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Best color mutation

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This was the only color combo i bred for and liked, mainly because it reminded me of a strawberry poison dart frog. It was a great breed, we ended up getting those colors on our 470 base dmg rex's we used to do boss runs with until Spartans/Black Knights finally came for our server.

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Unh let's see what i have xD After tons of eggs!

Yellow belly red winged wyverns(these things are hard to mutate!)


Purple wing tip poison wyvern


Red Rex, well twins! And red is my fav color. You can imagine how happy i was. I called the female Scarlet Johnson LOL


Magenta Giga, we have 2 (You can see the tail of the other one XD)


Magenta T-Birb! I have also a forest green one a blue sky body. I Love T-Birbs :3


The best ones are these. Also have a brown lighting wyvern but I can't find a decent screen for now ^^ Plus i wanna try to pass the red wings and the yellow belly to full mutate it.

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On 9-6-2017 at 8:20 AM, DomiDarko said:

My Megatherium with green feet/hands called "You're a lizard, Hairy!"


And my blue Yutyrannus called "Bluetyrannus"


Edit: Both on my private server.

We have thesame megatherium, but im more for Ankys, but your yuty is nice to

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50 minutes ago, TRONIC said:


is this a light blue mutation or not ?

Depends ... Is it a wild or a breed one ? If it is a wild, no it's not a mutation. If it is a breed one, does the color is on one of the parents ? Or just open inventory, click on the genealogic tree and mutations are shown on top of the screen

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