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no stones in snow biome (I DONT mean rocks)

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no stones in snow biome (I DONT mean rocks)

Title says it all. I have been experimenting with a majority snow PGM. And I just cant get it to populate even the shoreline with stones. I am not talking about the larger rocks you break up with tools. I'm talking about the stones you pick up. Because there are LITERALLY ZERO STONES anywhere in the PGM snow biomes. Which makes it impossible to spawn there (the weather notwithstanding) as you simply cannot even make a simple pick to start with. (and to build a torch/fire, ect, as there is no stones to pick up!)  They do show up in the Jungle biome but even on the real maps there are stones at least on the shoreline in the snow area. I hate resorting to cheat codes to give myself one single rock so I can get that first stone pick, lol.... 

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