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Join ---> https://discord.gg/eRruknQ

EDIT: The discord has been running smoothly these past 4 months, we now have over 900 members!

8/30/17 - over 2000 members have joined!

I made a professional, organized, neat, discord channel for ARK: Survival Evolved. I made this since we currently don't have one and I noticed a lot people from the ARK community use discord. I think this would be a great way to interact with others, even talk to others. This works on mobile aswell as desktop! The best thing about discord is that there is a web panel so you don't even need to download it! 



What the discord has to offer:

Roles - these roles will act as awards, we have a full list of these within the discord.

Monthly giveaways - we will be doing monthly giveaways which will be free to enter.

Server advertisements - we have text channels where you can advertise you ARK server to help it gain more players.

Music bot - listen to your favorite music within our music voice channel! (you are allowed to do song requests)

Rank system - we have this rank system to show how active you are, every message you send gets 15-25XP which will let you rank-up, ranks are listed within the discord. (1 minute XP flood limit between messages to prevent xp boosting, spam)

Patch notes for ARK - we will be posting the ARK patch notes in one of our text channel's for easy access.

+ many more 


JOIN THE DISCORD --> https://discord.gg/eRruknQ


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updated server link

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Hands down the best place for ARK/Wildcard related discussions. The moderators are competent and trustworthy. Players don't have to fear reprisals for speaking their minds in a civil manner. There's plenty of channels for all chatting needs. I don't know why more game companies don't have official Discord channels. I mean I know why Wildcard can't because of what a Wildcard dev did in another unofficial channel but conversing with developers from a few other studios is a lot of fun and highly educating. I really enjoy it.

And you're just as likely to get a response from a dev in this unofficial channel as on these forums. :D

These forums obviously have some use. They're just a distant second at the moment.

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