck than I am. 

Happy Arking!

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(Official, Lost Island) Built a new feeding trough - the old one was broken by a wild rex some time ago. Made more cementing paste. Wandered around the map, picking up drops (regular, no Raptor Claus), didn't find anything cool. Made four maewing saddles, but while I waited to upload them I spotted an alpha rex near my base and had to deal with it. Killing it wasn't an option, unfortunately, so I lured it into the sea, far away from the shore. After that finally uploaded the saddles.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded babies, bred wyverns (now-grown Double to Greybell), maewings, and sinomacrops. Put eggs into the hatchery.

Made a lot of polymer, grabbed one RC present, nothing good in it. Retrieved the maewing saddles, put one on Chocolate and stored the others for later.

Maewings hatched, kept both. One giga egg also hatched, and as always kept for Exp. Remaining giga eggs are all 3-4 hours away form hatching, will finish them soon. Wyvern egg hatched, wrong stats inherited, killed.

Podded Hothead and Wings, picked up the eggs. Gave Chocolate more food, including kibble, because I decided to leave the growing maewing (now named Duck) out for the night.

And that's all for today.


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(Official, Lost Island) Decided to try and get another magma egg. And did it! There were no magmas in the cave, no other players (so no awkwardness), and one egg. 150. I grabbed it and uploaded it.

Then I tried to gain some levels by making a bunch of rafts, but that was very boring and not very effective, so I decided to go and tame a rex instead to kill everything in my path with it. Spotted a level 90, knocked out, tamed (with mutton), used it to kill some dinos, already got one level for me and a ton for it, and went home to leave my argent there before going to kill even more stuff with my new rex... Except there was a giga nearby. Wild.

So I unpodded the argy, podded the rex (I made a pod to move the rex n and out of the base until I replace dino gate with a behemoth one), entered my base and logged off. It may not be the smartest thing to do, just logging off and hoping things would be better later, but I can't kill it, I won't risk luring it away, and I cant exactly move base with a single cryopod and a less than 2000 weight argent.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the magma egg, put it and all the other eggs into the hatchery. Bred wyverns. Unpodded babies. Made more polymer.

Imprinted Hothead the second time, he's growing fine and I still have 59 stacks of sulfur left, so things are going well.

The new magma egg hatched into a female, grayish-green with blue spikes, the stats aren't great (points spread across them pretty evenly), but she stays. Yesterday's sinom egg hatched into twins, both female, mom's stamina, kept both nd even let them grow for a bit.

Giga eggs are nearing hatching, I think I'll finish them tomorrow.

Picked up eggs, podded babies.

(Oh, and Duck the Maewing is all grown, alive and saddled)

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

And that's all for today.


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I decided on a change of pace, so I headed back to Extinction to tame some Theris. I kind of remembered where the entrance to the hidden forest was, so Van, my argy, and I headed in that general direction. Evidently, I remember it being in the wrong place, because we ended up by a cave type entrance and aggro'd a corrupted wyvern. Van and I both swore quite creatively, before managing to dodge its first breath attack. As it was circling around for another, I pulled the teleport gizmo out of my pocket and started mashing the button like I wanted the elevator to get there faster. A globe of light enveloped us as the wyvern neared, and then *Poof!*, we were back at base. Sigh of relief!

So anyway, my argy and I agreed that I should look up the *Beepin* coordinates before we headed back out there. (Brief Youtube Interlude....)

This time we found it no problem, and we overflew a level 135 female within the first couple of minutes. She was knocked out and kibble tamed, and her stats were pretty average. She had event colors at least, though. I podded Gretta, and it was off to find a male. Not even ten minutes later, we came across a level 140 male with good stats. He was tamed posthaste, and came out with nice HP and melee. Then . . . I searched around for another high level female for an hour and didn't find anything, so it was back to base. *Poof!*

Once there, I dismounted and high fived Van, celebrating our tames and our still being alive. I put stuff away after that then headed for the nearby transmitter. The tames were uploaded, and my survivor followed them shortly after, disappearing into the ether.  

So, of course, Ark crashed on me when I was back on the Island and downloading the tames. I lost Max, the male Theri, but Gretta came through at least. I learned more about cheat commands, summoning in a male to replace the one I lost. I finally settled on Max II, who had lower HP and melee than his predecessor, but I just wanted to get on with things at that point. Anyway, the Theris are both cryo'd, and I'll breed them next time. 




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On 12/20/2021 at 11:53 AM, Donk67 said:

Lost a bunch of eggs when hatching, they left no babies, just nothing!!!😬 Poooofffff gone!!!

Were the parents high level? If the baby inherits all the highest stats and tries to hatch over level 450 it will do that.  Happens to me often.  I have also had babies hatch and glitch through an elevated floor before too.  Found them on ground under the base (which sat on pillars a the time).  

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(Official, Lost Island) Checked if giga still there (thankfully, it isn't), took the rex and went hunting. Got two levels, a ton of chitin... Unfortunately, the server isn't feeling too well, so hunting was really, really difficult, so I stopped at that. Returned home, fed dinos, made some cementing paste.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, put eggs back into the hatchery, bred wyverns, gave gachas a lot of stone, used up all the obsidian I got from the gachas and all I had in the vault to make even more polymer, and decided that cracking the crystals open near the fabricator, putting the obsidian there, and starting to make poly immediately is more convenient than storing obsidian in a vault and moving some to the fab when needed (took me long enough), so once the obsidian vault was empty, I renamed and repainted it, and now it's an electronics vault instead.

The giga eggs all hatched, no mutations, all kept for Exp. And I'm done with gigas for this event.

Wyvern egg hatched, female, unfortunately mutated on oxygen, but inherited all the right stats and colors, so she stays. Once she's grown, all I'll have to do is breed her to Black Pepper until I get a male with all the best stats and all gray inherited (which is all gray except for body highlights), and that high-stat, nearly all gray male will be my final fire wyvern.

Wings the sino is imprinted now, and half-grown.

The magmas are growing fine, the female (I named her Minerva) is almost 5% now, nd Hothead is a bit over 20%.

Tried to go after Raptor Claus presents, but was unable to get any.

Returned home, podded the wyvern and the magmas, gave Chocolate some extra chitin because the sinos will be staying unpodded in the baskets, and that's all for today.

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On 12/23/2021 at 2:58 AM, Penguin73 said:

Were the parents high level? If the baby inherits all the highest stats and tries to hatch over level 450 it will do that.  Happens to me often.  I have also had babies hatch and glitch through an elevated floor before too.  Found them on ground under the base (which sat on pillars a the time).  

Yeah man Thanks, it was the levels being too high, I had an inkling that's what it was but I did look under the floor too as this building is on Pillars also, Lol..😉👍

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(Official, Lost Island) Went hunting again. Leveled to 81. Killed an alpha raptor, got 60-something armor hide boots from it, which I uploaded to use on main base (I decided to change from my usual riot/flak to hide). Raided two beaver dams, got plenty of cementing paste, so made all the obsidian I had into polymer.

(Official, Extinction) Went to tame gachas. Today I decided to not look strictly for a dust gacha, so despite not getting a dust one, I didn't return empty-handed: I got a nice sulfur one, which I podded and uploaded.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the boots and the gacha. Replaced the current, obsidian male with the new, sulfur one and gave him a lot of stone and pellets. No more relying on wyverns and golems or transferring sulfur from Extinction, which is great considering the two magmas I'm raising.

Unpodded babies, bred gachas, moved the now-adult sinoms to the coop (from which I removed the featherlights, as I didn't use them anyway. I didn't kill them, just podded them).

Took down a portion of the base's fence and rebuilt it straighter (previously having a straight line without sacrificing a potion of the size was impossible due to another tribe's structure being too close, but that's gone now).

Got four or five Raptor Claus resents, but nothing too great in them. 40 dust, some poly, the rest was boring and worse than what I already have in my vault.

Podded the dinos that I previously used for in-base transport, because I just fly on a sinomacrops now instead.

Went to get milk for the wyvern, got it, fed the wyvern. Gacha born, no dust (or sulfur), killed.

Gave Hothead his third imprint and Minerva - her first. Podded them and the wyvern. And that's all for today.

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Today I only remembered about ARK in the late evening, so I didn't play much. Still, here's what I did:

(Official, Lost Island) Fed dinos, replaced dino gate with behemoth gate. Leveled to 82.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base and checked if the wyverns need more crystals (they don't).

(Official, Valguero) Fed the dinos, opened gacha crystals I had in my inventory since the last time, now my tek trough has 90 stacks of sulfur in it.

And that's all for today.

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Let's see . . . I went back to Crystal Isles for some more wyverns, and then used one for drop hunting. I tamed my first ever ravager, then broke the wall of the taming pen to let it out and eventually dropped another one in there, forgetting that I didn't put up new door-frames, and . . . yah, that got a little crazy. Two more ravagers were tamed, and I have my own little pack. I ran around with those and explored the map. It is a really beautiful map, and I actually thought of trying Aberration again because of the ravagers. . .

. . . Then, I got better. (I really wanted to get into it when it came out, but it just didn't work for me.)

I transferred a female wyvern back to the Island to breed them for the first time and realized I should pay more attention to my tames. The one on the Island is female, so there was some uploading and downloading done to get the male over and that one back to Crystal Isles. (I think I may have a workaround for my obelisk crash issues. I podded the dinos and did everything on the Data tab. We'll see how it is going forward.) 

When the first baby (Slynn) matured, I took her out after Raptor Claus drops. Once we finally located his route, we saw that the remaining drops were falling in the redwoods in foggy, pitch-black weather. Needless to say, we were both like, "*Beep* this!" and went back to base. 

My Chibi is getting close to level four, so I went out looking for Alphas to slay. Unfortunately, there weren't many to be found. Of course, if this was a new character in a Beach Bob hut, they'd be all over the place. Anyway, I still need 30k to level it.

Afterward, I bred my rexes to get the new HP mutation on a male, and it took awhile, but Raptor Man is the new leader of the pack. I'm just waiting for him to mature before I set all of them back to "Let's get it on," mode. 

Happy (Christmas) Arking, All!

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(Official, Lost Island) Hunted, hunted and hunted some more! Killed 5 or 6 alpha raptors. Also, crafted things for Exp, at first terror bird saddles, but then that stopped giving any noticeable amount of Exp, so switched to rafts. Reached level 89. Built an incubator and uploaded it.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the incubator, installed it, and placed three carbo eggs I had into it just to see how well it works. It turned out to be awesome, so I bred other things, even gigas, put those eggs in as well. Even unpodded a female ice wyvern to breed.

And, as always, unpodded the magmas and the wyvern for raising. Minerva is juvenile already.

Now, about the eggs:

Giga: fail, cracked.

Yuties: one cracked, the other has double mutations, so kept.

Wyvern (ice): father's colors, kept.

Wyvern (fire): I'll probably kill it once it's hatched, but it has a mutation, pink, and I want to see what it'll look like for real instead of just a color square in the incubator's interface.

Sinomacrops: no mutations, two females one male, kept, hatched, and will stay with the maewing for the night (there's enough chitin).

Maewings: well, those always stay. They're maewings! No mutations, though.

Wild deinon eggs: all colors sucked, so all eggs cracked.

After seeing how great the incubator is, I removed four more ACs to have space for a second one, once I have it.

Podded the magmas and the wyvern.

(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.


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(Official, Lost Island) Gathered materials for a second incubator. Spotted an alpha rex near base, lured it into the sea. Killed two alpha raptors. Level 92 now - soon I'll be able to make magma saddles!

Built the incubator and uploaded it.

(Official, Valguero) Unpodded babies (usual magmas and wyvern, +2 unicorns that I had for a long time, which are now in Chocolate's baskets).

Hatched the eggs in the incubator, fire wyvern killed (mutation turned out to be on an inactive region (Yes, I could see on which region it was in the incubator. But you can't expect me to remember what's active and what isn't, okay?), plust while the mutation ws on heath, the stat itself was inherited from the lower-health parent), ice wyvern left out to grow for some time. Yuty is very pink, and will be raised simply because he looks ridiculous, even though his stats are bad (a melee mutation means nothing when the base melee is 4 points. Also, the second mutation is on food).

Retrieved and installed the second incubator (technically, one is enough, I don't breed that much. But symmetry!).

Bred spinos, gigas, yuties, snow owls (the clean ones), sinos. Stole some deinon eggs.

The spino and giga eggs I cracked, nothing good in them. Sinos, too: no mutations, and I don't need more clean females. The snow owl egg was female, so kept. A few best color deinon eggs kept, boring ones were cracked regardless of stats.

Got 4 Raptor Claus presents! And in one of them was a 30-something gasbags BP. Not the coolest thing ever, but better than what I usually get.

Went to the trench to get some wyvern milk, nearly lost my wyvern, but got it after all. Returned home, fed baby wyverns. on my way to the trench spotted an alpha rex and an alpha carno, so after feeding the wyvs, grabbed Phobos, put on my chibi, and went to kill the alphas. Turned out there was also a second alpha carno and an alpha raptor! Killed all that.

Attacking the alphas angered a nearby sabertooth and for a few seconds I didn't even fight back because here I am. Riding a fully imprinted giga. And some angry cat decides that it wants to kill me. I was just like "Dude. Seriously? This is what you want to do, attack a dino that only needs whole one bite to kill you because you can't do 1/4 of a bite in ARK?" then, of course, I killed it.

Returned to the base and imprinted the magmas. Minerva is half imprinted now, and Hothead is 100%.

Moved two of the female fail gigas into the fridge for dinos that I'll maybe raise, to possibly make them into breeders, since with the incubators hatching the eggs will be a lot easier - forgetting about them is fine as long as I don't forget for a week.

Hatched the eggs in the incubator, podded everything except for the owl - it went to Chocolate the maewing.

Speaking of the maewing: filled its inventory completely with berries and meat, because the unicorns and the owl are staying in there until tomorrow. Pretty sure they'll be fine: 139% nursing effectiveness, and a ton of food.

Podded the yuty, the wyverns, and the magmas (I maybe could leave at least one out, considering the amount of sulfur in the trough, but I'm not sure so I'd rather not risk it).

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Moved the now-adult unicorns to the stable, moved the owl to the gachas. Podded my two oldest owls, the heavily mutated ones that I got in exchange for a tuso BP a long time ago. They're great, but now I want to use the spot in front of the gachas as the owl breeding spot, so the only mutated owl that can stay there is Winter (because I ride her sometimes).

Filled Chocolate's inventory with even more meat.

Unpodded the babies (wyverns, magmas, pink yuty, and two female gigas) for raising.

Bred gigas, spinos, yuties, ankylos, stegos, sinoms and owls. Maewings, too.

Out of all those eggs only kept one yuty (female, no mutations) - everything else was disappointing. One owl egg I thought I'd keep, but it turns out I turned mating on Winter instead of Snowflake (the newest owl) by mistake, so yea. Had to kill that.

Disabled breeding on Winter, enabled on Snowflake, and that egg was a nice clean female, which I left with the maewing, so she'll be adult the next time I log on.

Went to get milk for the wyverns, and, unfortunately, the lag gave me absolutely no chance to even see the wyverns before it was too late, let alone escape from them. So, minus wyvern (the one I was riding! The growing ones still had enough food to survive, just not enough for me to be comfortable with it), minus armor, minus my awesome crossbow and rifle.

Also, the "You killed yourself" message hits especially hard when it's due to falling to my death because the lag enabled wyverns to kill my mount. Because yeah! Right! I killed myself! Totally what happened here.

So anyway, I respawned, I unpodded a new wyvern, an ice this time, I made a new crossbow and a new rifle (after looking all over my base for the BP - I even thought I threw it out by accident! But turns out it was in the replicator. Phew.), I went and got that milk (why didn't I think of using an ice wyvern for it before? So much safer!), and I grabbed a 150 ice egg as a compensation.

Returned home, fed the wyverns, put the new egg in the incubator (female, okay stats, red on region 0, don't remember the other colors but remember thinking it'll look ridiculous), imprinted Minerva, and went to the redwoods with Phobos to kill things.

In the redwoods I killed one alpha carno - no other alphas there this time, unfortunately. Lots of wild dinopithecus for some reason, though - aren't they supposed to only live on LI and not touch other maps with their filthy paw-hands unless brought there tamed? But since they're there, I killed lots of them, and the one that survived the death of its pack I tamed, named My Family Is Dead, podded, and then threw to the jellyfish. Serves it right for existing where it shouldn't. The whole trip to redwoods and back took around two hours.

After returning home I checked how much sulfur the magmas ate - and it wasn't much at all! And the whole day from log on to return from redwoods was around five or six hours, so I decided it's safe to leave Hothead out for the night. Podded Minerva, though. Podded the yuty, the wyverns and the gigas, and that's all on Valguero.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.

(Official, Lost Island) Leveling-leveling-leveling! Killed lots of things, traveled all the way to the redwoods, apparently thylas there took a page out of purlovia's book: saw them bursting from underground instead of jumping off the trees.

By killing things (including two alpha carnos, because my rex apparently can handle that) I reached level 94. Learned the minigun engram

Returned home and made lots of things - rafts, large wooden walls, large storage boxes - until I reached level 95. learned the magmasaur saddle engram, gathered more stone, hide and metal. Crafted one saddle, metal for the second one is smelting. By the time I made the saddle, I was really tired of ARK (I mean, that was a lot of ARK today!), so I decided that if it's not ready for the upload by the time I reach the nearest beacon, I'll go home without uploading and do it tomorrow instead. It wasn't ready, so that's all for today.

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(Official, Lost Island) Crafted a second magma saddle and uploaded both.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the saddles, checked on Hothead (adolescent now, ate less than two stacks of sulfur since I left him), and since he's doing so well, unpodded Minerva. Hatched the wyvern (she DOES look ridiculous!) and podded her. Restacked the remaining meat in the maewing.

For now that's all because I literally just woke up and didn't even have a breakfast yet.


The rest of my day in ARK:

(Official, Extinction) Just randomly decided to get a megalosaurus. So I made tranq darts, and some narcotic even though that's not necessary, and I went to get it! First I had to look for a megalo that I want. Spotted a lovely seemingly all-white level 80 female, shot... And she uncurled revealing a bright green belly. UNACCEPTABLE!!!1


Nothing else looked good: bad levels, bad colors. Killed a ton. Among what respawned I finally found a good one: level 100, female, ginger. Knocking her out was annoying, but I ended up succeeding and left her to starve for a while. As she did that, I spent the time killing everything that moved, especially if it gave prime meat.

Of course, the megalo woke up. That's their thing, after all.

Re-tranqed, left to starve a bit longer, and finally gave her the meat. She wasn't hungry enough to insta-tame, but it still was pretty fast. I podded her and uploaded (along with a bit over two stacks of dust, which I harvested while waiting for the megalo to be ready for uploadig). After that I fed the dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Retrieved the megalo and the dust. Checked the vault to see if I have a megalo BP, but nope! Had to settle for an engrm-crafted one.

Named the megalo Big Rat, and exported her stats - turns out, she has 34 points in weight and 30 in melee - not bad.

Fed the dinos, moved the newest owl to the gachas, bred owls, gigas, sinoms, spinos and yuties.

Out of all the eggs only kept two owl (clean females, and those are going to be my final clean owls. Anything without an useful mutation after that will be cracked) and one sino (mutated. Don't remember on what, but it's my first sino mutation),

Unpodded the wyverns, the gigas and the yuty to let them grow some more.

When night finally came, mounted Big Rat and went hunting - she's strong! Sure, I know that megalos are strong at night, but still it's pretty surprising.

After a bit of hunting I went to grab RC presents (on a wyvern, of course). Got four, unfortunately the best thing in them was a 298% revolver. Still, I decided to use that, so I made some ammo and went to hunt seagulls... At least that was the plan, but there were no seagulls. Had to settle for shooting pteras instead. 

While doing that I saw an event colored dodo, really nice, so I tamed that. Two new tames in one day!

I returned home, imprinted Minerva, hatched the owl eggs and put owls into Chocolate's baskets. Podded a few dinos I don't use (including Thea the maewing, since I'm only using Chocolate for raising), as well as the wyverns, gigas, and yuty.

And that's all for today.

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I saw a video about a water cave on Crystal Isles that looks like it has a bunch of loot crates and decided to try it out. I moved some mats from my main base on the Island over and started expanding my stone hut. Various machines and benches were made along with a generator, and when I was ready to head out to sea, I crafted up a scuba set with three extra tanks. (Note: I use the Awesome Teleporters mod and have had it for a couple of years now at least, and I finally realized you can use it like an obelisk to upload and download stuff. Buh!)

I decided to tame a Meg first, so it can deal with the rays around any Basilos I find going forward. I swam around and finally came across a level 88 and started plunking it with my crossbow. It went out after nibbling on me a few times, and eventually Nena joined the tribe. I spent the rest of the time leveling her. Still haven't come across a good Basilo yet, but I have her podded, and we'll try again next time. 

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(Official, Valguero) Just logged on for a bit, imprinted Minerva, saw that Hothead was 99.9% grown, so grabbed a saddle and stood near him until he turned adult. After that saddled him up, went outside and killed some stuff, then returned and harvested every rock on my base and got, like, 5 stacks of metal. Just from rocks. With a level 45 at hatch magma.

So, yeah. Podded my ankylos after that. I only do metal runs to pass time anyway, and magma is more fun for that. Restacked meat in the maewing, named newest owls and exported their stats, and that's all for now.


Still (Official, Valguero): Moved the now-adult owls to the others. Refilled Chocolate's inventory with meat. Unpodded for raising usual dinos +3 velonas (2 clean females, one mutated that I was raising a long time ago, but had to switch to another, freshly hatched, one out of fear of being unable to imprint her because that was when Extra Life's crazy rates happened, and then just sorta forgot about her.).

Since it turns out that the amount of sulfur I have lasts basically forever, podded the sulfur gacha and replaced him with my usual, obsidian, one.

Bred gigas, yuties, spinos, and owls.

Unpodded extra gachas to see if maybe breeding them will result in something good this time.

Out of the eggs kept both yuties (clean females) and the spino one (mutation, wanted to see what it'll look like).

Hatched the sino egg I had in the incubator, the mutation was on health. Stam would have been better, but kept anyway. Will raise later.

Went on a metal run with Hothead - he's good, too good, had to throw some of the metal out just to be able to ride back home.

When the night came I wanted to go hunt with Big Rat, but RC arrived from the best corner of the map - close and mostly safe. Had to go present-hunting instead. Got three, best loot a 73 armor journeyman thyla BP (will be useful if I decide to do anything about my thylas after all) and a 298% crossbow BP (yes, I have two BPs with that damage already. But this one has 700 durability - the other two are around 400). Not the worst gift run.

The eggs hatched, yuties, naturally, were kept. Spino looked boring, so killed.

Gachas, as always, were not dust ones, so killed.

Podded wyverns, yuty and gigas, gave Chocolate even more meat, and that's all for today. Yes, the velonas are staying out.

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