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[PVE] Dead upon login, chests gone

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I have a 6x6 wooden shelter, I've been safe from Raptor deaths since expanding from 4x4 (not to mention should be safe in 4x4 or 1x1) a week ago. Two chests were in the center of the shelter where I also logged out, I logged in after 24 hours and found myself dead by lvl 20 Raptor and the chests gone. The rest of the shelter was intact, walls good, mortar, bed, fire all still exist.

Server: PVE-NA-XboxOfficialServer140

Character: Ghryphon

Some time between 1am and 11:50pm Pacific.

Not sure if there are any glitches that allow players to behave this way on PVE, haven't heard if any.

Edit: Found this topic on the issue https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/615086038677004586/

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Right now animals can attempt to attack you in a building and they attack it.  This does damage to the wall or structure.  This will break your house and thus allow the raptor in.  I'm not sure how the whole house would be gone but part of it should be.  So if I shoot a bronto and run inside it attack the building until it gets to me.  This is normal.  Whats not normal is them being outside and you in a closed house but get detected as a threat and they go to attack you.  It should only be line of sign.  I think their working on bugs like wall glitches and LOS issues.  just like a Rex eating you through wall cause his model pops through due to size.


So he probably wall poped you which is a glitch they know about.

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