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Community Crunch 82 and ARK Digest 46!


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On 2/3/2017 at 11:47 PM, xmrmeow said:

When I saw the question about shoulder mount snails I thought of having a mini-snail, and now I just want mini versions of all the dinos. Tek shrink ray anyone? Who wouldn't want a shoulder mount t-rex?

Imagine a shoulder mount Giga! It was great to see the Digest again and I'm looking forward to all the future updates. Does anyone know if there is even a rough idea of a future full release date?

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Can we please get a date for when the windows 10 (play anywhere) release is so we can finally host our own servers to our platforms? No ones mentioned it since November and me + 10 friends are dying to know. I bought a new computer this past Christmas solely for it and still waiting. Im more or less done searching for hours on public servers just for a place to make camp that isn't already taken.

PLEASE GIVE ME A TIME FRAME I'm losing my mind searching the forums on a daily basis.

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First Question

Can we get the ability to modify how fast unconscious dino's torpor drains in the console server options? Without this option it limits our options for tweaking how the speed/resources needed in taming works. For instance, I want a fast tame with higher resource costs (both meat/veggies and narcotics).

Second Question

Can we get the ability to modify how many dinos can be owned by a player/tribe in the console server options? This is crucial for private servers with only a few players on it.

Third Question

Can we get the option of preventing future hair growth until your next cut when using the scissors? You could make a "Holding Gel" item or something like it and then add a check box to apply the gel when modifying your own or someone else's hair. This would give players the option of personalizing their favorite look at the expense of no longer being able to use their hair as a free pelt source... atleast until they (or someone else ;)) choose to cut it without applying hair gel again.

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I have a question.


What is the status of Ark: Primal Survival? You guys announced it at E3 last year and that's it. Nothing else has been said about it. I was personally just wondering if there is a set/estimated release date yet. Thanks for the great game though.


I also have another question.


When might Xbox and Playstation see the addition of Survival of The Fittest? I have seen a lot of it on PC and I am personally very hyped for when it comes out to Xbox.

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