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So what did you do in ARK today?

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I always play my own server or Single Player. So today I decided to run around making sure all the dinos had food, and transfer over a few dinos from the second server because I wanted to use a different map. Still not sure what map to use though. I was hoping for a more sci-fi map but not finding what I was hoping for really. The ones I tried seemed to undone for what I wanted.


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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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19 minutes ago, realmscat said:

I always play my own server or Single Player. So today I decided to run around making sure all the dinos had food, and transfer over a few dinos from the second server because I wanted to use a different map. Still not sure what map to use though. I was hoping for a more sci-fi map but not finding what I was hoping for really. The ones I tried seemed to undone for what I wanted.


Extinction has the most Sci fi feel I've seen,  especially if you are into tek tier.  The ruined city is pretty cool.

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Last weekend a tribemate and me took on the Forest Titan on Extinction. Well... I admit we've been lured to the Titan by tales that it's more or less easy. There's even some vids out there that suggest he's the easiest titan and we had done the desert titan with ease. So we took a bunch of Rexes and a few Allos in support and went there. Leveled the Rexes to around 35k health and 700-800% damage and the Allos to around 15k health and 500+ % dmg. Well, guys... don't go with that setup. It's not enough. The titan lost some health - I say almost half of it, but then the Rexes died rather quickly. The Allos had perished long before that. I have to admit that they were rather useless, because the AoE dmg of the titan takes them out really fast.
We tried some additional damage with the forest wyverns, but the titan regenerates health faster than you can take it away with the wyverns, so we eventually quit.

So... it's back to breeding. Plus next attempt we'll use a bunch of Gigas and the Rexes will only support.

'til next time. Have fun.

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(Official, Extinction) Fed the dinos. Tried to look for my lost wyvern, didn't find him.

(Official, Valguero) Filled troughs and Thea (and turned nursing on, of course). Unpodded argents, wyverns, ankylo, procopto, thyla, mammoth and giga.

Bred wyverns, put egg into the hatchery. bred mantises.

Went to get some new fire eggs and maybe milk too.

Game froze as I was in the tunnel leading to the fire part of the trench. Then the whole computer started lagging so bad (nothing's wrong with it, it's just that ARK, being ARK and trying to unfreeze is pretty intense) I had to reload.

Obviously, I died. I grabbed the first crystal wyvern I saw in the fridge (one of my old, wild-tame ones, a male tropical named Emerald) and went to get my stuff.

And... My wyvern, my great, lucky, egg-getter Bat, wasn't there! She was gone. Nothing in the log, but she's nowhere she could possibly be, I assume she landed in the lava or something.

I snatched a fire egg (decent level, 160-something if I recall correctly) and went home.

There I podded Emerald and took a more thorough look at the wyverns in my fridge.

And I found just what I needed: Dracula. Fully imprinted Blood wyvern. Less health than Bat had, but about same stam and a lot more melee - he can not just handle being attacked, but fight back as well.

With Dracula and a new rifle I went to the trench again. Got milk, got two wyvern eggs, decent levels again (1 175, don't remember the other. It's good, that's what matters).

Fed wyverns.

Took a look at the giga spawn, spotted a level 20 female. Took guns, ammo, and my fire wyvern Habanero. Tried to kill the giga. Nearly lost Habanero, wasted some ammo, only made the giga a bit bloody. Was fun, though.

mantis eggs hatched, but I missed one (checked the dead baby - female, and good melee. Pity), and the other hatched into a low-melee male, so I killed it.

Went into the trench again because I wanted another fire egg (also one of my wyverns wasn't at max food). Checked eggs - nothing good in the fire part. Decided to take a look at the ice ones, got four or five ice wyverns chasing me before I looked at the first egg  - all females. Lured them into the trap, killed all but one with a fabricated sniper rifle, tranqed the last, got milk, looked for ice eggs successfully this time and brought home a 185. Fed wyverns again.

Made kibble form all rex and yuty eggs I had.

Bred wyvern egg hatched  female, wrong colors, killed.

Picked up all the other eggs. Podded babies (by the way, giga is already 7.1% grown. Giga growth feels much faster now that I don't have to stay close and watch it all the time and can fly all over the map as my maewing takes care of all the watching and feeding back home). Logged off.

A good day. Sure, I lost a wyvern, but I realized I had a better one all this time, and the egg hunt was great (I'll finish hatching all those wild eggs later, and I hope the colors and/or stats will be good).



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Time has been limited lately.  Had enough time to run an element vein on Extinction and then do some painting on the new base there.  Plan for any upcoming playtime is to look at taming the Titans for the king titan fight.   More nervous to do that than I was to kill them.  Should I craft up a higher level mech or does the normal lvl  51 mek do fine for taming?

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(Official CI) Refreshed the bases. Did a meat run and while it was all cooking did a berry run to start raising babies.


(Official Gensis 2) Bred gigas and shadowmanes. No mutations on either but another female giga with all the top stats. Male egg will be cooked down and the shadowmanes will probably be moved off after they are raised. Cloned a organic poly gacha from a server mate so have been feeding it all of the useless mission rewards to stockpile poly for builds.

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(Official, Crystal Isles) Yes, Crystal Isles! The server my sidebase is on is back, which is great. It was back for much longer than I knew, despite not showing on Battlemetrics, or in my favorites, or even among the servers I have survivors on (well, it's there now), so my wyverns decayed. That's not great.

I tried to tame a ptera because jumping onto a wyvern from the ground is barely possible, but as it was taming I managed to jump onto a wyvern (level 20 male tropical), so I tamed that and the ptera woke up, but that wasn't important anymore.

I also tamed a level 55 female tropical. Gave them both crystals, and that was all I did on CI today.

(Official, Valguero) Filled troughs and maewing. Put eggs back into the hatchery. Unpodded babies/juvies.

Hunted, harvested wood and burned it, crafted stuff (gunpowder, mostly. And a new rifle).

Then fire wyvern eggs hatched. The 150 one brought nothing new, so I killed it. 155 got dark gray belly, kept. 170 dark gray wings (have that already, but whatever) and best melee so far (35 points). Kept.

After some time went for milk and more fire eggs.

And, unfortunately, lost Dracula. After fighting a few fire wyverns in a row a lone level 15 was enough to kill him - not enough stamina to get some health form the mammoths around. But I got two more eggs! A 170 (likely from same parent as the previous one, at least the 170 female I trapped in the cage along with others had same colors) and a 95.

Why 95? Well... That was intentional. There were better eggs. But 95 was the level of one of the female wyverns I trapped and killed. One with dark gray scales AND dark gray wings, which is almost exactly what I need (I want full dark, or near-full at least). So I hope the egg is from that wyvern.

Since Dracula died, I had to use the last of my ammo to kill the polar bear nearby for safety, then built a box and put eggs and my gear there.

My new milk/egg runner (likely only milk, since I got the colors and stats and just need to make them all happen on the same wyvern) is Spark - a fully imprinted Ember wyvern. I took her and went to retrieve the box's contents, and finally get milk. It went fine.

Also, next event I should get a new Blood male (all out of them) and breed some more blood crystal wyverns, because right now I have only one Blood crystal wyvern left.

Unpodded 20 Birds In A Trenchcoat (my boss-run yuty. She's not a great, or even good yuty, but she can scream, that's what matters), painted her white, and placed her next to her parents. And then bred them all. Eggs went into the hatchery. Maybe some day I'll have an actual full white yuty. Would be cool.

After some time repodded babies, and picked up eggs (except for ice, it hatched. Baby kept, decent colors and best weight so far).

(Official, Extinction) Decided to look for my wyvern again. Found him. Retrieved. Fed dinos.

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Haven't had the energy to finish off the breeding of blood wyvern for the CI boss fight, so ventured to aberation.   Was able to upgrade the outpost there,  almost can call it a full base now.  Then I ventured down for rock drake eggs.   After getting lost a few times I was able to leave the red zone with  185, 180 and 160 drake eggs.   Hatched up the three,  nothing special for colors,  but one has good weight, another good stam and the third good melee, so I guess I have a drake for any occasion.   Will use one of them to go grab some more eggs soon.   Really wish you could breed them.    Now to start the search for a breeding pair of megalos.

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Extinction:  Putzed around base for a bit,  made a bunch of shotgun shells and tranq darts.

Island:  Went through my stash of trophies.   All I am missing for the alpha overseer is an alpha mosa trophy.  I swam around the ocean on my trusty basi for a couple hours.   Ran both underwater caves and not a single alpha mosa anywhere.  Will have to try again later.  

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(Official CI) Fully raised my female theris. So now starting the breeding program to have fighters for alpha dragon. Breed the gigas, Manti, rexes, abs small wyvs for eggs.


(Official Gensis 2) Got arked......was hunting over for snails when I got pulled off my shadowmane by a carniflower. Upon jumping out of its jaws I got meshed into a rock. Lost my giga, almost max chibi,and some really good tek armor. So won't be running missions for a bit while I raise my next giga. I did have another reaper baby though and my tribemate got us two Mantis clones.

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Hello everyone, new member to the forum here. Before telling you what I did in Ark, let me give a short explanation of my play style: I exclusively play singe player and some what on a irregular basis, due to time and energy constraints. Starting out on PS4 just after Ragnarok had released, I made the switch to PC about a year and a half ago, when I finally got a gaming PC. 


I currently play with several mods and boosted rates on different maps, but Ragnarok is my unbeaten favourite. Mods I use are: Super Structures, Ark Additions, Kraken’s better Dino’s, Awesome Spyglass/Teleporter, CFK and specifiek ones for Valguero and Crystal Isles and my level cap is 300.


This is going to be a recap of what I did yesterday and today. Both taking place on Ragnarok. Yesterday I decided to clean up the mess that were my hatcheries. All littered around my base. Instead of cleaning out the ones that were full, I just kept adding new ones. Same goes for dino’s that I have had on mating for a very long time. The combined results where hundreds of eggs. Without any focus on correctly combining stats and colour on any of them. My main focus is more on combining colours I want together, rather than stats. The rates I currently use kind of eliminate the need to breed for stats. My creatures, even tamed ones, are hilariously OP. This is something I still need to adjust, to make it more of a challenge. Anyway, I hatched almost all the eggs that I had stocked up, apart from a few ice wyverns and several Acrocanthosaurus eggs. In the end I massacred about 90% of the new babies, but kept a few which seemed decent or had some form of mutations. I am a real noob at breeding, so I am just slowly starting to see where I end up and learning in the process. One thing I did accomplish was getting an Acro which is entirely blue. Although not all the same shade, she is still quite pretty. After having gone through all those eggs, I wanted to start out with a clean base. Because most of my dino’s are all relatively old, I don’t remember if kept them at their tamed level. Which is why I was in desperate need of fresh blood and more focus on necessary stats or just pretty colours. So, I went on a taming spree. Mostly collecting more colourful Acro’s (yes, I am a hoarder when it comes to them). Other than that I tamed a Rex, two Direwolves, two Allo’s, a Therizino and a Frog. 


Today I continued my taming spree. Went out looking for more Rex’s or Therizino’s, but no luck there. All where at most 150 or had terrible stats. I did however get a few Mammoths, two Rhino’s, two more Direwolves and Frogs, Acro’s and a Turtle. In between taming I teleported to the desert drops to check for loot, but they weren’t impressive. Mostly saddles and ghillie, which weren’t as good as the ones I already have. I also ran the ice cave in the hopes of finding a Rex saddle, but was rewarded with two Giga saddle BP’s, one ascendant with 25% armour (because that is worth it…) and a 130% mastercraft saddle, and a ascendant Yuty saddle 56%. I have one which is 78%, so I might turn the lower one into a blueprint as a spare. Running the cave showed me I really need to bring my rates down, because my tamed Thyla (Sefra) can one shot a male Deathworm and she ate the queen for breakfast. After flying around the snow and taking out low levelled creatures I ended up just below the beaver dams, the ones close to the green obi, where I tamed the before mentioned turtle. When I jumped back on Sharten, my Ice Wyvern, I blasted the remaining creatures, but also hit E and went forward. This resulted in the cold embrace of death 😅. Did the fly of shame to retrieve my stuff, Otter (Lila) and Sharten. After that it seemed smart to call a day.


Hopefully, tomorrow I have more luck finding Rex’s or Theri’s. I have never actually done a run through all the official maps, but I really want to. A while ago I made a start on The Island and I have some what of a setup, but finding high level creatures was not in my favour. So, I have decided to just do this on Ragnarok, because the odds are jbetter and in the mean time I can keep collecting Acro’s :)

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(Official, Valguero) Filled troughs and Thea. Put eggs into the hatchery. Bred mantises (didn't forget to turn mating off on the male after they were done this time).

Unpodded babies/juvies.

Made some polymer.

Hunted. While I was doing that, missed mantis eggs.

Wyvern eggs hatched, nothing good (95 wasn't from the wyvern I hoped it was from. hatched the most generic orange you can imagine), killed.

Went for eggs/milk.

Got 2 eggs and milk.

Fed wyverns. Put eggs into the hatchery. While I was in the trench, yuty eggs hatched and babies died. Bred yuties, put eggs into the hatchery.

Grabbed a red beacon - 80 armor basilo BP! Made two saddles, replaced with them the old, 60-something my two basilos were wearing.

Hunted, tried to find some alpha dinos, but failed.

New wyvern and yuty eggs hatched, wyverns nothing good, killed, one yuty good, podded for later.

Went for milk/eggs (I'm raising 6 wyverns, so one run wasn't enough). Got disconnected while trying to clear the trench by luring wyverns into the trap and killing them there. Fell into lava, died. Guns and armor lost.

Grabbed another wyvern (tropical female, named Eye Ouch for her unpleasant color combination: deep pink with bright green), rescued Spark and podded her, got a new egg (level 55 - there was literally nothing better). Got milk. Fed wyverns.

After letting the egg incubate a bit, picked it up. Podded most of the babies (argents and thyla staying out, they're nearly grown), added more meat to the troughs.

By the way: giga is 10% grown now! And that means she deserves a name. So she's Athena now.

(Official, Extinction) Checked nearby desert for OSDs. Nothing. Fed dinos.

(Official, Crystal Isles) Refreshed base.

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I finally did it.  I spent the evening grinding osd's and finally got my Chibi to max level.   It has been a long road,  have been arked out of two almost capped level chibis so far so this is a major relief.    After that I crafted and built up the "throne" room for my extinction base,  along with a shrine to the titans complete with dermis and artifacts.  My outhouse is completely glass enclosed, looking out over the city.   The benefit of playing single player is Noone is around to see me do my business.


I then went to CI and bred up the rest of the blood wyvern for the boss fight.   Just need to level them up.   I decided rather than transferring my yuti from Rag that I need to get another breeding pair from the CI map and get an imprint from one of them.     Then it's time to think about the alpha tek cave...

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Started on Ragnarok today. Continued hunting for decent dino’s to start new lines, unfortunately I didn’t have luck finding Rex’s or Therizino’s. Got one of each, neither with outstanding stats. Did find more Acro’s, and managed to snatch a 370 Fire egg, horrendous colours, but good melee. Also payed a visit to the wyvern cove. There is a 380 lightning wyvern lurking around, hopefully it will lay an egg in the future. Whilst hunting a came across an almost max level tek griffin (don’t exactly know which mod it is from), looks really cool. 


Quickly popped over to the Center in te hopes of finding some high level Giga’s, found two! 300 and 290 with fairly decent stats. Tamed them and uploaded them. Went back to Ragnarok to retrieve them: crashed whilst downloading. Lost the 300, but decided to cheat and spawn one in of the same level. Bred them and out of 3 eggs I kept the 2 females. Will use them to continue breeding. Also went thyla hunting, managed to find 4 high level ones. Only 1 female unfortunately, but I am currently in the process of breeding them. When I get decent offspring one will be sent to Fjordur.


I checked out Fjordur today, have had it for a while and explored it in the very beginning. A lot has changed, and it is gorgeous. Had brought over a crystal wyvern to make exploring easier, but I definitely want to check it out on foot (with a decent thyla). Definitely need to set up a real base, although I am still not sure where to build. Currently, I have a bed in one of the ruins. A spot I really like, but probably won’t be a permanent location. 

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(Official Crystal Ilses) Didn't really do much got a few female Theris from the first mating session. Hatched them and raising them with the best males I had left. Made a bunch of med brews. Finally have a line on an alpha dragon fight that will get me the important tek I still need transmitter, teleporter, and the rest of the armor. So prepped the brews and a good set of flak armor. Breed the staples. Been a bit more selective of what hatches now that I have a starter batch in place.


(Official Gensis 2) Still recovering from the mesh. Birthed and raised the Reaper during two times along with hatching an egg we had of my old giga. Got the imprints needed during the Evo event just have to finish raising it. Which if there is no event this weekend will be Monday. So while I'm waiting on it to raise I took the clone of my giga out to do the velo mission. I forget how much imprints help.  4 or 5 extra bites per wave, 5000 less health, the walk speed lol. Completed it with no problems but I'll probably just wait until the other one is an adult. 

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Started on Ragnarok. After yesterday’s session I also played in the evening for a bit, and managed to grab 2 380 lightning eggs. Almost lost Destro, my griffin, because I wasn’t paying enough attention to his health. Invested his levels into health, which I hadn’t focussed on enough. Today I hatched those eggs, decent stats, ugly colours. Blue belly, grey spikes, purple body and dark wings. It looks messy. Both male, keeping them because they are the highest ones I found after starting this playthrough. After having altered my rates I looked at my active animals. I believe they are better balanced this way, but I need to play more to prove this.

Went back to Fjordur. I am starting to really like this map, and I haven’t even explored half of it. My focus for the day was starting a base, using the Castle, Keep & Fortresses mod. Because the pieces are rather expensive, I used creative mode. I like building, although I am not very good at it. Created several different buildings. A main house with bedroom, office and large kitchen. Played around with decoration, which I never really did in the past. Ark doesn’t have many decorative pieces, but playing around with boxes, trofee cases etcetera dit make it more interesting. It also has a garden, though empty at the moment. I tamed a Doedi and Anky in it. The area I’m in has several spawns, along with many deinonychus and nests. Anyway, second building houses 2 CKF forges an a small stable for two Anky’s next to it. Build two small 1 x 1 sheds for a tek generator and an SS hatchery, and a large building covering a tek replicator. The last building is a stable. It is a really odd shape and there actually isn’t much room, but I like it. Hopefully, it will force me to not leave a lot of unnecessary dino’s scattered around. With this base I’m trying to be more innovative with the space. Although it is highly likely that I will move, if I find a better spot. 

After building for a couple of hours, I took a Thyla (later named Erin) and started exploring from a ground level. Earlier on Ragnarok I uploaded a Thyla, Otter, a few weapons and armour. When I retrieved it, I crashed, lost al the items. Crashing is a rare occurance for me. In my time playing Ark I’ve only crashed a couple of times, but apparantly uploading and collecting things/creatures is something I need to be more careful of in the future. I’ve definitely seen complaints about this problem, never really thought much of it, until now. I am glad that playing SP grant me the opportunity to fix whatever i lost. Back to exploring: Just randomly started and travelled around the different layers of the map. There are a lot of height differences and several underground area’s. Many of which I still need to uncover. Meanwhile I found a 300 Acro, obviously couldn’t resist, a 300 Kentro with a black body and a Tapejara whom I managed to knock out in one hit. 

I came across a set of small ruins which seemed interesting. Had to dump myself down a well and found an underground tunnel, with a need looking spectacle at the end. Seemed disappointing to have it end there, but it wasn’t! Got through a secret tunnel with a loot crate beholding an Ascendant Pteranodon saddle. Further along the way I found an artefact. First one! Felt rewarding to go through a cave without ever having seen any of it and finding the artefact. On the way out, took a different tunnel, I got jumped by a Purlovia. Luckily Erin tanked the hit and killed it afterwards. Got my guard up and managed to be prepared for the other two. Killed them easily. Exit out of the tunnel, into the night. Again a sneaky Purlovia got me. Kept going, over mountains, through valleys. Visited some of the interesting sights I found yesterday: a fortress in the snow, and a mine with an enormous pit beneath the path. Eventually ended up near the green obi, when dinner was ready. 

I have been on a roll playing the past few day and will definitely continue exploring tomorrow. If anyone is looking for a new map to explore. Definitely check out Fjordur. The quality is amazing, and it is very different from the official maps.

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