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Best color mutation

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On ‎1‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 7:22 PM, rossy1970 said:

Just so you guys know, i would keep the colour mutations you don't like for the purpose of trading them to other people who might have the mutation you want in trade. With that i love the posts these are awesome mutations. Ill post my mutated ptera's when i get the chance. 

Yea I second this lol ps4 pve if you get mutations you are not a big fan of feel free to PM me, I would accept all colors :)

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35 minutes ago, rossy1970 said:

We do have one mosa we would trade right now only for that tuso...

50% imprint 24389 hp 385.8% dmg



when i raised the green tuso i also raised a mosa that was finished 100% with 25574.4 hp and 448.2 melee (41hp 42dm)
and raised a 248 tuso 44hp 39st 38we 37dm 100% imprint. its now 750 melee and with riderbonus adds up to 1000 melee +/-, total op.

and this i raise for fun to:


these ones hatch at 272 or 282, but not selling yet.
highest baby 296 but i have stats now for a level 305 raptor,
i do the central cave and the lava with them. :)

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I'm still pretty new to the breeding game, and most of my stuff is lower level,  but I've had three color mutations so far.


These two male Allo, neon yellow belly was the first, bright blue was second. I wanted a blue body... just not that blue.



Then my first Thyla mutation. Not my favorite, but still.


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