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24/7 PVP The Island server

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24/7 PVP Server on The Island

Add and msg to join GT: ChocolateArk



8x Gather

5x Taming and XP

35x Hatching and Maturing

Boosted Weight on players and dinos

6 player tribe limit 



No building on mountain tops

Leave small stone bases alone. There is no point in Raiding these. All it does it make people not want to play on the server

Nothing has or ever will be spawned in on this server. 



Started this server because i was sick of other dedicated servers going down for days and not coming back up. I try to treat this like an official server for the most part. So raid whoever(even my tribe) as long as they have time to build up. I started a group on the xbox to keep everyone updated about whats happening on the server (Chocolate Ark Server). There is only 1 admin just for dino wiping. I left the admin logging on so everyone knows items arent being spawned in (Also a problem i have delt with.) This is a new server so there might be tweaks to the settings but nothing crazy. Everyone in the server is responsible for keeping the server populated. If everyone is a troll and attacks brand new tribes then nobody will play on it. All in all i just want everyone to have fun and have some nasty PVP battles. 



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