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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Another boss fight in the center arena for 12 element each time.. I only do it because I'm bored.

After that I found out that there was about 30k chitin in my rexes.. so I crafted some cementing paste from it.

Other than that I hatched a few eggs and killed all the babies (no mutations).

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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Beat the Manticore on hard 5 times on an official PVE server early in the morning before the lag got bad. Afterward I spent some time rebuilding our Scorched Earth green Obelisk base which some scumbag kited at least two rock elementals into last friday when nobody was online, killing multiple wyverns. We've got it narrowed down to 5 suspects thanks to arktracker.com but since the stupid tribe logs in game dont go back far enough to see anything other than the last 50 minutes or so, we may never have  slam dunk proof of who did it. 

This afternoon a friend and I took a dozen of his vultures and cleaned out the snow (edit) cave on the official island server we play on to get some additional artifacts and some loot. Scored a pretty good ascendant xbow bp in the process. Now i'm grinding metal  and crystal to make some tek behemoth gates and some tek dino gates. 

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Well, so far I haven't done much. Logged in and started sorting the new terror birds out (deciding which to breed and which old ones to remove), made some saddles for them and sorted the vault content a bit and then I got disconnected from the server. It's been down three hours now due to "unscheduled maintenance" (we're renting both of our servers) and we've no idea when it'll be up again. Feeling a bit miffed as I had gotten a mutation in the base hp again, but this time on a male without any unnecessary mutations plus I've gotten max level with the stats I have on several males/females of the colours I was trying to get. :( 

Not much else to do but wait and hope.


10 hours ago, Cymas said:

Took another look at my new birdy before I logged. Isn't she pretty?


She's very pretty.

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Loaded up my game, checked everything, grabbed kibble, and hopped on the wyvern.  Looking for high level spawns.  Spent a couple of hours with the super spyglass looking for anything worthwhile.  Let's put it this way, when I saw a lvl 90, it was reason to rejoice.  Evenly distributed stats, so I didn't tame it, and it was a raptor.  I have much better stock than that already.  I have never seen so many low level junk spawns in my life.  Even up north, where things are supposed to be tougher, a level 50 seemed to be the high point.  So, I flew over to the green obi to get a better idea for my building plans.  Right now, I'm thinking of fencing in all the way around, taking in some of the water right above the fall for an intake pipe.  Probably will build my home around that area, with the flyer barn to the south on that flat spot, and leave the land dinos standing around between the barn and the house.  Then maybe build a breeding barn to the north.  I just want to be a little more central to the map, and have easy access to the obi to move to SE and back.

Now, flying low and slow on a wyvern, even without speed, is an exercise in frustration.  These handle like a mack truck on ice.  They just go where they want, you're hanging on for the ride.  Oh, and they don't turn at all unless you're flying forward at the exact same time.  I use it because of the speed, but I didn't feel like going back to get my argie.  I also have 1650 CP to drop off.  So, as I'm painfully flying around surveying the location in detail, I see a dilo after something white.  I haven't seen a frakkin white monkey yet, they've all been tan.  Land, shoot the dilo, the monkey runs a bit an settles down.  Don the ghillie, crouch, sneak up and feed it kibble.  Frak, lvl 8.  I'll save it just for the white fur.  Go to leave, here comes a tan one, chased by 2 dilos.  Shoot them, spyglass.  A frakkin 140 female!  And it has disappeared.  Shoot dilos, troodons, and a few raptors in the area.  Then I go on a search in the general direction it was running.  I know if I find it I'm going to have to choose between them, and the 140 will be my pick.  I'd love to breed the white fur in, but I would rather have the better stats right now.  I know, they're useless anyway, but this is my fun right now, and the game just isn't cooperating with high levels for anything interesting.

I find it!  Sneak up, feed it, failed to notice that raptor off in the distance. (To be fair, we are in the jungle now.  Lots of trees.)  Raptor attacks, monkey runs(I think, little distracted at the moment), raptor dies.  Now where did it go this time?  Search for a bit, run onto a few snakes and one microraptor(why are these things everywhere when I'm not looking for them, but I can't find one when I want to?), give up and head home.  Grab the argie and head back.  Aerial search is easier, and the argie fits in the woods, wyvern not so much.  Oh, and theris won't bother a wyvern, but will an argie.  Yeah, get back and there's a pack of troodons, 3 theris, an iguanadon, another pack of raptors, and enough dilos to fill the lagoon around the obi right where I was at a bit ago, all less than level 40.  Good frakkin grief.  The theris make it impossible to do a low and slow search, so I kill them and the raptors.  The troodons don't seem to be interested at this time, and dilos are a mild annoyance at worst.  I wish I could shoot from the back of a argie.  The search is fruitless, I'm thinking the raptor may have somehow killed the monkey before I could react, even though I swear I heard it run off behind me.  I search a pretty wide area, found a lvl 12 with what appeared to be redish fur farther north, but a dilo got to it before I could kill it.  I really think between dilos and pteras, 50% of the spawns are taken, and I still haven't found a 150 of either.

Go back to the obi, and fly around a bit.  Triple digits pop up.  ARE YOU FRAKKIN KIDDING ME?!  ANOTHER 150 MALE OVIRAPTOR?!  I just left, flew to the east through the woods.  It might have had stats I need, but go to hell game.  You can spawn 150s in crap dinos like that, but refuse to spawn any 150 brontos, rex, or anything good.  A 100 female oviraptor.  Sigh.  I really wish I could find a way to adjust minimum spawn levels.

Head back, nothing.  Fly low and slow, listening for anything.  This method has been the most successful for me in the past.  Cross the river and head south, find what appears to be an old path.  Follow it, finding ruins in a couple of places.  I hear a monkey, and it's right under me.  Fly to the side and land, ambushed by a pack of dilos.  Kill dilos, monkey scares and runs off.  Got a glimpse of its level, 68.  Higher than anything I've got, but not by much.  Wait a bit for it to calm down and start the search.  Don the ghillie again, as I usually switch back to my flak for the extra protection.  20 minutes of a spiral area search later, the damn thing comes casually strolling back to where I first found it.  Near impossible to see, and difficult to hear in the dense jungle, that's their only survival tactic though.  Sneak up, feed it a couple times and it tames.  Look at my library, it has better stats in everything except weight compared to what I have.  According to the smart breeding app, since this tamed out to a 101, I can possibly get a 105 out of it with my weight mutated 63 female.  Well, that's a leap better than what I had.

Decide to fly high and take it home.  Got distracted with a colorful Tap, but he was only level 45.  Fly in the behemoth hatch, land, close the hatch, and the game crashes.  Go to bed, to hell with it.

Woke up this morning, got my coffee, and decided to see where the last autosave was.  Right over Drayo's cove.  Why the crap can't you stay mounted on DC?  I'm falling. Tab, god, hit the ground right in the edge of the water.  Monkey lands right in front of me.  Whew.  Not a fan of cheats really, I do sometimes use them, but always in a case like this.  I should have been safely at home.  Get ready to use the fly command, and for some strange reason, my argie actually flies down and lands.  That's a first.  And it even landed fairly close.  Crap, troodons incoming.  Pick up the monkey, sprint to the argie, jump on and fly home, this time it didn't crash.  Now do I go back to check out the two oviraptors, or just do yet another wild dino wipe and hope for better spawns?

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Got home a little early tonight so took advantage to breed both my allos and my ankys.

No good allos, but all 3 ankys are keepers. I can replace two of the parents, finally starting to make some progress.

M was on this morning and got yet another color mutation on his argents. Magenta bellies this time. Pretty sure I'm not getting mutations because M's stealing them all, like a breeding pego lol.

Not much else going on. P found a 145 bary to tame, another with nothing much to add to his line. I did a quick scout for ankys, didn't find anything to tame. Went home, logged for the night.

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I looked at my Steam app to see which of my tribemates were on and I could see none - I was still unwell so went to bed early :(

Tonight, I am determined to log in, even if it is just to fill a trough or two with berries and meat :(

My aim will be to track down a 145/150 Ptera though as I want to find a bird with crazy Stamina


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Not much. After a sick kid, now I also have a sick husband, which is worse - more whining :P

Made a rifle. I don't like guns in games, but I wanted to test the tranq darts. Didn't help much, costs lots of resources and the 2 T-rexes I tested them on both took off before I could knock them unconscious. Maybe tonight I will make a crossbow and search for a low level Rex to try again. Getting an anky is also still on my to do list.

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With this game, it's either feast or famine.

Loaded up the game, and put some veggie cake on to cook.  I've seen some achatina around, so I'm going prepared.  Stored most in the fridge, took 10 just in case.  Jumped on the argie, out the hatch we go.  Instead of heading to the green obi, I went to Drayo's Cove again.  Guess what?  Didn't look at the time.  Sun goes down.  I did catch a glimpse of a rex though.  Good thing this is a stamina bird.  Just hovered until dawn.  I can see the outline of the titan at herbi island.  You just keep your ass over there.  Sun finally came up.  Two rex.  Spyglass.  Bah, level 12 male, and, level 120 male.  How convenient.  A rex and raw prime right there together.  Land, catch aggro, I love max tranq darts, they're down.  Kill the 12 and pump the raw prime into the 120.  He tamed to a 175, and is slightly specialized.  29 food, 30 weight, 29 damage.  That's 5 more levels in weight, along with a few in food and damage than I had.  Not a quantum leap or anything, but an improvement.  Still haven't found that elusive 40 level per stat animal.

Take the rex home, and set out again.  Not seeing anything.  Figures.  Went to the green obi, there's that 150 oviraptor.  Why not.  Tranq, tame.  Tamed to a 224 with Q eggs.  He's specialized, in oxy.  Good grief.  38 levels in oxy.  WHY?  Oh well, he's a 3 level improvement in HP as well.  Take him home, come back.  Fly the woods.  Hear a monkey.  Right under me, again.  Go to land, get hit.  Stupid raptors.  Monkey spooks, and it had black fur too, go to shoot raptor.  Wait, 130 female.  Tranq, argie nearly kills it, hurry to whistle passive.  Feed it stims, wake it up, retranq.  Wait, my parasaur kibble is at home.  WHY?!  Screw it, got a little raw prime left, and it's about to spoil.  She tamed out a 193, specialized in food and weight.  40 levels in food.  WHY GAME, WHY?!  Ugh, I'm tired and not in the mood for this.  Well, 36 levels in weight is slightly better than what I have.  Slightly.  Take her home, this time I just loaded up some of every kibble I have.  Let's go.  Seems the green obi area is spawning high levels right now.  Run across that 100 female oviraptor.  Hmm, I'll see.  Specialized in stamina.  2 level improvement.  Eh, got plenty of Q eggs anyway.  Tamed to a 149.  Take her home.

Back at the obi, flying low and slow, 116 female oviraptor.  Sigh.  Looks slightly specialized in stamina and weight.  Tamed up to a 172, with no stats better than what I have.  Well, I'll need another utility ovi anyway, and these are cheap.  On the way out, I spot a 145 male Dimorph.  I need mutton for that.  Frak, don't have any, or raw prime.  TE will take a huge hit with just plain raw.  I know where there was a level 10 ovis just over the hill though.  Right next to the beaver spawn at the waterfall.  Head out.  Still there, holy mutton batman.  130 pieces.  Come back.  Can't find the blasted thing again.  Spot a 135 male.  Theri distracts me, it's gone.  Sun goes down.  Frak.  Wait out the night, fighting off low level troodons.  Morning comes, the search commences.  No sign of either one.  I'm really hating this game, it's late, and I'm tired.  Sleep pattern if effed up big time and I know I won't sleep anyway.  Search continues, sweeping the area with the spyglass, EFF ME!  125 female bronto!  And I have 10 turtle kibble!  Not sure how, unless I've found that many eggs in the wild, which is likely as much as I've hung around herbi island.  I know I've got several bronto eggs, and never had a bronto.  That's changing, right now.  Check the area, tranq and add kibble.  She tamed up to a 187.  Check the stats.  Specialized in damage and speed.  24 health, 29 stam, 24 oxy, 19 food, 25 weight, 34 damage, 31 speed.  Not highly specialized, but I'm happy with her for my first bronto.  Got a plan to get her back, be too slow overland and I've already got that oviraptor on my shoulder.  I'll take her to the obi, upload her, and pull her back from that beacon near my base.

Now, another raptor shows up.  Sigh.  Another 130 female!  I have lots of kibble this time.  Tranq and feed.  Check stats.  Specialized in, HEALTH!  Tamed out to a 194.  Well, kibble didn't make that much difference over raw prime, but I do have 10x tame set.  11 levels in health over my best raptor, Stanzar, with her 39 levels.  And, drumroll please, 38 levels in OXY!  What the bloody hell is it with oxy?!  This meant every other stat is utter crap.  From mid teens to mid twenties.  Well, if I can manage to breed these two 130s in successfully, I can get 39 health, 32 stam, 38 oxy, 40 food, 36 weight, 40 damage, and 32 speed.  That'll pull things up to a 258.  Still a long shot from the 300 mark.  Attack music starts playing, my argie is under attack from another raptor.  116 male.  Tranq and feed.  He'll be junk.  Yep, brings nothing to the table except a white belly, black body, and purple feathers.  He's security.  And there's the 135 male dimorph again.

What followed was a royal mess of fighting dilos, the bronto aggroing everything in a 100 meter radius, fighting all that, trying to tranq the dimorph, rinse, repeat.  Finally got it down.  Fed it, it tamed out to a 202.  Specialized in food and speed, with 35 and 39 levels.  Ugh.  Useless unless you're inflating numbers.  Well, I now have a small dino army half the map away from base, with untold amounts of theris between myself and the obi a bit over 100 meters away.  It's late, and I'm absolutely not walking these things home, plus my argie is a little worse for the wear now.  Poor thing has taken a major beating tonight.  Long story short, half an hour, and one raptor down (the 116 wild male)  we get to the pad.  I swear there were 20 theris in that little stretch from the beach to the obi.  Shot a level 5 monkey on the way too.  Junk spawns.  Oh, and there's yet another 100 male oviraptor running around, and still haven't seen that 140 monkey or 145 dimorph again.  Upload everything except the oviraptor that's still on my shoulder, and head home.  Drop it off, and the beacon that is normally right there isn't.  There's one on the other end of this island though.  Even the one at Stonehenge isn't there.  It's midnight, and I'm not waiting half an hour for a beacon, and I want to get this done tonight.  So, fly out to it, download the dinos, throw the raptor on my shoulder.  Not worried about the dimorph, it can fly and is on passive.  Set the bronto to neutral, and immediately get swarmed by troodons.  Manage to kill them off.  Finally get the bronto in the gates at about 12:45 am.  Put the argie, raptor and dimorph up and shut down.  Geez what a night.  What was the plan?  A quick scouting run for high level spawns.

Now I just need to start breeding all these.  It's going to take a long time yet before I'm ready to try the bosses.

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On 2017-5-2 at 8:05 AM, Musketeer said:

Try the Center, they spawn there too.

if you are not after a high lvl one, then they spawn at the cave entrance in the Jungles South Cave on the Center map. Highest lvl I have come across in there is a 70, but mainly they range between 15-40. They respawn pretty quickly too.

Its the cave where you get the Artefact of the Immune.


Good luck

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Logged in, got booted, logged back in, booted again, logged in, third times the charm!

Bred my crap femal with my decent male equus, working on basically breeding the females stats out and the males in, it is going very slowly, the males pop out at 151 and the females pop at either 96 or 107, not very encouraging.

While its raising, go out on my curent horse looking for more, preferably better ones. Find a really really good looking one, lvl 25, worthless aside from colors. 

Become frustrated that Equus are deep in the woods in hard to navigate areas, and then on top of that super rare for a semi starter. Drag a Phiomia for fun.

Get booted again in raptor country, yay update! Finsih update, server restarts, manage to log in without incident and head back to base. Finish up a few things and log off for the night.

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6 hours ago, Anarki said:

if you are not after a high lvl one, then they spawn at the cave entrance in the Jungles South Cave on the Center map. Highest lvl I have come across in there is a 70, but mainly they range between 15-40. They respawn pretty quickly too.

Its the cave where you get the Artefact of the Immune.


Good luck

Not true.. That cave is next to my base.. I tamed a few lvl 150 megalos there.

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Last night was highly unexpected, in a good way.

I actually logged in a little later than usual. M was already on and at with his argents, had a fresh flock growing in the hatchery. As is quickly becoming the norm, he had yet another color mutation--blue head feathers. I hope he combines it with his blue wings, unfortunately so far they've all come out with those pukey green foreheads that I dislike so much. I might already want an upgrade to my bird, lol.

It was straight to business for me, I went and bred my allos for the usual round of disappointment. But not today. Out popped a 5 stat male with *both* of the stats I needed, I've been having the hardest time getting them to inherit on anything. Awesome! I will be retiring all but 3 of my breeding allos now--this new male, a full color female and a full color male, both 4 stats. I do anticipate another few rounds of breeding to finish off, but I'll be stockpiling eggs just in case I happen to get the allos I want. Even with 6 stats I don't think they'll max out very high, maybe around 240 or so. Considering there isn't a single 150 tame in these lines, I think that's pretty respectable. I'll probably continue to collect high level allos as I see them, they just don't pop up very often.

P came on shortly afterwards and got started on his usual rounds. Admire the new babies, do a bary check, swamp cave run. But first he came across an unexpected surprise, a red 150 diplocaulus roaming around the city grounds. Apparently M rescued it from a sarco and dropped it in the taming pen in case anyone wanted it, and at some point it glitched out of the pen lol. No one is interested, I know A would be if she was around but sadly she is not. So we let it roam around and enjoy living while it has the chance.

With one good allo growing I moved on to my stubborn ankys. 2 to cull and 3 new ones added. Another round of breeding. Hatched the first egg, out popped a 280, 5 stat male. Fantastic, much better results than I had been getting. Popped the second egg...twins! Male and female, level 286, max stat ankys out of this line. Holy crap. I could not have asked for a better result. I was honestly stunned.

I did decide to keep the 280 anky. For one, it's a much more attractive animal than the twins, who followed the Ark rule about high level animals being ugly, lol. It's actually a mostly black anky, so I'm hoping if I can get a 286 with those colors, I can then breed for color mutations. I miiiiight still work on getting to base 300 though, I'm only 14 levels short. Only. I feel like that's a good benchmark for a strong animal though.

Noticing the argents and my allo only had about 30 stacks of meat left in the troughs, I went on a quick fish run while M did something or other. P didn't get anything good out of the swamp cave this run, as per usual.

Once I was done getting meat I afk'd to take care of a few things while the animals grew more. I wanted to at least see them to adolescent before logging for the night, given all of the food/stasis bugs and whatnot.

I returned in time to hear about a 145 bary M found for P. It was actually already up by then, the report came back a few minutes later. No good stats. I am honestly very surprised about that, P's bary line originates from just 2 high level tames, I definitely did not expect them to have such significant stats that fresh tames aren't adding anything to his line.

P went off to do one last scout and we were all getting ready to log when...

135 male swamp spino! For real, game? P didn't want it, I guess because he's obsessed with his barys and getting mutations on them right now. I offered it to M first, as I have already tamed a 135 spino but he hasn't found any at that level yet. Unfortunately it was near 3 a.m. for him and he didn't think he'd have the time to stay for the whole tame.

So P stayed with it while I got supplies. I didn't really have the time either but I am never going to waste a high level spino, or let someone else tame it. We need them. Grabbed Gina and took off with kibble, arrows and narcs in hand.

Unfortunately the swamp spawn is about the least convenient, but also the most consistent spino spawn on the map for us. It took awhile but together P and I lured him over to the nearby cliffs and got the area cleared of other animals. I asked M for support as well, he grabbed his Rogue and came over just to body block him in once his torp got high. Chasing a fleeing spino through the swamp is how disasters happen. Tranqing went off almost without a hitch, at one point Rogue got too close to the spino's hitbox and I shot him a couple times, but M kept it pinned until it went down. With his face in a cliff like 90% of all spino tames lol.

M and P both checked the area again, especially the top of the cliff. I've had bad experiences with things jumping off to destroy tames, and we want no mistakes for something as rare and valuable to our tribe as a spino. I sent M home shortly afterwards, he was falling asleep at his keyboard as per usual. P stayed on patrol until disaster struck a community member.

O was bored and complaining about it as usual so I suggested he go tame a thyla since he'd been away for a long time and hadn't seen most of the new animals. So he did, but unknown to me he took his allo, an argent and an anky with him. It ended poorly. The thyla ran into the swamp, he followed, got dragged off by kapros and since he didn't know how to fight them he died. Twice. And ended up begging global for help getting back to his animals since he couldn't spawn at his base for some reason. It later turned out half his base had been rekt because he didn't put up a fence in therizino country. Anyway. He wasn't too far from us so P went off to the rescue, carrying him all over the place in search of his animals/body while I continued the spino tame solo.

They found O's animals right about when the spino stood up. It was late by then and P just went on to bed while I walked the spino home. Literally. He was a little bugged and couldn't sprint, but fortunately a dilo was useful for something and somehow unbugged him by getting him involved in a swamp fight. We passed O on the way home, I just shook my head and said nothing. In global, anyway. I don't have much sympathy for people who should know better.

I got the spino down to my spot in the lower tier, screenshotted his stats and put them in my spreadsheet, then checked on my babies. It took so long they had all grown up...and under. All 3 ankys were underneath the map. Not in the sea, just buried at what I imagine is Purlovia level. O.o Fortunately whistling popped all 3 out and I moved them and the allo into the breeding pen for tomorrow. Dunno what that was about, I tore the hatchery floor up precisely to avoid these shenanigans.

Thus ended my night in Ark. I won't be hatching any more eggs from either allos or ankys until the weekend. I need 2 286 ankys to be imprinted, replacing our current tribe ankys. The parents will be kept behind as a reserve with some eggs preserved in case of disaster, and also to possibly get a color morph done now that the stats are handled. I also don't want to pop allos just yet in case I get the ones I want, I need 3 allos to make a pack, with some eggs in reserve from them as well. I think I'll make a new fridge solely for these types of eggs, that are basically just for reproducing the line in case something happens.

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I had a fruitful evening yesterday. Let me give some history first: I play on an unofficial server pvpve (Haunted-Isle) which is basically a server with some mods (ecotrees, NC building and glass metal) but without the insane gathering, xp etc rates (all 3x). I'm setup on a small island with a bridge going to southern jungles where the main admin base is. On my island which is completely walled off, i keep a small egg-farm (a couple of every kibble i want) and live with the rule that every common dino has to be 130+ to tame (to keep me from hoarding dino's :))

On the server i'm known to be the nice guy helping those that are in need and am proud of it :)

With the new center update and eel's being added to them, i thought "it really is time for a basilosaurus" and my first attempt at this using my mosa to clear most of the sea was a failure because i kept hitting the whale with my mosa's AOE which resulted in losing the taming progress and not having enough therizino kibble left.

Yesterday evening i got 2 eggs at once from my female theri (i swear sometimes i think she believes she is a dodo :) ) so had enough kibble to go for a second try. The patch update was going to be for today so it was then or not i believed.

I took my mosa and began swimming around the undeep parts of the center ocean eating my way through dozens of sharks, manta's and piranha's. Swimming with a mosa on these shallows feels like driving a bus on nitro through a small village with roads meant for bicycles lol. 

After searching for about an hour and a half, the highest level i had found was a lvl 90 and since i really wanted one i decided to tame it. The tame went very smooth this time (should be as my mosa ate every creature in a 5 mile radius and was even nearly encumbered on fish meat :) ). I only had to shoot one manta and a piranha with my ascendant crossbow.

Then came the hardest part of the whole tame, getting it and my mosa home. Getting stuck on ichty's trying to eat the fish-remnants between my mosa's teeth and having to double back because the poor basilo couldn't keep up, as well as fighting my way through newly spawned sharks and manta's. I also got lost at one point because it was getting dark, making me wish i had an angler fish with me to show the way. 

Finally home i checked my new addition: 15k health and 275% melee after putting in some points it had earned riding along with my mosa. It's nowhere near strong enough to fight alpha's but strong enough to venture the sea so i'm quite happy. (stamina does seem low sadly) 

After this tame i did some chores around the base (getting metal, filling throughs...) i'm a one man base so i need to do everything myself :) and finished my evening fishing for coel's at my fishing spot on my bridge with my only ascendant rod (granted to me when helping someone in need). I absolutely love the fishing because it's a great way to end a stressful ark evening. Got 2 big hauls out of it which resulted in a MC argent saddle bleuprint, several JM saddles, scuba mask and flippers and a near complete set of Ghillie BP's.

All in all a great evening, if only the ark gods would give me a 130+ bary this evening i would slaughter a sheep in their honour :) 

PS: small edit, i found 134 megalodon teeth in my mosa's inventory after getting home lol  

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Me as noob was very happy finding a carno with a rex very far away so it wouldnt kill it when taming. I shot the carno KO. Tamed the heck out of it. 5 raptors came by, tamed 4 and lost 1 due to the rex being curious what i was doing. I lured the rex away with my ptera and continued. 3 hours later i got down like 300 narcs and got 3 raptors and a carno rdy to walk home. 

Halfway a therizinosaurus ambushed us and killed my tames :'( 

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