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Most Annoying Creature

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While troodons, pegos, and the ichthy are annoying, the bary and thyla are deadly if you get caught with anything small enough and so are the eels if you aren't on a basilo. Cnidaria are like eels, but massive slower, with less range and are better visible.

I like to kill most of them whenever i see one of them. Not beeing able to retaliate in any way once hit just sucks.

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I think the microraptor with the pego a close 2nd.

The pego only gets 2nd because at least you know what hit you. You see the message about something being stolen.

With the microraptor, I seldom see it coming. Everything goes foggy and I'm thinking, what the hell hit me :D Then when I recover if I don't get killed by something when I'm out, I look around (usually after running to safety). I almost never see it anywhere. They are just too small and fast. Might just be me, but they don't make any noise?

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For me, Gallimimus

They dont really do anything bad, its just... They are so BAD

I once killed a gallimimus with a club that did 2 dmg per hit

They run around and get stuck

The torpor to health ratio is so unstable

When attacked they run like idiots


They are not even that good when tamed, their attack is crap, their health is crap, and at the point where you can actually find and tame one they are pretty much useless. 

I once went to a lake in the South Zone 3 to tame some dinos. I managed to get a Pachyrhino, Doedicurus, and Moschops. I TRIED TO TAME 5 GALIMIMUS. THEY ALL DIED

Also, some honorable mentions (some are just annoying, others i dislike, and a few i don't dislike as creatures, but their mechanics) : Chalicotherium, Cnidaria, Daeodon, Dimetrodon, Diplodocus, Electric Eel, Giganotosaurus, Gigantopithecus, Ichthyornis, Kentrosaurus, Leech, Leedsichtys, Liopleurodon, Manta, Microraptor, Oviraptor, Pegomastax, Megapiranha, Procoptodon, Therizinosaurus, Meganeura, Titanomyrma, Titanosaurus, Troodon, and Tusoteuthis. lel

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The pego is by far the worst...you can be building a base and it steal an entire stack of foundations and run off without being weighed down. I mean seriously how can a thing the size of a squirrel basically carry away an entire base?! They need to nerf the health pool and the carry weight of those nuisances.

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