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Perfect Tame Rock Elemental

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I figured the following out from experimenting on singleplayer, years ago.  Just sharing it now because I kinda thought people didn't give a crap about Rock Golems, but understand, the following was not poached from anywhere.  This is from me,  I have figured out 100% why the TE is wrecked, and how to fix it with an explanation backed with evidence beyond "it worked one time."  I think Lucky by Nature's method is just that:  Lucky.  I don't feel like it will not give consistent results.

----------------------------- Nitty-gritty time -------------------------------

For one:  When dinos clip through structures, the MAJORITY of the time they cannot be hurt, and though you can shoot them you can watch as no HP is depleted and/or no torpor is added.  From my investigation on singleplayer, this is NOT so for Rock Golems.  The Rock Golem's head is a dynamic object, I don't know the 100% proper Unreal-Engine-4 term for it, but I believe the head has its own 100% independent capsule for hitbox-purposes. 

For two: The reason for ~80-90% start-TE, as stated many times, is splash damage from the cannonball's impact, splashed onto the body.  The obvious solution is to mitigate the damage to the body.  How do we do it in a 100% predictable way, while understanding how the mechanic works?  Like this.  I am not an artist, just a guy who loves the ol' Rock Golems and knows how to use MSPaint.


The above represents the top of a functional Rock Golem trap.  3 walls wide, and typically the Red Wall is left empty for the Golem's head to stick through.  Just put a friggin' wall there.  The "dynamic head-object" (Sorry, I don't know a better way to describe it) sticks THROUGH the wall and soaks cannonball shots, and the metal wall dissipates the damage that would normally blast the body.  Your trap isn't good forever though, but you can repair it or just replace walls/pillars.

EDIT:  *IMPORTANT*  Because the head's protrusion can vary depending on how you build your traps, you may have to adjust your trap to just BARELY let the Golem's head stick through the wall.  If it sticks through too far, you will STILL splash the body and the metal wall won't absorb any damage.

After figuring this out years ago, I'm glad to actually share it with you nincompoops.  Others might've figured it out too, but my first true 221-tamed 150 perfect (on 2x) was a bigass personal victory!  Enjoy perfect tames on Golems!

Source:  My own research and brain, along with my 7 135+ perfect tamed Rock Golems.

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18 hours ago, Bigbuller said:

Can you heal them with owls?

You can always heal them with Owls Big, but the issue is how Taming Effectiveness (TE) is locked in, in terms of post-KO damage.

Forgive the lack of MSPaint talent.1409784019_golemKO.thumb.JPG.ca6ef122cccd070ad96f058e7d567265.JPG

You see, without my way of ensuring you shoot the very tip of the head-object and allowing the walls, ceilings, and pillars to absorb the splash, you always risk dealing that 112 damage to the body-object.  That 112 damage is what knocks the TE from 99.7 (or 99.8 depending on level) down to 85-90% TE. 

***** Source:  Testing right now on ARK singleplayer *****

It isn't the splash from the entire time of KO'ing the Golem, as it isn't (in modern ARK) with any creature that has lowered TE.  It is the very last instant of splash damage.  This 112 damage is, in the most technical terms, applied WHEN THE GOLEM IS KO'ED.  When a creature is KO'ed in ARK, it's HP value is "locked in" in a way.  If it goes DOWN for any reason, including cannonball splash-damage or an extra shot from a longneck/crossbow, the Taming Effectiveness is lowered.  You are more than welcome to take a Snow Owl and heal the dino up to 100% HP.  Keep in mind, this does not "repair" the negative effect on the TE.

You can test this very easily.  Find a Dodo while on your Snow Owl.  Punch it until it is unconscious.  Heal it to maximum HP.  While unconscious, punch it.  Heal it back to full HP with the Owl.  Then toss some berries on it.  Even though you healed it back to full, the TE is permanently lowered, unless you KO it again and keep it from taking damage while unconscious.

***** Source:  Tested again right now on ARK singleplayer *****

Waking up and re-KO'ing is always an option too, except with Megalosaurus (unless that has been fixed) because of its sleep cycling.  What I mean is that on most KO-and-feed tames, if you wreck the TE with cannonball splash-damage or an extra shot from a longneck/crossbow, you can let the creature wake up and this will reset the TE back to 100% (or whatever the default start-TE is based on its preferred food).

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7 hours ago, absi1909 said:

with this trap it works really good

Any trap that provides a physical wall for the Golem to stick its head through will work for an actual perfect tame.  Just use an old-style trap and build the wall solid.  Or FatDogs.  As long as you are ensuring the walls are dissipating the splash-damage, you will have 99.8% start tames (TE after one bite).

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