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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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Yesterday was a hugely successful day.

I did get my hatchery set up, but it's one of the sloppiest builds I've ever done because I was impatient. I'll share screenshots after I raise a quetz and can properly gather resources to replace what I screwed up.

I also went on an extended drop run, collecting tons of kibble, good BPs and misc items. I really love the modified loot table on this server, no need for a kibble farm when you can just run white/green drops and fill your kibble fridge up. Not having to maintain 100+ egg animals is really fantastic and frees me up to focus on the animals I really want to have.

Unfortunately while going for a yellow drop on Red Peak, I got nailed by a 174 thyla. Didn't stand a chance. Grabbed my ptera and flew straight back. My argent, now named Smudge cause she's mottled white and grey, was fine. Luckily the thyla pounced me and not her, so she didn't glitch out like so many fliers do. So I got my bird back, dunno what I would do without her. Did lose all my stuff, including my newly acquired mastercraft pick. Oh well.

I took that as a sign I should take a break from drops and decided to do something else instead. Time for a hunt! It took forever but I managed to find and tame 3 high level microraptors, 2 males and a female. These things are some of the most annoying animals I've ever tried to tame, compounded by my need for high levels. It has to do with breeding, small animals need to have high HP for breeding, around 1k+ to maximize their chance to survive baby stage. They are cute up close though, glad I picked them as my 'fashion' animal. Can't wait to get some colors on them, their natural palette is extremely limited.

And of course I had to test the hatchery, yep it works. Kept the baby girl and now keep her father with me since it won't be a big deal if he dies, I have all my high rolls.

Since I had to stay in the area while she was growing up, I also got to work making a new foundation for what will most likely be a proper greenhouse. 

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1 mutation in 8 babies is actually pretty good. I bred a line of ankys for months and never got a single mutation, stat or color. It's a flat 2.5% chance per baby.

Anyway. Have you ever had a day where you were inordinately pleased with yourself? That's how Sunday was.

Having laid down the foundation for it as the last thing I did on Saturday night, first thing I did was settle on a design and calculate materials to get farming. It took most of the day and all the crystal I could get on every mountain in several rounds of farming, but I did it. I built my greenhouse in just one day, built the irrigation system and plots and moved my crops over from their temporary spot. The only snag I ran into was some of the plots are glitched and not receiving a full greenhouse bonus despite being completely enclosed. I also ended up being impatient and running an intake down the side of the cliff into the section of river I have claimed as my base.

And I built a base raft. How many people can legitimately say they use their raft to get around their base, and I don't mean a raft/ocean base. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I have one. The water is deep enough to swim in and in fact I have a giant salmon swimming around in there somewhere. Happy spinos. I might turn the raft into a mobile taming pen that I can just park out in the river when I feel like taming something. Got a waterfall on either side of the river so I can't really use it for extended travel.

With all of that done I was still in building mode so I went ahead and started expanding my base. I don't really plan when I do things like this, I just let it flow. This is the result:


A new deck and a bbq pit, plus the greenhouse. I've actually expanded further, working on my next foundation. You may also notice I started demoing part of my fence, that's just a temporary pen that won't exist once my base is done. I'll have some proper defense by then. It's not like it really does anything, it sure doesn't keep the snakes out, just dilos.

While I was working on this, one of the other players came on and asked if anyone wanted a starter quetz. I asked but they didn't want a trade, just needed someone to go pick it up. So now I have a quetz. I was planning on buying a fertilized egg but hey I don't look a gift quetz in the beak. Only level 100 but unleveled and she looks almost exactly like Val, who is still around on the other server.

I also got in two rounds of microraptor breeding but no new keepers. Looking for stats and color mutations.

M came around at the end of the evening to visit since he hadn't yet, he likes the new setup. As much fun as we had tribing, I think we're both kind of relieved to get back to solo life lol. It's hard to have multiple builders in one tribe, and the sense of obligation when your tribemates can't play or are taking a break. A hasn't been able to play since before the end of the last year for example and we still take care of all her animals months later, with no idea when or even if she's coming back. Even knowing most of her breeding project animals are badly outdated tames and would need to be replaced anyway. It's amazing how freeing it is when you don't have to worry about other people's animals and only have the ones you care about. I have not tamed a single animal solely for eggs on this server and I don't plan to. I will get another argent, but it will be a high level male that I can breed with Smudge to get a nice imprinted bird and then keep the parents as backups in case of problems. The eggs will be a bonus really.

Ended the night and the weekend on a high note, will be working on the aviary as my next build for sure now. Gonna be another busy week!

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lost all my dino's (2 dodo's, 2 dilo's, 2 lystro's and a raptor) to a Rex that came too close to my base. My house itself survived, slightly damage, because I ran and hid behind some rocks untill the damn rex left. Poor dino's, they never had a chance :(  I will now try to level enough to get the metal spike wall engram to wall off my base (should be enough in sp).

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Due to the wonderful person we have that runs our multiple servers, (varying between OP rag server, and different maps with differnet mods, and a cluster soon) we have an "extra server" its usually extincion, and we use it to test new maps, and mess around with different mods to take a break from our normal grind and gameplay. Vurrenty we are testing primal fear, a dino color/original flyer mod, and a few others, including some tek mod by nerd parade that is broken AF (doesnt really work at all) and comes with some wonderfully obnoxious loud music every time you join the server or respawn, Seriously Nerd Parade nobody wants to hear your opening music or see you advertise your youtube channel everytime the spawn in.

But it has been a lot of fun, especially the color mods, the dino's dont look boring, they are bright and stand out and look really cool, some are not my style, but the colors are bloody gorgeous.

So i spawned in, spent some time leveling, crafting, and genreally checking things out, in between getting suicided by elemental dodo's. Those little buggers are crazy. They are not your normal dodo, they are generally, red blue or green, with an aura around them, they see you, and pursue you until you get out of range and they pop, or the catch you and kill themselves and you.

Spent a bunch of time just exploring the map, not really taming much, as i am not really ready for that, but just exploring, checking out the gorgeous colors on the dino's. Let me tell you, do not stop to admire how gorgeous that spino, is, it may notice you real quick, and then boom, dead. But walking around, and experiencing the new is really quite a lot of fun.

I will continue to share stories, from different servers from the same folks, if you are ever interested, you can join our discord, https://discord.gg/7YUHED5 , or our website https://arksaintsandsinners.com/home/ , or our new subreddit, /r/arksaintsandsinners, though there isnt much in the subreddit yet. We chat and have a lot of fun, and are always looking to grow.

Till the next story folks!


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Started a new server over the weekend. PvPvEIsland boosted map with S+. S+ is such a nice mod to have, no going back now. Anyways, set up a little stone shack on one of the rock pillars close to the green obelisk. Had my Ptera outside, which was my only tame that allowed me access to my current building location, and logged on Sunday to see someone had just knocked him out and stole his saddle. Thanks turds, now I’m stuck with him on follow while I round up the chitin I was lacking to make another. No getting back home until I get a saddled flyer…….I was able to take out a couple turtles to get me the supplies I needed. Now I’m airborne again. Tamed a doed to speed up the stone structure building. Got him back home and made a bridge linking the two mountain pillars. Debating if I’ll even make ground access, it would only make raiding me with ground dinos easier. As for now I’m going to leave it to flyer access only since we have transfer gun with the sexy S+ mod. I can just transfer all my mats from the ground up to my crafting stations via the transfer gun. Don’t guess my doed needs to come up to the base level after all. Left him under my newly crafted bridge surrounded by wooden spikes to keep the critters off of him. Hopefully when I log back on today everything will be in ship shape since I’ve been unable to get to a mountain to farm the little bit of obsidian I need to craft my ORP. Raiding me currently would only be a waste of supplies for the raider due to my lack of anything. Guess that will be on the top of the list this evening so I can rest peacefully tonight.

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Last night my tames and myself got annihilated by an alpha raptor.

My base is located at about 50:20 on the west side of the main map.  Been there for about a month now and have been practicing my taming, and dealing with larger carnivores.  Last night I saw a raptor running around with a red glow in the same field as my base (I had no idea what the red signified).  It saw me and attacked faster than I've seen before, killed me and all my tames.  I spawned back in my bed, and went after it with my bow and narcotics arrows.  From a good vantage point I hit it with 15 arrows in the head and it didn't miss a beat and killed me again.

Lesson learned, don't mess with the alpha :S

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Well, last night didn't go as well as I had liked.

I started off by popping 4 microraptor eggs, ended up with 2 keepers out of 6 animals--2 sets of twins. No mutations but slowly improving stats. Provided they both survived the night I can do my first round of culls today.

Then it was back to work on the aviary foundation. Two major problems cropped up here--the first was some bad pillar snap points that resulted in major material wastage and frustration. The second was at least part of the first problem, that most of the ceilings I was placing actually could be foundations, so I ended up replacing almost everything I did. But now I have a space big enough for my birds. I was originally going to run the aviary the full length of my current base, but I think I might leave it at the current size and use the other half of that space for something else, potentially a place for my microraptors.

That was basically all I did, by the time I fixed my mistake it was getting late and I just didn't feel like continuing.

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Last night i finally finished tweaking my server to the stats i wanted (Grif's lair 18+ PVE modded (EU server)) so me and my friend R started playing for real.

We are on the shigo islands map and while testing the stats we were on the easy island, however since it got boring there, we decided to take a medium spawn this time :)

We spawned on the north-west island and started the basic look-around for a temporary thatch hut. While looking on the beach i saw 2 scorpions, 2 sabers and an argent. Clearly this will be a much more dangerous spot than the other island but on the plus side, there is mountain very close to go get metal/crystal and obsidian pretty fast :)

We got to work on our shack when R suddenly asked for help. Apparently one of the scorpions had come to our side of the beach, stung him and he fell unconscious on one of the cliffs.

Armed with only one spear and a few cloth armor, i closed in on R's position. I was relieved to see that the scorpion was heading back to his side of the beach so i let it be and continued building our wooden shack. (the castles mod let's you build in wood starting level 5 :) )

Once the crafting room was finished i noticed it was getting late so was just about to log off when R said something very confusing happened. I walked out our little shack and right outside there was a pteranodon laying unconscious. It took me a while to understand this because we had no means to knock it out so it couldn't have been R. Then it hit me, the pteranodon has also met our "friendly" neighbors (scorpions). flew away and then got knocked out falling right at our door. It was only a level 12 sadly so we did the humain thing of eating it and using the hide for some armor :)

this evening we will continue our work on the temp. base and maybe try to tame the female 96 scorpion as a guard :) 

on a side note: i'm very happy with the experience tweaks i made. more exp is needed on low levels but less on higher levels (60-80) so everything evens out in the end. With the building i did so far i only made it to level 12 (2*3 wooden shack with some extra foundations layed to make some living quarters)  


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On 5/20/2017 at 7:49 PM, roadrage said:

Currently waiting for my game to update.  Crapola internet.

Last session was a real exciting one.  I went fishing.  Gathered 1.2k sap, so why not.  I now have several JM and MC bps that I didn't have before.  Relaxing but boring, and what else ya gonna do when you've only got about an hour?

Where's a good fishing spot? Looking to get into this and have some sap lying around.

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29 minutes ago, Fool said:

Where's a good fishing spot? Looking to get into this and have some sap lying around.

Just travel up and down the rivers or along the coasts, mainly the rivers though. Just look for a FAT fish. Your shooting for anything between 2 and 2.9 lbs, anything over that is a waste of time, you can try and then you'll understand. Also kill all the low fish around what you're trying to catch. Block the fish you want to catch in with cheap wooden dino gates. If the fish doesn't bite after 2 minutes go punch the fish once or twice then try again, it'll bite. Good luck!

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Day 2 on our server, R had been busy while i was offline and build a bigger wooden base in the form of a silo, with a dino pen on the ground level. 

This meant that the small shack would be converted in a crafting shed. Finished the small building and tamed a 116 dilo and 116 dodo while gathering wood. (yes our max level is 120, i like these numbers more than the 150 :) )

Meanwhile R wanted to explore the cave entrance near our beach as the scorpions from the day before where gone. After a few minutes he was confused again :P He came in a underground city and saw to his surprise that a spino was living there :) R ran out of that cave faster than the wind, not understanding how that massive spino could have gotten in there. I told him they spawn in there which was andwered by some kind of mumbling saying scorpions and spider are bad enough :D 

Once the shack was finished we thought of starting a small garden to produce kibble with the gathered eggs. Me and R set out on our island to find a phiomia for poop production. 

The inland of the island is a very rocky place where you contantly have to watch out for sabers, allo's, scorpions etc. This means that you try to get on the top of the rocks to scout the perimeter before advancing. Needless to say it was very time consuming but we wouldn't stand a chance wearing hide armor and a bow :P

After about an hour of searching R found a phiomia nearly at the other side of the island behind the redwoods. I was scouting the beaches and was to far away to help. It's a low level however and taming didn't take a long time. The coming back to base with it however took a lot longer. R was doing his normal complaining of the phiomia always running out of stamina.

Meanwhile i had set up some medium crop plots and gathered berry's to feed the phiomia and make more narcotics. R finally returned with it and had named it "Poop o Matic 3000" Just a typical name for him :P 

I planted the seeds and put the poop in the plots, cooked up some meat and logged of for the night. R however continued playing a little bit and apparently a saber had come to our base and destroyed the compost bin. This meant i had to log in this morning to fill the plots with poop again and start the fertilizer production all over :(  

Just a normal day, after a visit from our "friendly" neighbors :)

This evening i hope to build a nice boat to make scouting the coasts easier. 

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Horrible, horrible day in ARK. 

So I logged in and thought: Well a powerful wyvern would be nice to add to my collection. I already have a dodorex and a broodmother, it's time to get power in the air!

So I take my poison tapejara on my shoulder, some taming and healing supplies and set out on my faithful prime argy towards the centre of the map. Between the snowy and unfinished redwood area I spot a gorgeous prime wyvern, Lvl 580. I want that!!! I have faith in my now level 614 tapejar, so I switch birds, take the argent on my shoulder and fly the tappy out towards the wyvern. 

A heavy battle starts, I quickly needed to use my first health potion, and then my second. I realized this was a loosing battle so I turned to face home, only to find out I wasn't nearly fast enough to outrun the wyvern! Just when I opened inventory to grab another healing potion, it happened: my tapejar was killed by the 580 wyvern and I was rushing to the ground at deadly speed. 

Respawned at my base bed, I quickly grabbed one of my crystal wyverns, only to durp out, as I grabbed the low level, returned, grabbed the high level ans rushed as fast as I could to the death scene. My argent was still there! I quickly spotted the prime wyvern and a little further just hanging out: my trusted argy. I wisled follow and brought argy and crystal towards the ground to find my body and possibly the remnants of my tappy. As I thought I found something, I made the mistake of my life and jumped of the crystal. ... To be munched on by an alpha raptor, talking about being raptored.

So same scenario: respawn at bed, take my fastest ptera, now to rescue argent and crystal. I found them quickly and returned home, dropped the crystal off and set out on my low level tapejar to find a new high level one. I managed to find and tame a 580 poison allo, but no luck on the tapejars. Lost some, gained some. That's life in Ark I suppose. But I still miss my super tapejar.

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