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bosses Recommended Rex stats for bosses

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5 hours ago, teammdj said:

I have rexes with 40k hp and about 900 melee. Is that enough for the hard brood?

I don't see why people put so much health. 25k hp with a decent 100+ saddle is more than enough amd allows you to pump more melee, reaching 1000% faster. 

25k 1000+% melee yields the best results for alpha Brood, Ape and Ragnarok (always with a yuti though). 

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I tagged along with my allies 2 days ago while they did it on official pve http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869327412 they used about 8 mid level rexs with like 50 armor

I tested this out. I had the saddle on, punched a dino, took the saddle off, punched the same dino. I did less damage when the dino had a saddle on.

I'm going to hop in here. I solo farm all the hard bosses a few times a week minus the dragon. Official PVE Island server 46. Anyone wants to come along and see it done msg me on steam Cran3s or find

On 2/27/2017 at 8:57 AM, iAmE said:

We went on the Medium Dragon with 78-92 armor saddles, 30-40k HP rexes with 3-700% melee, and all, to some degree, Imprinted (50+%), and the dragon boss killed everything before we got it to half health. With the "Nerf" or rather "Fix" to bosses today (Monkey Ledge no longer exists and Dragon can't be pinned), you will need 50+k HP Rexes to even survive in there. 



for hard Island boss you need a male megaloceros two rexes daedons and if you have more members they can use megaloceros too. take veggie cakes with you and easy fight.

Go with the male megaloceros (you need a male) under the dragon and take the aggro from the dragon. (the dragon can you only hit with the fire breath) and shoot withe the other members on the dragon with ascendant or good ms shotguns on the dragon. the rex rider kill the dimorphs and pteras. the daedon rider heal the rexes only. and be carefull of the fire balls.


Dino Stats you need: Rex 25k hp 500meele or more megaloceros need 5k or more hp would be better. and decent saddles


for example you can see this video: 

Other boss Arenas:


Spider: Rex, yuty, daedon

Ape: Rex, Yuty, Daedon

Dragon: see above

Ragnarok: Rhinos maybe one rex for pulling the rock golems away, and shotguns

SE: Rex

Center: Rex

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On 2/22/2019 at 11:41 AM, YOSTY32 said:

Is 18k Health Good Un leveled for a rex


Your average perfect tamed rex has 7-9k hp.

18k is monstruous, but by no means the best currently (on pc it would be @BertNoobians's line with 23k hp). 18k is better than the top rex breeds that were available on legacy before the game officially launched, and they could do bosses just fine.

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I Use a Yuti with 45 points in health or more and my Tek Rexes has 55 points in health and 58 in damage... Im soloplayer on an unofficial server with official stats... easy win every vanilla bossfight. Overseer also.

They has 55-65k Health - all are full imprinted and has over 1k dmg


Manticore I get only wyverns in there - easy win each one.. gamma, beta and alpha.

Rockwell.. just a rock drake


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So this is 2020 now and I single player ark. On single player setting I took down the alpha broodmother. What i had to do was breed male and female perfect rex (level 150) tames, and I got 19 fully leveled perfect rexes (which takes forever if one is performing these tasks legit) and 1 perfect tame yutyrannua fully leveled. Each had 50k health and about 1200% melee and still about 15 of my 19 rexes died in this fight.

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