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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Again, didn’t do to much this morning. Started of checking on imprint timers. Went out and did a dino scan. Finally a high level Mosa popped up. Flew over there. Finding it was actually the hard part, as it had meshed itself through the rocks. Taming was very easy and safe. Podded her and went back home. My wyvern wanted to walk. Did that and hatched dimorph eggs after. Few keepers, twin males with all the stats. All Megatherium babies were killed, again. Female Theri matured, male is at 80%. Giga’s are at 75%. Deinonychus’s grew up. Put them all next to each other and compared them. Only kept a pair, others killed. Did the same to my Argies, killed 4 out of 8 and one Snow Owl. 

After a short session went to look at some modded maps. I need to start over somewhere as a noob again and grow, instead of having everything. 

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, gave bees flowers, added more fertilizer to the crop plots - the usual.

But the big thing of this day was a beaver dam raid. Sweet, sweet cementing paste - over 30 stacks of the stuff! My vault is now a bit fuller.

A raptor spawned in my base, tried to kill my lymantria. Which was parked right by the gachas, with owls and the wolf. It was also wearing an 80 armor saddle. What I'm saying is that it ended with a lymantria barely hurt at all and the raptor being very much dead.

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I learned recently that there was a structure limit in a given area.   I set out to make the largest building I could, starting with a 33 x 33 foundation.   Did not get to build as high as I wanted, but ended up with a very nice sized dino storage hall.   Main and top floor are 8 walls high, with a middle floor 4 walls.   Perfect for the upcoming event.   Colors and color mutations galore.  If anyone is curious,  the structure limit is somewhere around 6800 pieces.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, did a dam run (48 stacks of paste. Nice!), installed a wind turbine and some omni lights on the walls of the water pen. Then threw 10 green and 10 cyan glowsticks into the pen, just because. Looked pretty cool, wish I grabbed more glowsticks from the vault for that, and in more colors. Well, I can always do that later!

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base.

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not today, but yesterday:

(single player, extinction) Flew my argy to the forest for gachas, got a metal gacha, black pearl gacha and mating gacha.

flew them back to base, started breeding some, both times the babies were useless so i killed them.

Went to snow dome, got a direwolf, snow owl, daeodon and purlovia, tried to tame a chalicotherium with stimberries, gave up on that. killed it with the direwolf, went home. logged off and went to bed.

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Wanted to play a bit after work, but actually getting to that point took much longer than expected:

Today I wiped my Valguero save to start fresh and it was a struggle. Even though I only played about an hour. Spawned in at the small islands. Obvious and relatively easy first place. Got a small thatch hut going immediately. Followed by the hunt for hide. My first target, a level 30 pig. Attacked it and lost it in the vegetation several times. I remembered how much i dislike the bushes on Valguero. They are a pain. Lost the pig completely and gave up. Decided to go for something that would attack instead of run. 30 Stego. You can probably guess how that turned out. I died six times. First time to the Stego. 2nd and 3rd time it ignored me but its buddy didn’t. I also hit a Trike in the proces one time. 

At least my corpse gave me some meat. Next target was a Parasaur. It ran and of course I lost it. Pachy was next. It killed me in seconds. I don’t think I’ve ever died this much in a playtrough. But it actually is refreshing 😅. Gave up hunting and decided to just level op and try to get to 16 for the raft. But then! In the fading light I saw the dead figure of a Megalodon sticking out of the water. You bet I swam right over, being careful this time. Harvested it and finally got some hide! Crafted a bed and mortar and pestle. Made a few narcotics and called it a night after that. If I play again tomorrow the adventure will continue and hopefully I’ll be able to tame a decent berry harvester or exploring mount to hunt some drops. Although a raft may be a better choice to do so 

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A recap of yesterday. Again didn’t play for very long, but I did accomplish a few things. When I logged on the goal was to get to level 16 and build a raft. So, I started gathering the materials. After doing that I wanted to get a berry collector. My target became the Parasaur I tried to kill yesterday. Level 30 and very colourful. Bola’d her and clubbed her in the face. Knocked her out, put Mejo’s in her and waited. Easy tame in a quiet area, when she stood up I named her Danny. We walked back home and I made a saddle. 

this sped up the narcotic making process considerably. Anyways, went on the harvest wood, stone and flint. Also to make sparkpowder. Till I finally got to the level of making a raft. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough hide. So, I took Danny and we killed a pig walking nearby. Harvest it and crafted the raft. In the meantime I had levelled up to the point of tranq arrows. Crafted a bunch of those. When I heard walking nearby. A level 36 Tek-Anky had wandered next to base, without back up. She took about half my arrows, but went down and tamed without a hitch. I named her Bunny. No idea why, but it suits her. As a better dino she can harvest without being ridden. Took her near a few river rocks next to base and got a bit over 100 metal. Threw those in the forge. Then I finally took the raft for a spin. Hoping to find crystal, drops and maybe something else. Went around the lake and only found to drops. Got ghillie boots from one, the other contained a adobe door :(  Went back home. Killed another pig wandering nearby and crafted a crossbow. 

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(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, did a dam run, flew around and saw two really cool argies, male and female, black or dark gray with white head tops, one with white wingtips, other with brownish ones, 130 and 140... But I wasn't in the mood for taming, so I left them be. Not the last cool argies in my life, especially since Actual Black will be among colors in Fear Evolved, so chances are I'll be able to get even blacker ones AND at boosted taming speed.

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Official PVE Ragnarok

Bred yuties and hatched 8 eggs.  5 babies god dad's high health and stamina.  3 of those were Female and will raise them and breed them with high melee male during event rates in a few days. One baby hatched with a really nice purple stripe but it was a junk food mutation and I will likely give it away or kill it.

Official PVE Crystal Isles

Made a paint sprayer for the first time.  Never played with one before and I am kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  I found it to be addicting and color is so much better than the dull drab gray of stone and metal.  Went with a seasonal concept and my new base is very orange 😀👍

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(Official, Valguero) Gathered a lot of meat, filled troughs and maewing.

Unpodded giga, ravager, tropeo, yuty, and all the fire wyverns.

Tried to give some of my dinos a more Halloween-appropriate look: skeletal paint on one side of one of my ravagers, white eyes for the argy, white eyes and skeletal paint on limbs of the maewing, pumpkin on the unicorn (which kinda ended up looking like I gave him a cutie mark, but where else was I supposed to draw it? He wears a saddle and I'm not going to take it off!), white eyes and some red on one of the gachas (tried to make it look like it mauled someone and is maybe a zombie).

Went to look for event wyvern eggs, fire mostly.

Nnnope, looks like nobody went into the trench in a while, so wyverns are all boring and eggs are half-expired. Stole and ate one, lured some wyverns out of the trench and into the trap and killed them.

Repeated a few times (the luring, not the egg-stealing - plenty of empty nest spots, so I don't think there's a need for clearing the eggs out).

Then checked ice wyverns. No event colors there, either, so I killed some wyverns. Stole two eggs for hatching anyway, a 170 and a 150.

Dropped the eggs into my hatchery, imprinted dinos.

Went to try and get a cool event dodo. Took some wiping out the uncool ones, and a few tries because I took a crossbow that was too good, but I ended up with a nice red high-level female dodo.

Then I decided that I maybe want a rhino. Made kibble, took rifle, darts, and narcotics... Unfortunately, I wanted specifically a high-level black rhino, so I got no rhino at all.

Podded babies (except for the ravager who'll maybe be fine, and two oldest wyverns who'll definitely be fine), picked up the eggs, logged off.


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(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos. Went looking for gachas. No dust, but one of the fail ones (polymer, female) had such good colors, that I podded her anyway. Also, should maybe send a breedject normal wyvern here some day - disposing of failed ones with weapons or nearby wild dinos is rather inconvenient.

Then decided to get a ghost owl costume, but found no ghost owls. Found a ghost rex on my way there, though.

Uploaded the gacha and the costume, along with the stack of dust I had on me.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed the base, checked if wyverns need more crystals yet (they don't).

(Official, Valguero) Didn't feed the dinos, except for the two wyverns I left out yesterday. Bred them, put the egg into the hatchery.

Looked for a rhino again, no luck. Retrieved dust, gacha, and rex costume.

Logged off, but as I was typing this I realized I forgot to pick the wyvern egg up, so will log back on after a bit just to take care of that.


Picked the egg up. And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos.

Put the eggs back into the hatchery.

Unpodded tropeo, giga, yuty, and the fire wyverns.

Bred gachas.

Raided beaver dams, a lot. Now only need about a hundred more stacks until the vault is full, and that would be the first time I completely filled any vault besides hide, chitin, and fiber ones (two of which don't count anyway, because seriously, what's easier than a vault full of hide or fiber? And chitin only counts somewhat, because it's just as easy, but at least I have to actually go somewhere instead of being able to get it all right outside of my base)

Wyvern eggs hatched, ice kept, fire killed (I wanted the baby to inherit dad's gray wings and mom's gray back. What did it do instead? Why, of course got mom's orange wings and dad's orange back!). Bred wyverns.

Went to get milk, first went to the fire part of the trench, checked eggs, wanted to grab a 170, but a wyvern attacked, had to escape. Wyvern was 175 female, so I tried to get milk form her, trapped without a problem, but she was bugged: 80+ tranq darts from a 203% rifle and nothing! And when I ran out of darts and killed her with my shotgun, I checked her inventory and 1: her torpor bar was empty, as if I didn't shoot her a ton of times, and 2: the torpor bar was, like, 700. Way too little for that level.

Tried to get milk for an ice wyvern, trapped a level 100 female, but there was a level 90 male way too close, so I tried to lure him away - no luck, he was very stubborn. Tried to kill him - lost my last blood wyvern to him. Oops! Built a box, put my gear into it, punched a rhino, respawned home, took a new wyvern (ember, 27% imprint, decent base stats) from the fridge, leveled her (about 10000 health, 1500 stam, rest melee), went back to the trench. Got milk, this time successfully.

Returned home, fed wyverns. New egg hatched, full orange again, killed. Gacha baby born, nothing good, killed. Uploaded one of my old fire wyverns.

Checked the time left on wyverns, oldest one has two hours more left of food than she has to maturity, so she stays out. Podded the other two. Podded giga and yuty, tropeo stays out and hopefully will be fine.

(Official, Extinction) Retrieved the wyvern (and realized it was the one I leveled strictly in melee just for lulz, so stam sucks, but weight good, health good, and he can still gain some levels to fix the stam) and immediately went to go look for gachas. Unfortunately, only found one. Tamed, no dust, killed. Fire wyvern really makes it easier.

Killed a lot of dinos in hopes that more gachas will spawn, but I guess things refuse to spawn in the crater forest while I'm there. Landed on a rock to AFK for a bit, and... Wasn't the wisest decision of mine. No, nothing killed me, it's just that I was near one particular base. Big base, with three rows of spikes, 17 cloners, and a ton of gigas. So while I was AFK I got disconnected, and then because of that monstrosity of a base had a lot of trouble reconnecting (well, reconnected fine, but staying in game and being able to remount my wyvern instead of getting stuck near him was another story entirely. Weird I forgot about that base, first time disconnecting near it, but I DID have problems with it before).

Returned to my base, fed the dinos. Will upload my old wyvern at some point later - no need for him there anymore, he can live his life peacefully in a cryofridge back on Valg now (until I'll decide to take him of an egg run and things go wrong).

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Extinction) Uploaded the old wyvern and 2 stacks of dust.

Went to try for an element gacha again, no luck. Only found three gachas, none of them element. At least killing them was easy thanks to my wyvern.

Killed some tek dinos and enforcers and returned home.

(Official, Valguero) The tropeo was fine indeed, his name is Stripes, he now wears the saddle that Mara used to wear, because he'll now be my main tropeo. Fed the now-adult wyvern that I left unpodded yesterday. Retrieved the crystal wyvern and the dust that I uploaded off Ext. Opened all the gacha crystals I had, that's +7 stacks of obsidian. not bad.

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos. Unpodded babies. bred fire wyverns and put the egg into the hatchery. Bred gachas.

Raided dams, did a metal run (not a big one. Also, anky's new auto-harvest thing seems a bit useless. I mean, yes, it's 3x right now, but she didn't just get enough weight to stop autoharvesting - she over encumbered herself from a single node, getting nearly three times her max weight. Meaning that on 1x best case scenario - she'll get to autoharvest TWO whole nodes. Yay! Convenient! Saves soooo much time! NOT.)

Noticed I had a lot of spoiled meat, so made plenty of narcotic. I don't use it much other than for the darts to knock wyverns out with, but better have some extra just in case.

Wyvern egg hatched. Mom's colors. Killed. It's like the damn things don't WANT to live - all orange, or only one parent's colors... Is it that hard to just inherit both grays? I'm not asking it to be born with triple cotton candy mutations. Just to grab gray from one of the parents and gray from other one, too. Simple!

Made some grenades for my new tropeo. Wasted the last of my gunpowder on them, so harvested a lot of wood and put it in the forge.

Gacha born - no dust - killed.

And that's all for today.

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So the plan yesterday was to clean up the new base on CI then head to aberation to look for another reaper, possibly with event colors.   But wait,  I finally got the max level mate for my Para, so might as well breed then up quick and see. ( single player, mating rates boosted.)  While they are gestating, I jump on my shadowmane and run through the neighboring desert for some meat.   What do I see around the corner?  150 male giga.   Hightail back to base for trap and proceed to trap, knock out and tame up.  He was actually within render distance of my base.  Got him back to base and checked on the paras.  Twins!   Popped em in the maewing and checked timer.    Plenty of time to complete my meat run that was interrupted.   Just a little farther from base than.the last giga I run into a 145 female giga.  My lucky day.   Sprint back to the base for the dino gates for the trap,  quick imprint on the paras and back out to tame up a mate for the first gig.  Needless to say I didn't make it to aberation, but I have a new breeding pair of gigas to work with!  Paras both got imprinted as well.  Was a good session.

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Gave wyverns more crystals.

(Official, Extinction) Tried for a dust gacha again. Found four or five gachas, but no dust one. At least I got a few stacks of dust to upload from killing enforcers, defence units, and tek dinos, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. Fed dinos.

(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, bred wyverns and placed egg in the hatchery, unpodded babies.

Went to get some rare mushrooms for the gacha trough, used a gasbags and a bronto. Regret using the bronto, things nearly turned into a disaster (also, brontos are loud normally, that's nothing new, but with the headphones I have to use due to my better ones breaking... Ouch. Even with lowered volume. Should have used a theri or a megatherium instead). Saw a really cool black and red dimetro. I have no use for it, so I just killed it and took its dermis.

Went to get milk for my wyverns, things were moderately disastrous (first five wyverns I found were all males, got caught by the breath a few times, my wyvern down to half health), but eventually I got my milk AND a 185 ice egg, fresh so might even have event colors. And on my way back I found an awesome 150 male pachirhyno. Tranqed him, went home to feed wyverns, grabbed repellant and some narcoberries ( he was losing torpor fast, no time to go to the workshop to get some narcotic form the vault), went back to him, tamed. Nothing attacked him, so got all the extra levels I was supposed to get. I named him Monster, he has Vermillion back, Dino Darker Gray on horns, Actual Black on body, and Midnight Blue on the underside. Stats are nothing extraordinary, but not bad, either: 31 in health, 29 in stam, 38 in weight, 36 in melee.

Podded the babies, picked up the wyvern egg (20-something minutes left on it).

And that's all for today.

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(Official, Valguero) Filled troughs, unpodded babies, put eggs into the hatchery.

Bred fire wyverns, bred gachas.

Made some gunpowder, ran out of charcoal, grabbed a chainsaw and a gasbags, went a bit overboard harvesting wood for more charcoal. "A bit". 1 and a half indy forges worth of wood.

Made more gunpowder. Rest of the wood is still burning.

Old wyvern egg hatched, wrong colors again.

Spent some time watching videos on YouTube while the new fire egg and last time's ice wild egg finished hatching.

Ice was nothing special. Still kept, just in case, but really. Boring colors, nothing extraordinary stat-wise.

But fire!

It finally pulled Dino Darker Gray from both parents! Gray back AND gray wings!

And male!

And pulled all the right stats, too!

I named him Black Pepper. Now that I have him, Draco and Ginger (his parents) are no longer needed as breeders, so I leveled them and podded them in case I'll need them as sidebase wyverns or something.

So now I have only three wyverns to raise: Black Pepper (obviously), Mira (my highest fire wyvern melee), and Noru (gray belly), with the latter two being already 7 hours away form maturity, so I left them out after feeding them one last time. And after that breed them all with each other until I'll get a wyvern with: Dino Darker Gray on both wings and back, Dark Gray on belly, and, for the lack of better options among what I have at the moment, Dino Medium Brown on body highlights.

Stat-wise that wyvern will have 39 points in health, 33 in stam, 22 in oxygen (that's the lowest I have, and I want it low-ish, in case I decide to get serious with breeding, and also for the joy of having as little wasted stats as I can), 36 in food, 37 in weight, and 35 in melee (yes, that's the best I have. Don't laugh).

As for the gacha... It was mutated (blue on face), but it wasn't dish. So I killed it, but kept the dermis.

Also, giga got her last imprint today!

After all that I podded the giga, the yuty, and Black Pepper the awesome-finally-right-colors-wyvern, and that's all for today.

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(Official, Extinction) Fed dinos, went to try for a dust gacha. Only found one gacha, and not dust.

Killed some tek dinos, got a stack and a bit over a half of dust.

Tried to kill a level 15 corrupted reaper king, but it was too strong (or seemed that way anyway. It hurt my wyvern a bit, and I couldn't see if I hurt it at all), so I left.

(Official, Valguero) Decided to finally add a tek trough to my raising corner. Built a generator, a trough, some metal building parts to encase the generator with (and a ton of polymer, because if I'm turning the rep on anyway, might as well make use of its crazy crafting speed)... Spent some time trying to figure out where to put the gen, settled on building a small room for it in the elevator tower, and did just that.

Took down one of the three troughs in the raising corner, replaced it with the tek trough, and... It was too far for min range gen to reach. And I'm not willing to set it to anything other than minimum range, so took the trough down and built a new one, right against the tower's wall. That worked.

Filled the trough with meat. Completely filled! And unpodded giga and yuty (Black Pepper the wyvern too, but he won't benefit form the trough anyway, so he's not even near it).

Looked up how long that much meat in a tek trough would even last a 36% grown giga, and it seems like at current rates she might not need a refill at all. Great!

Grabbed a deinon egg, 140.

Fed other dinos, and gave bees more flowers, just in case.

Bred wyverns (Noru to Mira and Heather), to maybe try and get a wyvern with gray belly and either Heather's or Mira's best stats, put the eggs into the hatchery.

Waited for the eggs for some time, but got bored, picked them up, podded Black Pepper and the yuty (now named Yeller) and logged off.


Logged on JUST to see how much food is gone from my shiny new tek trough after five hours.

5 stacks. Just 5 stacks.

This thing is awesome and I should have built it earlier.

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(Official, Valguero) Fed dinos, unpodded Yeller and Black Pepper. Went to get some cementing paste from the dams, but didn't get much. Put eggs into the hatchery. Bred wyverns again (same as the last time: Noru+Mira and Heather), put new eggs into the hatchery as well.

Went to get some wyvern milk and check if there's anything good in the fire part of the trench. Forgot to take care of ice wyverns nearest to the entrance first, oops.

Too many fires in the trench to take a good look and pick what I like, so grabbed the first egg I saw (90), and went out, was met by two ice wyverns, while also chased by a fire one.

Managed to shake off the wyverns after losing about half the health, took a better look at the egg... half-spoiled. Fed it to my wyvern, she need some extra stam anyway.

But I still needed milk! So back I went. Set my sights on a level 90 female ice, colors seemed great at the time, so I'd get milk AND a new cool dermis for my collection.

Two more fire wyverns came out of the trench, with a lot of flying managed to trap the ice in one trap, get one of the fires stuck in another, and hang the second fire on a herd of mammoths. Knocked the ice wyvern out, got milk, killed it, took dermis.

Arrived home, fed Black Pepper, checked on the eggs (missed the older ones, had to take down a few foundations. And then, of course, replace them and ACs that broke with them). Claimed the wyverns, deinon died before I claimed it, but colors weren't great anyway.

Waited for the fresher two eggs to hatch, then exported all four wyvern babies to see which one(s) I'll keep. Only one of them was female, inherited Heather's health and weight, Noru's gray belly, so she stays. I named her Greybell. Out of the other three I kept one, with Mira's melee inherited. He's named Flamethrower. Once they're adult, I'll breed them together until I'll get a health-melee-weight gray-bellied female, which I'll breed to Black Pepper until I get a male baby that inherits everything I want it to.

I let them grow for a bit, then podded them and Black Pepper.

Podded their parents, won't need them anymore.

Added some more meat to the tek trough because I'm leaving Yeller out this time, not just Athena (the giga).

By the way, ice wyvern's dermis was not all that cool. It's the lighting of the snow biome that made her look awesome. Glad I didn't go looking for her egg.

And that's all for today.

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