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So what did you do in ARK today?

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Here is my story from yesterday evening. After coming home and have a little rest, I decided to head on to my own official server. I was then still unsure what to do, but very quick I decided to visit all our bases to feed the animals there. So first I emptied little Rexi from his meat and fish from the day before and filled the troughs in the main base. And suddenly I discovered I was not alone anymore. One member of another tribe, a tribe I thought had abandoned the server completely popped in and intended to play again. So we had a little chat and then I took Rexi for a little funny walk.
First direction was to the snow biome to our base there. It is not far from our main base at the waterfall of the West Coast, so it was a nice start. On the way there we passed several Rexes, Mammooths, Sabertooths, Wolfes and Rhinos. All of them obviously considered it as a good idea to fight with Rexi and had to figure out it was a really bad one for them. So I had enogh meat to feed the wolves, penguins and the bear in the ice and of course I have not forgotten the herbivores we parked there as I had around 600 berries in Rexi's inventory. So, those animals were fed, the prime meat was cooked and safely stored in the fridge and so I could continue my visiting of bases walk.
The next base is located at the foot of the volcano, by the river, between swamp and forest, right at the end of the gorge coming from the waterfall of our main base. Going there was nothing special, some animals here and there, now and then, ready to be eaten by Rexi (at least he had a lot of fun), some ruins to be explored and notes found. So feeding all animals in that base and again a nice little chat with the other tribe and we figured out, that she (A) had a huge problem. All other tribemembers had abandoned the server and not make her admin of the tribe, so she could not do anything there. So I decided to help her out with some animals as we have enough of them and went to her.
On the way there I passed by our Island base on Cragg's Island opposite of the red obelisk and then I headed further south to meet A. She wants to build a base on the peninsula with those stone columns, nice place to have a base.
Close to our Island base, I passed by an abandoned base with a lot of animals still inside (I know for sure, that the player quit playing). I claimed a Rex and a Mammooth and intended to take them with me as a gift for A. Unfortunately the Rex fell totally in love with a jelly fish on the way to A. He was stunned by her beauty and not able to move again, so he decided to stay in the water with her, but obviously she did not reply his love and killed him instead. But at least he died with a happy face. The Mammooth on the other hand decided to follow me and Rexi and we reached savely A. She got some animals for a good new start from me and then I went back to my main base and logged off.

This was my story from yesterday, not sure what to do today after work, we will see.

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Well I logged in and lagged out for about 5 minutes, then rubber-banded all over the place so I quit and went to work where it's less stressful.

I always find this one of the most interesting posts to read. What did you do on *ARK* today? I for one tamed a few scorpions, filled my troughs full of berries and meat and then decided to look

PS4 - Private Server - Ragnarok   No new color mutations on the ravagers last night, so all those babies got killed. I then was flying around, and I saw a whole group of high level even

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My stories are getting less and less fruitful.

I logged in solo again last night as no sign of any of my my 4 tribemates. I got my taming gear and went out for a flight - saw no 150 Pteras. I flew around the Center for around 45 mins and nothing. My current 145 pre tame bird levelled up to 235 just by flying round which was quite nice.

I returned to base and jumped on Marcus Aurelius (my 240 Rex) and grinded out some food. Accidentally wrecked a 150 Trike which would have actually been a nice tame and proceeded to fill up troughs.

Jumped back on my bird and went looking for my elusive 150 tame. Came across a 150 Ptera (player) and asked if he had seen any 150 Pteras. He hadnt, and was out looking for a 150 Trike for a Tribemate of his. I guiltily explained of my brief encounter of one whilst on my Rex. 

I felt bad so went off in search of a Trike and said I'd let him know in Server chat. Spent the next 45 mins flying round for a 150 Trike - nothing.

I am seeing a pattern here... if anyone wants a 150 tame of any sort, don't ask me to find one for you as they go into hiding and will only return when I am not online.

One of my goals last night was to go to the JM cave (Immune artifact) and find some guantlet bps as they are the ones we are sadly lacking in any quality; but failed to do this in the 3 hrs I was on.

Tonight I wont be in with any luck as my wife is having major surgery tomorrow so I will be up at 5am to take her to a hospital far far away... oh how selfish she is!

Hopefully Ill have luck on Saturday night and come back with a good story to tell on Monday. 

Until then... save up your stories :)

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Today i placed my anky and ptera on my weight quetz. Flew from S2 to just past the redwood. Mounted my ptera to recharge my quetz's stamina. Landed back on the platform. Started moving again. Then watched my anky simply blip out of existance. *Poof* gone. I then spent the rest of my lunch searching for it before taking my quetz back to base and returning to work. This evening i will likely be searching again or kibble taming a new 150 anky :*(

Ham out.

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Not much today due to work, but popped in a couple of times to make sure the baby wolf was maturing ok, by the time I finished the evening shift he was fully grown. I called him Dorian, and finally settled on naming the 150 white female from yesterday Cirrus. Then took the Theri out to see what's what. Didn't find anything at all interesting until just leaving the Redwoods I spotted a 150 male Terrorbird, a beautiful pure white one at that. No way I was going to attempt a ground tame on the Redwoods/Swamp border, and didn't have any Galli kibble on me anyway, so I quick sprinted back home and came back on Midnight, luckily the flock hadn't tried taking on anything they couldn't beat and I was able to routinely grab him and tame him up on my tree platform. He had 32 points into health which was nice, sucky melee and stamina though. Be nice if I can find him a decent mate.

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Thursday wasn't really exciting enough to report about, sadly. But last night has some stories.

Friday being the end of the week, I of course snuck out of work early in the hopes of getting some extra Ark time in. We have a lot of goals, our little tribe, and many things to do. I had heard M was scouting for locations on our planned sea pen expansion; we have one small pen, but we do need a much larger one for future tames. So as soon as I was in I headed down to the docks and stumbled across a freshly assembled pen full of...wild dodos. M wasn't as lazy as I was the other day, it seems. I hopped right in with Tigger to collect eggs for a bit while I chatted with M and other members of the community in global. Our server is fairly low population right now, but everyone is friendly with each other for the most part. We used to be a very busy unofficial until the YTer who owns the server stopped actively advertising it. Oh well, it is what it is, as long as he keeps the promise he made to keep the server up for the life of the game, which after 2 years so far he has.

I got just enough eggs to make bunny ears for myself while waiting for P to log on. As soon as he was in we geared up and headed to the swamp cave for our daily disappointment. I wasn't wrong. We got three more useless BPs and a journeyman trike saddle. Thanks game. Two more artifacts for the pile at least. The cave runs are faster with every day, although today we stayed extra to try to farm for drops a little. Cave wasn't feeling generous. Ok then.

Everyone scattered upon exiting the cave, as has been the trend. I made my way back home. P went scouting for animals, and M went on the hunt for new argents for his breeding project. He was dismayed but not daunted by the nerf, and his latest bird showed very promising results, so he wanted more of them. I know the feeling. Recalculated, my ankys should reach a maximum level of 292, and my goal was to hit base 300...I might have to now, knowing I'm so close to it. But not today.

 I hopped on Korotangi, one of my spinos, and headed out. On the way through port I was amused to note a wild spino had spawned, swam across the river and discovered M's dodo pen. Why catch fish when you have a free dodo dispenser. I let him have his free meal at our expense.

Unfortunately the server has been a bit laggy lately, and while making my way down the coast we lagged and Koro fell in a spino-sized hole between three rocks and promptly got stuck. This is one of a very small number of places where a spino can actually get stuck, the gaps are too small and the rocks are angled just right that you can't climb out. Fortunately M hadn't left on his hunt left and brought the taming quetz over with some building materials to get her out. We left our little ramp there in case it happens again. I've only fallen in that hole once before, and always avoided it, but server lag, man. If anyone complains, I will invite them to fall in that hole without the ramp there and see what happens.

Anyway, we all got back to business. I had decided that because of the ongoing dangerous and high risks to our tames, I was going to tame the next basilosaurus I found regardless of level. No one wants to risk their spinos, and the rest of our tribe aquatics are either too slow, too low in level, or used for something else, like our cave barys. So I took Koro, and we swam, and swam, and swam some more. We headed east out to South Haven, more commonly known as herb island. Spent some time there but the high number of local jellyfish forced us to move on to less common whale spawning grounds. We went north, up to dead island, where there were even more jellyfish. Still no whales. So I reluctantly set my sights on cold water and we went west, passing under ice and doing our best to stay warm. In my infinite wisdom I left my Scuba gear on my saber, who is now named Fiona. Ark is 90% preparation, 10% yolo. Truth.

We passed through the snow, finding nothing. Despairing, I decided to just head home when...what's that off the west coast, right by the western approach where I used to have my solo base. A cloud of mantas and...finally, a basilosaurus. Don't care about level, just need one. Cleared out the mantas, checked the whale. Level 20. Well, not a good whale, but a whale. I learned two things about taming basils. You really need a Scuba tank, and spinos are awkward taming partners because you have to have them on follow or they won't stay submerged. Koro did her best to stay out of the way, but there's only so much a house-sized animal can do, you know? Seriously, spinos are literally the size of my personal house at the city.

I did put out a call for assistance by my tribemates, but I was impatient and paranoid so I started the tame with the best food I had available, some raw meat Koro hadn't eaten when she had a belly full of fish. A little tense, not sure what to expect, but we successfully tamed our tribe's very first, if not particularly impressive whale. Getting her home was surprisingly easy, as she kept up with Koro easily. Spinos can't sprint in water, but they hardly need to with their base swim speed, even with the nerf. Koro's at 120% speed I think, and she's outswam eels before, which is really all that matters these days. Anyway.

Got home, got the whale in the pen, sort of. This is why we need a new sea pen. Ran up to the workshop, made a saddle and right back down to the harbor to spend some time with our new friend. The whale really is the king of the sea right now. First thing I did was clear out all the problem jellyfish in the area. Partly utility, partly revenge. The first and so far only spino I lost in combat was poor Amazon to a group of them, stunlocked and no arrows as I didn't know how dangerous they were at the time. She died within city of the harbor. Sad days. But the whale will ensure that never happens again.

We went on a long swim for levels, jellyfish and general spawn clearing, and for fun really. I don't spend much time in the ocean if I can avoid it, but I felt pretty safe again. Tore apart a group of eels too, they were right on the surface. The whale's stats are, as you might imagine, not that great, but we worked with what we had. She tamed out to I think level 29. I got her HP up to 10k and during our explorations, we ran across some plesis. Level 38 whale vs level 95 plesi, took a couple of dives (still no Scuba) but we took it down. Nice. Upon clearing out the herb island jellies, popped a new whale almost immediately. Felt bad killing it but we need better whales, and the oil is handy.

In the meantime M found an argent and did a P by dying to the bird twice during taming. First time it pushed him off the quetz somehow and he fell to his death. Second time he accidentally fell in the taming box and got stuck while the bird ripped him apart. Good times.

M and P soon logged since it was getting late by now. I was on my way back when I decided to investigate the area around port a bit, supposedly a very common area for whales. Lo and behold, a level 95 swimming very close by. Amazing what we missed by simply not being bold enough to go down that far with our spinos. I decided to attempt to tame it with the prime from the plesis. Sadly it ate one prime then the rest spoiled before it got hungry again. I attempted to continue the tame with raw fish, which was frustrating, risking, and took forever even on increased timers.

We were 75% done when the whale bugged and we lost the tame. Sigh. I didn't feel like watching our new friend die to the passive tame bug so we just swam home. Still a very good night, even if I didn't have any surprises for our tribemates. One whale to help us find more whales, that's a really huge victory even if it's essentially a starter aquatic at this point. It was very late so I logged off.

Today will be another day of babies, and who knows what else later.

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Bred some of the wolves, 1st baby unfortunately wasn't viable, a male with only one good stat transferred. Second one was better, a female who got both the best melee and stamina from her dad, and the white colouring of her mum. A lower level overall than either, but good to have another viable white female. Especially since I went out looking for high level male Argents to pair with Midnight, and didn't find any, but did find an all black 150 male wolf (Columbo) who gives me a new high weight, and a 140 pale brown male (Hal) who gives me a new high food. This means that two out of my three original white females are now retired out of the program, only Cirrus with her high health remains. So far I've only been successful in getting stamina and melee to transfer to the cubs, really need tomorrows breedings to give me some more females, and I need to get that health stat transferred.

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@Psych0P3nguin Honestly I don't think unofficials are hugely different from official if you aren't running that many mods. We have 5 mods, 3 of which are purely for aesthetics, one is death helper, and the last one is S+ for improved building mechanics. The core gameplay doesn't change, it's just with higher but not insane multipliers the server is a very nice place for solo players and small tribes, which is what our community is mostly. Average tribe size is 2-3, at 4 we're the biggest active tribe on the server. You'll only count 3 of us in the stories though, my last tribemate isn't able to play right now sadly.

Saturday did not go as planned, pretty much at all.

I started off early in the morning to pop the eggs I've been building up all week. Only did spino and anky this week. I thought about popping our quetz egg but I hate raising quetz so I stuck it back in the fridge lol. While I was there I incubated all our bary eggs down since P hadn't for some reason.

Eggs were almost a complete bust, I had around 10 total and only got 2 animals out of that. A female 4 stat anky for my breeding project, and a female 3 stat spino. Both only slightly helpful as what I really need right now are high roll males. Such is life on the Ark. While raising them I did mostly city maintenance due to the number of recent bugs with raising babies.

My big morning project was reconfiguring our herbivore egg pen. It was getting messy, and I wanted to change a few things up. Moved the herbs around to be neater and more out of the way of their main trough. Then the real reason I did this, I moved all of our egg carnivores into that pen. It only took 2 trips to move 5 rexes. I also moved our Scorched Earth tames over into the corner. We're not a cluster server, we just had a weird bug for awhile where most SE animals were spawning around Dead Island and the mainland around there. Naturally we made sure we got some of them. Our jerboas are long dead but we have a moth, a thorny dragon and 2 morelltops. Anyway. Paired with our S+ item collector I can minimize propellant use and still get a maximum number of eggs collected, which is great.

Finally P got on (no M today, computer access is limited on weekends) and we started popping bary eggs. We had 7, and got 3 keepers out of it. One for P's personal collection and 2 tribe animals. Not bad.

While he was busy raising/imprinting them I took our basil out for a lap around the map for scouting and general exploration. Saw my first "kraken" from a very safe distance. Only found a single whale, not worth taming but more oil. I also took a look around our sea pen and we may end up doing an underwater one for the big tames, there's a kind of shelf right underneath the current pen that would be high convenient and fairly protected overall. M said he'd check it out, sounds promising.

By the time I got back, between that and scouting for theris/red drops, the barys were almost done. Once they were we decided to take two of them out to dead island for some level laps. All was going well until P decided to run that cave without doing any prep. I didn't know what was in there myself, but I wasn't going to leave him to do it alone.

Yeah, bad times. The treacherous path wasn't terrible aside from being terrified one of the bats was going to push us off the edge or we were going to miss/lag out on a jump. It was also very cold. I was ok, only cold with my 50 fort, and I had some berries on me to keep my hunger up. P wasn't so lucky, he has only a fraction of the fort. We both fell on the way back up (ok I fell a couple times on one jump), but I managed to dismount with enough ground clearance to not die. P, not so much. But I didn't have enough supplies to stay down there long enough after already making it to the entrance to go back, so he jumped on a different bary and came back.

As is typical for P, he did not think ahead at all and didn't bother to bring any armor, never mind fur, which we have plenty of. So yeah, he died again to the cold. Now we have 2 barys stuck at the bottom of the dead island cave, he lost his gear again, and even with a torch I can't get all the way in without a high chance of death myself.

Instead of thinking logically, P did exactly what I expected him to do and asked one of our admins who happened to be on for help. Yep. So she went and got them for us. Somehow his microraptor survived again too. Not the best showing for us, but I'm not going to berate a tribemate in public for being a carebear. It's easy to panic when you're in a bad situation, and I know how he felt when I nearly lost my bred saber last week to a server problem. Once they were out and he came back (on his pela this time), we made the long swim home.

I had enough levels on the new bary to be comfortable, so I asked him if he wanted to do a swamp cave run. He said sure, but then admitted he lost all his swamp cave gear when he died. Sigh. And naturally he wasted all his engram points on whatever P does, so he couldn't replace it himself. Luckily we have BPs and armor stocked in the armory. But seriously, who brings all their gear with them when they don't need it? He wasn't wearing his caving gear, he was wearing his flak. I don't understand.

But whatever. We got that sorted and did our swamp run. No good drops but the new barys did very well. I honestly don't like the bary that much, and I'm not really sure why. But Belle, the tribe bary I'm using, does well enough for herself. My goal is to get her leveled for solo swamp cave runs. Tribe runs are all well and good, but one run a day is not going to produce the results we need.

That's today's plan actually, swamp cave until I get something good or get sick of it.

But as far as the rest of yesterday went, by then it was late and I was tired, so I logged for the night and left P to do whatever he does when no one's around. Probably waste all our tranqs without replacing them as per usual. He's a good guy, he just never follows through with the tribe mentality, which can make for some frustrating experiences with him. As you've read in these posts, he also never anticipates and tends to be 70% yolo, which is a very bad combination in this game.

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Well, I started playing again recently (pretty much as the flyer-nerf happend) and went back to SE to get some new wyverns as ours are specced wrongly. We had to do a lot of changes before I could start playing properly as the server was acting up. It seems okay now, so fingers crossed.

I started up my anky-project again as I got better hp, better stamina, better food and better weight after I started playing again. I've hatched a level 289 baby, a male with all the previous best stats + lost levels and the new stamina, and a 287 female with the previous best stats + lost levels and the new best hp. Naturally, I hatched this horror right after I got her:
She's staying despite the colour since she also got a mutation in hp... So now I have a new best hp to try and breed in and I haven't even gotten the previous one in properly yet. I've put the anky-project on a temporary hold until the batch I have now has grown up.

As a side project, I've started breeding terror birds. I wanted to test if something except the thyla/wyvern is usable to get wyvern milk with, so I needed something speedy, preferably a carnivore due to all the nasties that are hanging around the world scar, and small enough to be able to kite wyverns into our trap. The plan was to go with raptors, but then the high level terror birds seemed to throw themselves at me and who am I to deny them?
I have okay stamina, okay weight and okay melee. All I need now is okay hp and I'll be happy. I won't go all in as I do with the ankys and the rexes, which means I won't tame anything with high oxy and/or food unless I stumble upon them.
I just have one problem, I didn't count on the nice colours they have so now I'm keeping not that useful birds because they got neat colour combos that I want to try and breed in... Here are the latest two:


None of these got all the good stuff they should, but I couldn't get rid of them...

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My stories always sound so simple compared to you guys... but that's what you get playing solo with not much free time. Here's my mini story for today:

I finally scouted a little bit of the map in the south without being killed. I managed to build a second, smaller camp at Drayo's Cove. After quick exploring the surroundings of my new base, I just stood there, hoping the T-rex that was picknicking in my new camp would leave. Thank god it left for the woods ;) I'm still running around on raptors, don't think I could have handled the rex. My next days/week will be more building and expanding for sure. And maybe upgrading my tames to carno's ;)

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Last few days have been a snooze fest here.  I did finally get my barn roof as sorted as it will ever get, and got the ind forge built.  Also bumped the difficulty up to 1.286 to hopefully get some 150 spawns.

A few interesting things have happened though.  While collecting dodos for bunny eggs, I noticed not 1, but 2 titans are near my base.  Going to have to keep an eye on them.  The third one is on Herbi island.  Also noticed a lvl 76 spino nearby.  Interesting.  Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a high level bronto, so I take out one of my crapola argies and go on the hunt.  What do I run onto?  Not a bronto, but a pair of triple digit rex, male and female in the swamp.  112 male, 116 female.  Repeated attempts to kite these out of the swamp proved futile, they kept getting stuck or distracted.  Dark fell, so I landed the argie on the top of a cliff to keep an eye on the pair until sunrise.  I have had bad experiences trying to kite or tame at night, and I happened to find them at near sunset.  Go figure.  So, landed on the top of the cliff, about 5 seconds later, whap, dismounted and stunned, argie goes ballistic.  Draw the six gun, spinning around ready to shoot anything moving, vision is blurred.  Nothing hits me, argie settles down.  Still don't know what it was, but my suspicions are a microraptor.  Once my vision cleared back up, I got back on my mount and waited in peace for sunrise.  The rex are nowhere to be seen.  Cue 10 minutes of flying around cursing, at which point I just decided to continue the bronto hunt.

Heading around the redwoods, nothing over lvl 40 has been seen.  Get around to the fallen tree bridge, and what's this?  Pull out the spyglass and a lvl 120 female galli is right there in the open.  Good thing I brought lots of narcs.  Last one of these I tried to tame was on SE and it was a disaster.  This time I was successful, tamed out perfect at lvl 180.  30 HP, 29 stam, and 31 weight levels are the high points.  Not bad for my first galli.  Throw her on my shoulder(I love that mod, so convenient) and head back to base.  Now back to the bronto hunt.  Go around the west this time, nothing but crap.  Saw so many spinos I'm beginning to wonder if they have blocked everything else.  Killed multiple dinos trying to force some new spawns, and found a pair of lvl 72 brontos.  Tranq them, and the one stat they're not leveled up in is weight.  Crap.  Not wasting my time on these.  Might have if they had been triple digits, but all stats are crap.  Leave them to drain hp for a while, will kill them later, ammo is expensive.  So I decided to go collect the bunny eggs and work around the base for a bit.  Yep, spino is still there, within sight, eating fish.

Decided to add a second level to my barn for the flyers.  Half way through, I hear a commotion.  Spino has found the dodo pen, great.  Tranq it, weight stat sticks out as slightly higher.  Tames out to lvl 110, with 23 levels in weight.  Not spectacular, but it came to me, so why not.  Put it in the barn, another commotion, what now.  Sarco is trying to get in the dodo pen.  Lvl 20, you're lunch.  Now to see if I can finish the flyer level.  Nope, nonsensical random no foundation support messages.  Screw it, back to the bronto hunt.  Oh crap, it's dark again.  Collect eggs and wait for sunrise.

Sun is up, take off to the west again, around to Whitesky.  Might as well collect some oil while I'm here.  Still nothing of note.  My game hates me sometimes.  Decide to head back through the redwoods, nothing particularly interesting.  Flying down over the swamp, right out of it, two rex.  Can't be, that's only 500 meters from my base.  Yep, my pair from earlier, and the sun is getting low.  I see a pattern developing here.  Screw it, they're busy harassing a trike.  Land, they kill the trike, I tranq them.  Grab some raw prime from the argie, and slap it in their inventory.  Tamed out 165 and 171.  Male is higher in HP and weight, female is stam and damage.  Yes!  Throw the argie onto my shoulder, throw the saddle I put in inventory just in case on the male, whistle the female to follow and back to base we go.

Now, last night I decided to take my lowest level rex out for some leveling.  Gonna make him my utility rex.  So we head up on the mountain.  Nothing.  Level him by munching on trees.  Go almost to the east shore, finally run onto a meso.  Lvl 8, bah.  Still, hardly ever see one, so I tame him up.  Munch on the odd low level ptera, parasaur, pegos, dilos, and whatever else wanders in my path.  Still looking for a good bronto.  Finally wander back around to where I tranqed the brontos.  They're bloody, about ready to kill.  So I munch on them, kill the first one, jump off to see if it dropped anything, rex munches on it.  You idiot.  Well, there's the other one.  Munch on it, just as it dies, a white rex rolls out of the woods on me, the spinal scales are black, but the rest is white.  Lvl 80, and it munches my bronto, then tries my rex.  Ah well, today you die.  White rex would be neat, but you've just pissed me off.  Take it down, now it's getting dark again.  Ride along the river to the swamp, see a load of spinos, not much else.  Get home, and begin cooking up a rex load of meat.

While the meat is cooking, I decide to use the flock of ichthyornis that hang out over the river as target practice.  They're not easy to hit, and a flock of them tends to induce lag.  Got them killed, so i started sniping dilos.  Then a pego shows up.  First shot connects, doesn't die.  Ok.  Second shot kills it.  Lvl 108.  Damn it!  Female too.  That would've went well with my male that was 104 wild, tamed to 155.  (Why I'm thinking about breeding up pegos, I have no clue.)  Collected the cooked meat, threw it in the dehydrator and shut down.  At 1:30am, I can't think to check levels before shooting.

Tonight I plan on forming up the Q train and fill up the ind forge, and probably will do a cave run just to mix things up.

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2 hours ago, Martinigirl said:

My stories always sound so simple compared to you guys... but that's what you get playing solo with not much free time. Here's my mini story for today:

I finally scouted a little bit of the map in the south without being killed. I managed to build a second, smaller camp at Drayo's Cove. After quick exploring the surroundings of my new base, I just stood there, hoping the T-rex that was picknicking in my new camp would leave. Thank god it left for the woods ;) I'm still running around on raptors, don't think I could have handled the rex. My next days/week will be more building and expanding for sure. And maybe upgrading my tames to carno's ;)

You are in the best part of the game. Learning, still scared, in awe of some of the critters, still feeling the achiement in thigs you do. Simple is often the best :)


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More wolf breeding, finally got my good health to go with good stamina and melee, and then the next pup pops out with a mutation giving me a new high stamina. Also both pups were males again, really need to start getting some girls!

Other than that, bred up my sheeps since the flock is getting a bit small, tried again to find a high level male argy, but still no joy. Was very tempted by a 135 green and gold rex, but couldn't be bothered.

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Man do I have a story to tell tonight. This my friends is why I keep coming back to Ark no matter how many breaks I take.

It started out like any other Ark day really. I logged in, turned up gamma because it's always night when I log in for some reason, and got my gear on. I know they fixed that bug ages ago but I still store everything in a logout box every single day. Went down to port and got out Belle, the tribe bary I've been using, stocked up on fish, and off we went to the swamp cave. Alone. P was nowhere to be found and M can't play until much, much later.

We easily chewed our way through the usual legions of scorps, spiders and dragonflies, and then my long search began. Drop after drop, slowly cycling between their spawn points every 20 minutes or so. I didn't leave the cave, didn't need to. Just endlessly cycling with Netflix in the background as I did chores and whatnot around the apartment. I honestly spent probably a good few hours in there. No fishing rods, but did get a journeyman assault rifle, mastercraft mammoth saddle and flak gauntlets BPs, and an ascendant miner's helmet BP.

Later on, while I was thoroughly sick of the cave, a player who hasn't been around in quite some time came on. We chatted for a bit, and he asked someone else about his gigas, which apparently got stolen from the person he gave them to. Tribe politics. This is why I don't invite randoms. But anyway he was thinking about getting back into it and ask for some help. I was bored of caving anyway so we safely made it home and stored our well earned, if lackluster treasures, and got to work. I collected up a midtier set of chitin armor and all the basics, with some taming supplies. Threw it all on my female saber, gave her the spare saddle from the saddlery, and flew out to meet the guy. Gifted him the saber full of gear. He'll probably make a new base, play for a month and get bored, then leave again until new patches come out. It's kind of his MO. But whatever, we had plenty of spare gear and the saber I don't need since I have Fiona and the tribe barys now. He's lucky, I usually cull animals I don't need anymore.

Instead of going back to the cave, I took our one whale out to go hunting for new whales. It took a long time and I was ready to head back when I came across a lvl 95 basilo. Not the best of whales, but a vast improvement over our poor level 20. So I went ahead and tamed him up, fighting what felt like half the ocean in the process, and got him home. Wasn't feeling creative so I named them Diver and Delver. So one disposable scout whale and one midrange, it's something.

Kibble definitely works better than mutton due to the spoil timers. With that thought fresh in my mind I turned my thoughts to another animal on our priority wishlist, who happens to also be useful for whales. The therizinosaurus, our planned boss battling force since my tribe doesn't really do rexes. I happened to have just enough kibble for a 150, so I grabbed Val my trusty, pinked winged quetz and took to the skies.

M finally showed up and got ready to log in shortly afterwards, but I decided to check one last theri before going home...145 female. Ok then. I scooped her right up and learned the hard way if you grab them the wrong way they get very annoyed and start hitting you. Ouch. Sorry Val. Dropped her, picked her up the right way, and continued home. She tore up our taming pen like nobody's business, surprised she didn't outright break something by the time she passed out. Guess we'll be upgrading our pen...

M logged in and we talked about plans while she tamed up. P wasn't around for whatever reason so I decided it would be a good time to scout for some megalos, which we need for the theris, which we can then use for basils. Inadvertently establishing a kibble chain, always nice when that happens. We just tame based on our needs mostly. And I do like P, don't get me wrong, but megalos are a tough tame and his lack of attention would be liable to get himself, or worse, me, killed.

After the theri tamed (pretty meh stats but hey female at least) we set out to look for the elusive cave dwelling graboids. We split up, each picking a cave to check before hauling whatever we needed out. I checked lower south, which was closest to us anyway even if it was a rare spawn. What do you know, I practically tripped over a 25 female. Ok then. Good thing we did it this way, as soon as M showed up with the lambchops my internet took a dump, dropping me seconds before the megalo woke up and I took my first shot. Awesome.

M got her down without me, letting the megalo chew on Fiona with my permission as a distraction. By the time I got my net sorted and back into the game she was basically tamed. Walked her out, poor thing was so tired. I legitimately felt bad keeping her awake lol. She slept while M got the quetz to carry her home, and as soon as she was in the pen I let her go back to sleep.

By then it was getting late and I was tired after a long day, but I wanted to do one more scouting run. Lower south had respawned by then but no megalos. M was checking the volcano cave. He got a little lost and ended up at the artifact first. I didn't expect much by then and planned to log but then he started yelling in chat about a 135 and running for his life. Yeah. A 135 male megalo. He barely escaped with his life and his cat intact.

We quickly put together a plan. He started luring it out while I grabbed the quetz and flew out to meet him. Perfect timing, I showed up just as he got it all the way out. Rushed down, grabbed the megalo, and carried him home slowly. Once there I held him above our battered taming pen and let M shoot him after their normal wake up time. I got my very first intentional starve tame going with help from the Dododex timer and pulled a sheep from our herd. Kinda felt bad, he was so excited to get tons of levels right before I poked him with my pike.

Tamed the megalo easily and ended up with over 200 more mutton to cook. Wow. It really does work. So there was a significant amount of scrambling to get it cooked, as M had gone off to fight an alpha near the city walls while I tamed the megalo. But we got it all cooked and in the fridge, and our new megalo is in the pen with his lady friend, and Ark life is very good tonight.

I logged off feeling very good tonight, this is a huge amount of progress for us after months of our tribe being in the equivalent of stasis mode. Time to wake up boys, we got work to do. I really do wish A could be here, she would be loving this. Especially tonight's theri, who has a bit of purple, A's favorite color. For now though, it's time to end the night. In the morning I'll plan out my goals for the coming week.

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Sounds like a good weekend for you Cymas.

I had a good one too - finally. As many of you may have heard, I had been looking for a 150 Ptera to start a new breeding line and see if the new Pteras are better than the pre-nerf Pteras.

I left the base on Friday night to go scouting on my lvl 248 Ptera called Mwahahaa (she was a 145) and has 1072 Stamina so I can pretty much sprint most places without too many stops. I spent about 30 mins flying around the center map looking for a 150 - nothing. I returned to my base and was going to take my bear out for some meat and berries and then low and behold - a 150 Male Ptera flying right above my pen!

Pew Pew! Bola flew and arrows directly after - somehow the 2 headshots didnt work and ended up having to hit it a 3rd time. Kibble tamed and came out as +73 (223). I was fairly happy with this, stats were ok, HP was above average as was the melee. I will level him up and see what I think of him. Ive decided that I will keep looking for another 145/150 until I find a high level Stam bird as I'd really like to get one with 1200+, so thats my weeks plan.

I then completed my res run on my bear - she is now 250 and we came across a 105 Alpha raptor by the base. Hmmm, Im confident I say to myself. Now, Ive history with this bear, she is my first bred bear and is named after my 4yr old daughter so she means a lot to me. She has 5k hp and 530% melee so she can usually take care of herself but I have heard many people asy 'stay away from Alphas, dont solo them'.

'Here we go', I said to myself and to my screen as if Emily could hear me. The fight lasted possibly 20 seconds and 36 prime meat was my reward - off back to the primitive grill and to cook it all up. i continued my res run and filled my troughs, collected some claystone, flint and metal. I made sparkpowder, narcs, brick walls - basically everything the tribe builder would need.

We all have roles in our tribe. Tribemaster is the builder, I collect everything for everyone (I enjoy it, and the freedom). I get to place all artifacts and am OCD about our dinos and where they go. Aga is the support player and helps us all with everything.

Then an old friend logs into Teamspeak and brings 2 new friends who have recently bought ARK. Tribemaster agrees to allow then to join us so we give them a pair of 223 Pteras, some mats and send them round the corner to build their own base. Now, they are part of our tribe so we make a few changes to the tribe levels to protect ourselves a bit - weve spent months building Cliff City and we explained our reservations - and they were fine with this.

We then spent an hr showing them the basics and helped them tame their first dino - a Stego, just for berries. They ahve both said that they want to start slow and small which is good as it would be annoying and ruin their gameplay if they got everything too easily. 

So we left them to it. TM and I then decide we should take advantage of the 1.5x tame boost for the weekend and decide that maybe a Stego would be good for us too - for eggs and kibble - so we spot a lvl 15 on the beach below our cliff base (right next to our pen) and get to work. Just as we down it, we a 145 Female Bronto! Now we have a Male but have been wanting a female for weeks. Middle of a Stego tame, we half abandon it, go and grab some more arrows, narcs, and I start cooking up the kibble. 

Roughly 80 shots off the back of our Tappy, but she finally fell. TM has got the metal spikes and starts laying them round her. At this point, Ive totally forgotten about the Stego but TM says its actually doing fine - bonus. I get the kibble made and put them in her inventory whilst TM says he will be back in 5 so asks me to protect her. Now, this is the issue. I usually help tame, but TM does all the 'off the dino' combat stuff. Its getting dark, Im standing there at the entrance of the metal spikes with my Pike - a Troodon :( I managed to kill it but was looking for its fellow gangmembers and much to my relief there werent any. I wiped the sweat from my brow and then my TM returned. Oh, how I hate looking after a dino mid tame.  20 mins later and we successfully tame the Bronto, and the Stego. Im tired now, its late, we've new Tribe additions in 3 dinos but 2 new players. The Tribe is now up to 6 but its generally TM and I who are on everyday with at least an ave of 2hrs a day on there.

All in all, it was good weekend, especially last night where we got the two new Dinos.


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