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metal shield remain equipped

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metal shield remain equipped

I've experienced a bug with the metal shield, it remained equipped and visible in first person mode, even if removed from the slot, and even using items like longneck rifle and crossbow.
In order to solve the bug, i had to kill my character (i was playing in singleplayer).

Some more details: The shield was equipped when i've logged in, and it appeared as if there were two of them. I suppose that turning off the game while the shield is worn and visible could cause the bug.

The bugged shield wasn't visible in third person mode, it appeared only in first person mode and in the player inventory.




It happened again, i can confirm that this bug happens when i log off while the shield is worn.

It happens on The Island map with the metal shield, i don't have tested it on other maps or with other shields yet.

At least you can solve it killing your character.

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