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Community Crunch 76: ARK Park, SotF Finale Games, Underwater Caves, & the ARK Digest 45

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Survivor, The8ball0 asks, “I was wondering if you would be able to have a random size generator for all creatures of ark not just the fish. I feel it would make them more individual. Obviously it wouldn't go too extreme though u wouldn't get trex sized dodos but maybe a couple of dilo size?”

I was wondering if people actually read the old digests or not. This question was asked like three times already ^^

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Just wanted to say I love what ark has become, I've been with it since the beginning, (back when if you killed a trike, you better harvest it fast before it floated away lol) and to see what it has become now is simply amazing to say the least.

My question though is will we see an update to primitive plus soon and though thier are plenty of mods for it, as for console, could we see "in game survivors" wild AI players and villages, 

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