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So what did you do in ARK today?


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started making a wall around my base, ran out of metal, took off to the nearest mountain only to bump into a therizino that I didn't notice (I must be blind, they are so big?!) and lose the few dino's I tamed after the previous disaster. Sigh... ended my evening with a new raptor level 4. I wouldn't bet on a long life for that one ;)

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Well some days you win, some you lose, and some just nothing happens. Yesterday was one of the latter.

So I've been sneaking on in the mornings before work for 10-15 minutes just to breed my micros, incubate the eggs and check on my crops, which are still struggling with the greenhouse glitch. This is how I end up with 2 rounds of eggs every day, because of the lower cooldowns.

I did my breeding and was just refilling my compost bins when I noticed one of the wild phiomias that likes to hang around my base just so happens to be a 180, the max level for this server. Yes, I picked it up, dropped it in my hatchery and tamed it with crops. Only the best here at the Blue Spino Ranch, regardless of species. I'll either give away or just release my other phiomia, I don't need two. I barely even need one with a working doedicurus.

Logged until after work.

When I returned, I had the misfortune of trying to start Steam in the middle of weekly maintenance, so I was delayed until that finished. Annoying. Once I did finally get in game I popped my 6 microraptor eggs. 2 keepers including a 5 stat male, pushing my high level to 272. Not bad. I also kept a female with decent stats. Released the rest.

While I was raising them I got a call for help from P. He found a 168 doed and wanted me to airlift it to his taming pen. He refuses to get a quetz on this server but he has no problem asking to use mine...anyway I had to wait until my babies hit juvenile, then I flew my quetz most of the way across the map to grab this doed and carry to his pen. I was going to stay until I was sure the doed was KO'd, but P apparently forgot or has never bothered to space his shots, so even with a decent crossbow the doed balled up. He's stubborn and kept shooting, and I decided to go home and check on my babies.

By that point it was too late to really start anything, so I just logged for the night. P got his doed down after I logged, yes he kept shooting a balled up doed with tranqs. I don't even want to know how many arrows he wasted. Supposed to wait about 5 seconds between shots, he was just firing as soon as he reloaded, maybe 3 seconds at most. Yes I timed his shots. Explains why he had no problem double tranqing an allo I was trying to tame on the old server and then didn't understand why I was upset, ended up shooting it an extra time because he screwed up my timing and having to wake the thing up, feed it, then KO it again. He's been playing almost as long as I have, I really don't understand how he doesn't know better by now. Tribemates, eh? Don't get me wrong I like my Ark friends and all, but this is one of many reasons why I really do prefer solo life.

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Well I finally got to play some last night. I have a now 3 month old baby in real-life so playing at all is some small miracle plus I play on my hubby's Xbox so I have to wait for him to be at work or asleep. I used to play almost nightly while I was pregnant.

Anyway.... I'm trying to build up enough dino friends to help me take on this Alpha Rex that is camped at the north end of the Western Coast just north of my current base. I really want to start building in an exploring the snow biome, but Mr. Glowy-Redbutt is in my way. I finally found a mate for Theo, my male theri, so I took them and my mobile-base bronto Baxter out to find some more dino bullies. I am an EXTREMELY casual player and I really don't like the guns or things like that in this game, so I took my trust crossbow and downed 2 rexes that ate the spinos I had set out to tame. Lucky for me both were male (I already have Roxie my beautiful green lady rex) and both are really pretty colored. Light green bellies with orange-y mid coloring and dark green on top. I have my taming speed boosted so it only took me about an hour and a half to starve those guys down and tame them up. Got to meet my first pylorvia while waiting around. Theo took care of that and the little army of troodons and microraptors. Maybe I shouldn't have been hunting in the river between the redwoods and the volcano. Found another spino further up river, so that's my mission next time I can get some play time in. Ark is by far the best way to entertain yourself while breastfeeding, ha. 

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Day 2 of the new server. Hopped on my ptera to go look for an argent since the ptera can hardly carry my weight. Located a 125 black on black argent with bright green tips on it's feathers. Decided that was the one for me. Managed to knock him out and went to gathering supplies for a temporary wooden spike barricade to protect him. Few seconds later I'm alerted that my ptera was killed by a raptor. Joy,...now I have to make a saddle on the spot for this argent or we're not getting home since my base is flyer access only. Fortunately was able to round up the supplies for the saddle. Took my new family member home and parked him. Ptera will be missed,.....kind of.

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Interesting day for me. Tamed a level 5 Steggo for egg purposes - as soon as it tamed a wild argie swooped in and killed it.

Tamed a dolphin. While I was naming it and lagged, a 120 Megoladon killed it and almost me.

Tamed a Megoladon. While having it follow me back to base a 105 electrophorus aggro'd it. RIP megalodon as it went chasing and stood no chance, while I tried to whistle it off on my raft.

Tamed a bronto. This one made it home...

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Yesterday was a good Ark day:

Amongst other stuff, i bought dilo kibble from a mate in my server (in exchange for a bronto platform saddle) and managed to find and tame a 140lvl Ankylo who came out to be pretty strong. I then did a good Quetzal+Ankylo run for metal but it was too late and i called it a day. I am now closer to getting the mats for the Industrial Grinder. I hope i can build it tonight. Soon, i'll be heading to SE to try and find a Beelzebufo saddle to do the caves with my 2 high level frogs. Aside that, it's been peaceful in my PVP server lately. Maybe a little too peaceful. 

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Yesterday was a planned maintenance day.

Popped my daily batch of micros and got my first color mutation, magenta "skin" aka feet and hands. Pretty wild on an animal with such a bland natural palette, though it's not one of my favorite colors. Also got a nice melee mutation on one of my other ones. The rest were not worth keeping.

After they hit juvie I went out and did a quick oil run.

Came back, got the gas cooking and basically just spent some time cleaning and organizing my storage boxes. Got enough gas into both gens for the rest of the week, then logged for the night.

It's hard to get a good screenshot of the mutated micro but I'll see what I can do for next time.

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On 5/23/2017 at 11:36 AM, Fool said:

Where's a good fishing spot? Looking to get into this and have some sap lying around.

Well, anywhere you can find lots of coel.  I fish in the mouth of the river just west of stonehenge, by my current base.

Life interferes with ARK, that is a fact.  Weather has been nice, and work needs to be done.  But, I decided I'd load up the game for an hour or two last night and get something done.

First, had to update.  It's 9 p,m,  Update finishes.  Load game.  S+ has to update.  Sigh.  Read changelog for S+.  It's 9:30.  Finally get to load game, it loads in at about 9:45.  Well, there goes nearly an hour.  More startup lag than usual, and oh wonderful, the fix for s+ multi-lamps resetting position has changed them all back to auto on/off. :S  Grab the light setter and go about correcting that, and replacing the one lamp that ended up upside down.  Well, so much for a productive session.

Took a quick look at what needed to be done.  Alright, if I don't start on the new base, it will never get done, and I've decided I'm not going to carry all the mats to my base, make the parts, and then carry them all the way to the green obi.  I'm going to build a workshop up there, and craft the parts on site.  That means I'll need a generator shack, and a place to put the ind. forge as well.  So I made up 20 metal foundations, 80 walls, 20 ceilings, and a couple of the new double doors in s+.  This will also give me a spawn point by the obi, so I can go back to SE for a bit a relearn the engrams, and fast travel between the bases.  I'll use the bronto or a Q as transport, or might just upload/download the stuff.  I'll also need to move my achatinas up there.  Oh joy.  Loaded up an argy with the stuff, and headed north.

Well, the plan was working out, until I got almost to the obi.  There's a diplo getting munched on by dilos, nothing unusual there.  Lvl 80.  Nope, don't start or you'll not get even a single foundation down.  Raptor runs through the spyglass view.  125 male.  Sigh.  Fly down, tranq him, check stats.  He's specialized, and I have the kibble on me, and am not going to pass up an opportunity for a new high stat.  Slap some kibble in him, deal with the dilo that is roaming around, he stands up.  Re-check stats.  Ok, I'm convinced this is wrong, but I can't find evidence otherwise.  He has better than 200 more stamina than my best, and is a 187.  46 levels in stam!  He spent nearly half of his bonus levels in stam!  That adds a few levels to the pool.  Ok, taking him home, right after we deal with the lvl 80 female that just found us.

Well, there goes the plan, again.  Took him home, and decided to throw him in with my hp specialized female.  I need to get the raptor program going again.  Did some quick math in my head, and with this new addition, I should be in the 260-270 range once all the high stats are together.  I don't even want to look at the time.  So I do that, and check smart breeding.  It says to throw my other 193 female in with my 225 male.  Makes sense.  Took one egg, and swapped pairs out in the pen.  Egg popped at a 207, and honestly not bad looking colors, will keep him.  Not bad for the first run.  Messed around the base, letting several eggs drop and hatch.  Junk, junk, junk, junk, 236!  Yep, got a male with full high rolls, and he managed not to inherit his father's ugly green color.  He got his mother's earth color.  This is the next step.  Just need the other 2 high stats in there.  What was I gonna do tonight again?

Looked at the time.  12:45 a.m.  What happened to an hour or two?  Oh yeah, updates and raptors.  Today is going to be hell, cause I've stayed up until tomorrow, again.

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I spent quite awhile gathering resources to make a couple dozen cannon balls.

Made a nice little Rock Elemental trap for the lvl 92 I found not far from my base.

Lured him into the trap, jumped on the cannon and started wailing away at him. It took longer than I thought, but knocked him out.

Flew back to my base and got some sulfur ready and started my starve timer.


Flew back to him hours later and tamed him. Set him to follow me and my ptera on our quick walk back to the base.


Uncovered anther lvl 20 on the way back ... which quickly destroyed the lvl ~138 I was trying to get back to the base.


Easy come easy go.

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Well, 2 days in since a heart wrenching total foundation wipe, i woke up to my remote 2x2 vegetable hut being rocketed, because why not. I hid until the wyvern flew off, and to my surprise the carrots were completely unharmed! Praise the alphas! My plans to make dodo kibble would not be delayed.

Soon I was in the redwoods on my iguana, Don, scouting for a good ptera. Was having zero luck. Got jumped by a silent ninja rex from behind, luckily he was lvl 20. Just as i was about to drop him, a pego robs me of my 17 kibble. >:( i look around and see one scuttling off, chase him down, kill him, he's carrying 26 wood and NO kibble. Excellent.

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