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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Had a productive, if not slightly boring and not what I had planned, session last night.

A few pages back, I spoke about the quetz I had spawned in because I needed a mass quantity of metal and the best, and only, one I had at the time was a lvl 8.  Well, It was spawned in at level 15k just for laughs.  This gave it an initial carry weight in the high 20k range, don't remember exactly what, but by the time I got to the volcano, it had enough levels that I got it up to 34k.  Ridiculous, I know, but this is SP, and I wasn't intending to use it but for one run.  Well, there was an update, and its carry weight dropped to 7k, so I continued to use it.  I don't know if it was a WC update or a classic flyers update, but it dropped.  Only the Q was affected, and only weight.  Now i have 5 Q, 3 high 100s level, from the CF mod update that made birds lay random eggs.  Got some argies, taps, and pelas from that, as well as several wyvern eggs.  So I started using the Q train, which is easier than a land train, but they still pile up, especially on descent.  Yes, I have one set to follow the other.  So, being even bronto weights seem low, I decided it's time to rectify the situation.  I bumped the per level scaling multiplier for weight on dinos, tamed and wild, to 5x.  This was going to be a trial, with further adjustments to keep some challenge, but allow mass gathering of resources without spending a week of play sessions to do so.  I also didn't have access to the platform saddle until two nights ago, when I finally rolled over to lvl 90.  Still haven't made one.  So, I load up the game, and I thought I saw it blip across the screen that it was updating CF, but I wasn't sure.  I shrugged it off, as I had installed super spyglass, inventory cleaner, and a couple of other small QoL mods as well.  Went to check the weight on my cheat Q, named ugh, and I about pooped myself.  98k carry weight.  What. The. Bloody. Hell.  It takes too long to reload the game, so I'm not messing with it, but apparently something was fixed in CF, or these multipliers are multiplying multipliers.  I know the level scaling is a percentage, but by putting in a 5x multiplier, it should give me 5x percent per level, like if the scaling is 2% of base per level, that should give 10%.  So by logic the increase should be fairly linear, so I clearly don't understand how this works, or something else changed.  Maybe the scaling is % of the last level, which would make more sense given the numbers I'm seeing.  More experimentation is called for, just not tonight, and I'll have to check some other dinos as well.  May just be the game acting funky about this one bird.

So, for the rest of the night.  As I was scratching my head over the weight thing, I head the monkeys squeak.  Probably got a couple newborns.  Nope, got 5.  Triplets and twins.  High 50s and mid 30s.  Claimed and fed, led them to the nursery area.  Come back in 5 mins to top em off on berries to get them to juvie stage.  These look like they'll be yard monkeys.  So I set about pulling ugh out of the barn, and got ready to go gather lots of metal.  The ind forge is cold, and even though I still have 12k ingots or so, the planned move, along with a few other projects are going to suck up metal and CP like crazy.  Now, somewhere in the mix I got distracted, and ended up back in the living quarters where my bed, extra armor, tools, weapons, and ammo are located just in case I goof up and die.  I heard a squeak, and it was too high pitched for an adult.  Red text saying one of my unnamed monkeys has died.  Checked the nursery, and one of the triplets is dead, with 28 mejos left in inventory.  Food bug again, as these have 800 food, and the ones with 500 are doing fine.  Drag the body onto a metal floor, and harvest it.  Set the prime up to cook, and check up on the others.  They're all fine.  Feeding trough is getting low on berries, so I pull a bunch off the yard monkeys into it.  Went back and pulled the cooked prime, then placed it in the designated fridge.

Now, I finally get to the volcano.  Pretty green lights around it.  Land and begin gathering metal, by hand, since I haven't made the platform saddle yet, and didn't feel like fooling with the anky.  Two full trips around the volcano, even with 3x gather and 10x faster respawn, this is gonna take a while.  I'm not even half full yet.  Not only is this bird OP, it's exhausting.  Two ingame days at the volcano, and I'm breaking 50k metal.  Well, I hit the stack cap at 55k, since I've got some other supplies in the bird just in case.  Finally, I've worn out an apprentice pick up here.  Back to base.

Get home, fill up the forge, and set the monkeys to pop out babies again.  Yep, I remembered to turn off wandering before I left, not that it would have mattered anyway.  Would've just had a few corpses to clean up.  I'm working for high stats out of one female, and high stats plus the color out of the other.  Still need some high level ones, just can't be bothered to walk the edges of the jungles looking for one right now.  I also could use some achatinas.  Made some more metal ceilings, and got the wood ones out of the nursery area, which just happens to hold the 3 regular forges, 3 mortar&pestles, fabricator, 2 fridges for fish and jerky, and a fireplace.  It's on the second floor, right between the kitchen on the first, and the living quarters on the third.  The greenhouse is through the west door, the second floor of the barn through the east door.  Now, I hate metal floors for one reason.  Glare.  Went to the kitchen and made up lots of black dye, and commenced painting.  Yay for a coal black, non-reflective floor.  Gotta decide on a color and paint the s+ glass doors and walls I have to stop the glare from them as well.  Thinking a grey color would be good.  I had a forest green greenhouse made out of the glass tier in SE that I thought looked nice, but I dunno how green on black will look.  Might try it, but one thing.  I'm out of CP, AGAIN!

Well, at this point even a single cave run is looking unlikely.  Hop on the wyvern, and head out to the east.  Sun is just coming up, so I've got time(haven't I learned not to think that yet?).  Stonehenge sails by.  Ah the freedom of flight.  Land, find two dams.  You know the routine.  Aggro beavers, kite onto land, tranq, raid.  Yep, I did it again.  I try to preserve these, as spawns can be funky.  I killed two here before the last dino wipe, and they never respawned.  One is low on health, so I raid the dams, then come back to him.  Dump mejos in his inventory and force feed to bring food up.  You have tamed a beaver!.  Son of a bitch.  Stupid level 16.  Brrrap.  Your beaver has been killed.  Harvest and leave.  Head up to the hidden lake, and back down the river.  Now, at the fork by the fallen tree bridge at the redwoods, there are typically 3 beavers.  I see one dam.  One. Stupid. Dam.  Damn.  Raid it, and head back to the wyvern.  Whap! I go flying though a spray of blood, over the wyvern, and into the palms.  What the hell?!  All three beavers hit me at once.  That put a dent in the ghillie, as well as my health.  Tranq em, start to fly off, and triple digits pop up.  Are you frakkin kidding me?!  A perfect 150 male!  Welp, I know what I'm taking home.  He tamed up to a 223, 29 health, 31 stam, 31 oxy, 26 food, 36 weight, 32 dam, and 37 speed.  Not bad.  Threw him on my shoulder, and took off.  Remember what I was thinking about time?  Yep.  Sun is getting low, and I'm running 2x day length, 0.5x night length.  When it goes down, it goes down in seconds.  Right shift time, with two stops to go.  One dam at the other redwoods spawn, didn't even have to tranq the beavers.  Take off, right shift to the footpaw, grazing the back of a titan at mach 2.  One dam, and a snake. Brrrraaaap.  Bye snake.  I'm running through ammo like water through a tap.  That's what I was afraid of.  That was a magazine right there.  Gonna build that chemistry bench when I get back, I'm gonna need bronto loads of gunpowder with this thing.  Don't think I'll be running out of ingots any time soon. (Did I just think that?  Frak.)  Tranq the beavers and investigate what the snake had killed.  Achatina.  Harvest it, and head for home.  Tally it up, a touch more than 1700 CP.  That won't last long.

Slapped the CP into the fabricator, and ran up the polymer for a fab sniper.  I wish I had a blueprint for a better one, but I don't.  Then I made up a chemistry bench, placed it, and threw some hide and oil in the forge.  Connected up the new bench with the electric grid, and threw 100 gasoline in.  Dumped a bronto load of flint and stone in, and commenced mass production of sparkpowder.  Wanna guess what I'm gonna use that for?  Grab a couple of newborns.  Look like yard monkeys, one might be a keeper.  Queue up a fab sniper rifle, and go to the smithy to make a silencer.  Go back to the chemistry bench, throw in a bunch of charcoal, and commence gunpowder production.  Run back to the smithy and repair my hatchet and pick.  Almost forgot that.  Polymer and rifle is finished.  To the upgrade bench.  Upgrade to ramshackle, do I have enough supplies, yep.  Try for apprentice, got an efficient double upgrade.  Sweet!  JM sniper rifle.  Do I dare try again?  Not enough supplies, about had a heart attack when the amounts needed popped up on screen.  Guess what?  I'm basically out of CP, again.  Run over to the fabricator, and fab up 200 sniper bullets.

Went up to the living quarters and placed my apprentice scoped longneck in my weapons box, along with its ammo.  I really like the single shot, but my new rifle has 338% damage, vs this ones 148%.  Even though it probably evens out somewhat due to the longneck's higher base damage, I'd say the fab sniper is going to be much better.  Still got a ramshackle longneck I'm using for tranqs.  I need to upgrade these when the forge finishes.

It's getting late, so I check up on the monkeys.  Got 5 that have matured, all junk but one.  Nueter/spay and throw em out in the yard.  That makes 26 running around outside.  Gonna be another mass murder soon.  The higher level female poops out a lvl 63.  That's a keeper for sure, the highest level I have so far.  Put it in the breeding app.

Went around pulling berries from the yard monkeys into the feeding troughs again, grabbed 300ish gasoline from the forge and topped it off with metal.  Store the gasoline and set about rearranging some of my storage.  Now I've got a spot just for narcs, more room for kibble and eggs, along with room for another fridge.  Got two more storage chests to change out, but it's looking better.

Ok, so it's almost tomorrow and what was I going to do tonight?  Oh yeah, cave runs.  Might get that done next session, if the power stays on.  Forecast is severe storms.

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Mixed couple of days, been working and having the kids so it's been a bit stop start. Bred some wolves, all the pups were useless so they got the Ol' Yeller treatment. Hatched and imprinted an Argent, she came out pure 100% black which was nice, slightly lower level than both her parents who were both 145 tames, but the imprinting makes up for that and she'll do just fine until I can hatch another. Tamed a 150 female Ptera who was chilling on my roof, spotted her just as I was packing up for the night which was a bugger making me stay up a bit later, but c'est la vie. Found a 145 snail that I tamed purely because I'd just made up a huge batch of veggie cakes for my own snails. Tamed a 145 Compy just cause he was there. Took the new Argent out levelling and found a 150 Wooly Rhino being beaten up real bad, saved him and stood watch over him whilst he healed up, but then a ninja badger took him down when I got distracted by an Argent. Tried to tame a 150 Dimorph, but I forgot my Theri was on neutral and she bloody killed it after I got to close to it and it hit me as I tried to bola it, after I'd tracked the damn thing for ages and ages waiting for it to actually land and give me a clear shot at it. Got another 145 male Iguanodon which I'll probably kill off again since it doesn't really have anything going for it, and took the Theri on a cross country run, exploring all sort of forests and areas that I forget were even there since I normally just fly over them, or they've got bases on them and look completely different. I got totally lost until I finally emerged blinking in the light next to Red Obelisk. Found and killed a Unicorn on Carno Island, crappy low level. Oh and decided that since I'm having absolutely no joy finding a 150 male turtle, and I'm short on turtle eggs after the 150 Bronto tame the other day, I'd just pop out and grab the first male turtle I saw regardless of level just to get the mate boost as a place holder. It took me over half an hour to find one! There were a ridiculously small number of turtles around, and the few that I did find were all female! Finally got a level 10 though.

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Well if you're expecting some crazy adventures from me today, I'm afraid there's not much to report on that front.

For one thing, it's Saturday or what little remains of it, which means baby day for my tribe. I started out the morning with my anky eggs and was sorely disappointed. Not a single one to keep. Sigh. But then I decided to take advantage of our server's drastically increased breeding-related multipliers--the only way to make it possible to 100% imprint animals was to do this. Given how much I hate raising quetz and the disappointment of no ankys, well it was an easy choice to make. So I popped my Q egg and out came a 212, vaguely eggplant colored female. Naturally I named her Gina, as in aubergine. And then I basically cleaned my apartment in 10 minute bursts between imprint windows. 34 imprints, and 90% of them were walks. Some people have dogs, I have a bird the size of a small plane who thinks she's a greyhound. Typical.

But there was some excitement if you like breeding. I was talking to someone in another tribe in global, one thing led to another and I offered to breed my color mutated sheep for them to raise as a birthday present for their tribe partner. So they came by and set up a trough on city land and I gave them berries and mated the sheep. They claimed the baby and we just hung out and chatted while we raised our babies together.

Then P came on early in the afternoon and got to work hatching the bary eggs he'd saved up all week. Out of those 20 eggs we ended up with 2 tribe tames, 1 female gifted to PP, who was raising his sheep, and 1 new color mutation for P's personal collection, a red underbelly.

While this was going on I also worked on a side project between imprints and successfully converted one of our taming pens into metal for ongoing theri taming. Even S+ can't salvage vanilla snap points but hey it works and that's really all we need at the end of the day. I wanted to do the whole thing but my patience was wearing thin by then.

Then M came on and hatched his argent eggs. He has a color mutated bird with gorgeous purple back/wings, plus his own color morph to work on. Somehow he ended up with another color mutation--and argent with deep green wingtips. Not on one of the purple wings, a different one. I really want one of those purple ones, especially if it was white everywhere else. Beauty.

Not wanting to be entirely left out of the fun, I sorted out my allos and bred them up as well, still working on getting stats into my "Indominous Allo" color morph. Got two more full color males and a female with...what's this, a mutation!? Yes, finally! I wonder what stat it is since it would be obvious if it was a color...oh, I got a nice mutation bonus to oxygen. Thank you Ark, really. A non-aquatic, poor-swimming therapod definitely needs that. Sigh.

By then Gina had finally grown up with a full 100% imprint. Dear obs, I hope I never have to do that again. Poor Val will most likely be retired, though not by our wyvern which is what usually happens to things lol. She's relegated to being the backup bird/rescue ranger.

Naturally I had to go get Gina some levels, so we took the opportunity to do some theri spawn clearing. Lots of levels, a 135 male sheep and 2 140 male ankys later, giant goose egg to show for it. I guess in Ark it would be a quetz egg, no? But anyway. As you might expect I was getting pretty tired by now, and annoyed at my overall lack of success, so I called it a night.

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Finally got some cave runs done, along with getting to bed at 3 a.m.  Also had a tornado warning and enough rain to drown a megalodon.

The first thing I did after loading up the game was check on the troughs.  Then I began gearing up for the caves.  Grabbed all the AR ammo I had, which totaled about 700 rounds, and threw a bunch on wood in the ind forge to start making more charcoal.  Made up some grappling hooks, and got the asc crossbow out, along with a supply of jerky.  I briefly thought about making up some flak, along with upgrading it to ascendant, but I decided not to.  Well, that may have been a mistake.  Also crafted up a ramshackle pike, again skipped upgrading, which was probably a mistake.  Left the sniper rifle in the weapons box, as I figured it would be fairly useless in the cave.  I really need to craft a pump shotty, but wasn't thinking as usual.  I felt like I have enough oxy points I won't need scuba, maybe.  Plus I'm low on CP.  Take my best armor, which is the ghillie, which I forgot the beavers damaged last time.  Ok, now I'm prepared, lets go.

Head to the barn, and decide I'm not taking the rex.  Too slow, and won't fit.  Same for the spino.  Decide to take my old raptor, Stanzar.  He's bred, 100% imprinted, with mainly speed and damage leveled.  He runs at nearly mach 1, so I have no fears.  Sprinting he lags the game.  Plus he fits in caves, and I've yet to see a dino he can't take on.  I haven't, and won't, put him up against a giga though, that's just suicide.

We're off!  Along the beach, up the hill, and over to the ravine that contains the entrace to the lower south cave.  Met a carno, went through the carno.  Stanzar appreciated the meat.  Two hits and it was down.  I forgot how much I love this guy.  Screw going around, just go through, or jump it if you can't.  Into the cave we go.  I run him down to the split in the path, and leave him there.  This one's easy, I'll run it on foot.  Three whole spiders later, I've got yet another artifact of the hunter, along with some meat and chitin.  Slap the meat and chitin into Stanzar, and check the green drop.  Hmm, apprentice cloth shirt.  I would leave it, but my gut is telling me not to.  I listen to my gut.

Out of the cave, we run back to the ravine entrance, and turn north.  A quick jog through the swamp, and a couple of dead snakes later, we're on the isle that houses the upper south cave.  Now, the only cave I've bothered with is the lower south one, as it's a minute from my base.  I pause, and pull up the wiki.  Oh, I've chosen well.  Easy cave, but it seems it is actually hard.  I briefly consider not doing it, but go on.  No risk, no reward.  Resume playing, looking for the way in.  Kill some more snakes, a sarco, and god knows how many raptors stupid enough to go head to head with Stanzar.  Finally find the entrance, and head in.

Not far into the cave, I run into a bit of a snag.  Stanzar won't fit through a spot.  I briefly look around, but don't immediately see a way around.  So I leave him here.  I head downward, and run onto some onycs.  One is a 145.  I do have some meat, so I try taming it, being I have my ghillie.  I quickly realize even with accelerated taming, this is going to take all night.  Eh, cheat tame.  He takes out the other one.  Now, we head downward, brass flying out of the AR at every turn.  Good grief, how many of these arthro whatever things(forget the name, and too lazy to look it up) are there?  And they spit stuff at you.  The snakes are cake compared to these, they're actually pretty tough.  I've seen them around the swamps, or was it in SE, just haven't been in close quarters with them yet.  Also, they don't normally come in groups of 2 or more on the surface.  Well, on down we go, through snakes and stuff.  Found a bad spot and got teleported back to the surface.  Fought raptors until I got back to the entrance, and headed back down.  Managed to get past the spot this time.  Hey, ruins, grab the dossier.  More ruins.  Looks like it's water from here on out.  Leave the onyc here.

Swap to the pike, and dive in.  Holy carnivorous fish batman!  Got swarmed immediately.  Fought through them with the pike.  So, this is supposed to be an EASY cave huh?  Yep, wiki was right.  No matter, I'll maybe survive.  Head down to the blue drop.  Got a blueprint for ramshackle gauntlets, hide IIRC.  Well, take it.  I think I have one already, but I'll compare when I get home.  Go up to replenish oxy, and head down.  Between the piranha, and sarcos, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll make air again.  Really beginning to think I should have upgraded the pike.  Get back on dry ground, and more snakes and crawling critters.  You probably know the cave, was in and out of the water, fighting piranah and sarcos for a while.  How long is this frakkin cave?  Surely I'm getting close to the artifact, wait, is that it?  Yep.  Ok, what's hitting me.  Good grief, stuff attacking me from under the map.  By the time I got everything to come to the surface and kill it, I'm down to my boots.  This is not good.  My pike is also down to 50%.  This is really not good.

Throw on the cloth shirt I picked up earlier.  That's why I listen to my gut.  It's not much, but it's something.  I'm chewing through jerky like mad right now.  So I grab the artifact, and debate on going back the way I came, or continuing on.  I let myself heal up for a bit.  Onward it is.  The other cave had two paths to get to the artifact, long and short.  If this cave is the same, the other path has to be the short one, right?  I hope so.  Check my inventory, and my armor is not only broken, but gone.  Frak, I forgot about the stack limit.  I've got so much meat in there now.  Empty the meat out, and continue.  I've gotta be smart about it from here on out.  Start testing the waters, kiting the sarcos out, and using the AR on them.  Same with all the piranha I can get out.  My pike breaks.  Frak.  Next water crossing, i run across a blue drop.  A pike!  Grab it and start taking out fish again.  Hey, I'm back at the start.  Finally, I've got backup now.  Found the other drop, and picked up apprentice cloth hat.  Don it, every bit helps.  Now my boots break.  Frak.  At least they end up back in inventory.  I'm down to about 30% health.  Not good at all.  Set the onyc on aggressive.  It's gonna be my saving grace.  Brass flying on my way out, we make it back to Stanzar in one piece.  I've got about 15% health left.  And found a way in for a raptor on my way out.  Go figure.

Set the onyc back to neutral, munch more jerky and head home.  I'm not too worried now, we've been through a lot of crap together, he'll get me home.  Holy raptor swarms batman!  Geez, how many of these things can the game spawn?  Made it back to the swamp, crossed, and managed to get another onyc after me.  My new pet took care of the matter.  Now I'm back on the home isle, but still got raptors, carnos, and who knows what else to wade through.  I decide to go through the woods instead of the beach, less chance of a carno that way.  Just into the woods, a raptor aggros the onyc, and a bronto, which aggros the onyc, and I get thrown backwards off a cliff.  Good frakkin grief.  Force feed Stanzar some meat, he took a hit from that fall.  Got the message my onyc has been killed by a bronto.  Oh well.  Get back on top, and hit sprint.  Trying to dodge trees at this speed is impossible.  I just start chomping at them.  Yep, a raptor can munch trees.  Hit the ravine, fall down.  Back to the beach, back over the hill, and to my base.  Whew!  Now that was fun.

At this point we're under a tornado warning.  I'm watching the storm on radar on the other monitor.

So, I now have no ghillie armor, and organic polymer is a pain to obtain on the island.  Farming mantis was simple on SE, that's where that armor came from.  Grab my chitin, as it helps slightly with the cold, and go to the upgrade station.  Brought back enough chitin to upgrade it to ascendant.  Great!  Craft up a club, upgrade it to ascendant.  I'll fly up to whitesky in a bit and hunt penguins.  Checked on everything, threw the raw prime out of Stanzar's inventory in the grill, donned my chitin armor, as my fur is just base, and I won't be there long hopefully.  Threw a couple more monkeys out in the yard, jumped on the wyvern and headed off at full sprint.

Flew between whitesky and winter's mouth, turned left along the coast.  First thing I saw was a group of 4 penguins.  Land, shoot, club, direwolf attacked.  Club it unconscious.  Bah, lvl5 female.  Kill it.  Grab 2 more penguins, and stunned.  Frak, purlovia.  I'm glad i have upgraded armor.  So I can move again, I fill it full of holes.  I'm down to 50 rounds of AR ammo.  Got the other penguin and took off.  I'm cold, but hopefully won't be here much longer.  Back in the air, I find a group of 5 just north of whitesky.  Jump off and get them without incident, and I head home.  Craft up and upgrade my ghillie when I get home.  Man it's getting late.  Storm has weakened, but now we've got torrential rain, and more storms headed this way.  Started 1k AR rounds in the fabricator, and turned my attention to my storage situation.

Made up 3 new large storage boxes, and placed them out by the chemistry bench.  Sparkpowder, gunpowder and metal ingots 2.  Began mass manufacture of gunpowder again.  The armrest falls off my chair.  Frak.  Try to get it back on, but don't have the appropriate tool.  Well, that will have to wait until tomorrow, not going out to the shop with all this cloud to ground lightning.  Spent the next hour gathering wood and stone to replenish supplies and make charcoal.  Grabbed the anky, and went out gathering flint.  Came back to mass manufacture sparkpowder.  2 of my boxes fill up, so I start making more gunpowder, and transferring to the fabricator.  I'm really tired at this point, it's getting to the wee hours of the morning.  Fill up my storage box for stone, empty the quetz into the forge.  Got the ind forge and 3 regular ones burning wood for charcoal.  I should go out and do something, but it's after 1 a.m., and as soon as this storm passes, I'm going to bed.  Look at upgrading my fur, but only have 58 pelt.  Well, I need to make another trip to the snow biome I guess.  Not tonight, or this morning actually.  So I make up a couple more wood ceilings, and some wood rails to expand the landing going up to the barn loft.  I've already walked off the edge once.  Got that done, so I gathered all the raw meat from my adventure and threw it in th s+ grinder.  Made prime out of it.  Got the cooked prime out of the grill, and refilled it from the grinder.  Put the cooked prime in the fridge, it's full.  Put the rest in the dehydrator.  Got all that cooked up and put up, it's 2 a.m.  Still storming.  ugh.  Paint some doorways in brick.  Not sure I like it.  Oh, and my lights are screwed up again.

So, now that it's late, I'm tired, and the lights are all messed up, I go switch them off, and realize it's night.  So, I go around lighting my wall torches.  Placed a couple more where it's dark.  I'll just have to use these until the multi-lamps get straightened out.  Checked the troughs one more time, went up to the living quarters and shut down.  2:30 am, the storms have moved off to the east, I've been playing ark for over 8 hours, and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard.

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I had a rather weird day on ARK today. First I wanted some new Ascendant gear so I went to the underground cave, after a lot of yelling I finally made it, but it was bugged or the game just hates me because I didn't received anything.

Then I thought maybe let's tame some 150 rexes to add for a new raid or boss but then I came to realize that I can't make kibble because it is bugged. It seems that you can't make kibbles with prime meat jerky in them. If anyone else is having this issue please tell me because then it's because of the game and it needs fixing asap because I've already got 3 150's gathered that I want to tranq but not before I can make kibble. 


Tomorrow will be a more interesting day :P

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today, i farmed metal, tamed a quetz and asked an alpha to craft me a platform saddle :D 

now our quetz has really weird buildings on it, its a bit funny to look at. if some alphas were to stop by and check it out they probably would think "What even"

lost a some wyverns to griefers :( but managed to save one. now i guess its time to rebuild

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Well, what a day! Took the Theri into the swamp as per usual. Nothing much around until I caught sight of a 135 Male Parcer. Now I've killed higher level ones before in the hopes of a 150, but now as I nabbed that 150 female the other day I thought why the devil not. So got him to follow me into a safe place and worked on getting him down. When he started running though I couldn't quite control which way he ran and he ended up going into the water so had to finagle him back onto the beach and clear out some baddies before I could get the final couple of darts into him, but get him down I did, got the spikes up ran home to get the kibble. Decided to come back on the Thyla for no other reason than it's been a while since I've given her a run out, and when I got back there was a Rex very very close to my my spikes attacking a Phiomia! Crap! Waded in to try and at least lure it away, and it's only a bloody 145! Whipped out the rifle and started tranqing her from the back of the Thyla. My Thyla isn't the best, but has enough to be able to tank, and I managed to get the Rex down reasonable easily. So quick made up some more spikes and darted back to base and came back with the scorp kibble for her. Decided that it would probably be best to leave the area all together and keep it unrendered since no one else was on, and with some time to kill while I waited for those two to tame up, decided to take the new Argent into the snow for some levelling. Pretty routine stuff, nothing too dramatic, then I flew in to take out a white Rex on the edge of the new part of the biome, and it was only a 145 male! Helped him kill the Mammoths and other assorted things that he was attacking, and tried to lure him into some sort of safeish place, but the awkward bugger wasn't having it. He'd follow me for a bit and then get distracted by something, so it was a big game of help him kill stuff, lead for a bit, then rinse and repeat. Finally managed to get him into a semi safe area by letting him almost constantly munch on me, when holy poop, a death worm starts making its way towards me, and a rock golem pops up. I love the Scorched Earth+ mod, but sometimes it can be aright royal pain the the arse. No matter what I did I couldn't get the Rex away without the death Worm following and the damn golem was locked onto me, so I had no choice, I was going to have to lead the worm away and leave the Rex to its own devices and try and take it out with my Argent. So I flew a distance off, luckily the Golem went back to rock form, the rex got dstracted by something else, and the worm followed me. Frantically tried to heal and recover stamina before it got me but I was still on about three quarter health when it hit me. So the battle Royale commenced. Thankfully Pitch is a bird made of stern stuff and I have a good saddle on her, so I was able to tank pretty well. Had to take a break to heal though, and the bloody Rex re-appears and takes and interest in me again, damn thing. The worm was bloody though so I went back into the fray and hoiped that the Rex would just go away by himself. Luckily he did, and I was finally able to take the worm down with barely any health left and on my last smidge of stamina. Phew! The Rex though had disappeared so after healing up I went to search for him and found the dumb arse wedged in a rock. Two shots from the tranqs though and he wroked his way loose. Had to shoot, fly lead, shoot, fly lead, avoid wolves, kill sabres, keep eyes peeled for Purlovia mounds, it all went well enough. Then he started running so I gave chase, but couldn'd find a good place to land to hit him with the last couple of darts I needed. Manged to do so and got a dart into him as he went over the edge of a cliff. Dammit, he was going to go in the water, no time to lose I sprinted after him and whisteld the bird to follow, went off the cliff myself and broke my leg, but got the last shot into him just on the edge of the water! Happy days! Pitch caught up to me just in time as a wolf pack hared towards me, got on her and did clean up duty. Fence him off, slap kibble on him and head over to my teleporter on the Iceburg. Back to base and grabbed the remote teleporter then went and checked on the first Rex and Paracer. The Paracer was tamed up and the Rex was close so waited for her, then teleported them both back to base, picked up my spikes and teleported myself back to the snow and to the other Rex, just in time as some sabers were close to him, so decided it would best to baby sit, and do some levelling whilst I was at it. He tamed up, and I teleported us all back to base, then took one of the Rex's over to the mainland to see what it can do. Merrily murder my way through until past green obelisk. Then remember I said that I'd given up on finding a 150 male Turtle and just tamed up a junky lvl 10 to get the mate boost for my females? Well, by green obby I started whaling on a turtle, and just happened to glimpse 150 flick up :D so broke off the attack, teleported myself back to base and left the Rex there as a marker, flew back with some kibbles, and tamed him up. So a very, very successful day on the Island for me. 

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Well yesterday was pretty quiet. My tribemates weren't really active for various reasons so I was on my own pretty much all day.

I decided to breed my allos again, I'm hoping to get this project temporarily finished with my current stats so I can actually start using them at some point. Finally got a full color, 4 stat female; the game has been throwing male hatchlings at me all weekend. So that was a huge boon. The biggest issue I have right now is most of my animals still have that annoying yellow belly when they need light grey. Breeding for non-mutated colors is a very frustrating mechanic. Won't say it's not rewarding though, I love my Indominous Allos.

I'm also somewhat annoyed that two of my current favorite animals, allos and thylas, do not have higher tier saddles available in game. I can't help but wonder if that's just something that's been overlooked when other, newer animals definitely do have good saddles.

Either way, I needed a break from breeding at that point so it was time for a hunt. Loaded up Gina and off we went. I also finally figured out why theris weren't really respawning--so when they were first introduced and for awhile afterwards, they were surprisingly common spawns. They were all over the place in some areas, which was problematic for some given that they are basically herbivore rexes and they will chase you for a very long time. So their spawn rates were adjusted down. Our server is so quiet and our admins never do courtesy wipes, so all this time we've still had the now overspawned theris hanging around, as animals don't despawn the way they used to, they're much more persistent now. So I've basically been single-handedly clearing out all those spawns, making theris a much more uncommon animal.

Somewhat disappointing, but I got some good results nonetheless. I managed to find and tame not one but two 135+ theris. That's a good day by just about any metric. Plus one was male so now we have mate boosting and potential breeding partners. I'm not breeding them yet though. After my experience with ankys, I've decided to play the long game and not immediately breed for stats as I collect animals. I'm going to tame at least 12 of them first and see where I am in comparison to target benchmarks before I do any breeding.

The theris that don't make the cut will be offered to other players on the server and then culled if they aren't all adopted out within a reasonable timeframe.

In other news, Gina has been proving herself to be quite worthy of the time investment and constant walks. She's a personal bird used mainly for running drops and scouting/carrying tames home, so I've been building her to be a bit more versatile. I've got her up to about 10k HP, 5k stam and getting close to 500% melee for spawn clearing. After that I'll probably work on stamina again. We have two tribe quetz, I just really prefer imprinted animals, and it's not an issue if both of them are being used.

I keep forgetting to take screenshots, but here's one from Saturday's allo breeding, yesterday looked pretty much the same:



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Last night, after the 8 hour session during the storm, I didn't feel like doing all that much.

Loaded up my game, and tested out the prime meat jerky kibble.  It worked fine, made up a dozen oviraptor kibble.  Darkwinter had me a little worried there.

Thought I might run up to the central cave.  It's supposed to be easy, and I don't feel like trying the harder ones.  So, jumped on Stanzar and off we went.

If I was looking for a microraptor, I would never be able to find one.  I'm not looking for one, I get knocked off my mount 5 times before I get through the redwoods.  Ended up finding a pack of em right across the river.  Finally got up to the cave, and a white/black rex is there.  Level 90, bah.  Head into the cave, and realize 2 things, I forgot to pick up food, and I forgot to pick up ammo.  Run back out, grab a tree, and run back in.  Go to craft a campfire, don't have flint.  I have raw meat to cook.  I found out that the rocks in the cave don't give flint.  Commence beating head on desk.

Ran the cave, not one creature.  This is easier than the lower south one, picked up the artifact, and a JM scorpion saddle from the drop.  I guess it was worth the trip.  Get out of the cave, and the rex has cleared everything out, and went off somewhere.  Headed home, managing to avoid the microraptors this time.  Put my stuff up, killed monkeys, and picked up my ammo.  S+ grinder inventory is hanging up again.  Wasted nearly an hour in total waiting for the menu to unhang trying to turn raw meat into prime.  Got that cooked, did some rounds, and jumped on the rex.  Went to the east coast, and up through the jungle.  Looked at the time.  11:30.  I need to get back, haven't seen anything over 100.  Look at the map.  Good grief, I'm all the way up to far's peak.  Took the direct route home.  Still didn't see anything.  Grumble about all these other people running onto multiple high level spawns when mine seem to be hit and miss, with mostly miss.

Got back, slowly made the raw into prime, cooked it, and threw it in the dehydrator.  It's 12:30.  Good grief.  Shut down, game throws and error and crashed.  Maybe I didn't loose too much progress.  I'm too tired to spend 15 minutes loading it back up to see.  Ah the joys of EA.

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I haven't done much the last days, except breeding terror birds of course. Since it's been weekend though, my friend has been able to play more and yet again, she managed to goof up. She's trying to breed a white jerboa too and was doing just that on Saturday. Unfortunately, she forgot to check on her female after mating her, resulting in two white (of course) and very dead baby jerboas inside her house. For some reason, she picked one of them up and when I asked why, it was because she didn't want dead baby jerboas in there (we were on Discord). I thought she could've just left them until they had despawned, but she didn't want that.
During this incident, she was also hatching argent eggs and spino eggs, and she had just claimed a baby spino before picking up the dead jerboa, resulting in the baby spino running away. The baby jerboa was so small that she didn't get the prompt to release the body, so she couldn't drop it and she wanted the baby spino to follow her and stop fleeing, so she ran after it while trying to whistle follow on it. I was laughing so hard I was crying as I pictured her running after this poor terrified baby spino, while swinging a dead baby jerboa around and yelling at the spino to stop. xD Everything worked out in the end though, but it was hilarious to listen too.

My terror bird project is moving forward and I've gotten another mutation, but in hp this time. Unfortunately, it's a female with some usless mutations, so I don't really want to use her to get the better hp into the breeding lines. I also realized I had almost messed up completely and instead of getting a good mutation-free breeding stock, I had started breeding in the mutations already, so I killed pretty much every terror bird I hatched yesterday. I also realized the the black male wasn't actually black, but a very dark grey... So I had to try and get a real black male this time. Otherwise, I've started getting a good breeding stock now and it's time to work the mutations in. Oh, and of course I got a red bird... I was talking earlier about how I needed a Danish bird, right? Well, here he is:


We decided yesterday to spawn in the dragon on carno island and see if he would act bugged out, or if we might be able to fight him with wyverns there in the future (we want to beat the bosses as legit as possible, but our tribe is so small we don't think we'll ever take the hard dragon down in the arena). Unfortunately, he spat one fireball and then he flew off and got stuck in a mountain, so it seems we can't fight him like that. We're trying to come up with other ideas though and hopefully, we'll be able to figure something out.

After this, I flew back home and continued the terror bird project. I also decided to make a recycler, an industrial forge (I'm level 103 and just haven't gotten around to it yet) and to replace my storage boxes with s+ vaults. I also built a "house" for the forge, and then I realized that my working area got too crowded and I couldn't place my industrial grill in a good place so I just put it somewhere. Today, however, I decided that I needed to expand my working area as the placement of the grill bothered me too much, and I also realized I could build a better "house" for the forge, so I'll demolish what I built yesterday. This is how it looked when I was finished yesterday and how it looks now that I've started to rebuild; a mess:

Hopefully, I won't tired halfway through the rebuilding. :P

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1 hour ago, Beatnick667 said:

I put down our flyers, turned off the power and said goodbye.  We might be back, thanks for the 1500hrs or so.  Oh yeah, uh BITE ME WC.  Pve was the greatest with or without friends with you, just so tired of the nerf wars.

This isnt a flier balance complaint thread. If you cant handle the rebalance then silently log off. 



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I found a sheep!

Might not seem to be that big a deal to some, but I hadn't seen one since they were announced, despite searching everywhere that they were rumored to spawn (sans the snow biome, since I'm working on a new save and haven't farmed enough pelt for a full set of fur yet).

I shamefully admit I ForceTamed him (I play single-player mostly these days), but I didn't know when the next time I'd see another sheep would be, and I didn't want him to despawn!

Not done for the day yet, though. On this new save I'm working on breeding Equus and Iguanodon, and I'm heavily considering starting up the Pachy Patrol I've had on several servers past.


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Had another great day today. Popped onto my server after work with the intention of only playing for an hour or so before bed. Decided I'd take the Basilo out for a quick spin around the island and see if I could spot any deep sea crates. Just left my taming pen, chew on a few Jellies, and then I spot an Alpha Mosa. Just a level 10, that's no problem for Neutron, she's both my fastest and tankiest whale. Couldn't quite find the sweet spot of being able to chomp without being hit, but still no problem and after a few minutes letting the autoclick do the work he was down and I was 100 black pearls and a mastercraft pike amongst other things richer. Quick killed a couple of Ichthy's for meat and sat on the surface to heal up, and back down I go, munch a couple of Anglers, then round a rock, and oh! That's a pretty white Mosa, oh, it's another Alpha! Level 35 this time. Bit of finagling but this time I did find the sweet spot, and again the auto click does it's job, another 100 black pearls, thank you very much. Now I've had this before where after killing a few squids or Alphas I quickly get weighed down with Black Pearls, and spend too much time for my liking doing inventory management, so since I'm barely any distance at all from base I decide to head back and drop off the pearls before going on. As I pass the spot where I killed the original Alpha Mosa, I spy a pretty blue Mosa, yum yum, more XP for Neutron, but wait! It's a bloody 145 female! I'm having that! Back to base, unload pearls, grab my tankiest Baryonyx, kibble, narcs and the Ascendant crossbow and plenty of arrows and swim back on Neutron with Sam the Bary in tow. Nothing else around so hop onto Sam and start unloading arrows into its face. I've found this by far the best way to tranq Mosa's, trying to do it from above their height ceiling results in half your shots not registering and leaves you terribly exposed to surprise Mantas, Jellies or Eels which can make things turn sour very quickly. So bish bash bosh, when the big ol' gal starts running she goes straight into a rock, a few more arrows up her bum and down she goes, easy peasy. As I've said before, I hate underwater tames, they're generally very boring, this one was no exception, but well worth it. Everything passed with not a smidge of drama. Annoyingly she didn't have the best pretame stats in health and melee, and she actually tamed up with a lower melee than my 125 male, but heck, it's a Mosa, she still does way more damage unlevelled than even my best Basilo, and my 150 Plesi who I've levelled quite a lot into melee, and came up with 20k health, which is still plenty. So my hour of play turned into about 2 and a half, and I didn't actually get more than half way from Herbi Island to the Swamps on my trip, but it was certainly a good one.

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I got onto certain servers to reset timers lol. Evidently some people wanted me to leave. I thought it would be better if they spent hours grinding for explosives while I played 7 days to die and call of duty ??.

there are ways to make people pay for what they have done. They took away my gaming time but I guess in order to get rid of me they have to spend time away from their families. To each his own I guess ?

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Well, since it's the work week again I don't really have a lot I can do in game. Since I've been making progress with them lately I bred my allos again, 2 duds and one keeper, a full color 4 stat male who can replace his father in the breeding rotation. The last 2 stats are being incredibly stubborn but I refuse to breed anything less than 6 high rolls, show levels or not.

Then I went to take a look at M's new birdy. He got yet another color mutated argent, man he's lucky. Gorgeous bird too. He bred his new color mutation and wasn't satisfied with the baby, but she was so pretty I couldn't let him cull her. So I guess I have an argent again, or will when she grows up.

Did a couple laps for meat and spino/bary spawns, nothing doing there. P found a 135 bary with no good stats for his breeding project. He's still very new to breeding so I have to encourage him to get out of the 150 only mindset, especially with less common animals.

Took another look at my new birdy before I logged. Isn't she pretty?


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