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Dedicated 24-7 Player Server


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Sorry folks, invites are now closed for a bit.

I have started a new PVP player server. A few things are increased but nothing crazy.

1.6 XP, 3X Taming, 2X resources

Looking for additional players.

Gamertag: ServerArk

Server: ServerArk 24 7 (doesn't always show in the browser)

Edit: Adding a couple simple rules:

1. No transfers. If you're going to join the server, please do it fresh.

2. No griefing.

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14 minutes ago, Deemo627 said:

My buddy and I just joined. So far so good. Thanks for the server. When are you planning to do server resets and how many people are you planning to allow to join?

I try to avoid messing with anything while any players are connected. If I have to, I will broadcast a notice before doing the reboot (if at all possible).

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