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Introducing the Ovis Aries, coming in ARK v254!

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Can their death noise be the screaming sheep?

Will the lambs be silent?

Btw we didn't even know ARK was being considered for "Best use of a Farm Animal" (or any Steam Award) until Valve told us ARK had been nominated for it by the Steam Selection Committee on its own. Aft

On 12/29/2016 at 2:46 PM, DirtyMactruck said:

We are very picky about our taming and our babies.  We strive to have the best tames out there.  We will only keep new tames that have stats that we can breed into our babies and when we have babies that hatch that do not have the stats we want we kill them. I have killed so many babe dinos it is sad. Now for someone that plays PvE or single player then sure, its not a problem but when we need to have dinos just for war we can't be "Oh well, we dont need this 100% imprinted giga anymore so lets kill it so we can tame some sheep." 

Dino cap is actually more of an issue in PVE because the dino count is never decreasing, nor is there risk of losing dinos other than misuse. In PVE, dinos become claimable when the tribe quits playing for long enough, which attributes horribly to the dino cap.

Guarantee you'll tame a sheep anyway :)

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Devs just remember don't listen to the people complaining there is a lot of us who are super excited for the sheep! As a role player in mytherp as a farmer I am soooo excited!!!! Now devs why don't we talk about them prehistoric horses? Maybe have them be in a herd like the allos and you have to capture one by separating it from the herd and "passive tame that sucker"

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This is... really disappointing, and I think it reflects the tendencies of the devs to cover new features by adding new content... instead of updating existing content with those features as appropriate. It's pointless power-creep in its most annoying form, where new content invalidates old content just because, rather than to support some contrived micro-transaction economy. This is the kind of crap I hoped to avoid with a game that was bought straight-up instead of F2P.

What's more... ARK is swiftly losing its mystique. Before it was a unique alien-made island of dinosaurs and other exotic prehistoric creatures... now it's an aimless mish-mash of a bajillion different creatures that make zero ecological sense and a Frankenstein's monster-style island with biomes stitched together in a nonsensical fashion.

Willing suspension of disbelief will only go so far. Farther for some than others, sure, but please consider actually starting to polish what you've got into a finished product.

The survival aspect of "Survival Evolved" needs a lot of work (unless you meant "Survival Transcended and Left Forgotten in the Dark Closet of Vestigial Mechanics").

Older creatures could really use some model and function updates.

The progression system needs to be made more sustainable across updates instead of mandating max levell increases to accommodate new engrams.

Did you just abandon the notion of a dedicated single-player mode?

Basic animation refinements when?

Proper ecosystems when?

Getting real fed-up with the constant hype-training while the actual important stuff is continually delayed.

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6 minutes ago, KingOfBronzodia said:

can't believe we actually lost the award... can't even belive how many crazy and weird people are out there.... why goat simulator ?! 
this game is a trash.... it is a complete 0 compared to ark...wait no... not even... it is so horrible that you can't even compare it with ark... so stupid

Lets not criticise other games here.

The flaw is with the voting system that Steam is running. You don't need to own the game or even have played the game to vote for a game. This in my opinion is silly and leaves it open to abuse. Not that that is what happened here, but people could easily vote for another game just because they don't like ARK, even if they don't own or have never played the other games.

But lets be happy that ARK was nominated for it in the first place, and lets hope they are again in 2017 awards.

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On 29/12/2016 at 2:37 PM, UDGxKnight said:

I realize the tribe thing but still this is a matter of just not letting people have massive amounts of tames and such and making the tribes be picky about their taming 

Try Putting  New rules like everything  is Tribe own and only a flyer as personal dino for each tribe member.

I was a tribe of only one until me husband  came along now everything  is tribe own , but we do have r own flyers  personal right now is only the dragons that t personal  Good Luck. 


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On December 28, 2016 at 3:39 AM, GamerPerfection said:

Yes, all creatures will be available on all platforms. I believe they said it will come at the same time, but I can't say for sure, but regardless of that there is never a dino that is on one platform and not another.

It will probably take a month or so though... We seem to always be a month behind, I see why. I mean I'm not complaining that is faster than most games catch up.

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4 hours ago, wkbw said:

I have a question... Call me immature or whatever but, why is the pelvic area censored on the player in the thumbnail?

Im legitimately curious.

There was a 'nude' skin available to some players. I think it's making a tongue in cheek reference to people having relations with sheep or something. You're not immature, they are perverted. 

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7 hours ago, TipsyHorse said:

I don't understand what we would need this for? anyone know?

For wool and fun times!

7 hours ago, Davidhedgehogstudios said:

Of all awards its best use of farm animal...why not best Dino game or best survival 

Because Steam didn't have a Best Dino game award or best survival award!

Just now, Moolah said:

best use of farm animal and the animal isnt implemented in the game at all? srs

Why look so blindly? The Award was for best use of Farm animal, not best use of Sheep. There are plenty of Farm related animals in the game already, Phiomia is one that comes to mind.

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Maybe I looked at it blindly, tbh my mind is clouded with bitterness that i get from other bugs in the game, and seeing that youre more focused on getting an award on the game, instead of being focused on making the game mechanically better, I love the game, I even bought 5 copies for my friends. but the frustration that I got by playing it made me this way.

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