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pvp Low Level Casual ARK! Slapaho Cluster Valguero/Ragnarok: Official-ish PvPvE

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Low Level Casual ARK! Slapaho Cluster Valguero/Island/Ragnarok: Official-ish PvPvE

Slapaho Cluster" Ark Servers!

Small private PVP Servers primarily for messing around and putting your imagination to the test. Normal dinos spawn up to level 120 to make for a noob-friendly environment. Hosted Maps: TheIsland, Ragnarok and Valguero, all servers recently upgraded to 20 slots!

Look for the following Servers:

"Slapaho Valguero"

"Slapaho Island"

"Slapaho Ragnarok"

If all is well you should be able to find the Slapaho servers in your list. Otherwise manually search for games @ the IP address in your Steam Client under View > Servers and add them to your favorites.

Not many rules apply, just play nice. There are just 20 player slots on each server (for now...) and even though it's a PVP server we prefer not to damage each other's creations, raid bases or generally make another player's ARK life unpleasant (too much) unless agreed upon between players themselves. We just like messing around, building stuff and taming dinos to add to the collection.

Server Features
Overall pretty much vanilla:
- TheIsland/Ragnarok maps in a closed cluster
- OverrideOfficialDifficulty 4.0, which spawns up to lvl 120 dino's (for now...)
- No Player location on map
- Crosshair enabled
- Daycycle quarter speed
- Daytime quarter speed
- Nighttime 4x speed
- Max Players 20 per server
- Mejo- and Narcoberry harvest rate x4
- Taming/Hatching/Maturing/Mating rate x4
- Dino Baby Food Consumption quarter speed
- Admin Assistance
- ORP after 10sec
- Cave Flying
- Structures Plus (S+)

On behalf of The Slapaho Tribe, we invite you into our world!

Have Fun!

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