ARK's Valentine Celebration

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On 2/16/2017 at 10:26 AM, JenovaProject said:

That's what the high level beavers are for. They work like a 300 slot smithy specifically for crafting those items.

But how long would it take to get a beaver with high weight we are talking about months of raise and trying to get high weight beaver that still won't be about to craft some  ascendant saddles like the mosa or the quetzal or diplo 

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2 hours ago, KevinElkins77 said:

I heard the valentines day event is until today Wednesday,  but anyone know if they're going to let it holds through until weekend? 

Probably not think the extension for console was a soft cutoff warning. Have a feeling rates will go back to normal soon so everyone who procrastinated raising gigas.. You get to actually raise your giga LOL

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