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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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Busy one today! Grind fest. Ive been picking away at one of our new base spots in the desert. I wanted this base to be the one we finally put TEK into. First, I had to make it a base worthy of some TEK enhancents! 

I chose the abandoned farm in the desert. Walled up the main hut best I could outfit it with all the goodies and even wired it despite future tek plans. Got vaults, crafting stations, cryofridges and all that jazz. Next was the breeding barn. Our current one is lacking space for big tames / loads of tames so thats the theme of this one. 8x10x8 high standard shed, lower level for breeding with a nice staircase up top where the greenhouse is located. Half the top area is enclosed the other open. Despite the ugly behe gate sticking out 6 walls higher (thus inspires my most recent suggestion post; half-height behe gates) it looks pretty good. Got hidden AC's and plenty of fridges. Even boxed in 3 cryofridges.


Built a taming pen in one corner, had to perimeter in behe gates because very uneven landscape. I put a small wall mimicing the natural ruin wall in the front giving me a view of the river, behe gates in the back towards desert. Good thing because theres already a giga about 2 renders away lol

After I had it all built, took like 6 hours of multiple trips out to get stone, metal and about 15,000 ingots plus poly, black pearls and element dust transferred to the island for the TEK pieces (im still running 1.5x exchange to myself if I need to cross server craft - so the tek pieces cost a lot.)

At first I only brought over cryofridges, gates, a transmitter and one tek behe for my breeding shed but I kept farming and decidetransmittergoing TEK here, for my 1.5x exchange again. Back to farming. Got up to a Tek Genny, sleeping pods and im currently farming for a teleporter. Also got mats saved for an industrial forge for here - though I might save it and make a public teleport / forge area above Desert metal mountain area. Unsure yet.

Im taking a small break and  might not get on later so I decided to write up now. If I get more time later tonight ill get the last bit done before we tackle tek cave tomorrow

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5 hours ago, d1nk said:

If I get more time later tonight ill get the last bit done before we tackle tek cave tomorrow

Pretty much had a accidental nap then got back on for a few hours. Sleep schedule is all messed up the wife and I are both sick. Ive been sick for a week and she just got it the other day, go figure.


Got all my TEK pieces sorted, spent awhile jumping back and forth from Island to Rag (farming on rag for them) Ill allow a replicator finally after TEK Cave. Made a tele, gen, trough and industrial forge. Decided to do a public teleport area ontop Desert Metal mountain equipped with public forge and chem bench (oil and watet pumps too) Farmed for these on The Center.  Soon enough all this will be back to one - once we take out Rag gamma boss.


Got back home, with two teleporters now I got to see there were two other public ones made by another player, one at the furthest desert drop and one near the Scar. Neat! Fiddled around base a bit then logged off. Its nice having Tek pods again. Tomorrow ill start farming for a Replicator and another grinder for the new base after tek cave is done.

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Hosted the Tek Cave event on alpha for my community before the server switches to Scorched Earth next month. Failed but still had a lot of fun. We pretty much determined our fate when a load of tames fell into the lava on the way through but the boss fight was hilarious for those of us on foot. Lasted quite a while until the dragon form munched me due to no more dinos drawing aggro. It will be months before The Island comes back into rotation but I’m sure we’ll be prepared to jump straight back into the action next time.

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As Salty has already said we attempted the tek cave at Alpha level (Go big or go home right ?) last night. It went not too badly all things considered. Myself, d1nk and Salty formed the core of the army with Salty bringing his rexes and me and d1nk bringing in our boss theri squad with a mated pair of rexes each, I went in on yuty. A few other people joined to reinforce the ridden ranks. I really should have worked out the fear roar sooner but probably wouldn't have made much difference.

Our biggest problem was losing tames into the lava, one of my rexes pretty much went straight in there without seeing any combat. That turning circle... You really need to keep a tight leash on the tames as they either fall into the lava with the pathing or tames chase wild dinos into the lava. Thankfully I managed to keep a hold of 4 or 5 of my theris till the overseer.

The Overseer went not too badly considering our loses in the tek cave. We made it to the second version of the dragon before we were all wiped. The theri line did themselves proud I have to say. For me my yuty eventually succumed to the first dragon I think at which point I hoped onto a surviving theri and continued on with that and three theris on follow. I went down when all the surviving theris died to the second dragon. 

For next time I would maybe bring more theris each with more veggies cakes and try to save the unridden dinos for the overseer, its to risky to let them loose in the tek cave, have ridden dinos try to do most of the munching in the cave. Tbh we probably dont even need extra theris just make sure more survive to make it to the overseer arena. 

What can I say it was a great laugh and loads of fun, a great way to send of the Island server with a bang as it switches to Scorched at the end of the month. Would do it again definitely, Alpha wasnt nearly as bad as I thought. Saying that me and d1nk losing 15 or so imprinted theris between us each with ascendant saddles worth 150k worth of hide and goodness knows hiw much metal intotal is a but of a bummer but hey, good fun. Also RIP Yutyrannitar (my yuty) my main mount for all of our boss fights until now. 


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As the others said already, most of our day was for not Sunday. We were doomed from the first corner.. next time more prep will go into ensuring the dinos dont get lost into lava.. what a mess.

Other that the TEK cave I spent a lot of time on Ragnarok. Glad I did! Something to look forward to after the dissapointment hahah. Prior to the cave was on Rag, doing some touch ups to the new base. Went for a cactus sap run, I love building in adobe! Looks good and is very clean-cut. Reminded me of building in metal.

Converted most of the main base to adobe. Not sure how much ill keep in stone - I like the mixed stone and adobe we got going on. Added a crafting area to the base - not sure exactly where my final vision is heading with this place, it needs to be tek worthy and high-production worthy as most my bases haha. Looks like ill have most of this upcomming week planned already so (maybe) not much time for ARK! Need a short break anyways heh

Diablo 3 is calling my name, new unique season for this ladder so might pop in to that for a bit still unsure. Love me my grind games.

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Been awhile but life ebbs and flows, and the Ark flows with it.

Haven't been on much in the past couple of weeks. But the unofficial I'm on did an event this weekend--all maps set to difficulty 7, max level 210, and taming multi turned down to 3 from the usual 5. Also disabled dino scan so people had to actually hunt for their tames.

Honestly it was great. Aside from a few minor issues. Last weekend I logged on to feed everything and reset timers. Well, the server admin ended up having to do a rollback on Rag and I missed the announcement. Logged in on Saturday afternoon to find 4 of my project thornys and my quetz had starved to death because the rollback undid my feeding. :| So that sucked and was a main contributing factor to me discontinuing the thorny dragon breeding line.

Naturally the first thing I did after feeding everyone was run the wyvern trench. Got a couple of ok eggs, 224 and 252. Most of what I did was prep work honestly. Making kibble, darts etc.

On Sunday I transferred over to Aberration to find another issue--my outpost had auto decayed after an issue with the timers. That was why Rag had been rolled back. So I had to rebuild at least a bed for the bare minimum. Really threw a wrench into my plans. But anyway. My main goal was to hunt for the best of the best spinos to finally start my bloodline.

Unfortunately even with the massive proliferation of aberrant spinos, farming on any map that isn't Ragnarok is quite painful. By the end of the day I had only managed to find one worthy spino who tamed out with an amazing 53 stamina. Of course it didn't help that I wasn't the only one hunting spinos, and my resources were much more limited. But that's ok.

Back to it this morning, my new spino hunting friend showed up shortly after I did. It took me quite some time but I managed to get another spino down, with a very promising 37 melee. She stood up with only 46 but I did get 58 stam, crazy.

With one solid breeding animal ready, I took a detour to attempt a rock drake run. Long story short, Ark was Ark and I failed miserably. A wrong turn, a run in with a reaper queen, and getting tail swiped off a cliff into the element river put a very premature end to my rock drake run, my spino, my shinehorn, and all of my drake hunting supplies. I really liked that spino too even if I hadn't named her yet.

Feeling rather defeated, I went back to spinos. I needed a 0 speed male to breed with my females. My new spino hunting friend, having heard my tale of woe, offered to let my new male breed with their high roll HP female. I accepted of course and gratefully returned to Rag with 2 new spinos and a hopeful egg.

Alas, the baby did not get the HP I had hoped for. But, by chance it was a male who inherited the mother's 47 weight, higher than any of mine. So I'm keeping him anyway. Friend also swung by to gift me some pearls and a BP to help replace the asc saddle I lost, and also surprised me with a pair of manas. We had previously agreed to a trade deal, but for only one mana. So that was quite nice. I'll admit I have no idea how manas work, my test jumps have been...shaky, at best.

I also took advantage of the higher levels to tame a new argent who single handedly replaced both of my males with both weight and stamina. That's excellent, I'll be sure to breed them to make even more efficient imprinted hauler birds. I was looking around for an anky also, didn't come up with anything. On a whim thought about grabbing a mammoth since I found an asc saddle, my disappointment with the thorny dragons still painfully fresh. Did not find a mammoth. Did find a 210 ice wyvern with a nest and an egg. You better believed I snapped that right up.

The tumultuous day mostly repaired by such a lovely find, I decided that was a good way to end my evening. I would have liked to try to hunt some velos but there just wasn't time. I'm hoping the increased difficulty is going to be a regular event rotation, breeding is frustrating enough with the still default mating intervals.

This week will mainly be about recovery and prep for next weekend.

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Started a play through on the island, like I had originally intended. Stayed in roughly the same area, built a starter shack and began gathering materials, made it all the way up to lvl 34, no tames, mainly due to lvl idk why so many low lvls were spawning (I run on difficulty 6), what I do have tho, is a massive ship, what a grind that was. Almost done getting her set out for her maiden voyage, just wanted to add some more windows but it is stocked with all the essentials, forge, smithy, etc. Wanted a mobile base until I find my main base spot

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PS4 - Unofficial Servers - Rag/Cluster


Saturday night I played about 7 hours on Server #1 that I'll call "Grinder Element". Been playing this server for a couple of weeks.  Boosted drops, and unlocked engrams. The server runs event colors, so currently it is easter colors, but was Valentines last week.  Max level 450, and you can get anything in the drops/beacons except Element.  But you can make Element from Crystal and Black Pearl. This server has Extinction & Abberaration dinos on it also.  I have 6 tamed Gachas, producing Crystal and Black Pearl. But I still have to go out and harvest Crystal to make enough element. This is the server where I have the small base on the south edge of the map, the megalania island south of the Wyvern Bay.

So Friday, I was grinding most of the time to make element. I ended up making about 400 element over the night. Near the end of the night, I was flying in upper Hidana, and I see a player on foot fighting a Griffin.  The player is naked, and trying to hit it with a club. I ask if he needs help. ("Yes, ran out of tranqs") so I land and quickly place down a gate trap to kite the Griffin on. It was a beautiful blue winged, yellow body with orange highlights Griff. I then pop out my cryo'd Ptera, and when I jump on, the player and griffin are both gone. Turns out the guy died, and the Griffin... well it just disappeared. The guy is a newby, and lost his Ptera to the Griffin also. I ask him if he still wants a Griff, even if it is a different color. He says any will do.

So I quickly spot a max level Blue Body with Green wings Griff, and it has a decent level buddy that has yellow and purple in it. I kite the max level towards the pen, but the buddy joins in, and with a it of luck, I get both into the trap at once, and proceed to tame them both up for this new person. I cryopod them, and then I see a high level male blue and purple Ptera. I tame that, and then a nearly all red female ptera. I then fly over to this person's starter base, and give him the Pteras and the Griffins. He is super happy, and I bid him goodbye.

As I am flying home, I swing by to destroy the trap I had made for the Griffs. I then take flight, and immediately a max level Pink and purple Griff renders in. So I return, create a new pen, and kite the Griff into the pen. But this time we get gltiched into the Griff, and I cannot slip thru the cracks in the gate. So I dismount, and let the Ptera tank, while I start tranqing. But by now I am out of shocking darts, and it goes dark out. My Ptera is taking a pounding, and so I try to sneak over and cryopod it. WHAM, the Griffin destroys my entire tek  suit, and knocks me completely off the side of the cliff. (This time I just parked  my Griffin a bit away, instead of Cryopoding it)

What seemed liked forever, but I finally ran all the way back up to the trap. Barely alive from the fall,  and when my glowpet lights up the trap, the Ptera is bloody bad. I start tranqing the Griff again, and  accidentally Ko'd my own Ptera.  FINALLY the Wild griff is down.  After fighting off a few scorpions and a ravager, the Griffin tames up.

I cryo'd pod it, plus my injured Ptera and fly the Griffin back to base. Farming more crystal on the way.

At base, I put the dinos away. Craft another 50-75 Element. At this point, the server seems laggy, plus it is late, so I call it a night and log off.


(I then spend Sunday playing on a different server cluster that I'll call "Easy E"; but I'll write about that later today.


Fast forward to Monday. I jump on the Grinder Element server, from Saturday and the same person I helped on Saturday is on. I start chatting with him, and he is all bummed out. He apparently had lost everything. I thought it was because he didn't have the colored flags on his base (the admins are pretty stringent about this) and thinking they had wiped him.  But no ..... Server Rollback!  I ask how far back ...... about 36 hours I'm told. Crap, I start scouring my base, and I notice right away. That beautiful Pink/Purple Griffin is not parked next to the others. Then I notice the Thyla triplets I had and cryo'd on Saturday are gone too. Then it dawns on me... the element I ground out is all gone. Nearly 30k of Crystal gone!

But the newbie apparently had played a ton on Sunday, and built a huge base full of tames. He LOST IT ALL in the rollback.  He was whining a bit too much in chat, so I'm guessing he is just a kid, but who knows. 

So I decide to help him out again (my heart wasn't into grinding all that crystal again so soon) So I flyover near the Green OB looking for Ptera, and wouldn't you know it. The Griffin that this kid was trying to tame with the club when I first met him is flying around. Or at least it looks just like the one I remember. This time I tame it. But it is a low level. I then tame a high level but vanilla colored griffin. Then two brightly colored mated pair of Ptera. I then hit a bunch of beacon/drops and finally the Wyvern trench for eggs.  No super high level ones, but a couple decent Lightning and Poison (pretty sure event colored too).

I finally hook up with the kid as he is building a new base, and give him all the loot/tames I had gathered for him. He is very happy, and with that, I go back to base and log off for the weekend.

I will need to re-do the crystal grind soon, but I should have enough element to run my Forcefield and generator until this weekend.  I don't have any boundary protection besides the Forcefield since I am on a such a tiny island, and it would make it look like crap with the uneven terrain.

So I did craft a dino leash and put a couple thylas and a Allo in it for protection to my Gachas, and Griffins. I cryopoded a lot of the tames. But did leave a few out to continue to heal from leveling up.



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(this is day after last post)

I was trying to get another reaper on my hunt for a new blue one but i was hungry and went afk but when i got back my lvl 250 Drake (190 egg on official) was killed by seekers while my drake was healing and no where near the red biome. While this sucks im currently raising more Drakes so hopefully it'll work out in the end but ive got some leveling to do until i can get another reaper king

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Today hasn't happened yet but I will outline my plans now and update with reality later lol...

On my to do list:

  • Meat Run(s) for our breeding base, need to fill 8/10 of the 12 tek troughs and a hand full of the 33 fridges so we can mass raise some giga (plus a few other bits)
  • Convert the remaining Stone buildings to Metal
  • Farm Spino Sails then Breed and hatch half a dozen Megalania for the Toxin to do another Alpha Monkey run in a few days (gotta keep those troughs powered)
  • Might do some more work on my Ice Base
  • Will probably head over to a friends Extinction Base to help them out with some Veins and Drops
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Ragnarok, private PVE server.

Found a fantastic spot on Rag for taming Yutys. Built a new taming outpost there for our tribe, around 50, 50 on the map... where the corner of the desert meets the ice/snow region, and the green belt. In two Ark days, I counted 16 different Yuty spawns just in the small area around my outpost. That's with me killing off any lower level ones. The pitfall pen is working nicely. The Yutys are easy to draw into the pitfall trap with just with my wyvern. 



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So not sure where I last left off, possibly with the Rex BP finds... (3 of them at once), well, 2 more popped last night, a 133 armour one and a 97 MC which is like a 3rd of the mats of our asc ones - it will be a good seller.

I fed up Center when I logged on and finished off the 28k 960MD Rex and bred with all our females. Lay down a further 6 eggs to incubate and went off to Ext to help on a purple drop. Now that I have taken my main char (Center char which recently alpha ascended) over to Ext with a 97% Giga, these things are easy and the three of us in our tribe claimed an easy 7 wave purple drop. I would really like to see something new drop, maybe more asc haz mat bps but I guess patience is the key.

For once the game didnt crash - running in 4k can sometimes be a little sketchy on Ext but it seemed fine last night, have had it in the past where my body is just lying on the floor with 3 Gigas taking on the waves of corrupted and when I get to log back in its... run run run, where is my Giga!

My plan now that I have my Max level Reaper, Fire Wyv, Posion Wyv is to get a Lightning and Ice as I only have 185s. Yes, I know that stats matter, but I want 190s ?

I have made a bucket list which is to have all dino types in our base breed out above level 300. At first it seemed really daunting but now that I have started working through it my current list stands at.

Above 300 when born/hatched:

Rex, Yuty, Theri, Ptera, Argy, Anky, Doed, Bear, Thyla, Quetz, Raptor, Spino

Above 265 and currently improving stats:

Allo (295), Daeodon (271), Glow Tail (265), Featherlight (293), Mammoth (289) Beaver (282), Tappys (272), Snow Owl (293), Mags (272) Giga (265), Hyena (265) Mesis (265)

So out of the main Dinos that we use, Im 50% there and the others are coming along nice. We havent worked on the breeding of water dinos too much yet but we have just built a massive water pen with its own swimming pool so that is ready to go now. I will keep you updated on any good progress - The Allo is so close to being over 300 and with one stat left to get I think it will leave me at 299 and then I just need a little mute just to pop it over :)

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My breeding pair of boss rexes laid their first egg. I think I will save the eggs until I get 3-4 and hatch them all at once. For about a week now I have  been looking to tame a decent set of baryonix to breed for the swamp cave. I found a lvl 130 Male last night and thought what the heck let's see how this guy takes out. He ended up lvl 191 and getti g +41 health and + 37 melee. So a good evening was had in ark last night. 

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Man I had such a stressful night last night.

I was gliding around blue on Aberration, and went up some water fall I hadn't been to before. I had hit an explorer note so was just killing random things.

I figure on a Rock Drake my risk of 'getting lost' is pretty low since I can just glide over blue and recognize something and get out.

Well, at top of that waterfall I'm swarmed by a bary or 2, 2 crabs and who all knows what. Drakes level 200 so overall not a concern health wise.... but I got knocked off the drake. With so much chaos I could not get back on, crab grabbed me with claw, and it was over.

Of course I'm worried about my drakes health as I usually leave it on passive, but did whistle neutral at last second but I wasn't sure if a tame group was set so wasn't for sure it went out. 

Problem now became I had no idea where I was. So I grab my friends spino he lent me that is the strongest and fastest one I have, and go out exploring trying to find it.

Of course I rushed out naked. Hello ice spore field... I fall off dino, and what do I see? A Megalosaurus is hitting the spino, not me (WHY?)! Who seems to be on passive (not sure how that happened, i never set spinos to passive). I panic as I'm about to get my friends best bred spino killed, and log off in hopes it'll stop the attack.

I felt utterly defeated. Lose my one and only freshly earned drake AND friends spino all in 1 go? Afraid to login... Schrodinger's cat.

I finally get back on, no death message in tribe log! It worked! Or least I hope it's not still being attacked. So grab another spino, and a haz suit this time, as well as food and water to be sure I'm actually prepared this time. 

I thankfully roughly knew where I died on spino so got there, and he was fine! I'm guessing since I was the only one on server, it unloaded the region when I logged out, saving the spino.

I don't understand why the megalo was even attacking the spino considering I never even attacked it.

I take the friends spino back home and explore some deep areas of bio lum I've never seen, and  thankfully in the end, I randomly stumble upon my drake and previous bulb dog. Sadly had a new bulb dog so had to leave the original lower level behind lol. 

That was the first body I never recovered the goods from in over a month ? Lost a haz suit and some MC tools I think. 

In the end, all I lost was some items and a level 70 bulb dog from the first death that I couldn't pick up as I had a new bulb dog. Maybe if I don't check tribe log the Schrodinger's cat can apply to that bulb dog and he will stay alive!

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PS4 - Ragnarok - Easy E Unofficial Server


Been too busy with work demands to take a break and write about my weekend time on the other server I have been playing on lately.

This server I call "Easy E" because you can make Element from Raw Metal!!!  

After a couple weeks on this server, I have a fully metal base with forcefield and teleporter, plus Tek doors and gates. 

I got lucky last week, and stumbled upon a well hidden base, that had been abandoned. It was a metal base and all timers were up. The base had a full set of artifacts, a high level lightning and Fire Wyvern (I already had max level Poison and Ice Wyverns I raised myself), plus a mated pair of high level Gigas and Tek Rexs! 

I already had a line of Tek Rexs going on my own, but these were better, so I added them to the bloodline. I rarely use Gigas, but I went ahead and bred up a few eggs, and hatch and raised a 86% imprinted one. 

This server is clustered with AB and Ext, so I also have 1/2 dozen Gachas including 3 that produce Dust, and the rest are silica pearls and Org Poly.  I have bred them multiple times, but no Black Pearl ones yet.

In this server, my base is inside the huge cave next to upper hidana ( I think it is called Little Snow Top Mountian?) The last thing I did over the weekend was tame up 8 sharks and I put them in the small but deep pond next to the cave. I put them on aggressive/wander, and built a nice pier and placed "No Swimming" & "No Lifeguard on Duty" signs around the pond.  I then had way too much fun picking up dinos with my wyvern and dropping them into the shark pond!

I also spent time helping out the newbies on the server who did Not log in, and immediately ask for starter pack. I was amazed to see how many people would log in, ask for starter, when told no Admin on duty, they would immediately log off.  This is BOOSTED server!  I had a fully metal base within the first 8 hours of joining.  People are so dang lazy!

Tonight I will go back to the "Grinder Element" server and try to tame more high level event colored dinos like Thylas, Griffins, and also get wyvern eggs. (on this server, you can get random artifacts via the beacon drops, so I need to raise a Rex army, so I can do the boss battle.)

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